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  1. Here’s Neuvy in net back in the old days. Foreshadowing to his constant injury bug. Poor guy just has bad luck.
  2. Pods: I've been complaining about the typical Flyers' effort this year in which we outshoot the opponent and lose. Today was a lesson that quality shots may mean more than quantity. That said, Mrazek played well and the second goal was an AMac kick-in he could not have stopped. Giroux was the Captain...an Easter win. Konecny is emerging as a monster and Patrick is showing why he was a high pick. There were more positives than negatives. The last two wins have shown some real character. I doubt we will win any playoff series but we will be respectable.
  3. I thought the boys played pretty decent against a good team. Save for the few brain lapses. I love the Lehtera line, lol
  4. the Toyota Turning point of this game is now Andrew MacDonald's goal.
  5. If the Flyers don’t score on the PP to start the 3rd, that blown 2 on 0 will cost them the game. #sadbuttrue
  6. Classic! I think the Flyers should have this quote on a sign in their locker room. They can tap the sign on their way to the ice each game.
  7. i pretty much expect a loss whenever we're playing the team's backup. then again, this is a must win game so i expect them to come out with some tenacity. if we don't win, we will lose.
  8. Honestly the Flyers SHOULD win it. They are rested and the Bruins are playing back to backs. And facing the Bruins backup. I fully expect 2 points! However Mrazek is in net. #scaredshitless
  9. on a positive note: what a freakin goal patrick from Lindblom was a beaut as well...
  10. Exactly. And few of us would have said that 6 months ago with a straight face.
  11. Greetings: This is a good recap. The Mrazek save and following score may have set the tone. The Bruins controlled 5 on 5 but we were "more opportunistic." [Hidden Content] Agreed that Gudas is not a blessing these days. Mental lapses by players hurt. I don't fault AMac for trying to get an open netter. The NBC team was right--they held off on taking the icing in 4 prior efforts. The team stank in getting the puck out of the their own zone...Simmonds, yikes, but candidly, I don't think we have had vintage Wayne this year since his injury.
  12. I guess I expected the Flyers ( who were rested) to come out and have one of those 40 shot games or at least outshoot a team that played last night. #Itsnevereasy
  13. One of the worst brain cramps I have seen this season. That should have been an easy chip out. Glad Hak benched him in OT!
  14. How does Simmonds not make the decision to clear the puck.
  15. It’s almost time to watch the Flyers struggle against an Empty Net!
  16. Congrats to G for setting a new career high for points in a season! 94 and counting!
  17. This is TO's practice dummy, all the players, including Moore, that I mentioned could do a better job of centering TO's 4th line than him. The only value TO is getting from Plekanec is his faceoff ability, his winning percentage is 52.8. Leo's faceoff winning percentage is 52.2 and Moore's is 54.3. Neither Leo or Moore cost TO a 2nd in the upcoming draft.
  18. Yep! Flip a coin to see which team shows up. Goaltending is part of the consistency equation. It might help to get shots on net too! We will find out soon enough!!
  19. FYI! Here is another take on the game, with Bruins as slight favorites, and Rask in goal. [Hidden Content] Interestingly, this pundit calls for a 4-3 win given Flyers good home play of late.

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