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  1. Phantoms win the longest game in AHL history! Five overtimes! Alex Lyon with 94 saves on 95 shots! Wow!
  2. I'm not gonna fret Morin's year. This was the first year that he really missed a lot of time due to injury. He'll get fixed up this off season and he'll be ready for training camp. Honestly, this was a freak year.
  3. Good decisions in the defensive zone -- Radko Gudas.
  4. I expected next to nothing from him. Expectations met. He's got one year left, right? Yeah, he's not high on the trade priority list. He can spend time in the press box and fill in when needed. No big.
  5. I'm not saying it was a great grab, I'm just saying it wasn't as ludicrous as it's turned out to be. COntrarily, look at a guy like Grabner... much better track record IMHO but somehow signed a much friendlier deal for the Rangers. He became a fairly valuable trade piece at the end of the season (stupid devils) but all in all, if I'm the rangers, I'd be much happier having him for a million more per year for another two years. If Hextall had gone after Grabner with Weise's contract, I'd be happer than a pig in poop right now. But Hakstol didn't want a grabner type... he didn't want a speedy PK specialist who can net 20+ including a handful of Shorties a year... because he's Hakstol. and I'm really beginning to think he's the biggest problem this team has.
  6. I know it's early, but the only two players after Konecny that are on par are Beauvillier and Aho. And really, the only forwards picked before Konecny (outside of the top 10) that are on par or better are Barzal, Boeser, Connor, and Debrusk. I'd say Ron done good. I don't know the other players that well, but Konecny also plays with fire. He's a perfect Flyer.
  7. Hextall said Myers has earned a long look in camp. I've said it before, but I don't think it's too big a leap to say that when all is said and done regarding this group of young defensemen, Myers comes out as the 2nd best overall after Provorov.
  8. Oh no question. They had a bum in the nets in 75, and i just cant think of his name right now. But after that Edwards and Sauve were very good goalies. Sauve shut out Montreal back to back in the old 3 of 5 format. We won that series but then we lost in 5 to Quebec one year and I really knew we had the better team. This was before they had the team that went to Colorado and then got a cup, by the way as technically an expansion team? Or were they not considered expansion because they were relocated? Not sure. But the Cup banner belong in Quebec City. The 1975 Sabres were light years better than the 99 team other than the exception of Hasek being ten times better than the bum we had in the nets in 75. The 99 team had no line even close to the French Connectioni or even the second line with Danny Gare, Rick Dudley and Luce. And we had Craig Ramsey, one of the best penalty killers of all time. King Kong Korab, Bill Height, Schoenfeld, Lorentz and Stanfield the ex Bruins.
  9. The kid from Finland is the mystery
  10. I want a player who is good along the boards, strong on the puck, good on the fore-check and is defensively responsible. All of which are not Weal. I am not hating on the kid but I think putting him on the 4th is a large gamble. IMO, he should be in the AHL. I just think he he a tweener, which is fine, but I would not slot him on the 4th line. Right now I think it is wait and see what Hextall decides to do at the draft and free agency. I just don't see much of a future for Weal on this team. Could be wrong but he was pretty bad this year as I see it.
  11. This just in. He's a backup at this point. Nothing more. And he wasn't objectively not good to begin with. Honestly, if someone walked up to me and said, "Quick, name a Buffalo goaltending great!" the immediate answer is Hasek. If it was other than Hasek, Miller might come to mind because he was fairly recent, but there are several who come out of my mouth before him. Edwards, Sauve, Puppa (that had to suck in high school, btw), Barrasso, Miller was good. He fits on the list. But he wasn't ever elite. I don't know that you currently have your goalie, though currently you may actually be in better shape in goal than Philly. If you draft Dahlin and keep Risto and add a good veteran top 4 defenseman your goaltending can only instantly get better -- you would think. Just about everyone else is looking for that dman, though, so it's easier said than done, right? I don't think Buffalo is far, though.
  12. I feel like there was a quote somewhere, but I can't find it right now, other than Hextall saying he needs to be better. Here's some from Holmgren: I'm not sure if one should read into Holmgren's comments, but Flyers viewership declined 25% this season. It's absolutely possible that with Snider gone, there's pressure coming to do something more than tinker around the edges.
  13. I followed the game (nearly play-by-play) last night on twitter. Tony @TonyAndrock / [Hidden Content] The Phantoms played most of this game with 5 defensemen as Sam Morin left the game with a knee injury as he got twisted along the boards. They were also without the Sanheim, their top center, Varana, and Aube-Kubel also due to a 3 game suspension. This game meant a lot to those playing tonight as the Phantoms were able to take a 3-1 lead in the series going home to game 5 in Allentown on Saturday. Yes, @flyercanuck Mikes's son.
  14. I'm not anti-Hak but he has yet to show me he deserves the job. Hextall has a longer leash, but it is shortening. My main point is not signing mid-range players to long(er) term deals. Weise is just sucking up space. I gotta believe Laughton brings what Weise does and Laughton is a dime a dozen NHLer so far.
  15. 19 and Gudas for Hamilton? At. The. Drop. Of. A. Dime. The top pairing becomes Provorov - Hamilton; second pairing is Morin - Gostisbehere; third pairing is Sanheim - MacDonald. That works for me. I still hate the idea of MacTurd in the lineup, but Haktard has such a man erection for him that there's no way he gets taken out of the lineup. As for 19 and Gudas for Raanta, no. If that's all what's coming back, the Flyers would need more. I'd do 19 and Gudas for Strome and Kuemper though. 14 and Gudas for Rakell is interesting, but gut feeling says Anaheim wouldn't part with their top scorer. No interest in Anisimov and as for Galchenyuk, I think it's possible he rebounds outside of Montreal. However, his defensive game leaves a lot to be desired and I'm not sure that Philadelphia would be conducive to that kind of success. As well, do you play him ahead of Lindblom on the left wing or do you play Galchenyuk at center? Faksa is going to be a big part of Jim Montgomery's plans in Dallas, so we can forget about that right now. The options that are available to the Flyers though really open things up. Having multiple firsts in a good deep draft like this can only benefit the club. Hextall can afford to swing at the fences and if he strikes out, he's still in a position where he can draft two good players. He can also move down and collect even more draft picks. This is a win win any way you look at it.
  16. Completely agree. To soft and easy to knock off the puck. I just didn't see the hustle either from him like I did the year before. Maybe the NHL size and speed just wore him down too. In I think it IIRC it was 13 games played this year with zero days off for rest he had one point.
  17. His underlying numbers are respectable. Just shy of break even from a possession standpoint, and generated slightly better scoring chances for than against. +/-? His main linemates were a -7 and a -16. So it's not as if he was an anomaly. Again. He's perfect for the fourth line. Not every player is suited for every role. That's fine. But let's trade him for a 7th round pick. Just to get rid of him and clear the way for, who, exactly? Lehtera? A scrap-heap 4th line signing? I guess I don't see the point in just tossing away guys who can provide value, even if it's at the bottom of the lineup. If there was a better option for the fourth line, and you want to clear room? Sure. But I don't see one. If you can get something of actual value for him? Absolutely. Someone may still be willing to take a chance that given the right situation, his AHL numbers will translate. But I don't just get rid of him for whatever I can get, just because he didn't score 40 points alongside the ghost of Valteri Filpulla and Simmonds' ruptured pelvis.
  18. The times I've cheered for Ovechkin ~ by ruxpin.
  19. And +/- -10. Don't forget that. His numbers are staggeringly bad and actually reflect his play. But 2 years at a $1.75M cap hit wasn't a huge gamble. One year left of it. If -- IF he's not blocking anyone next year -- then press box and fill in. Actually, I'd rather him in the press box/fill-in role than one of the kids, so maybe keep him this year just for that. If Paul Holmgren gets a job with another franchise and wants to trade a 2nd round pick for him, absolutely do it.
  20. Let's not kid ourselves. I'm old enough to remember a time when half the players on this Leafs roster wouldn't crack an NHL lineup. We have expansion to thank for that. NHL teams today have two good forward lines and a bunch of filler on the bottom six. Toronto could dump Bozak at any time. We don't need to be wasting big money on 3rd and 4th line players.
  21. It's just been a great year for Frost. Konecny played a tougher style in junior than Frost does though...that may factor in to his chances at camp. It's going to be a bigger step getting used to the NHL physicality for him than it was for Konecny, who lives for that stuff.
  22. Worst case they hold onto him till the trade deadline like Mrazek. I would kick the tires but I ain't overpaying for him it is a one year rental.
  23. What are the chances we trade back with #19? I'm with you in the "just pick at #14 and #19." But say you end up with a mid- to late-round 1st pick and a 2nd. Or a lottery-eligible pick for next year and a second. Say Buffalo wants to trade #32 this year and their first round next year for our #19. I'm inclined to look long and hard at that. Because I think they're still a top 10 pick next year.
  24. Poor Sam... Can't tell if his knee hits the boards or what. Hope it's not to bad.

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