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  1. Good to see Neuvirth was able to skate to his net without getting hurt.
  2. Oh crap, I thought it was Quenneville. Read it wrong. Yeah Hitch sucks. Sorry.
  3. @yave1964 Maybe I'm the dog that's been beaten so many times that I'm just mean for good, but I'm not really that thrilled about it being Hitchcock. They went from an old school coach with an out-of-date approach to an older old school coach. This is a team with guys afraid to make mistakes, and they've been given a coach who, if they lose 1-0 will spend the next practice telling them that their problem was about the goal they gave up. Hope I'm wrong.
  4. A series of bad moved have doomed the Oilers Drafting Nail number one. Granted it was a poor draft class but still he bombed and is in the argument as the worst number one ever. Hall for Larsson even up. Eberle for Strome Reinhart for what turned out to be Barzal Giving up on Schultz instead of defining a role The Lucic signing Constant rotation of other organizations lower end rejects such as Rattie, Kassian and Chiasson expecting them to play bigger roles than they are ever going to be capable of drafting Puljujarvi ahead of Tkachuk, Nylander or Keller who went right behind so bad drafting, even worse developing, questionable decision making as for roster management, trading players out on a whim, horrible signings and hoping to catch lightning in a bottle with other teams rejects which happens but rarely. McDavid and Draisatl could be playing with Hall, Eberle, Barzal, Galchenyuk (if taken ahead of Yakupov) and RNH, Schultz could and should be in the middle pair bringing veteran presence to the defense instead of Larsson who I like but who would not have been needed if they hadn't given up on Schultz at about the time he finally completed the difficult learning curve of an nhl defenseman. This organization needs a complete overhaul, management wise. They have very few actual movable pieces at this point, they need to hold their picks and draft well and probably make a splash in free agency but it is looking pretty bad. Frustrating when you have a generational talent who will keep you from picking at the bottom of the draft singlehanded but the talent around him is not playoff caliber.
  5. I am at the point where I dont even know why the Hell I even watch/listen to Hockey Central at noon anymore. It used to be okay,but since the Leafs have become relevant it is all Toronto, all the time. I am just tired of it. The two old fools, Doug MClean and Brian Burke all they want to talk about is Nonis and Nylander and contracts, never mind what is happening on the ice. Guys, you sucked as GMs let someone else have a turn. And they are obsessed with Garret Sparks talk. Colby Armstrong always looks like his suit is made of wool or even steel wool the way he squirms and he has a weird smile, he gushes about the Leafs bottom six and which defender is sitting and why. Kypreos? I think if you asked him to name another team besides the Leafs would have to phone a friend. Jeff Marek will occasionally bring a good point about another team but it gets buried by his friends he is on the air with and they circle back to the Leafs. Now they led today with the firing of McClellan and hiring of Hitch awful big of them, but the entire first ten minutes they kept saying they had Ennis on hold and had to get to him, which they did as quickly as possible. He scored a pretty goal making David Savard look silly and Dubinsky look old and Torts looked like he was ready for an aneurism so I will give you that, but there were lots of pretty goals. No mention of Cal Peterson getting a shutout and looking like he may settle the revolving door in net for the Kings. Third segment before mentioning Hoffman returning to Ottawa and scoring a goal. Zero mention of Ben Bishop going down. No mention of Laine getting a hatty against Vancouver. No mention of Trocheck going down. None. Barely touching in passing on the firing of Yeo. Yesterday they interviewed the Jackets GM for ten minutes or so, they asked a question or two about the Jackets contract situation with bob and Panarin but then they pivoted, asking what he thinks is the hardest part of playing a team like the Leafs, what he thinks of the start of Morgan Reilly, ect... Showed a cool video of Dermott getting to the bench on one leg after getting nicked up tho. Leafs, Leafs, Leafs. I get it that it is filmed in Toronto but come on, there are thirty other teams and it is almost impossible to watch or listen to while I am on the bike trail without clinching my hands in fists of rage.
  6. There's Taylor Hall. Oh. Wait... They have Jordan Eberle. Oops... What about that kid they took 1st overall? Yakupov! Hold on...
  7. It truly is stunning. The team's biggest weaknesses - PK and goaltending - went unaddressed in the offseason. That's a big failure. And there really aren't any "easy" games in sight, except maybe Ottawa. Guess that's what happens when you're an unpredictable, mediocre team. However, the injuries to Elliott and Neuvirth provide a built-in excuse to keep Hak's job safe. In any event, I would be stunned if Hextall fired him in the middle of the season.
  8. The Edmonton Oilers have fired head coach Todd McLellan and replaced him with Ken Hitchcock, Sportsnet has confirmed. The swap at head coach will be the only change behind the Oilers bench. The move comes after a poor run that has seen the Oilers lose six of their past seven games, including a pair of tough results this past weekend against the Calgary Flames and Vegas Golden Knights. McLellan, 51, finishes his tenure in Edmonton with a record of 123-119-24 in 266 regular-season games over three-plus seasons behind the bench. Outside of a trip to the post-season in 2016-17, McLellan’s time with the Oilers has been a disappointment given the talent the team boasts – most notably Connor McDavid and Leon Draisaitl. McLellan was hired in May 2015 by general manager Peter Chiarelli after seven seasons with San Jose Sharks, where he led the team to six playoff appearances and three division titles. [Hidden Content]
  9. That's part of the problem though...even when Toronto was still floundering, I seem to recall the show being all about "how to fix them". Let's face it...Hockey Central is nothing more than a Maple Leafs pre, post, and intermission report show all rolled into one hoping to make you gag while you sip your Chowder soup at midday. Simple as that. No getting away from that. But like I said...after all this, do we REALLY want to know what those chipmunks on the show think about anything anyways? They have their blue colored glasses on (or at least, they are forced to wear them by the producers) and can't seem to come up with anything plausible anyways (even within the Leafs talk...sorry, but that Ennis "scoop" made them lose all remaining credibility as far as I am concerned), and especially Kypreos, who acts like he is the smartest guy in the room (which, given the others, he might be, but still...) He has such a dismissive attitude towards any of the other panel members who do NOT agree with his point of view....he barely makes eye contact with the one coach with the glasses (who at least counters Kypreos, says things that are at least palatable, and probably has forgotten more as a GM/Coach than Kypreos has ever learned as a hockey goon and perennial 4th line player), and Kypreos, because he is too good for cue cards and screen prompts, will actually sit there....try to formulate a Leaf thought...get VISIBLY stuck with what he is trying to say, closes his eyes, then mutters something before trailing off...……….into...………….nothing...……………... This show and the majority of the panel on it epitomizes why the NHL is the 4th (5th if some people recognize MLS) recognized major sport in the US...…. They have 31 flippin teams, and they continue the love affair with a select few, but especially for the Maple Leafs, leaving the US crowd still wondering who the other teams are...and worse yet, leading Canadian fans to believe that hockey doesn't exist below the Mason Dixon line.... When a Minnesotan or a Toronto native says stupid crap like, "Aren't those Panthers of yours in Tampa going to relocate to Quebec?" to me when I go to games, you KNOW they've been getting an overdose of Kypreos, Hockey Central, and that one guy who says "Aboot" and "Agayne" way too much....
  10. Holy %$#@ing $#!&, @yave1964 … are you freakin kidding me!!?? You, Sir, TRULY have some bug in my head, some listening device, some sort of WIRE.... (or is it the other way around??), because I was thinking this SAME damned thing today as I watched Hockey Central!! Not only because they were interviewing Tyler Ennis (I even thought the same way.."With all that his going on, they are interviewing THIS plug??"), but because the usual suspects that infest the show (Kypreos, Burke...the other coach/GM guy whose name escapes me, and the main host with the thick Canadian accent who never played hockey) are ALWAYS on the topic of the Toronto Effing Maple Leafs! I realize....the show IS slanted towards a Canadian audience, but Jesus H. Christ.... let off the damn Maple Leafs for just a damned minute and realize that Canada also has other teams in the league and also that there are other teams even within the same division as the Leafs having good seasons, and in fact, may even be favored ABOVE them to win it all! How about Louis Domingue 'driving the bus' in Tampa? Sure, the Lightning have looked hit n miss, but his is Louie Freakin Domingue being the #1....on a team favored to win a Cup....and actually NOT PLAYING BADLY (I blame the Bolts recent goal leaking more on the defense than him!) How about the goalie controversy in Boston where they don't know whether Halak or Rask should be number one...yet the Bruins still remain near the top of the division? Oh, and they lose Bergeron for a while too. All the coaching changes....yes, they touched up on them, but only as a "commercial break" away from Leafs talk! The damned Predators, who just BEAT the Lightning in what could be a STanley Cup preview??? The Jets movin on up, and still Minnesota, not expected to hang with them, are there right with them? Craig "Must Push Harder" Berube, of Flyer futility fame....taking over for "marble head Yeo?? Anton Khudobin taking over for Ben Bishop, who, much like Domingue, is now in charge of the crease, of a high powered offensive team expected to make noise in the playoffs? Hmmmm….you know, then again, maybe listening to the opinions of Nick Kypreos and the rest of the Maple Leaf bobbleheads on the show isn't worth the time it takes me to microwave a grilled cheese sandwich at around that time of day...……. You are right, Yave….No point in listening to those clowns midday. Cue up my rock n roll, I can scour the Yahoo site for fantasy hockey trends or other sites like hockey reference for some good invigorating dry stats...…...certainly they will tell a better story than I could get from an interview from a guy who was cut by a losing Buffalo Sabres team, picked up, and treated like the 30th guy by the MInnesota Wild, then happily dumped while the Toronto Maple Leafs picked him up...and he does, what exactly for them? Oh yea, he finally scores a goal while wearing Toronto blue...……...quick, call his agent, tell him we need to have him on the show, big things from this man, etc, etc...…. Yea....what's next? Milan Lucic or Zack Kassian get traded to Toronto and we will be subjected to segment after segment on how those guys are gonna bring "Old Tyme Hockey" to the Maple Leafs? Hockey Central is now officially on my "Do Not Dare Tune In" list....along with Survivor, Dancing with the Stars, the Dr. Phil Show, and the various daytime soaps...……..Crap.... Price is Right will be my go-to midday.... I will just stick to NHL Now later in the day, or NHL tonight in the evenings or after hours for some televised hockey news. And for the love of puck, Yave….STOP PILFERING MY THOUGHTS! It's cool that great minds think alike and all, but after a while, it might get creepy....
  11. In totally unrelated news the Edmonton retail sector is doing the happy dance. The prospect of Mrs.Hitchcock with new access to NHL money is viewed as a real money "maker"....
  12. Oh I agree, Boudreau is far better than Yeolo was at calling a spade, a spade. Yeo did all that he could to avoid angering the star guys; even though it was clear they were giving up and conspiring against him. I think Yeolo will be waiting a while before the next gig, especially as a head coach.
  13. Yeah .... depending on the severity of the damage... that certainly has to be considered. Even if not career ending... it looks to be a long road to recovery. Will he ever be the same player again.... only time will tell.
  14. What a great read, thanks yave! Wanted to give both Thanks and Haha. I'm in the middle of a rice chocolate massacre so I'll try to get back to this later.
  15. A month later and I would suspect you're on the verge of buying some lovely daffodils for him. Might be playoffs year for you.
  16. Most here know something about Hitchcock's wife. Maybe he took the job to get out of the house.
  17. Yeah. It looked done to me. My concern was honestly career.
  18. The Oilers have the 4th round pick (Caleb Jones, Seth's brother) to show for it. He's progressing well in the AHL, but they really needed a prime-aged Petry much more.
  19. Ken Hitchcock was the only qualified candidate who'd be willing to join without a long-term commitment. LOL
  20. If you remember, I was building up to a frothing rage over the handling of Petry: Craig MacTavish didn't even talk to Petry about a contract until two weeks before the deadline, and then offered him the same contract as he was already on, and then did the "Well, there's no place for a prima donna like that around here" thing when he rejected it. He eventually was moved to MTL for a 2nd and 4th.
  21. And there should be a reason. He just isn't very good with young players...or should i say his patience isn't there when dealing with kids. Or at least he wasn't in Philly. Maybe he has gotten better in that regard.
  22. I don't think anyone who pays attention to the NHL should be surprised. Now Mclellan in Edm. Three heads have rolled. Who's next? Really just the nature of the business. Can't fire all the players and GM isn't going to fire himself.
  23. He had a shorter stint with the Blues than with the Wild...Any team that hires him will be downgrading.
  24. I don't know. He's survived worse. The conventional thinking would dictate that he be fired. However, Hextall isn't conventional and Hakstol's hiring is Exhibit A in that regard. Also, there is so little separation between the top and bottom teams in the conference. It's amazing. Another excuse Hextall could use...
  25. I tend to agree with this... Hextall is a very patient and cautious guy. But I have to believe that Hak wouldn't survive a 6 game losing streak, which would put us in the basement of the Eastern conference (currently two points out). And the three teams below us have 1-2 games in hand.
  26. I love his system....skate harder and faster...GO!!!!!!!!!!!
  27. It makes you wonder if the issues with the team are not much deeper than just head coach. If I remember correctly Hitch was fired rather abruptly to bring in Yeo in his last season. AND out of the blue (pun intended) Assistant, GM Marty Brodeur leaves the organization this summer. And the team just failed to get out of the gate. There is quite a bit of chatter that the Blues Fans would like for Quenneville to be hired, but that may be too steep of a price tag as Chicago would like for his next employer to take on that $6M salary the Hawks are paying him along with the year and a half salary left over from Yeo. Sink or swim I think the cheap Berube will be the coach for the remainder of the season.
  28. The one word I would use to describe the Oilers is this REACTIVE Schultz isn't developing fast enough, dump him. Hall has struggled, dump him. Eberle has a poor playoff run, dump him. Then they look around and realize they have nothing left and overpay for a Russell and Lucic. Bad organizations do that PROACTIVE is what great organizations are described as. Take the Penguins, Neal is developing a bad rep, trade him for essentially the same player at less money in Hornqvist. Kessel is available, get the Leafs to take part of the salary. Make it an open secret that Fleury is a goner to the Knights but keep him around to mentor Murray as long as possible. Add Schultz and Oleksaik and hand them off to the d-man whisperer. reactive creates chaos. Proactive creates winners.
  29. The last (and only) Iowa Wild's nominee's were Teemu Pulkkinen, Jordan Schoeder and Jeremy Smith, AHL career men all of them. So as a token of Wild's player development this means very little although none of those guys were drafted by the Wild. Could Kahkonen be Wild's trailblazer?
  30. Couldn't be happier that this news is spreading like a plague.
  31. But is this change for the better...
  32. If anyone ever deserved to be fired, it's him. Completely inept.
  33. Boudreau pointed out his team may have crashed the net, but rarely did they really screen Crawford. In fact he criticized their penchant to want to hang around 'on the sides' of the crease instead of stepping out in front to make things really difficult for Crawford. I think its accurate and fair criticism from Boudreau and some of us have been saying that for years. This is a team that wants to avoid paying the price...
  34. Sabers win 42-0 and we never hear the end of it from halibut man
  35. Watch on last Sat during second and third period on hockey in Canada. Just want some jam in the game. No goons but like Tocchett and Neely that are all around players. In the end just like my hockey want them to win.
  36. I've been telling myself "stay away from this conversation" but, it's slow at work and I think this "lack of toughness" take us utter ********. @TropicalFruitGirl26 is right on point by saying a mentally weak team rolls up the carpets and heads for Buffalo down 5-1 with less than 10 to play. This team kept skating, kept going to the net and was finally rewarded. That's toughness, that game was over, yet somehow this group managed a point when the parking lot was filling up after the 5th goal. This same group of players managed to keep playing and grinding even though they didn't win 10 straight games last year, somehow that bunch of gutless sissies managed to accrue 98 points and a playoff berth. Mentally weak teams fold the tents and don't make the playoffs after that. I don't give a **** about fighting anymore, the league has made it so that aspect of the game isn't accessible. The self policing and pressure release from home and home games isn't tolerated. The staged fights suck, the game suffers IMO because of this, however this is the reality we live in. Longing for a game and style that is no longer feasible is a fools errand. Losing on the scoreboard but beating someone's ass still means losing on the scoreboard, they don't give cups to the guys that win the fights until they're in their 60's and at the home. This team is repeatedly betrayed by its goaltending and penalty kill. Fighting and "toughness" do not fix those issues.
  37. I voted for "Sweden" because that's where I'd like to see him end up. I don't like this guy at all despite whatever 'talent' he has. He is a bona-fide prima donna. The type that causes all kinds of problems on a team due to his 'me first', selfish attitude. He flies by, doesn't back check, cherry picks, takes all the credit for goals when someone else has in fact done all the work. I hope he holds out until Dec. 1st and finds that Dubas has traded him to Carolina or Phoenix where he can fade into the background at 6 million a year. Good riddance!
  38. @radoran Vanek is a first ballot guy in the Hall of Very Good Players.
  39. I have a rather long winded post about this sort of thing.....maybe relevant, maybe not....pick it apart if you wish, but here it is... My 39 cents, as I like to say, from a Florida gal who likes to think she is just as knowledgeable about this wonderful winter sport as any Minnesotan or Canadian... Compared to many of you Wild fans, I am relatively "new" to the Minnesota hockey scene. I really started following the franchise around the 2005-06 season and have been an NHL fan since around the 94-95 season (forgive my incorrect seasons if I didn't get it right...it was the year the Rangers won the Cup after about 900 years...)… Lightning from around that time, Lightning and Wild from 05 onward. Anyways, while I don't know a ton about the North Stars previously, what I DO KNOW, comes from my husband, a Minneapolis native and longtime follower of Minnesota sports that includes the Vikings, Twins, Timberwolves, and yes, the North Stars. Notice I didn't mention the Wild in there with regards to him. That's because, while he does sorta follow what they are doing, and listens to whatever I have to say about them, they actually are more MY team than his, ironic, since I am a born n raised Clearwater Beach, FL gal. My point being, like many Minnesota pro hockey fans, he never forgave the North Star ownership for leaving the fanbase behind, spent the time between the N.Stars leaving and the Wild being brought in focusing more on the NFL, the MLB, the NBA, and the college rank sports (he loves his Gophers basketball), and when Minnesota once again got a pro hockey team, he DID welcome them.....but, to hear him tell it...."it just isn't the same". And I suspect many longtime MN hockey fans perhaps feel the same. While having a pro hockey team in the state is fantastic, the Wild STILL have not measured up to the North Stars in pure fan affection. Why? Could be lots of reasons. Some of you already pointed out about the ownership of the Wild....how, frankly, the team was looked at as "boring" under the systems of Jacque Lamaire (much like the NJ Devils teams of his were), but worse than that, they were "boring", but unlike NJ, didn't win anything. Also, the rules of hockey have been changing dramatically...moving away from the bash n pound style of the 80's and 90's ( I understand the North Stars, while also not winning any Cups, could at least ice some real tough hombres to stand up to anyone in the league), and to a more finesse type league where the types of players Minnesota fans were used to no longer really had a place. Just lots of transition from the time the North Stars left all the way to even today, with the Minnesota Wild and their quest to continue to gain mindshare amongst their own fans and the NHL as a whole. I would dare say the recent Wild teams, talent-wise, are probably better than many Minnesota North Stars teams, player for player. However, compared to the former MN pro team, today's Wild, to many, just seem..... tepid at best. The current franchise, aside from some improbable runs earlier in their history with cast off players, simply has not done a whole lot to really excite and invigorate the hardcore Minnesota pro sports fan. As for performance on the ice, well, that goes to management, coaching, and the types of players the franchise has drafted or signed, obviously...………. but perhaps, and I am NOT giving management any kind of excuse here, if the Wild fanbase were as rabid about the team as the fans were about the North Stars (could still happen......time, time, time....hopefully), maybe management would have been under more pressure to ice a more exciting, identifiable, or just plain "fun team" to watch than they have done for the most part already. Don't get me wrong...I like watching the Minnesota Wild play, but talking to former North Stars fans, and LIVING with one, I can sorta see their point of view.....its almost like, "Well, we like having a pro sports team. The Wild are nice. They are ok." But then it is left at that....and maybe management perceives that kind of attitude as, "Well, what we have been giving them is satisfactory" Satisfactory. Hardly the word you want to use to describe what should be a very exciting team, with a rabid fanbase, with fans who have hockey in their DNA, and a team located in an area where tons of NHL players could say they call home. Also, side note.....what is up with the Wild NOT drafting, developing or otherwise encouraging Russian pro players to the franchise? I notice many of their players are either Minnesota boys (again, not surprising because many DO come from the state), or of Scandinavian origin (Fins, Swedes)…..again, understandable because the state as a whole is rooted in Scandinavian peoples. But the Russians produce EXCELLENT hockey players....many of which are pretty good scorers too (though many Russian forwards may not be as defensively responsible...but that can be taught)...AND exciting players too! It is great that you want to give a primarily Scandinavian fanbase some players they can likely ethnically relate too (and the Fins and Swedes DO produce good players too, obviously), but don't limit where you get your talent from! Get some Russians in here....get some backwoods raw boned Canadian boys in here.....get some players who all they think about is rushing the net or shooting the puck so hard, that goalies want to retire early....even if they are a bit defensively deficient. Excite the fanbase. Get them to be more than just "satisfied" with the product.... there would be less cynical fans then, less grumbling, and management would be forced to see that "doing just enough" isn't going to cut it.....and then MAYBE a superior, exciting, and championship caliber product becomes the norm round these parts. Just a relative "outsider's view" to what the OP originally alluded to.
  40. The last few years the Wild have had to trim down their middle of the road FA signings in order to retain players like Coyle, Granlund, Nino, Zucker, Spurgeon... And in essence they're pretty much forced to get dirt cheap older players straining to keep playing. Bargain dwellers to say the least. Tweak, tweak tweak. Going into this season available cap space wasn't even marginal. Their Cup bid has a huge crack in it. Who has hopes of what next years roster will look like?
  41. Gritty drives a '97 Lumina with a wonky transmission.
  42. One huge trade the Oilers made and to me seemed to have never recover from was trading Jeff Petry away. Imagine if they still had him in the fold. Was that trade worth it??? @JR Ewing I guess i have to ask you because it seems the return wasn't worth it.
  43. Vinnie is one of my favorite players in the game-period. He is the very definition of underrated, a team that gets zero pub and what little notice they do receive goes to Barkov (justifiably) and Luongo (not so much) the Panthers are a strange team, they literally play their top two lines twenty minutes a night each which is unheard of in todays game and losing Trocheck is crippling for them. What a bizarre game in Ottawa. Not only did Vinnie go down but a 77 year old fan had a heart attack with three minutes to go in the first and the players were sent to the locker room early and the time was added to the start of the second. Only the Senators.
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