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  1. Maybe the Leafs will take MacD in a trade for Nylander.
  2. I'm still annoyed as hell that Hextall was removed from the Flyers!
  3. I gotta agree that instead of waiting patiently to make the right move the organization could just be a cat chasing a laser pointer... Homer made 61 trades - 7.6 a year - during his tenure. Hextall has 21 in four years and at least five of them were cleaning up Homer's mess (Hartnell, Coburn, Pronger, Schenn/Lecavalier, Streit) - and another one of his own (BSchenn). In those deals he picked up picks that eventually became Vorobyev, Konecny, Rubstov, and Frost. #philosophicaldifferences
  4. He's in Argentina at the G20 right now.
  5. I really hope this isn't going to set them back another 40 5 years. I really think Hextall should have been given the full 5 years. The team that will take the ice to start the season next year could have been vastly different if he was allowed the summer. Lot's of those draft picks coming into play this summer. No matter what the new GM does this season and the moves they make, Flyers are not going to compete with Toronto or Tampa this year. So what's the point of doing it mid-season? Dumb f#cks. So annoying to bleed orange & black.
  6. Agreement in that this is all about money filling folks in the seats. I also agree with Hextall that there just is less trading in this era of hockey due to the cap and parity within the league. Trades just don't happen that often in Oct and Nov.
  7. Hard to split Raffl and Laughton, they have been decent together, the seem to play with some hustle regularly
  8. I wouldn't characterize Schenn as a mistake - his deal is fine, and he was an RFA at the time. And if he wasn't a fit, he got excellent value for him. Also, he used that second first already on O'Brien. Honestly, I don't see much he could have done trade-wise to fix what ails the team. Maybe he could have gotten Skinner, which could have allowed Giroux to move to center again, or gotten Hamilton. Karlsson wasn't getting traded within the conference, there's literally a punitive condition on the trade that SJ has to give up another first if he plays in the Eastern Conference this season. What was the last goalie worth a darn that was traded? Crawford is a possibility now, but he was injured for almost a whole season up until last week or so. But once teams have a reliable goalie, they don't want to give them up, and for good reason. If I understand it correctly, he admitted that he misread the uptick in the PK over the last quarter of last season and made a mistake in keeping Lappy on- if that's so, I do find fault with him for not addressing the mistake immediately. But I find it generally hard to fault his tenure overall. I would have liked him to be more aggressive this offseason, and had he gone through this coming offseason the same way I would have been actively upset, but up until that point my only major issue is the dogged loyalty to the coaches.
  9. I'm afraid this is close to how I feel, although in full disclosure, I was yammering for Hextall to be fired. I still don't like what he ignored (or was unable to fix) at the NHL level. I hadn't consider that they'd restrict the list of replacements to imbeciles.
  10. I understand both sides of it. I myself would have given him the rest of the year and a chance to fix it this offseason. However the guys who pay the bills have way less patience than I do for sure. But at the end of the day $$$$ is the source of the concerns. I just hope they make a good choice for the next GM and then he makes some good decisions. #fingerscrossed
  11. Bottom line was Hextall was up front with them about his plan told them it would be awhile before they competed for a Cup and they listened at the time and were fine with it. But were they really? Fast forward to this year and now they can't take it any longer. So it was the front office/Comcast who had the issue and didn't live up to there end of it. Proof is in Ron's statement: “We saw Washington, they loaded up the year before, they win last year with a team that wasn’t as good as the year before. This is really an unpredictable game, but I didn’t want to do anything that…remember when I came here I said it was all about winning the Stanley Cup? I went through it in L.A. and trust me the first three, four years they were hell. They were hell. I mean that. It was hard. There was a lot of pressure to move young players and we held firm. We struck when the timing was right, and it ended up we raised that Cup. Let me tell you, you do that once it was worth the six years of pain.” And the end of the day they couldn't standing falling to where they are now. Hey he tried. So I think had he canned Lappy and found a better backup than Neuvy to hold down the fort while Elliott was on the mend they would have a better record and he would still have a job. So two big missteps burned it all down. “It’s been a tough couple of days. I think you guys all know how much love I have for this franchise. Happening here versus somewhere else? Yeah, that hurts.” I hate it for him. I think he will get a chance again after Rob Blake crashes and burns out in LA. If the Blues do finally swing the axe on Armstrong he might get a shot in St. Louie. Then he can fire Berube again and trade Schenn for the third time! HAHAHA!
  12. @AJgoal wasn’t Farabee the St. Louis pick?
  13. Mind boggling... We witness a game where the Wild control most of the game quite handily, then out of nowhere they crash and burn. We hear how upset the players are after totally blowing a game. We hear Boudreau after the second game in a row, comment about the players trying to look cute and look for perfect passes or scoring opportunities and literally blow it. We hear/read about Boudreau having the team watch game film of the last three terribly played games... And expect the Wild players to take heed and use those films as motivation in hopes of showing up to play a full 60 minutes; and they totally screw it up again by playing lousy. Then we hear reasonably sound dialog - From The Players - being optimistic about what they need to do to turn it around (for the next game) and it doesn't happen. Instead we see no motivation from most the team while only a few lessor talented players bust their ass while the money players seem to coast off in a daze. It's in the water.
  14. I posted this in the chatbox, but then saw this thread.... I actually logged back onto the site just to proclaim that Tom Wilson is now officially on my Knuckledragging All Stars Team. Talk about a cement head..... That's a like a person, out on parole, gets into someone's car to "look around" just because the door was open....oh, but he wasn't going to steal anything he says as he was caught by the cops looking in there...…. SMDH...... Wilson makes guys like Brad Marchand look like a Ph D by comparison.... Alright, officially done for today...have a good night everyone!
  15. Tom Wilson ran him over...fresh off a suspension. And then hit another player in the head tonight...so smart they took 6 games off his 20-game suspension eh?
  16. @AJgoal I was basing off the Complete History of Every Flyers Trade site. Hextall could have done "more" but I find it hard to find fault with a lot of what he did.
  17. I could look it up but what did SJ give up for Karlson? Could the flyers have offered a similar package? With the best prospect group, I'm guessing they could have (not saying I would have). Tavaras was probably set on Toronto...no chance at him. I'm sure some other trades could have been made. I'm sure he wanted to make a big splash but he didnt seem like he was much of a risk taker. I thought Hextall and Holmgren could have balanced each other out, but I guess it wouldn't work with 2 different philosophies.
  18. When I met him a few years ago (2015 season I think) he mentioned not ushering again (the following season or some time down the road) unless he could find a viable parking alternative. Apparently they lost out on receiving parking passes. Something like that and having to pay for parking was kind of a bad deal all the way around.
  19. You will all be happy to know that I have singlehandedly solved Provorov's problems. I cut him from my NAHANA team He had two points that same night. You're welcome.
  20. Me too! I'm not so sure the system is stocked as much as some think it is. With the exception of one or two "special" players, the system is stocked with players that you can find on every other team. I dont know that as fact, it's just the way I feel that when a guy I've never heard of accelerates to pull away from our defense on his way to a hat trick. Or when Ottawa is playing a ton off rookies this season and doing well while the flyers we've been waiting for for 3 years aren't doing much of anything. Maybe that's why Ron was canned.
  21. So now the AGM spot has opened up after Pryor got axed....Danny Briere??? Come on down????
  22. Did you ever hear Bob Costas' anecdote about Goldie Goldthorpe?
  23. Great Story on former Fighting Saint Goldie Goldthorpe here. He didn't get the part in the movie "Slapshot" because he broke a bottle over Paul Newman's brother's noggin [Hidden Content]

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