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    Greetings: I looked at my profile last night and noted registration was November 12, 2011. I recall that many of us jumped ship from the old site on Philly.Com around that time. This is a much better environment. I forget who led the exodus--Radoran, Rux? What I know is that we have a group of thoughtful, respectful members. We live without popups and spyware. This is an extended cyber-family and we should appreciate what's happened over the years what we have in the future. Best, Howie (no...haven't even had a Merlot yet, and no tears...just expressing thanks to the gang, especially pilldoc, HF, and Tropical Fruit Girl, for maintaining a good environment)!
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    I'm with @brelic about the inconsistency. But I also have a problem with the suspension. In fact, I had a problem with the major penalty. It was late. Yes. It was interference. Yes. It was not charging, and it was NOT a head shot. I don't think he even got the head on the follow-through. I'm not going to sit here and say stuff like "Perrault needs to look where he's going." But it's a crap overkill on the penalties on this. There is absolutely no good reason whatsoever for it. Tell me how this hit was different from the hit on Konecny. Allowing for a moment that Borowiecki didn't make initial contact with TK's head. He hit him late. I'd also argue that the initial point of contact was the head. So, late hit on the Flyer with the puck not there. Head is initial point of contact. Flyer has concussion. Player has twice been suspended for dangerous hits to the head: Not even a god damned 2 minute minor. No comment from the league, let alone a suspension. Flyer makes late hit on a player and the puck is not there. Head is NOT the initial point of contact and might never have been hit at all. Perrault gets a concssion. Flyer has never been suspended or even accused of a dirty hit previously. 2 min. 5 min. Game Misconduct. 3-game suspension. Someone attempt to argue with me with a straight face and tell me this league isn't utter bull####.
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    Who ever is the Flyers goalie mask artist he's making a killing this season. It's like one every two weeks.
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    The team is finally playing well! Yea!! But has anyone noticed watching on TV that a lot of people are coming dressed as grey seats to the Flyers games? It first struck me at some of the games I have attended and then I noticed more and more people writing about it. Anthony SanFilippo had a nice piece about it on Crossing Broad which makes for interesting reading. [Hidden Content] In addition I wanted to share a few points from a recent Season Ticket holder focus group that I attended a couple of weekends ago.... They invited a group of 30 of us to come down early before the Flames game a couple of weekends ago to speak with the assitant GM Brent Flahr and Chief Business Officer Mike Shane. Surprisingly there were almost no questions for Flahr about players but when it came to the business side, the pitchforks and torches were out in a major way! People came armed with 3 page lists of things they were pissed about. I'll get to those points in a minute. Before I do I wanted to give you some background on Mike Shane (37 years old). Like the president of Business operations Valerie Camillo he comes from the Washington Nationals. He starting out trying to pander to us telling us that he joined the team in April and how the city and his neighbors have embraced him and in 7 short months he now fully gets Philly and our passion and that we are 1000X more knowledgeable than the rubes down in DC. He said he loves the Flyers "culture" and the feeling of "family" that comes with this organization and basically acted as if he has been there his whole life. He said he has plans to do these focus groups on a regular basis. It was very rah rah rah go team, yea Fletcher, yea AV until the dialogue started... Firstly there was a complaint about the vast turnover of season ticket holder reps and how nobody contacted us to tell us that there was a change and how nobody reached out to us early in the season. (I didn't personally have this issue with my rep but the person who coordinates the high 5 program where my kids get to go on the ice during the national anthem left and nobody told me and as of now they wont be enjoying that benefit so I could relate. Shane apologized and said that they have to be better with the communication (duh!). Then the fireworks really started when people began questioning the ticket pricing scheme and how they decided to announce that they were hiking prices on us a week before we were supposed to renew. Shane said again, yeah we needed to do a better job with that communication thing again but our prices are definitely market value and right in the meaty part of the league curve. That sent people off the rails as they said they did their own research and that is simply not true and we are getting majorly gouged. One guy went as far as to stand up and say "Thats F*****g B******t! where are you getting these numbers and metrics? We want to see them". Shane then began tap dancing on that and we never got a clear answer. There was then a cacophony of voices about how they were so wrong on price point and that we as STH are taking in the shorts on trying to resell our tickets especially with Stubhub in the mix. People complained that because of the massive markdowns on stubhub we the STHs were looking like money grubbers to the public because we just wanted to get face value back. Shane said that was because last year the Flyers used to flood the market with unsold tickets and brokers would put them on stubhub for as low as $5. He said they are not doing that anymore and that is why there are so many empty seats. There was also the issue of the variable pricing scheme where they value each game differently and we don't know what the value of our tickets are (it is not printed on our tickets...you have to find this obscure chart that they have) making it hard to value in a sale. This scheme was also announced 1 week before we had to decide whether or not to renew, along with the switch to all electronic tickets. (That part doesn't bother me but for a lot it was a big issue). I could go on and on with the pricing and believe me they did and F bombs flew in that room over it but there were other things as well.... The in game (bass heavy) experience was also criticized heavily. Many said that since Ed Snider died it seems that the team culture died with him. One guy put it this way "Comcast doesn't give 2 s**ts about us". Shane vehemently denied that and said its not that they don't care, it is just they don't understand all of the issues and how to deal with them (very comforting to know that). Everyone told him loud and clear that we don't want an "experience" we want to see good hockey. We feel like you are trying to distract us with the lights and the loud music and the renovations and Gritty. Some even called for the axing of Gritty and accused them of trying to make him the face of the franchise. Shane shot back "That will never happen, not on my watch..Gritty will never be the face of the franchise!" Several people then chimed in that they have been to other arenas and that that fans and staff at those places were so much nicer than anyone in Philly and that the arenas and in game experience there seem so much more warm and welcoming. Curiously they noted that fans of other teams bought them beers while our fans did the a*****e chant to everyone. (I guess I have been going to the wrong places as I have mostly been abused at away games just for wearing my colors). Others said that they are trying to pander to low attention span millennials. Shane said that "we need the millenials to grow the game". Our group said yeah but they don't have any money to spend on the game so it should be more about pleasing us, those who are established customers with the money and the dedication who feel like you have abandoned us. Then I heard multiple 40 and 50 year STHs say this was their last year and that we have had it! One lady ended her I'm leaving rant by saying "oh and by the way, the Kate Smith thing is complete Bull****!". The topic was then supposed to shift to Kate but it got hijacked buy more price hike complaints. Shane would not apologize for the price hikes and said we will try and make it up to you by adding value to STH packages for the future (more special privileges and giveaways). Then in the midst of all of this we got kicked out of the room (more bad planning on their part). Shane admitted to us that the experience had been really rough and that he loved it and hated it at the same time. I wasn't going to let him get off that easily however, fueled by the free early morning Yuenglings and champagne they had for us I made a B-line over to Shane and got in his face about Kate Smith. He started out by saying that he was only here a week when it happened but that it had to happen because we cannot allow anyone to be marginalized. I congratulated them to him on marginalizing a chunk of their most loyal customers. I told him that he talked all about culture and family but that went out the window with the decision and the way they handled it. He told me she is never coming back and that they will play the song with just Lauren Hart when the time is right. I told him "good luck with that" and that they were so tone deaf if they attempted to do that without Kate. After pressing him very hard I got him to fully admit that they handled the entire situation wrong and that the team is aware that she was actually an advocate for people of color and spoke out against racism in her entire body of work. I told him that it was fine to acknowledge that to me in private but if they wanted to start a healing process with the fans that they need to do it publicly and admit they were wrong and they handled it terribly. I said "I know you cant bring her back at the moment but you need to apologize publicly for your character assassination of a woman who is not even here to defend herself and to her family, to whom you have marginalized and caused much pain". I told him that their unapologetic smear of an innocent woman is where my rage lies more than the loss of the tradition itself (which also angers me but not to the same extent). I said too "I know what you are doing, you guys are too smug and proud to admit your mistake and you are just hoping we all forget about it". At that point he thanked me for explaining it that way and that he will take this to their management and I will hear back from him and we can dialogue via e-mail. So far its been over 2 weeks without an e-mail. (Shocker right?) So between my anecdotal experience at the focus group and the above article, I have to say that there is definitely a big disconnect between the team and the people in charge at the moment. I think that this stems from the loss off Ed Snider and the influx of interlopers from the Nationals who think they know us but really don't and are coming off as completely tone deaf. They are going to lose a bunch of loyal customers in the next few years. It will take some wining to bring in new customers.
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    Fans, Philadelphians, Gritty, lend me your ears; I come to bury Hextall, not to praise him. The bad GMs do lives after them; The good is oft interred with their bones; So let it be with Hextall. The noble Brelic Hath told you Hextall damaged the franchise: If it were so, it was a grievous fault, And grievously hath Hextall answer’d it. Here, under leave of Brelic and the rest– For Brelic is an honourable man; So are they all, all honourable men– Come I to speak in Hextall’s defense. He was a Flyer, faithful and just to the franchise: But Brelic says he damaged the team; And Brelic is an honourable man. He hath brought few playoff wins to Philly; Yet he whose draft picks did the general roster fill: Did this in Hextall damage the team? When that the past seasons ended, Hextall hath wept: Damage should be made of sterner stuff: Yet Brelic says he damaged the team; And Brelic is an honourable man. You all did see that when it came to Hackstol He thrice had opportunity to can him, Which he did thrice refuse: and this was damage. And Brelic says he did damage; And, sure, he is an honourable man. I speak not to disprove what Brelic spoke, But here I am to speak what I do know. You all did love him once, not without cause: What cause withholds you then, to mourn for him? O judgment! thou art fled to brutish beasts, And the roster is full of his draft picks. Bear with me; My heart isn’t in the coffin with Hextall, And I will cheer the team he built so much of.
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    The major question which is begging to be asked remains: Is he any relation to Mike York? It is very important to ensure we have a Mike York legacy with this team and any bloodline we can establish would be very key to our success (only to be topped by a Jon Sim connection).
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    Haven't we seen enough already? this bum needs to go!
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    Just absolute WOW on Carter Hart's performance. What a difference it makes when you have a goalie who actually stops the puck. Kudos to the PP too. They had a lot of attack zone time and it looks like they are going to be dangerous. NJ goalie kept this a game with some amazing stops himself. I almost forgot what it was like to watch an exciting hockey game. Welcome back Flyers!!!
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    I don't understand trading a high-caliber offensive defenseman for middle six wingers.
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    To put these offensive songs into perspective...."That's why Darkies Were Born" was a satirical song that was written to make fun of racism. It was also sung by Paul Robeson, an African American actor and civil rights activist. "Pickaninny Heaven" was sung by Kate Smith as part of the move "Hello Everybody" She didn't write the song, simply sang it as part of her character in the movie. In my mind, this is not a question of moving on from an old tradition, but it is a question of ruining the reputation of a person who can't defend herself since she is 6 feet under. If you are going to trash a person who supposedly meant to much to the team, the least they could do is show us that they did a thorough investigation. For more perspective, take a historical figure like Lincoln and drop him into 2019 where none of us know who he is. Imagine he tweets that all black people should be sent back to Africa, which was his attitude during his time. You think he would be loved or run out on a rail? Point being, it is pretty unfair to judge past attitudes by today's "woke" standards. Everyone is entitled to their opinions, but I think it's important that all information is known before rushing to judgement.
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    There is a clear winner in this trade: Cam Talbot.
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    Come on... Giroux has 46 points in 42 games, and has a plus/minus of 0 on a team which is a collective -101.
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    Nothing good can come from this thread.
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    Just more proof that the league hates the Flyers.
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    Actually you are ..... I feel the same way. No virus is gonna keep me from enjoying life. However, there are hundred thousands of kids and adults who are immnocompromised due to a myriad of reasons who can't fight infections like you and me. "IF" you become infected and don't know it, you can be risking the lives of those individuals whom you might interact with on a daily basis. Therefore just caution is a necessity. Listen closely...I am not saying one has to live in fear...but one needs to be mindful of others out there who can't fight infections. That is why it is called flattening the bell curve.... give folks in my industry a chance to get a vaccine or a treatment plan in place. Taking this nonchalant attitude that nothing is gonna keep me down is fine but we MUST be thinking about other individuals in our daily world. It begins at home and with each and everyone one of us doing out part which begins with good hygiene.
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    There's no question it can be done. But the core of the Blues' roster was two years removed from a Conference Final. The Rangers team AV took to the Final in his first year was a season removed from a Conference Final. This is the hardest tournament in sports to get through and there are 15 other teams with the same goal. Boston is 7-3 over the past 10, Vegas is 8-2, and the Avs and Blues are 7-2-1 with 6+ game winning streaks of their own. The important approach IMO is to take it one round at a time, one game at a time, and not go in thinking "well, the Blues won the Cup last year so we can, too!" I'm pretty confident AV will instill that kind of mindset. It's sooooo good to have actual NHL coaches.
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    For me, no thank you. I'd consider Ghost or Haag. And I really like Kapanen, too. And I like that Kapanen would probably push Farabee back to his natural left side. Myers is different enough from our other dmen that I don't do that. And we don't actually need offense that badly. Sure, we're 15th in the league, so there's definitely room for improvement, but it's not an emergency. Not a horrible thought, but for me, not Myers.
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    I honestly would not want him at $7.25/hr. The whole concept of him makes me want to vomit. No thank you.
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    Is there anything more JVR-like than him scoring the last goal in a 6-1 win?
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    I'm thankful of where we are now. I know I don't post much. But when I do, I prefer hockeyforums.
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    Provorov is the lead defender in Philadelphia. When he's on, there's no one on that club that's better. And when he's out of sorts (like last season) everyone is affected. I get he didn't have the 'numbers', but the intangibles he brings to the table are immeasurable. Honestly, if Giroux and Voracek are worth $8+ million per year, then Provorov is right up there with them. If I'm GM, I'd start with an 8 year/$62 million deal, $7.75 million per year cap hit.
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    As a longtime Flyer fan, I would think you are in the perfect position to understand it!
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    I'm glad you brought this up OR as this is something I've been looking into the last few days. What do we know about her character and how did she come to sing these songs? It's a long post but I will share some of my findings and my feelings below if you care to read. I haven't commented yet on this matter as I have been busy doing research the last few days as this whole episode bothers me as a Flyers fan. We've all seen and discussed that at least one song was parody and was sung by Paul Robeson but that still doesn't address Kate's character or how she came to sing these songs. From what I have read and heard on radio broadcasts (debating this issue) performers back in the day had little say in what they sang you were assigned songs by the record label, specifically there was someone called the Artists and Repertoire (or A&R) man who made all these decisions for you. If you refused you could find yourself out on your rear. One infamous instance of an A&R folly I found was is Frank Sinatra being forced to sing "Mamma Will bark" by A&R man Mitch Miller at Columbia records. Frank did it very reluctantly and was thoroughly embarrassed by it (listen to it and you can see why); he never forgave Miller for making him sing it and years later when Miller bumped into Sinatra in Vegas and tried to say hi Frank said, "F*** you, keep walking". This was Frank Sinatra, a big star we are talking about, yet he didn't have a say, now lets get back to Kate Smith. The research I did indicated that Kate was a 250 lb woman who was routinely mocked for her weight in Hollywood (Jason Whitlock talks about this in the clip of him I posted earlier in the thread) she was singing whatever they gave her just to keep her job as her employers already had a perfect excuse to get rid of her is she stepped out of line. Was this cowardly on her part? Maybe, a bit it would have been awesome if she had refused but its easy to play Monday morning QB too; I am sure some of us would have done the same thing to keep our job. The point is that she likely didn't have any control of what she was to sing as singers do nowadays. Granted that doesn't make the song right but it is a mitigating circumstance for me as it helps me to better understand her position in all this. In doing further character research on her I also stumbled upon some stories that Kate would routinely have black performers on her TV show "The Kate Smith Evening Hour" most notably, singer Josephine Baker who sang in the WWII effort and then subsequently lived in France, upon her return to the US she was confronted with the realities of segregation in the US that she hadn't seen in France and hadn't experienced since she was a child. Baker refused to perform in front of segregated audiences which was problematic for her career. She was also accused of being a communist by gossip columnist Walter Winchell and for this was a very controversial figure whom nobody wanted to book on TV. Yet her big break in the US, and television debut was given to her by Kate Smith on Halloween 1951. Kate's family also mentions that she was not racist however due to the risk of bias I am not considering their comments in forming my opinions. My point in all this is there may have been reasons (not yet considered or known) as to why she sang these songs. Again it doesn't make the songs right but it may explain her decisions (right or wrong). There may also be some evidence out there giving us a small glimpse into her character suggesting that maybe she was not a rabid racist. What I uncovered doesn't prove anything 100% but it does suggest there may be more than meets the eye to this story which is why I have a hard time with what the Flyers did. The part that upsets me the most though is the rapidity of how it all happened and how the Flyers lied and said they were looking into it and they continue to lie to me as a season ticket holder saying that they are still reviewing this "serious and sensitive matter". There was and will be no research on their part. The decision has been made already and will not be reversed. The worst part is the decision was not at all made out of their racial sensitivity. This decision was made strictly for image maintenance and corporate expediency, nothing less and nothing more. Finally what does the Kate Smith phenomenon mean to me as a Flyers fan? I don't believe in luck or good luck charms at all but for some reason their record when the song was played was incredible. For me it was just a cool Flyers thing (an analogy would be as Americana is to the USA). I know a lot of you had grown to detest the tradition as it was old and played out in your minds but for me though it is a part of the Flyers fabric, it is a very unique part of the Flyers story. It was one of many factors which helped to create the feeling of family that I sensed with this team when I became a fan in 1984 and have felt to this day (until now). I'm a fan of the other teams in town too but the Flyers had this unique way of making me like them more due to their traditions and the way they were run. That's been torn to pieces for me now by how they handled this as for the first time ever for me I don't feel like we are family any more. There was no debate, not among season ticket holders, not among rank and file fans, it was just over and done with. I could stomach this a lot more if we all had some discussions about our viewpoints. If for instance legions of African American fans (whom I see quite a few of at the games nowadays) came forward and said hey despite all you say, about Kate this really really hurts me more than you could ever know and understand. I could live with that. I could truly accept that and move on from there but unless we go through the exercise of having these conversations and looking at the whole picture then I just put it down to corporate cowardice, and expediency on the part of the Comcast/NBC. Maybe that's why it doesn't feel like family anymore because the Flyers have ceased to be a family and are now just a corporate entity like the rest.
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    Did you watch how they played? And how the Flyers play? Unless AV can inject some balls and determination into this team, I just don't see the Flyers competing like that any time soon.
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    Just be glad it wasn't Mike Yeo...
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    Yay, this is the last one of the season. I am beyond relieved. Here's the preview for those of you who want it: [Hidden Content]
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    How is this so bad?? Did you watch Simmonds play?? Did you want to give him a five year 8 mill per deal?? Ok then that is why they traded him he looked like shat all year hasn't had a goal in 11 games what did you think any GM who could see was going to give them for him??? Can't stay out the box and you don't even see him unless it's headed to the box after some scrum or he is trailing the play coasting pretending he is back checking. He score 27 points all year. Dude is a power forward who skills have eroded and can't stay out the box. Man Flyers fans really do over value their players. Who knows what Chuck could have got from the Flames Wayne shot it down. So yeah this is about as good as you are going to get. A 24 year old winger with some solid skills playing 5 on 5 and can play up on the 2nd if need be. Wayne just didn't have any value and he has lost his touch on the PP. This isn't 2016-17 Wayne Simmonds he is on the down swing. And who knows they could always turn around and move Hartman again for something. I wish him well but his best years are behind him.
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    Well we didn't jinx the boys, but man they didn't play too well either. There are some talented guys on the Sabres and to give their coach credit they played hard. Teen girl mojo enjoyed her first trip to an NHL rink. We've been dragging her to AHL games her whole life so she's as much of a hockey fan as a 14 year old can be, however, the show at the Wells Fargo center was such a huge step up. Our seats were really good, so that helped too, production value aside, the arena the passion of the fans, epecially once the game got tight was eye opening for her. pretty fun night with a good result, I thought Braun died when he went into the boards, it was right in front of us, I was shocked when he got up. Same with Myers blocking that shot, he crawled off the ice and went right down the tunnel I thought he was done. I don't think he missed his next shift but he wasn't on the ice after he took the penalty under 8 to go. Farabee is larger in person, so is Raffl. Good night, the kid had a fun day at King of Prussia and then a fun night so it was a win for the parental units.
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    And a good whine. Wine. I meant wine. Nice to see them use their game in hand on a 5-0 loss to SJ.
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    I don't know that this game was an example of work ethic. This was the 4th game in 6 nights on the road against the best team in the league and who just won their tenth in a row. I mean, they came back and made it a 4-3 game against that team, were flat out stoned repeatedly by a goalie with a point in 19 or 20 straight games. The "lack of effort" routine is a getting a little old. It just wasn't the case here. Yeah, they were outplayed in the first period.but they outplayed Tampa the rest of the game--the team described above--and held them to a whopping 24 shots. It's a long season; sometimes you lose.
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    Turns out all you have to do to get a popular post around here is attend a STH meeting, bitch at the ownership for an hour, then write it up. Anybody can do that!
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    Both. I believe he's happily married to his sister now.
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    You've had this "Giroux is suck" diatribe going forever. He was the 2nd leading scorer in the league 2 years ago. Why would we want that, right? Over the same time the Oilers have never won...they should trade Mcdavid. You know what a curse to this team is? Goaltending.
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    With a few days of calming down and reading up on analysis and views of the draft, I must say my position has changed from utter disappoint of not drafting Caufield to getting on board with the program now. Cam York is a very solid prospect, maybe even high end. Some had him as the 2nd best Dman of the draft (still think Broberg is ahead of York). But the game changer for me was Bobby Brink after reading a ton about him. Instead of drafting Caufield and most likely then a DMan with much much lesser upside in the 2nRd, we came away with possibly the 2nd best dman of the draft AND a sniper, much in the mould of Caufield, but better defensively. Caufield's ceiling is a little higher, but many believe Brink is a top 20 prospect, and has untapped offensive potential. Im pretty much stating the same things all of you have said here...but if I'm looking at it from an asset and risk perspective, then this was the right move...instead of getting one top prospect, we got two top prospects. I'm good with this. Looking forwards to following the progress of York and Brink in the next couple of years.
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    Just to prove that I'm not a complete grumpy F|_|ck... -This was definitely NOT a team building contract, but it is sort of in line with some of the other gross contracts out there. I think it was too much both in dollars and term, but if a team thinks they're in the Cup window, those are the sorts of deals they're willing to sign. -The Flyers are, this week, suddenly a very good team on paper, and should have money left to spend on their RFA contracts. -This series of moves could work out very well for them. -This is all built off the back of Ron Hextall's cautious and patient approach.
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    He absolutely is. If he wasn't, he wouldn't have gotten it. That's how markets work. And Philly is not the only team that would have ponied it up. Jeff Skinner, career high 63 points (with Eichel feeding him the puck), $9M Evander Kane, career high 57 points (7 years ago), $7M Ryan O'Reilly, career high 64 points at the time of signing, $7.5M Brock Nelson, career high 53 points, $6M JVR, career high 62 points, $7M We don't have to like it, but it is absolutely in line with other contracts.
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    Outside looking in, any any way you look at it, Braud/Niskanen paired with the kids is a thousand times better than Gudas/McDonald-period. Any day of the week-twice on Sunday. And signing Hayes (according to reports) brings in a fantastic two way player who takes the pressure off Patrick and makes the Flyers harder to play against at both ends of the ice. Three aggressive moves, none by themselves Earth shattering but as a whole make your boys a lot harder to play against on a nightly basis.
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    So, we're back to..."Oh look...shiny!" F*** me, over 7 mil a year for a 20..make that 19 goal scorer....for 7 f****** years...he did rack up THREE playoff points... while getting benched....Fletcher saves that 5th rounder! the return of the son of Homer. Does this mean we pay Provorov $14 Million a year? Whens the buyout? This is Bryz all over again...without the insane comic relief. Holmgren signed some really dumb contracts. Fletcher: "Hold my beer".
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    I'm with you. I've mentioned this elsewhere before, but this season was really the one I think many of us expected to see a noticeable improvement. We didn't get that. In fact, we got half a season of some of the worst hockey this club has produce in almost a decade. They have played better since the new year, but in terms of the skill we see on the ice every game, they're still significantly behind the true contenders in the league. Also, playing better for half a season does not excuse playing like garbage for the first half. It's not like the first 40 games don't count. Let's not pretend that's the case. The same thing happened to a lesser extent last season as well. Why? Let's conjure up a new set of excuses. And I for one am very sick and tired of hearing about how it's just waiting for some young kid to come up and fix all our team's problems. That refrain is now about eight years old. Eight years is long enough of a window that we should at the very least be seeing improvement not regression. It's really beyond frustrating at this point. I wasn't expecting a cup run in 2018-19. I was expecting the 18-19 team to be better than the 17-18 one, the 16-17 one, the 15-16 one, the 14-15 one, etc... Instead, we spent much of this season in the bottom three in the entire league. For a team supposedly on the upswing, that doesn't exactly scream future potential.
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    @FD19372 @vis Reports are the deal was with Calgary. I think brelic and pods were being funny. But they're Canadian so we probably wouldn't understand... plus i'm sure they're very sorry for the confusion.
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    He's just not a center. He's a playmaking wing. Played that in junior. Drafted that way. Established himself that way. Was forced into the role after The Trades. Had his best season last year at wing. Why they insist on sticking him at center mystifies me.
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    What is a defenseman's job? To prevent shots/goals. Fewest unblocked shots against/60 5v5 minutes: MacDonald Gudas Gostisbehere Sanheim Fewest Goals: Gudas Hagg Ghost Sanheim Fewest overall shot attempts against/60: Sanheim Gudas Ghost Fewest high danger (slot) shots against: Gudas Sanheim Provorov Ghost Taken by themselves, any of these measures can be explained away by other factors, but three guys (Gudas, Ghost, and Sanheim) consistently show up in the top half of the Flyers' defenders. So by the best defensive metrics we have available, Sanheim and Ghost are actually among the best on the team when it comes to limiting the opposition's chances to score. The problem is that the perception of "playing defense" hasn't caught up to the realities of what it looks like in a league predicated on speed and transition. Derian Hatcher and Scott Stevens would struggle today because the way they played, crosschecking and tying up guys in front of the net, is pretty much illegal nowadays. You play defense by breaking up rushes at the blue line, getting the puck away from the other guy or winning races to loose pucks, and moving the puck up ice, not knocking guys over in the defensive zone. On a somewhat separate note, one of the main reasons I've been adamantly against moving Gudas is because he is actually quite good at both.
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    Yeah, he's not out of harm's way just yet. I hate to get all soft and stuff, but being traded, waived, etc. are major life events for these guys. It must be unsettling, especially when family is involved. I know it comes with the territory and they make a lot of money, but sometimes I feel bad about being cavalier about this stuff. It's not like he's a bad guy or anything.

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