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    The Hextall regime sends the most players of any NHL team to to the WJHC for the 3rd time in 4 years with 7 players. They had the 2nd most in 2014...6 to Nashvilles 7.
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    Merry Christmas LMAO...the F'n Chicken link to bigger pic [Hidden Content]
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    Merry Christmas to all wishing everyone a safe and happy holiday.
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    Merry Christmas my friends! Enjoy some time with friends and family.
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    The half of the season is gone already, but I am still not sure/ not so optimistic if the team will make the playoffs this season, especially only basically depending on an inconsistent production of lines#1 and#2 and on one injured already defenseman. Definitely, the team needs some quick changes - soul search, the simplicity of their game or something else... Regarding enthusiasm for Sokolov is more not that, but an interest to bring into that amorphic inconsistent team some positive drive, some sparks of creativity and talent which he has it so far. 50 goals scorer and a multiple shooter so far is playing a minimal time in minors there. I do not see any visual logic about that stubborn decision do not let to bring him here for at least a 10 games trial. Maybe he will have success for the big club and will help to boost the team to the higher level of production like Panarin does or Tarasenko, for example. Who knows? Boudreau said in his last interview that the team needs to shoot more towards the net (we are winning when we put more than 35-45 shots per game against), but starting to lose on 20-25 shots per game against. He also mentioned that his father was telling him a long time ago - if the player shoots 5-6 times per game than he has a good chance to put a goal or more, and if the player shoots 0-1 shots, than production is minimal, practically zero. Anyway, let's finish on a positive note. Happy Holidays Season to everyone - first of all our fans, our players, Wild organization, and their families!!! Wishing all of them lots of health, energy, smartness, and of course, fewer injuries(physical or mental) throughout the entire 2019 Hockey season!!!

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