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  1. Flyer frustration runs deep... Plus, people like me, we look at train wrecks...not because they are pretty...but because we are strangely compelled to do so.....
  2. I’m getting to the point with this team that a win is a win. Who cares if it was pretty or ugly. We all know this team is not a Cup contender. But I guess I’d rather see a win, any win, than a loss. Because this team has too many wins already to get a decent pick next season. And even if they got the top pick they’d piss it away on some Finlander or Swede no ones ever heard of...
  3. Hmmm. I should check my spam folder. I like both deals for yave, heavily. Voracek is too stupid for words. The player, not the trade for him. But in fantasy, he's entirely one dimensional. That's one thing in NAHANA, it's a complete mess in this league with the peripheral categories. Worse, his stupidity is infecting his ability to even do well in his one category. The problem I have with Parise in this league is similar to my "one trick pony" indictment of Voracek. Parise isn't stupid like Voracek, but he's only really good in a category or two and streaky at best at that. And he just had a hot spell, so he's hit his relevance quota for a month or so. Hall, IMO, is no different though in the offensive categories he tends to put up better numbers so at least there's that. Yave didn't seem to trade for need here in either trade, so have to imagine he's trading for currency to go shopping. Did that well. (along those lines, yave, no I'm not trading you Tavares for Jones).
  4. I get the occasional offer and I apologize if I don;t respond. been hecka busy
  5. My take: 1) We continue to outshoot but underscore the opposition. 2) We don't have a Gaudreau of Tkachuk. 3) We can play competent defense for 50 minutes; the other 10 cost us games. 4) Having a competent goalie may keep us in the game. But our problems are far deeper than goal. We are dumping and chasing a lot. We shoot from the point and don't get the puck on net. Is this coaching or ability? Morganti commented that Gaudreau probably doesn't need coaching. His skill makes up lack of size. His dynamism wins games. Luck and Hart kept us in the game. Our goals were flukes. I believe Fletcher will need to overhaul this brigade.
  6. let's just say it ended the way 99% of our OTs end: turnover, pass, shot, score. i read our average OT loss this season happens in a little bit over 50 seconds. we don't even wait to lose in the SO anymore. r/hockey• Posted by u/duncanmalm PHI - NHL1 hour ago With todays loss to Cgy the flyers average overtime length when they lose is now 50.3 seconds Vs San Jose 13 seconds Vs Tampa Bay 1 minute 47 seconds Vs Columbus 10 seconds Vs Calgary 35 seconds Vs Tampa Bay 18 seconds Vs Calgary 1 minute 59 seconds Without the outliers of Calgary and Tampa Bay the average drops to 19 seconds. Experience flyera hockey
  7. As per Del Zotto, I think yeah he isn't all that. I think for the most part he was overvalued on the Flyers mainly for lack of a quality defensive core.
  8. I think Nicholas Kronwall would make a nice add for a contender looking to add a rugged bottom pair defenseman. Nashville, maybe Winnipeg...… Pittsburgh, San Jose, or perhaps even Calgary. Any of those teams could perhaps provide him with a final shot at winning a Cup...and as long as he stays healthy, he could be tailor made for a long playoff run with someone.
  9. Over the last 13 games, during which Dubnyk has had 12 straight starts, there has only been one back-to-back situation: Dec 6-7 (Loss to CGY 2-0 and Loss to EDM 7-2). Every other game has had at least one day off between them: Dec 6 vs CGY (L 0-2) Dec 7 vs EDM (L 2-5) Dec 8 off Dec 9 off Dec 10 off Dec 11 vs MTL (W 7-1) Dec 12 off Dec 13 FLA (W 5-1) Dec 14 off Dec 15 CGY (L 1-2) Dec 16 off Dec 17 off Dec 18 SJS (L 0-4) Dec 19 off Dec 20 PIT (L 1-2) Dec 21 off Dec 22 DAL (L 1-2 OT) Dec 23 off Dec 24 off Dec 25 off Dec 26 off Dec 27 CHI (L 2-5) Dec 28 off Dec 29 WPG (W 3-1) Dec 30 off Dec 31 PIT (L 2-3) Jan 1 off Jan 2 off Jan 3 TOR (W 4-3) Jan 4 off Jan 5 OTT (W 4-3) What strikes me is the number of goals scored in support of the goaltender. In both losses to Calgary, the Wild scored one goal in six periods. One. In the loss to San Jose, they scored zero goals. In Dallas they scored one goal. In the first Pittsburgh game they scored one goal. Dubnyk would have had to have basically pitched a shutout during that entire stretch for the team to have won any of those games.
  10. Some more trade news...featuring the very active Foil and their GM @yave1964 First up, a simple one for one swap between the Foil and AKOF: Yave acquires defenseman Alex Pietrangelo AKOF acquires forward Jakub Voracek Nice defensive pickup for the Foil...at his best, Pietrangelo is sort of a do everything type defenseman, contributing in almost all categories even though his current numbers don't look all that impressive. Personal injury and the entire team being on a downswing have contributed to that, but he actually should be better than what he has shown so far..... likely what Foil management is banking on. AKOF picks up the underperforming Jakub Voracek. The Flyers are another team who are on a downswing, and at HIS best, Voracek puts up better numbers than what he has this year as well. Still though, Voracek can still put up some decent assist numbers and is good to generate SOG....if the Flyers ever get their PP out of the gutter, Voracek may become even more valuable. So basically a swap of underperforming players at different positions here. Next up, The Foil does business with yours truly, manager of the Green Star Blades. Foil Gets: G- Martin Jones (SJ) RW- Brendan Gallagher (Mon) Blades Get: LW- Zach Parise (Min) D- Brayden McNabb (VGK) LW- Taylor Hall (NJ, currently on IR) The Blades having 4 goalies, decided to roll with veteran Tuukka Rask, the red hot Robin Lehner of the Islanders, and what looks to be the regular starter in Chicago moving forward, rookie Collin Delia....thus Martin Jones became expendable. Yes, the Blades are taking a chance that Lehner may regress once again and Delia may fizzle out or even be demoted, but sometimes, ya just gotta take a chance....and the chance to re-acquire the NOW hot Zach Parise a solid hitter and blocker in McNabb and Taylor Hall (do I even need to explain WHY this guy is still coveted?) was too good to pass up. I had been shopping Jones around to a number of GM's but Yave is always Johnny on the Spot (or is that Dave on the Spot?) and he and I went back n forth a bit till we settled on what you see here. The Foil end up with 4 goalies now...and one can only wonder what his brainwaves are generating now.... heheh. He also gets Montreal's Brendan Gallagher, who I drafted, had been very happy with, but you know, get some, give some, etc, etc... Gallagher was NOT my first choice to give up to acquire the players I did, but he seemed to be the guy that got Yave to make this deal a go, so here we are. Funny that I posed just a bit earlier how Parise was looking real good for the Foil.....and now I get him back. Zach BETTER not turn OFF the heat now that he is back with the Blades...…. I may need to buy him out if he does....
  11. Tom, I don't the first is THE question. Dubnyk's now had 12(!) straight starts in which he's been twice pulled. That pretty much tells you the amount of faith BB has for Stalock - slim to none. Stalock is not going to be the guy giving him some relief. Based on his history answer to the 2nd question is an absolute yes! He cannot carry this workload. And since BB has already decided to give him this many games in December-January, we probably won't see him play any less in March. So like in previous years he'll be burned out come the playoffs.
  12. Sure. And the Russia game may have been different if their goal counted. And the Finns couldn't replicate that tying, or game winning goals against TC if their life depended on it. But they all happened. You have to have some luck to win.
  13. Meanwhile, he (the guy who said "nobody remembers who number two is") is the punchline of a joke on 1st overalls while Chris Pronger (the 2) is a HOFer and much better remembered for what he did ON the ice. #3 (Chris Gratton) also had a much better career than Mr. Famous 1st overall. As did the 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th and almost every other 1st rounder that year.
  14. The Tkachuk on Ottawa is looking pretty damn good too. We had two first round picks last year and could have tried to trade up. Let’s just hope Fletcher makes the right pick this year and unloads the right players. He isn’t delusional enough to think we have a playoff shot, where he trades our prospects for some overpriced veteran, is he? I wouldn’t give up anything for Jimmy Howard at the deadline , wait until July 1st.
  15. And even with all the kids coming in i try and take a run at Mark Stone. Jake signed for 5 more years should be a nice even swap i would think. Go get him Fletch!!!!!
  16. Brayden Schenn with a hat trick. Blues 5 Flyers 3---which will all be scored in the 3rd period. Fly Eagles Fly Lose for Hughes Kakko!!!!
  17. Your golden words and a crucial number 4 GOALS per game will provide our team a real chance for a consistent success not only during the regular season but especially during the playoffs season.
  18. Yeah but you were talking about the younger brother...this is the Tkachuk I would trade for, not the Ottawa kid.
  20. Waiver wire goalie pick ups sometimes work out. Case and Point: Michael Leighton.
  21. Trust me. It's over the current. general ineptitude of the franchise.
  22. Most other teams have a tenacious enough backcheck, as well as the goaltending, to compensate for one turnover in the neutral or offensive zone. The Flyers don't.
  23. I’m amazed this thread is 3 pages long over a 35 yr old goalie with 7 career NHL wins....
  24. got to agree I think most goalies are head cases and coming from overseas I think the kid has more to deal with, different style of play culture maybe even language at least give him a year to assimilate. Im with crease and assist and tomdog and fargo on this one maybe he can step right in maybe he cant. We dont need to right now we are winning and both of the big clubs goalies are healthy so let him be. No need to rush him along
  25. You just have to keep at it until you hit the jackpot! Five years of tanking is actually a lot easier than a total rebuild. Faster, too!
  26. WOW! What a lame backcheck by JVR on that OT goal. Why did he let up just before the pass was made? If he doesn't quit on the play, there is probably no pass, and possibly no shots either
  27. Nino is getting paid 5.25 million a year and is lost. They kept juggling lines hoping to get him and coyle going. Coyle figured it out and is playing well now but it doesn't seem as though anybody can help in finding Nino.
  28. Flames look so much faster and way more creative than the Flyers, much like every other team in the league.
  29. G does, and you can see it on his face. Others on the team who make a lot of money, seem like they're way too comfortable.
  30. 18% chance of something is minimal in my opinion. Having the chance to pick first doesn't guarantee you'll get a superstar. And IMO, in pro sports you should only aim for wins. Why losing purposely gets awarded is beyond me...
  31. I don't understand the dislike for Brodin. Outside of scoring the man practically does everything right.
  32. Okay, here's the preview itself: [Hidden Content] I took a bit of a hockey detour to talk about the new ice arena at my alma mater, Saint Olaf College, that opened for its first game last night. Sure an improvement over the Northfield Ice Arena.
  33. IMO, keep the kids in Iowa. Kahkonen is playing well, but the team in front of him has played pretty well too. Eriksson Ek, for all of the ranting about him...he's putting up points for Iowa. Sokolov has been scratched the last few games. O'Reilly's back too which has certainly helped their offense. The best part of Iowa is their depth. It's fun listening to games because this team rolls 4 lines that can score and they skate well. Army seems to be a great fit as coach for this club.
  34. AWAY HOME Calgary 5 Philadelphia 3 Minnesota 4 Ottawa 3 Columbus 2 Florida 3 Nashville 4 Montreal 3 Buffalo 3 Boston 4 Vancouver 4 Toronto 5 N.Y. Islanders 4 St. Louis 3 Edmonton 4 Los Angeles 2 Tampa Bay 5 San Jose 3
  35. Hughes is another Giroux, look at the reports on Kakko and Podkolzin, we do not have any players like that at all. We desperately need players with a shoot first mentality who are fearless in front of the net. I’m tired of drafting two way centers and small guys. I’m all tired of guys that can skate great but constantly miss the net . We need a sniper. We can’t make a mistake in this draft, and get stuck with another Nolan Patrick .
  36. @Bardonshky Content is only moderator approved for the first several posts...after that, you can post as normal. We do this to keep spam/troll/advert content to a minimum. Welcome to our boards, hope you enjoy yourself here. And yes, you can't go wrong with Pavel Datsyuk as a role model for how you should learn to stick handle!
  37. January 5, 2019 AWAY HOME Calgary 4 Philadelphia 2 Minnesota 4 Ottawa 3 Columbus 3 Florida 2 Nashville 2 Montreal 1 Buffalo 2 Boston 3 Vancouver 1 Toronto 4 N.Y. Islanders 4 St. Louis 1 Edmonton 2 Los Angeles 3 Tampa Bay 6 San Jose 4

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