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  1. Hmm... Jordan is now a Weal E. Coyote.... Another misfit player Arizona is hoping fits in better with them. For better or worse, I see the Yotes giving Jordan a Weal chance at becoming a full time top six guy.....Yotes don't score much anyways, so it can't hurt. If Jordan does the same with Arizona as he did with Philadelphia, then it was no Weal loss as the player they gave up is minor league fodder. If, however, Jordan does better, then the Yotes can do cartWeals that they got a nice player for cheap. Damn, I am Weally good at this.....
  2. Jesus, Arizona, take the Weal. I know folks are stunned we only got a 6th and a part-time hockey player. But anything more than a Cracker Barrel coupon is a steal. I'll forget Weal by morning. That said, what a goofy place for Fletcher to start. Whomever it was that postulated this is about a roster spot (Morin) is probably right. Because if this is message sending, Fletcher would be better off setting the drapes on fire.
  3. Good. Waste of a roster spot. Essentially they traded him for nothing.
  4. Weal in the sky keeps on turnin'...somewhere else.
  5. Looks like the Weal route has been stricken from our playbook.
  6. I hope soon. He shouldn't be hard to move. I just hope they get a decent return for him.
  7. Casey DeSmith has signed a three year extension with the Pittsburgh Penguins The average cap hit is $1.25M/year. That seems to be a very friendly contract for a goalie whom many thought would be a career minor leaguer. His season has really pushed Matt Murray to overcome the funk he started in and put the Pens goalie tandems in the league Good deal for both team and player.
  8. You know what is really weird about the "plenty of shots" thing (which is true)? While watching the game, I get the impression from some of them that they are scared to shoot. And then you look up and they have a decent amount of shots. But they pass their way out of quality shots. The game against Dallas, with the repeated odd man rushes especially in the third, you could guarantee the puck carrier wasn't going to shoot. And then the last pass too late to be successful. But it goes down as a shot. Sometimes two if there is a rebound jam attempt. Patrick seems like he simply does not want to shoot at this point. It's a shame, because he does have a nice shot. But he'll do anything to not shoot. Ghost is looking that way. Voracek would try to pass through the entire 82nd Airborne. Giroux seems to be willing to shoot but it's possible he's being too cute with it because he's missing more than not.
  9. There's 2 types of players now. The one's who haven't (and may never) sign 'The Big One', Are the old school hungry. Not saying contracts like Parise/Suter but the comfortable let's say 5M per 5 years. My question and or concern between the 'haves' and 'have not' is what are they hungry for these days? Every player wants to raise the Cup of course. Have that moment. But I feel now the Hunger is for the payday (rightfully so providing for your family etc) more so than a Championship. Just look at player's stats right after signing the Big one. Usually a drop off. =Comfortable. Back when there was realistic salaries, Players fought for their jobs and fought even harder for the Cup.
  10. He's a tweener. Period. All the stuff you said about character and work ethic is, I think, quite accurate. And I think that's how he's made it as far as he has. And good on him for it. But yeah, we've seen the ceiling of what you're going to get. Hopefully, he's able to have a nice career out of it.
  11. There is no way I’m trading this year’s 1st. Does Melnyk think he’s talking to himself? Are you saying you would be ok with trading Jake, Lyon, a 1st, and a “little more” for UFA Stone and 38 year old Anderson?? No way I do that deal. Edit: Just read the Ek piece that talks about being sure the Flyers could extend Stone first. Still not sure I’d want to automatically give a guy 7-8 years before he even plays for the O&B.
  12. Frost with 2g 2a 1st star last night...6 points in 2 games since he came back from WJs.
  13. Interesting read, especially the part of Cup-winning goalies average about 46 games starts during regular season. [Hidden Content]
  14. I'd say this is roster clearing. It's a start.
  15. Not sure it was about getting a return, but rather opening a roster spot. Also, doubt this was a “shake up” trade (not saying you think this; some other fans seem to think so). But...hopefully a more significant trade comes soon...
  16. January 11, 2019 AWAY HOME Buffalo 3 Carolina 4 Detroit 2 Winnipeg 4 Florida 2 Calgary 5 Pittsburgh 4 Anaheim 3
  17. If you're right about the above, then Homer is an even worse manager than I thought. If you're worried about them partying, you sign them up for the NHLPA substance abuse programs, you don't make them someone else's problem and leave them hanging out there... especially when your trainers and doctors are the ones pumping them with Oxy so they can play with two separated shoulders or two broken feet. Homer traded them because they pissed him off. The same reason he fired Hextall, because he pissed him off. If this isn't clear to all of us by now, i don't know what is. I honestly don't know what the hell Homer was thinking when he made those trades. And like I've said in the past it wasn't those trades that were the problem. It was those kind of rebuild moves followed by win now moves like Bryz. It was trading JVR for Luke Schenn... what the hell was that move about? It was not even trying to resign Jagr and Carle necessitating giving a big fat contracts to MacDonald and VLC and trading JVR for Schenn. There was no rhyme or reason to any of it and now he appears to be back at it again. Proof in the pudding is that when he brought Hextall on, Hextall told everyone it was likely a 5 year plan and Homer supposedly gave him the autonomy to implement it, but when 4 years and change didn't get it there, Homer decided to screw that and start from scratch. What kind of freedom do you really think Fletcher is going to feel knowing that's the situation he walked into? A president gave the GM "freedom" and later revealed that he really had no freedom. Homer is BAD AT THIS. He needs to go bye bye and Dave Scott needs to go back to encouraging Marketing wizardry like Gritty and find a big boy to leave the hockey stuff to instead of this thick headed, petty, fragile ego driven baby he's got running things now.
  18. They usually win face offs over a game. It as for the skill, here’s my example: Look at Ghost his first season when he was called up mid-way. Look at Ghost now. 3 years of Hakstol made him boring, predictable and entirely defendable. Thst is is not how you win at the NHL level. I fear the damage mage is done though and this team will have to be dismantled. I may may be ready to give up. It’s too effing pathetic at this point.
  19. I like Stone, but that looks like an awful over payment just to swap one RW for another. Just looking at a comparison: Voracek 608pts in 812g (0.7ppg) | 8.2mil (6y) | 29yrs old Stone 297pts in 352g (0.8ppg) | 7.3mil (UFA) | 26yrs old I fully agree Voracek should be moved, but Ottawa doesn't seem like a good partner. In fact, Ottawa seems like a garbage partner no matter how you cut it. Both our teams are in the gutter. We should essentially be looking for the same stuff in trades. Trading Voracek plus a bunch of other stuff for a guy who likely will ask for 9million and really isn't even guaranteed to want to stay on this team at all seems like an ill-fated situation at best. I expect Stone will be traded to a contender (or at least a team on the upswing) who can offer Ottawa some proper building pieces. That's what they need. They don't need a RW with similar point totals nearing the back end of his career. More suitable trading partners would actually be the same as those who would go for Stone. We're looking at a contending team as a trading partner imo. Ottawa is... not that. The fact rumours are floating around the Flyers are heavy buyers is extremely worrying to me. It suggests Fletch is firm on the homercoaster and hopping right into win now mode. Clearly, we do not have the core required to make any kind of run. Yeah, Voracek should go. Simmonds too. I'd move Ghost as well. But we should be trying to get overpayments from contenders for all of those guys. There's koolaid being drunk in Flyersland again.
  20. o, I'll tell you what I want, what I Weally, Weally wantSo tell me what you want, what you Weally, Weally wantI'll tell you what I want, what I Weally, Weally wantSo tell me what you want, what you Weally, Weally want
  21. the key to JVR is for me to insult him, then he does something good.
  22. All about jersey sales and branding Expect the Seattle Emeralds to wear key-lime sweaters with cobalt silver breezers and Starbucks shoulder patches.
  23. Deer TFG: Happy New Year! I have to agree with John Boruk that this core has been together since the 2011-12 and hasn't delivered much. It may need sizable demolition. And at this juncture, I think most fans won't cry too many tears. Six years without a playoff win is an eternity for a franchise with this history and finances. I "get" my backyard Panthers having performance issues. Not the O and B. I suspect jettisoning Weal is the start of retooling or whatever....
  24. @TropicalFruitGirl26 Great post, excellent puns. You are Weally good at this. We got a good look at what Weal can do and at this level it is; possess the the puck with no positive outcome. He's got skill, but he's not fast enough to get to where he can do damage, he's not strong enough to bull through a check, he was excellent in shootouts, has a great handle and his practice efforts show in that role. but that's not worth a roster spot, bottom line; he just wasn't effective here. He had decent linemates, so it's not like he was carrying a couple of plumbers around for 13 minutes a night. I hope "the thing" that makes him a viable NHL player happens for him in Arizona. He is a nice person and a hard worker, he's easy to root for because of that and I imagine that was why Hextall kept giving him a look. Fletcher didn't have that relationship so it was probably an easy decision. I won't miss him but I do hope he can stick somewhere as a player and if not I'll be you he'd be a good coach.
  25. In spite of a 4-1 loss in Boston a couple of nights ago, the Ducks are in second place in the Pacific Division tied with the Sharks with 43 points only 4 points behind the division leading Flames. For the life of me I simply dont see how it is possible. Lets start with the loss of Corey Perry who has yet to lace them up this season due to MCL surgery which threatens to derail his entire season. He has slipped badly in recent years watching his goal production slip from 34 to 19 to 17 and now zero.Patrick Eaves rode a hot streak in his free agent year to a long term overpaid deal and hasn't been able to remain on the ice, this season he has zero points in five uneventful games. Ryan Kesler is a shell of his former self with 4 goals and a minus 12. rickard Rackell who truthfully is probably the Ducks best forward has caught the injury bug and is currently on the IR with a serious ankle injury, backup goalie Ryan Miller was having a solid year but is now out long term. Ondrej Kase who is having a solid year has missed half the season, Getzlaf and Lindhom who make the forward and defense go have missed half a dozen games each. The top line right now is an aging Getzlaf, a young inexperienced Kase and a guy who couldn't find a job in Pontus Aberg. The second line consists of the inconsistent but talented Henrique and bailing wire. Yet here they are within striking distance of first place in their division in spite of being 27th in the league in goals scored with a putrid 95 through 36 games in a league where offense is up. Well I guess it is not a secret, really, the key to the teams success is the play of John Gibson who has been arguably the games best kept secret this year and a solid top four on defense of Lindholm, Manson, Fowler and especially Montour who is having a monster breakout year. There is help down below in San Diego where Troy Terry is a point a game player, young Max Jones, Kalle Kossila, Same Steel, Giavanni Fiore and Isac Lundestrom are all future top nine or better forwards and all between 18 and 22 years old. I actually admire the Ducks restraint with not calling the kids up with their offensive woes, allowing them to cut their teeth at the AHL level and not rushing them in spite of the rash of injuries and age catching up with key contributors such as Kesler and Cogliano and Eaves. I didn't even mention Maxime Comtois who is going to be counted on heavily in the upcoming World Junior Tourney. Comtois in 10 NHL games earlier this year had 7 points and didn't embarrass himself. So the Ducks are winning with goaltending and defense and a bit of luck. Montour has turned into a minor star who gets absolutely zero publicity playing out West in California and Gibson is elite. Help is on the way possibly by the second half with talented kids and the hoped for return soon of Rackell. Goaltending and defense tend to win in the playoffs and the Ducks do play a hard game but I feel it is a bit of smoke and mirrors and if they dont add to the current group of forwards soon it will be a long road ahead.
  26. Well none of those looked like what Farabee did, but ok.
  27. I'm glad we know Fletcher has a pulse at least. Dear Lawd I hope he doesn't do anything crazy and make me angry with him. Please Chuck don't do anything crazy yo!
  28. Giroux is not part of the problem, he is a position of strength. Do a better job in adding to a strength, not remove a strength to add questionable variables to replace a strength. That is childish nonsensical foolishness. If a player is causing a problem in the locker room to other team mates, trade him. These blanket statements "trade him" are getting old. Put a name as his replacement, or possible "player options or picks." That mentality got us to get rid of Bob. And we lost that trade. Bob was better than what we had going forward. We could of had a tandem of Bob, Stolarz/Lyon/Neuvy or/Elliot as our goalies as of now. The Kimo/Coburn/Streit trades where mostly players that we received good value for. They weren't major pieces, those type of trades work. The JVR signing is a specific piece you get to help a team, but not part of the main course. He needs a Center who can dish it to him, a solid 3C, and he would give us solid scoring depth. If Captaincy is truly part of the problem, remove the C altogether and not have a C or A on this team for now. Hang it up on the team locker room rafter and after next season whoever wants to claim the C go and grab it and defend for it. The Captain can choose his Alts. What we need to do is bring up the kids, NAK, (maybe Voroby), Myers, Morin maybe Freider...
  29. Well I just fully read the Eklund article I referenced above on Mark Stone...which I love. However this part kind of makes me nervous... My source went on to say the Flyers are heavy in buyers mode right now and are offering up prospects and picks plus 1 or 2 roster players for Stone and the would love to get Craig Anderson as well in the deal... ..sure there are some picks and prospects I would trade but depending who/what they are scared me...
  30. Eklund says Flyers are buyers and are targeting Mark Stone. Finally some made up sh it I can get behind.
  31. one guy on this board would take that for Giroux right now
  32. I would take that for Mcdud right now...
  33. I guess worst part is how they couldn't get more for a guy LA didn't want to expose to waivers and Ron traded for and he couldn't even make the lineup over Varone...meh...buh bye Jordan....
  34. Last report i seen the first week of February. From your post to God's eyes.....
  35. That's not on Foligno to sit back and wait for the Jets to attack. That's on the coaching staff or the leaders on the team. I listened to a recording of Wild fanline this afternoon. Fans are not feeling confident about this Wild team. They see that it's flawed and even though they got a big win, they knows this team is still not any better than they've been the last few seasons so the result will likely be the same or worse. It was hilarious listening to Kevin Falness be baffled at Wild fans skepticism after a win...he just couldn't comprehend it.
  36. Over that same time period Winnipeg average 3.45 G/GP while the Wild averaged under 3 (2.83 G/GP). Because the Wild aren't scoring it allows for almost no error on the part of the goaltender...the Jets have scored 147 goals this year (8th overall) and the Wild have scored 122 (22nd). Give the goalie some support with goals and he can have an pretty good record. Can you imagine what the Wild record would be with Hellebuyck in nets?
  37. Charlie Coyle REALLY should be left at center...whether a 2C or 3C....I've been saying that for a couple seasons now. He may never be an elite center, but he doesn't HAVE to be....I just feel he is more engaged in the game when playing with the added responsibilities of the center position. Playing wing was supposed to 'streamline' things for him, allow him to use his size along the boards, and he CAN do that, but he is also a more cerebral player than I think people give him credit for, and that shows through more as a centerman.
  38. Coyle has been playing nothing short of excellent with Parise. Since he was moved to Center after Mikko was hurt by the knee from Giordano, Coyle's been all over the ice, impacting most Wild games positively. Several games the Parise-Coyle-Nino/Kunin has been by far the best line for the Wild. Coyle and Parise even made Nino look decent for a few games, something no other Wild players have accomplished this year.
  39. In case you haven't noticed...Crosby, Ovechkin, McDavid...those guys all went 1st overall. Giroux didn't. Not even close. He's actually closer to a 2nd rounder. So instead of your constant Giroux is suk diatribe, how about giving the guy credit for being in the same conversation as those guys even though he was picked NOWHERE NEAR WHERE THEY WERE!
  40. I don't care about the other lines other than put Nino-Zucker-Koivu together. Let them figure it out and not screw up the rest of the lines. (Koivu gets to baby sit them for a while) Simple plan, Zucker streaks in and while the other 2 catch up, He shoots wide and Koivu shoots from the wall off Nino's Butt for the goal.
  41. Hughes is another Giroux, look at the reports on Kakko and Podkolzin, we do not have any players like that at all. We desperately need players with a shoot first mentality who are fearless in front of the net. I’m tired of drafting two way centers and small guys. I’m all tired of guys that can skate great but constantly miss the net . We need a sniper. We can’t make a mistake in this draft, and get stuck with another Nolan Patrick .
  42. Unless it's a Flyers" defenseman.

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