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  1. Well, she skates better and hits harder than McDud, so make it happen.
  2. Although the "genius' part of it may have just been a result of running out of available goalies. But Hart has certainly been the best of the lot.
  3. You don't get a plus for scoring on the power-play, and you don't get a minus for giving up a power-play goal. However, if you're on the PP and give up a SHG, that's a minus, and if you're on the PK and are on the ice for a SHG, that's a plus. The idea of plus/minus was always to see who the out-scorers are at even-strength.
  4. Which is kind of frightening since Prosser has proven time and again he's a good soldier (and knows the system inside and out) while the new pickups are totally unproven. We've seen Fletcher make these same kind of moves before only to pick up the phone and give 'old reliable' a phone call and bring him back. To me Prosser has always been one of those, 'if it's not broke don't fix it' kind of players. He's not great but he's steady and reliable as all hell.
  5. I’m guessing Nate Prosser will be the sacrificial lamb. To be fair, Fletcher had years to create the current Wild, for better or worse. Fenton hasn’t even been on the job for a year, and has been told by the owner “No Rebuild.” Takes away some of his ability to craft a roster. But yeah, so far I’ve been underwhelmed with his moves...
  6. Entering the bye for some teams followed by the All Star break here are my picks for winners of various awards given out by the NHL. Still lots of Hockey left but at the break here are my picks: PRESIDENTS TROPHY: Nobody can dispute this one, it goes to the team with the most points and Tampa Bay easily is running away with this one with an insane 37-10-2 good for 76 points. Think about that, 76 points is more than at least half a dozen teams will havefor the entire season, lol. And they have a goal differential of plus 59 in their first 49 games so a differential of plus 100 or better by years end is certainly within reach. The gold standard of regular season success. HART TROPHY AS THE LEAGUE MVP: With apologies to Kucherov, McDavid, Gaudreau and Rantanen who all make this a difficult conversation, I have to give this one to NATHAN MACKINNON who is having a beastly season with 70 points and is averaging over 22 minutes of ice time and is second in the NHL in power play points. The heart of his team and one of the hardest skaters in the game to defend. VEZINA no brainer, MARC ANDRE FLEURY leads the league with 27 wins, nobody else has more than 22, he has 6 shutouts nobody else has more than 3, he is second in shots faced. Anderson and Vasilevskiy are having fine seasons but this is the year of MAF about the easiest of all the awards to pick. CALDER TROPHY LEAGUES TOP ROOKIE ELIAS PETTERSSON ran away and hid with this one in the leagues first month, he has cooled off and then missed time to injury and in spite of all that has nearly doubled up the next closest point getter among all rookies. Rasmus Dahlin is as good as advertised and Ottawa has two kids who I love in Tkachuk and Colin White (between them they have 49 points to the 46 for Pettersson by himself) but this one was over in October. SELKE TROPHY (LEAGUES TOP DEFENSIVE FORWARD) Bergeron wins it every year but is nicked up, Kopitar is usually his closest competition but plays for a loser, I am giving this one hands down to BRAYDEN POINT. On top of being the leagues first 30/30 guy this year (30 goals 30 assists) he is an absolute delight to watch when he doesn't have the puck, he forechecks as if he invented it. The best defensive forward in the game today, arguably the most complete forward in the game today. NORRIS TROPHY (LEAGUES TOP DEFENSEMAN) For years the award has went to the top scoring defender even if they have deficiencies in their defensive side of the game but this year it will go hands down to MARK GIORDANO who has played in obscurity for years in Calgary and will finally be recognized for the great player that he is. He leads all of hockey with plus 30 and has 52 points in 48 games. Nobody else is close. JACK ADAMS AWARD (LEAGUES TOP COACH) (tie) I am giving this to two coaches, BILL PETERS in Calgary is owning the West like a boss proving his mettle now that he has a real team to work with after coaching the undermanned Hurricanes for years and BARRY TROTZ who has taken the Islanders to the top of his division at the break and amazingly with the same blueline that couldn't stop anyone for years they are giving up the least goals in the game. LADY BING (MOST GENTLEMANLY PLAYER) who cares. Seriously, they need to do away with this one, lol. ROCKET RICHARD AWARD (LEADING GOAL SCORER IN TEH GAME Who else, the ageless Alex Ovechkin with 33. 3 ahead of Skinner and Tavares. Those are my picks, most IMHO are bullet proof, you could argue the Hart and maybe the Selke but the rest IMHO are no brainers.
  7. Except when you consider rebounds, deflections, screened shots, and bouncing pucks. A lot can happen when you shoot the puck and a lot of shots are never even seen by the goalie. There's no such thing as a "bad" shot on goal in my books.
  8. “In order to score on a rebound, you have to have that first shot, get the puck to the (blue) paint,” Leafs coach Mike Babcock said Friday after the team held an optional skate. “In playoffs, all you have to do is watch the games, night in, night out, even if you’re not a hockey fan. If you don’t get to the net, you’re not going to score. (Goalies), they’re too dialed in, they’re too big, they’re too good, so you have to get to the net. “I thought we passed up a ton of opportunities to shoot (Thursday). … At playoff time there is no better play. Get it to the net, get people to the net and shoot the pill.” -Babs
  9. Solid assessment of Brodin's game. But doesn't change the reality, that IMO the Wild lack elite pieces needed to build a contender. IMO, the only way to get them is to A) develop through the draft, B) free agency, or C) offer several good pieces to hopefully in return acquire an elite one. The Wild are a team full of good players, some really good, but IMO none which are elite. I'm trying to remember a Cup champion, at least since the 1940's which didn't have at least three elite players on their roster. Only one comes to mind....the Carolina Hurricanes. And one, I suppose, could argue the '93 Montreal Canadiens.
  10. Apparently Jeff Gillooley had asked for a 4th round pick...but Homer insisted on sending a 2nd his way.
  11. It would be a crime if this team lost Kapanen. I'd take him over Nylander any day.
  12. A few years ago, Homer tried to sign Harding to a two year deal with a NTC, according to Eklund.
  13. Yeah he is going to play tonight. Big game against Bridgeport with the Phantoms two points ahead of them and Lyon hurt. Gives him a chance to stay fresh before facing the Jets Monday night. Smart move. I must say I can't say Fletcher I have any issue with what he has done so far which hasn't been a lot but sometimes the best move you can make is the one you don't make.
  14. TO, it's said is looking for an upgrade on d, Carolina is looking to upgrade their forwards but they won't trade Slavin. Slavin is -10, Pesce is +13 and I believe they normally play together 5v5. One would think that Pesce would be the untouchable? On TO the top pairing of Rielly/Hainsey both have +23. Fancy stats fans point out that CF is used to isolate players to see player's results with different players so it's superior to +/- but you can do the same thing with +/-, it's just never been done to my knowledge. TO is usually outshot and therefore probably outshot attempted and according to CF should lose, shot attempts mean little and shots themselves are almost as useless, TO has some very skilled forwards who are picky about when and where to shoot.
  15. I didn't know that. That's a good thing to hear really.
  16. Poor Nate.... Always a good soldier, never complains, isn't hard at ALL on the cap.....and his play, while no where near elite, is still solid....certainly better than some other players passing themselves off as "defensemen" in this league....
  17. But on the other hand he kept the seats filled and made the team profitable. He did so by making sure whatever dumb idiot (casual fans) listening to their announcers (along with local media outlets) were all on the same page believing whatever marketing ploy he delivered was nothing short of pure gold. Often, it's been rumored he had all those 'voices' under contract to not say anything negative about the Club.
  18. Yeah, I don't think I'd burn assets for Howard, for sure. This year still feels like an aberration to me. I don't think Anderson waiving to come here is much of an issue. He has connections to the area and the Flyers helped with treatment and other arrangements when Anderson's wife was ill. But ultimately, like you, I don't move significant pieces for the role. If Hart is able to play even 60-40, he just needs a competent backup. If Elliott can be that, stick with that. I think the "if Elliott can be that" is key. I don't know what his health prognosis is. We need to get off the hospital ward merry-go-round. If his health doesn't allow 32 starts a year, we have to go back to an outside plan. I think we should be able to float this year. There's some UFA options over the summer, especially if the idea is a vet who can play 30-35 games. I don't think spending assets on a vet goalie for the duration of this year is wise or warranted.
  19. In all my life i have never seen so many fragole goalies before they better bubble wrap Hart...
  20. But the expanyion draft wss the year before Suter got hurt wasn't it. 8
  21. Or to take this point further, sign some guys in free agency or make a trade of one of the 100s of BPA centermen for the missing pieces. This to me is where this year's team could have really been helped.
  22. It's also about getting the most out of your players. We may not have elite talent, but we have some very good players and most of them underachieved this year. That's where leadership from the players and coaching come in. It also comes from actually "building" a team with a plan in mind, and how the pieces are going to fit. Not just drafting all playmakers and no finishers, not always drafting centers and hope they can adjust to playing wing. Sometimes you have to draft by need , you are missing a certain element, you have the making of a good line and you draft a player to complete, that line. The Flyers of today, dont have much chemistry. The Sixers had high picks for a few years and picked the so called best players and they didnt fit and were basically given away for nothing. They wasted picks..sometimes you have to draft to fit a need and complete a lineup with chemistry and style of play in mind.
  23. for those that haven't seen him play much I dug up a few links so you can get an idea of what kind of shot he has he's also not afraid to let it fly when he has a clear lane: [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] let's hope he can bring some of that to the Wild PP.. we could really use it lol
  24. With all due respect, I think you're mistaken if you really think Matthews can underperform the rest of the season and it will have no effect on his contract negotiations. And if it doesn't, it only underlines his legitimate superstar status. And yet, you say he's struggling but 42 points in 33 games is pretty darn good. Nylander is nowhere near of that level, though. Come on, Ovie is Ovie, Nylander is very far from that ladder too. 70th in scoring last season. Ovie had 65 goal season prior to signing his current deal and he followed that with 56 goals being the best scorer, again. Kind of like rewarding his employer... I have no idea why anyone would mix entry level deals to assessing one's worth... every player goes through that phase and they all just suck it up. Actually, I'm not an NHL player. I won't get paid if my employer decides I'm not performing adequately. There's the term of notice and that's it. Nylander will get his money, he'd only be another in the line of buy outs. Kapanen offers qualities Nylandes doesn't possess. Every solid two way forward with incredible speed and scoring ability is dearly wanted. It's not about who is better but does he bring some added value the team needs. Kapanen has the best +/- rating of Leafs' forwards, Nylander the worst. Your last paragraph is probably the only one we can agree on. Although hindsight is easy and signing all those players at the same time undoubtedly wasn't easy.
  25. But this is the kid who recently earned himself $45 mil.! One would think he'd have more in his tank and jump in his step. Thanks to CBA he will get his money, no matter how he performs. How I wish I had that clause in my contract... What is interesting to see is how the front office handles it; will they keep hanging on to him which basically means adios to Kapanen who's having the season of his life or will they have another run finding a dance partner for a trade.
  26. Nylander has now accumulated in 19 games 1 G, 2 A and is -9 (2nd worst). Signs of improvement on the ice or do the stats lie? I actually saw the only goal he's scored, a fluke against us.
  27. Is +/- a perfect stat, no, but I think it's far superior than CF. +/- means your team scores more or less than the opposition when you're on the ice, CF means your team shot more or less than the opposition when you're on the ice with the bonus of those shots not actually being actual shots on goal. Carolina has been a CF champion for years but the team hasn't been good for years, shot attempt volumes mean little, actual shots on goal result in goals. No player can be accurately measured because hockey is a team game so +/- is as good if not better than any other stat that's out there.
  28. @Bardonshky Moved topic here to "Around the NHL" as it is something that can apply to any team around the league. Nothing wrong with the topic itself, though as you said, it HAS been discussed many times over to various degrees. Still though, as rulesets in the NHL and stat appreciation changes within the NHL (not to mention the use of new type stats), so can opinions on the long standing stats (such as +/-), so it is pretty cool to revisit even long discussed topics at another point in time and see what people feel about it then. I'll put in my feelings on it. I think it is a good stat of evaluating strength of team (obviously a good team will give up less than they score...generally speaking), but as for individual players, I think it shouldn't be used as a be all, end all...but rather, take how good the team is AND what position a particular player plays into consideration. For instance, I think +/- is a better measure for defenseman than it is for forwards. Why? Well, because a defenseman's primary purpose is to help prevent goals..... defend. Pretty simple. So, if more goals are scored against while he is on the ice than scored while he is there, then it might speak to how well, or how terribly, he is doing his job. Certainly this applies to forwards as well (the better defensive forwards tend to rate better on +/- than those who are mostly offense first and don't give much thought to backchecking.....BUT, and this is where I have a problem with +/- for forwards, if a guy can OUTSCORE the stat (I.E. he is a scoring machine who doesn't give a damn about defense but because he can put up 30-40 goals a year it more than offsets the 20-25 goals he may have allowed to be score against due to not backchecking/poor defensive positioning, etc). Defensemen on the other hand, usually don't score a ton (unless you are an Erik Karlsson or John Klingberg), so therefore, how well they help prevent goals is magnified more....thus +/- for them, IMO, is more valuable. But like I said when I opened my post....much of that can also depend on the team as a whole...… contenders will score more than give up, generally, and that means even the LEAST defensively minded player on the team may end up with a positive rating, and vice versa, where a team is really bad overall defensively, the goalie stinks, but it has that one good defender...who ends up deep in the minus hole simply because the rest of his mates can't prevent goals...and he certainly cannot do it all! It is also interesting to note players on really terrible defensive teams who sport a pretty nice +/- rating....means that DESPITE his linemates, that player is likely going above and beyond in order to help suppress goals...and one can imagine what that stat for him would be like on a better defensive team. So I feel +/- does have value...but it is best used on a case by case basis depending on player position and team....and used in conjunction with other stats, for best effectiveness. By itself, the stat seems almost arbitrary, and not at all indicative of a given player's true abilities in goal prevention.
  29. No apologies necessary. A perennial topic as you say. I would count myself with you on the bolded part, but always valued plus/minus as a player (i.e. took pride in it) because it was, and still is in my opinion, a decent proxy for whether a player gives a sh!t about the puck when it's in his end or not on his stick or whatever.
  30. Depends on the price. We have enough of high paid forwards not scoring and especially forwards who vanish into thin air when physicality aka playoffs come in to play. Nylander is probably one of those. To Words? I beg your pardon, sorry!
  31. Kadri is his line's driver but he's no Tavares, Marner or Matthews so he and his line weren't scoring especially with his reduced icetime. Since Nylander has returned Kadri is putting up nearly a point per game. Teams can no longer concentrate on Kadri freeing up space because if you face the Kadri line now Nylander is the greatest concern. Nylander beyond points has a great value in that he is able to get the puck into the opposition's end under control and he hasn't lost that. TO continues to win even tho Nylander is struggling putting points up but I think this would be normal for a player who has missed 2 months, I expected him to struggle all year as some players have done so by just missing training camps. Matthews is also struggling 5v5 and he eagerly awaits Nylander which might not happen because Babs likes the lines to be balanced. Nylander put up 13 points in 22 games before Matthews, his rookie year, so it's just a matter of time.
  32. I think it was fair to expect a slow start, at least as far as the counting numbers go. He had a late start and everybody else in the league had already been playing for two months. I think he'll come around.
  33. William Nylander: so far 6 games, 2 assists 8 PIM and -1. Good signing? I wouldn't plan the parade just yet...
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