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  1. Hextall has actually drafted and developed two very good goaltenders and held actually held on to them and not foolishly traded them away. The last time we had a good one two punch was Lindbergh and Frose in 85. He also drafted and developed several very good defenseman like Provy, Sanheim and Meyers. Throughout the Flyers history we were not very good at drafting defenseman and always had to make trades, Howe, Desjardins , Timonen, Pronger, etc. If Hextall would have only realized that his coach was horrendous and fired him sooner he would still have a job. I dont know how he didnt realize our team, although a work in progress ,was vastly better than their record showed. They were just not responding to the coach. Hextall fixed a decades long problem of crappy goaltending and the inability to draft quality defenseman and he did it pretty quickly. So he really deserves alot of credit. If Frost, Farabee and Ratcliffe live up to their potential we have the makings of a very good team in the next couple of years.
  2. Well, this will be an historic game no matter the outcome. If the Flyers win, Carter Hart will make history by being the only goalie under 21 to have a 9 game winning streak. If the Flyers lose, the Pens will be part of trivia forever as the team that put an end to Hart's record-tying winning streak. Either way, though, these are the games the Flyers need to win if they want to make the playoffs. So are they contenders or pretenders? We;ll find out tonight.
  3. February 10, 2019 AWAY HOME St. Louis 2 Nashville 5 Carolina 3 New Jersey 1 Minnesota 3 N.Y. Islanders 5 Winnipeg 3 Buffalo 1 Colorado 2 Boston 3 Detroit 2 Chicago 3 Tampa Bay 4 Florida 2 Toronto 5 N.Y. Rangers 2
  4. @yave1964 Well, you know, this thing with lower rung Kings players....LA has a reputation of putting out big physical players, and because of that, team GMs have a tendency to look their way when it comes to acquiring big checkers. The trick, of course, is to pick the RIGHT ones. You know as well as I, that just because a guy is big, it doesn't necessarily mean he is NHL viable. So yea, the Habs swung and missed before on taking on bottom tier Kings players, but getting Nate Thompson, IF he stays healthy (Nate does have a history of injuries, likely due to the animalistic style he likes to employ), looks like a good bet.....and his track record, as you mentioned, speaks for itself. Acquiring Weise, Thompson, and even Folin by themselves is not really a big deal...but when put together, seems the Habs suddenly have added a nice dose of size with NHL (and playoff) experience and these deals could possibly be more than the sum of their parts.
  5. @TropicalFruitGirl26 Saw that too, a couple of Kings fans were laughing over past trades with Montreal where Montreal traded with the Kings for losers such as Dwight King and David Drewiske as well as a few others, Bergevin has a soft spot for lower rung Kings apaprerently. But playing Habitant advocate on this one, lets look at it. The fourth the Kings are getting is likely the 20th or so in the draft, maybe as high as 24 with a hot streak. The fifth the Habs are getting back could/should be at the top of the round as the Kings are in the 'lose for Hughes; phase. So in all likelihood the pick is only moving up ten spots. Thompson is a solid P/K guy, he is a 4th liner but can score the occasional sneaky goal and is an UFA at years end. He has 62 playoff games under his belt, has been to the conference finals a few times so he knows how to play playoff hockey. Oh and he is a great, not good but GREAT faceoff guy, that is his bread and butter and what keeps him in the league. So the Habs traded down 10 spots in the middle of the draft for a 4th line center who kills penalties, wins faceoffs and has a lot of playoff experience. Solid move for Montreal.
  6. Not really worthy of its own thread, but it looks like it sorta might go along with the Habs acquiring Weise and Folin. From NHL.com [Hidden Content] Habs add yet another 4th liner, this time Nate Thompson from the Kings along with LA's 2019 5th round selection, in exchange for their own 2019 4th round selection. So, again, not a huge deal here....on the surface anyways... Thompson + 5th for a 4th rounder....but, put Thompson alongside Weise, and alongside a big body they already have on the 4th line, Nicolas Deslauriers, and the Habs could possibly have a solid bashing line along the lines of the Islanders' Martin, Clutterbuck, and Cizikas. 34 yr old soon to be UFA Nate Thompson will likely NOT add any sort of offensive punch (unless the 4th line can work together enough to disrupt and come up with some really ugly goals), but he definitely can still hit, check, and generally play a rough game with some of the game's best. And as a center, Thompson is almost ALWAYS north of 50% on his draws (he is 53% this season...right around his career average), so that means the 4th line will provide some extra possession time right off the face off. Montreal aims to make the post season and cause some problems for teams with the addition of big physical bodies to replace the mostly small guys they had before on their last line. When Nate Thompson is on, he can be a real hitting beast.
  7. Can't tell you how many times I've mentioned this.
  8. 4 goals 2 assist for 6 points in the last 9 games is far from dead weight.
  9. Thanks for the posts and updates! Hexy had his faults but drafting, esp moving up and getting a frost, tk or even a Ratliffe sp? Seeems to be looking really good. next season should be the first big wave of high end prospects hitting the ahl. Exciting times. 5 year rebuild right on schedule
  10. Well, considering there wasnt much other news going on I figured I'd put it out there. At least it wasnt fake news or really fake news.
  11. I'd do either, but I can't see why Nashville would trade him. Ghost for Stone is very interesting. I'd hate it for Ghost. I wanted him to be our dude. But if Ghost can't be Ghost, he's not doing us any good, even if it's not his fault.
  12. I feel for Granlund. He gets sh*tted on well guys like Coyle, Zucker and Staal (Still a fan of his) continue to do nothing. Granlund has pretty much been in top 3 for scoring for the Wild in the last 3 years. Idk, just seems like only select players get called out when there is others performing just as bad if not worse then the called out player. Seems like the whole franchise is a "boys club" and only a select few are part of it well everybody else is a employee at the "boys club".
  13. Big game tonight. 4 points behind the Sabres, 5 behind the Canes and 6 behind the Penguins who sit in last Wild card spot. But Rangers are sitting 1 point behind the Flyers so no room for era. Tonight is a must win. The hottest team in the NHL must stay hot. Justin Bailey will wear #27. Just win....
  14. See what happens when you SCCHHLEEMMMKOOOOOOO??? You get THIS coming out of the woodwork...
  15. Can't wait to see the Halifax Halibut jersey Rick has....
  16. Remember watching Carlyle playing helmetless for the Jets at Winnipeg Arena.
  17. The question now is "is he earning his $925K" because he doesn't make $11.6m until next season... I'm still not convinced that any player is "worth" $10+M. We'll see...
  18. Claude Giroux Sean Couturier Ivan Provorov Shayne Gostisbehere Eichel has never score more than 25 goals and 64 points in a season. So it's not he has accomplished anything to make him so great. Now your excuses please...
  19. Flyers recall Justin Bailey from the Phantoms
  20. Yeah you guys are headed in the wrong direction we beat you guys last time we played. We have goaltending now. Sabres are least of my worries right now.
  21. Rick, Pretty much said the same. What are we debating again? I missed it.
  22. Well, @WordsOfWisdom , I know I won't be saying anything you don't already know, but.. A) Playing in Toronto for a veteran player, even moreso for a young player, carries a crapload of pressure...regardless of contract. B) Auston Matthews may NEVER live up to 11.6M AAV.....at least, not in the eyes of critics. Not saying Matthews wasn't worth paying (because he IS), but whenever huge numbers like that are bandied about, the chances of a player actually "earning" every dollar of it are pretty slim. We've all seen it over and over in the league. Matthews can have a good run, then followed by a hiccup here and there, and the critics will cite his salary and what he is NOT doing, rather than what he IS. Just goes with the territory....especially in the fishbowl media market known as Toronto, Ontario. I am pretty sure though, Matthews knew darn well about all that. He will produce for the Leafs...question will be, will he produce enough for satisfy the naysayers? No pressure on young Mr. Matthews though, eh?
  23. February 10, 2019 AWAY HOME St. Louis 3 Nashville 2 Carolina 4 New Jersey 1 Minnesota 2 N.Y. Islanders 3 Winnipeg 3 Buffalo 2 Colorado 2 Boston 4 Detroit 2 Chicago 4 Tampa Bay 3 Florida 4 Toronto 3 N.Y. Rangers 2
  24. Yes. 10 years. It started right before Ryan Miller's 20th birthday.
  25. No doubt. Hard to believe about a 6-2 game, but if not for Hart that game is out of control the other way before the Flyers score their first. And that's the difference now. They can make mistakes or play like crap for stretches and it doesn't necessarily end up in their net (like it did almost every single time previously). And they seem to respond with energy to a huge save or sequence. Yeah, agree, it's all about Carter Hart.
  26. Please take JVR! Please take JVR! Please take JVR!
  27. @OccamsRazor Not for nothing, but our 2nd unit PP is much better than our first. They need to hurry up and recognize that and get them on the ice sooner than 35-40 seconds left. The passes are better, the entry, the looks on the net, etc. There was such a lack of energy on the 1st unit and just standing around. I also don't like Giroux on the point. It's just a horrible waste of him on the powerplay.
  28. February 10, 2019 AWAY HOME St. Louis 4 Nashville 3 Carolina 4 New Jersey 1 Minnesota 4 N.Y. Islanders 3 Winnipeg 3 Buffalo 4 Colorado 3 Boston 4 Detroit 2 Chicago 4 Tampa Bay 5 Florida 2 Toronto 2 N.Y. Rangers 3
  29. Yes, he's so defensive he has a -7. Go have another beer Lou...
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