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  1. I was never a fan of Scott Gordon, however, his and the Flyers performance since he took over as interim coach has been really solid. He is using younger players, his line/player adjustments during the game have ben adroit. Additionally he not afraid of calling a time-out! All in all, I think that he deserves the title of Head Coach. I know Q's still out there, but Gordon has done an excellent job.
  2. That made me nauseated just reading it. If they hire him, I'd be even more unhappy than normal. I'm married 24 years, so that's actually hard to do.
  3. He merits serious consideration to have the interim tag removed. Still think the upper management will want a "name" coach. I'm not opposed to interviewing others, but I would be opposed to excluding Gordon from any consideration. Either way, it's a win for Gordon. This stint has probably earned him another shot in the NHL, whether it's with the Flyers or another team.
  4. I can't be too pissed about this game. We're certainly seeing improved play by this team, and I'm going to be happy about it. So hopefully we can get this one back on Tuesday night. Improved Wild play falls short in 3-2 shootout loss to Predators
  5. Also .... Congrats to the Presindent's Trophy Winners: All Star: Halifax Sharknado ( @J0e Th0rnton) Conn Smythe: Ded Flatbird ( @pilldoc ) Both GM's are guaranteed a place in the All Star League next year despite how they do in the playoffs. Also I would like to personally thank everyone who participated in either one of our leagues this year. There are some mighty fine FHL GM's all around that we have and I am proud to compete against you guys. Everyone deserves a big round of applause. Good Luck to all in the Playoffs! PS. I will post some final season stats later today.
  6. I really think this is what you have to do. Q doesn't come available often. I think with that said Philly could be his last gig. I think you have to go get him and hope all his experience will be what this club needs. And the offseason is the time to do it. Gordon has done some good things and there are something he needs work on. I mean he is still learning himself on the job. I don't think the Flyers can afford to let him go somewhere else. Need to strike while the iron is hot.
  7. CROW!! Whoo hoo!!! I officially made the playoffs in All Star. Can't believe just about 6-7 weeks ago I was in last place going no where. My goal was to make a few moves to see what might work. Reaching the playoffs was a goal ..... just proves you are never out of it. I am now up against that great FHL GM @J0e Th0rnton and his Sharks. Good Luck Joe.. I actually like my chances as I think I match up pretty good against him. Regardless of how it shakes out I consider this year successful despite being in last place most of the year. Here are the rest of the 1st Round Match-Ups. Please remember I will manually reseed once the week is completed. (Highest seed remaining vs. lowest seed remaining ......next highest seed remaining vs. second lowest seed remaining...etc...) Good Luck to all in playoffs! EDIT: some other useful information I have discovered in past years. 1) If you win your first game in the first round, you are guaranteed to remain in All Star for next year as you will finish in top four. (the 2 winners in the 2nd round will meet for 1st and 2nd place, while 2 losers will meet to determine the 3rd and 4th place seedings) 2) If you lose your first game, then you MUST win your 2nd Round game in order to remain in All Star for next year. (the 2 winners of the 2nd round will meet in 3rd round to determine 5th and 6th place seedings) 3) If you lose BOTH of your opening round games then sadly you will be relegated to Conn Smythe next year. (your 3rd round game will determine the 7th and 8th seedings)
  8. LOL @ Granlund….. he doesn't know WHO to grab in that lil dust up!
  9. You do know that Elliott and Stolarz’s numbers since Gordon took over have been similar or better than Hart’s, right? It ain’t just Hart. Sure, they are inconsistent, but very few teams can play a full game strong. Right now this is a young team working under a Jerry-rigged new system implemented halfway through a crap year after 5 years under two different crap coaches who were both scared to death of a remotely aggressive offense. It’s really really easy to say it was all Hart. Addendum on the stories and the highlight reels, but the facts and numbers just don’t bear that out. Hart and Gordon came up about the exact same time and they both got mixed results until Gordon changes the system. This is is in fact a good team. They give up chances because they take a few chances now and again, but when they do give them up, they’re not nearly as dangerous or as deadly as they were under Hakstol. I’m partial because I have believed in the talent on this team all along and have blamed Hakstol for a while now, but there’s a reason I felt that way and the numbers back it up now.
  10. Yeah i just looked at his production. Wasn't aware he had 61 points in 63 games. Yeah even at 35 and he has a modified NTC and has spent his whole career in Calgary so can't see him going anywhere but retirement. However he is a good example of the vet type they need. There aren't any of those types on the market though.
  11. I have this small group of players for whom I have TREMENDOUS respect for all of the ways in which you contribute in hockey as well as off the ice. Lindsay sits among them. The players owe a tremendous debt of gratitude to Ted Lindsay, and an armband, or some sort of display, won't be a shock for me to see.
  12. I don't know how to keep Gordon in a friendly place with the organization if you do this, but I think you do if you can. Treat him as well as possible and maybe even help him get the next gig. I'm not sure why, but I can't help feeling like letting him go will bite us in the rear soon enough. Did he get his bumps out of the way with those relatively terrible Islanders teams (Rookie Tavares notwithstanding) ? Is he the real deal now? Let's see how things go with these injuries to Jake and Patty. How does he maneuver? How does he compensate? So far, from where I'm sitting, he's making a lot of great decisions and a lot of great moves. Those who pay attention to the names on these posts will remember that I've been advocating the moves Gordon has made more than the advent of Carter Hart as the reason for the turn around. Although both came to the Flyers around the same time (I wonder if they shared an Uber), the results with Hart were mostly mixed until Gordon started implementing the 1-3-1 and the D zone positioning changes. He also started sitting Weise and Lehtera pretty commonly (probably triggering their dismissal by Fletcher) and giving Sanheim a ton more minutes while limiting Mac. There were even rumors of Mac sitting outright against the first placed Islanders and as it was, he only played 10 minutes which for a D man is nutz. All that said... It's Joel Quennville. 5 trips to the conference finals in 7 years, 3 Cups. It was a great team he had... but he knew what to do with them. It's a tough call for me. I don't think you can go too far wrong with Quennville though. I think that's the safer bet. Ultimately, with Gordon, I'm reminded of Craig Ramsay (who I'm still not sure was given a decent shot). If things don't start HOT for Gordon, I don't want them firing him and replacing him with Lappy or Kjell or someone just because he's around.
  13. I mean it's a really tough call. I think he's likely got an NHL job someplace next year even if it's not with the Flyers. What I can't shake is that Chief now has the Blues clicking pretty well too (though not quite as well as the Flyers have been) and no one is ever going to convince me that he's a good coach. Is that team just pretty damn good and Yeo was just that damn bad (kinda like Hakstol?) And if so, what does that say about Gordon? Not evidence that he's bad, but it is evidence that their success isn't necessarily just because he's good. If the Flyers somehow pull off the playoffs (which is still almost but not quite completely impossible) and they literally make history, I can't see how they don't give him the job. But is Quennville really the guy though? HOF coach. Still... I honestly can't help but feel like his approach wouldn't entirely fly in Philly... no pun intended. Will the gravitas associated with his resume extend to being able to negotiate and frankly (complain) his way to favorable calls in Philly like it did in Chicago? Is he adaptable? Was Chicago's fall off due mostly to the aging of leadership or was he unable to keep up with a changing NHL or adapt to an aging leadership? It's hard not to feel like a gentleman's agreement was in place. That Q wanted to take the rest of the year off and that he was likely to start taking offers when the season was over. I honestly just don't know. I have to admit that it takes me a lot of watching and sussing out to figure out what I think of a coach. It's a really tough call for me.
  14. One thing is certain: I don't see them going into next season with $2m+ in space. They are going to spend $$$ this offseason. Forwards I would not resign Raffl. I don't have a problem resigning Laughton as long as he's 4C. He should not be 3C. Obviously TK and Hartman will be signed. Neither Knight nor Varone should be regulars next year. I don't know if any of the young guys, e.g., Frost, Rubtsov or Ratcliffe or anyone else in LV are on the verge of making the team next year. Honestly, I know Frost has produced well, but he might be well served in the AHL for a year. So, this is how things look to me: Giroux/Couturier/Voracek JVR/Patrick/TK Lindblom/____/____ ____/Laughton/Hartman I think C and RW should be priorities. But if they keep G at C, then they need to target LW. That said, I think they will push hard for Panarin and then figure out how the lineup shakes out. Failing that, I think they go after Duchene or Hayes or possibly Skinner, even though he's LW. Brock Nelson might be interesting. Any interest in Dzingel? There really isn't much in UFA that I like as a RW, but feel like a lower tier guy would be available. I suppose they may let Hartman slot as 3LW and maybe give Bailey a shot at 4RW. Defense Really need to figure out what to do here. They need a solid vet back there, and I mean a legit top 4 d-man. They already have 8 guys on the roster. I do not expect MacDonald to take a regular shift next year. But something else has to give. I think Ghost and Hagg will be trade bait for a forward or two or maybe a vet d-man. I think Karlsson is a pipe dream. Stralman is getting older, but he's a solid guy. Tyler Myers does nothing for me. Alex Edler? Jay Bouwmeester? I'm just throwing names out there at this point. Should be the most interesting off season we have had in a long time.
  15. Trade him, his value will never be higher! Oh wait...
  16. And here I have been thinking I'm special in not understanding the point of doing this over and overandoverandover. So many great moments in this game. #1 Foligno's back check and the perfect 10 into the net. Suter laughing and the stick flip, etc. I think we really deserved that other point on this one.
  17. I am assuming you are using “played” in the loosest sense of the word when it comes to Bitetto...
  18. Stalock coming up huge in OT and all game for that matter.
  19. Greenway steamrolling that guy was hilarious!
  20. Agreed! He's outshowing Granny by a bunch.... speed shooting and physical.
  21. For a long time, I had wanted larger more physical Wild players....then we got some...team just got slower and worse... Now, we shrunk the team, got faster again...and dare I say...the product is more exciting once again??? Hell with it.... smaller and faster is the way to go for this team!
  22. I agree with Lunatic's assessment. If they don't sign him my season's end, we can expect a Quenneville type. But we've seen some good results since he's been behind the bench.
  23. Dear Minnesota Wild. Please stop with the drop pass at the blue line. You suck at it. Sincerely, The Fans
  24. I completely agree. I fully expect the Flyers to sign him a contract at the end of the season.
  25. Not goon hockey I'm talking about standing up for a teammate that may have been injured because of a cheap shot. If you aren't going to fight, make them pay on the score board. It's a slippery slope but you let the other team take too many cheap shots and your top players will get injured. Dumba hits a guy cleanly and has to pay for it with two cheap shots until he is injured. Kunin hits a guy cleanly and then gets a cheap shot from the other team and was temporarily injured. No retribution for either, and no real prevention from other teams committing similar cheap shots against them in the future.
  26. Washington 4 N.Y. Rangers 3 Philadelphia 3 N.Y. Islanders 5 Colorado 4 Anaheim 2 Vancouver 2 Vegas 5 Ottawa 2 Florida 5 Winnipeg 4 Columbus 3 Nashville 3 Minnesota 4 Chicago 3 San Jose 4
  27. Fenton is desperate to just change the roster, and reduce payroll - none of our returns will lead us to a Cup. He is NOT concerned about a 'like value' trade; just a trade. He is also getting played by GMs (I have heard/read 'fleeced,' 'robbed,' amongst other adjectives in media). Only Donato has PLAYED his way towards making his part of a trade deal look beneficial for the Wild (doesn't mean the trade was 'like value,' as he was dropped to AHL, while Coyle still had Top 6 time on the Wild and Top 9 on Bruins - and I understand Boston has a better line-up). Rask has been a disaster. Fiala is TBD, but Granlund already has an assist in first game. Granlund is a stronger asset by ANY measure, and isn't yet that expensive (and wouldn't be too expensive for the Wild if we would quit investing in declining geriatric players). What is sorely lacking, is that there is NO PLAN, and there are NO DRAFT PICKS that matter (only a 5th!?!) from the trade of these assets. Also, he is only NOT moving all the millstone contracts/players. I get that their contracts are horrendous, but try to give them away any way you can (and eat salary). Keeping all the Country Club together even still, will only lead to garbage results, which just might not be bad enough to get a Top 5 pick; which we desperately need (assuming we can scout and draft this time around). Lastly, the incestuous pursuit of former Preds players that he was involved in drafting reeks of idiocy and trying to validate past mistakes.....Just my $.02. I have no faith in Fenton - handcuffed or not, as he is now reacting as a naïve and desperate imbecile would to remake a roster just to remake a roster.
  28. Lehigh Valley is a great example of what happens when you don't have a succession plan in place. We're seeing the team fall through the cracks and the team is being exposed for how poorly they've done in terms of player development. This is why the Flyers really need to hire new coaching staffs in both Philadelphia and Lehigh Valley that has a focus on player development and system structure. I can't wait until they start cutting dead weight and begin to fix this mess.The players aren't the problem - the lack of structure and development is.
  29. Also, whether or not you plan on trying to do business with someone again. I still maintain much of life is about relationships. This may yet be my undoing because many younger cats are all about price. I also think more than one thing can be true and I can do a deal where both sides benefit. My glass is half full-but its whiskey! This organization (Flyers) won't be getting any "solids" from Bill Poile after the Weber offer sheet. That was bridge burning 101. That of course was pre-Fletcher but i'm sure it factored into how NSH dealt with PHI and will so long as Homer is stalking the halls of the bank building.
  30. Ever since they got him a centre who can get him the puck he's been lighting it up.
  31. You don't always have to take what you get, atleast for time being. Fenton didn't even ask for a pick along with Fiala. He basically traded a known commodity for an unknown, without any backup whatsoever. And it does not really matter if it's a 3rd rounder or not, Kaprizov was drafted at 5th round and we all know what we feel about him. I am waiting to see what happens with Fiala, no doubts about that (heck I was patiently waiting to see what became of Granny and Dumba). But he better be at Tarasenkos level at his peak. Because that's how good Fenton and Fiala-fans reckon he's going to be. Anything less, and I'll be miffed about it.

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