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  1. quebec with this fla team would have 18,000 strong every night
  2. Nope. That "honour" goes to Jack Edwards and Andy Brickley in Boston....and second place ain't close.
  3. I was never a fan of Scott Gordon, however, his and the Flyers performance since he took over as interim coach has been really solid. He is using younger players, his line/player adjustments during the game have ben adroit. Additionally he not afraid of calling a time-out! All in all, I think that he deserves the title of Head Coach. I know Q's still out there, but Gordon has done an excellent job.
  4. Flyers organization = the movie “Groundhog Day” ..... enough said....
  5. Well, Good news is (currently) there are only 2 teams lower than us on our remaining games. Foligno, Donato and you could count on 1 hand the rest that showed up.
  6. Getty Images Panthers’ Barkov explodes for five assists, sets franchise record By Scott Billeck, Mar 8, 2019, 9:50 PM EST Aleksander Barkov was already having a remarkable season for the Florida Panthers prior to Friday night. His five-assist effort against the Minnesota Wild just added another chapter to the tale he’ll be able to tell and another passage in the Panthers’ history book. You see, five assists are the most any one Panther has ever recorded in a game. Barkov was magical, his hands in on five of Florida’s six goals in a 6-2 win, including four primary apples. Barkov came into Friday with 70 points, eight back of his career-high. He’s now just three off 78-point season he had last year. His 29 goals this season were already one more than his previous career-high, and his 46 assists now are five shy of the 51 he has last season. The Finn has scored some ridiculous goals this year, too. The Panthers, nine points out of a playoff spot coming into the night, chased Devan Dubnyk after one period. Jonathan Huberdeau had four points, Evgeni Dadonov had three assists, and MacKenzie Weegar and Mike Matheson each had a brace. Sam Montembeault, making his second NHL start, picked up his first NHL win after stopping 25 shots.
  7. He's a Flyer. Call him "Puck Hutton." (for this to make sense, you have to keep in mind that alot of Pennsylvania pronounces "hunting" and "huttin" or "Hutton.")
  8. Well I like that Foligno called out his teammates tonight. He and the rest of the 4th line are working their butts off, and the rest of the team is completely MIA. I can't wait to hear the complaints by his teammates for being so harsh. Hell if Klyde were here, he'd be super pissed that some 4th liner dare to question his heart and playing ability.
  9. they have the chemistry of a little house on the prairie outhouse tonight
  10. 80% chance we do. But not sure if it will help, everyone looks slow and disjointed so far tonight
  11. I will admit...once the Blues rocketed past Minnesota while the Wild were floundering looking clueless, hapless, helpless and any other 'less' you can think of....even I thought that Minnesota would do well just to get in. Then, after the weird trades (and maybe the Wild got lucky on the Donato and Fiala ones...for now), I felt Minnesota got fleeced and this was Fenton's way of "clearing the deck" even if it meant losing a crapload of games the rest of the year and into next year....and all that led me to believe that I needed to stop thinking about playoffs and be prepared for years of Loss Pain. But with the team, seemingly out of nowhere, finding new life, guys actually playing with PRIDE out there, and St. Louis showing what I've always felt they were ( a good team, but not nearly as good as some people think they are), all of a sudden, catching THEM in the standings doesn't seem all that far fetched. Whether the Wild actually do catch them (or even make the post season) is something else altogether, but I am just glad that guys on the team just didn't fold the tents, took their ball n went home, waived the white flag, or any other corny cliché...and is just out there playing hockey, trying to prove they belong on the same ice sheet as contending teams, and especially with certain individuals, trying to show they ARE NHL worthy and the team should be thinking about retooling yes, rebuilding a bit, probably, but NOT just simply go through the motions and sell off everyone on the roster for pennies on the dollar. Some fans have already said so, as have I, but I will say it again here: The Minnesota Wild have made watching their games FUN again! Even in the games they lost recently to Nashville....those were some damned good games. And win or lose, whether they crack the top 8 for the playoffs or not, I just want the team to continue to put max effort out there and that the coaching staff and the front office truly sees what works and what doesn't out there, and keeps this team doing what it CAN do best...and that is play fast, north-south, unafraid hockey against ANYONE....as proven by their fantastic win against the league best Tampa Bay Lightning last night. Blues? Yea...Wild got a shot at them....why not. Minnesota can be the underdogs all the way.....kinda fun that way given all that has transpired.
  12. Dont get down on yourself, this was the year that things were supposed to really take off. Nobody was expecting a Cup but few expected this mess either. I think Homer and company thought the same thing at the beginning of the season and when it got so bad so quickly Hexy paid for it with his head.
  13. I really like the way Fiala and Donato put pressure on defenders by aggressively attacking high danger areas. Both are able to make plays at full speed. Love Granny, but his M O was to slow the game down to create scoring chances for others, rarely himself. And most of all, Donato and Fiala have displayed a goal scorers mentaility..... not passing up quality shooting opportunities. Both have outstanding releases. Whether they become top notch finishers remains to be seen.
  14. @OccamsRazor RE: Elliott, most of us seemed to know what we were getting with him. i don't recall anyone being excited when he was signed. He is who he is an that is a middling net minder capable of playing well in spurts. He was never going to be "the answer". It is tough to see the effect that mediocrity has on the rest of the team though. I agree with what you're saying but I'm also resigned to the fact we knew who he was when he came in. He's a stand up dude for the most part, and I'm sure a good person, he is not a reliable starting NHL goaltender. He may one day make a great coach though, he knows what to do-maybe he can teach ?
  15. wow ok. what a bunch of freakin' crybabies the whole pens team was during that game from the coach on down. great special, even better that we won. love simmonds. what a tribute in his last game as a flyer.
  16. Suzuki or Kaliyev work for me if the Flyers keep the pick.
  17. Phantoms beat WBS Pens 3-1 last night. Guess who got his first AHL goal. LehighValleyPhantoms (@LVPhantoms) Tweeted: Last night, #LVPhantoms forward Pascal Laberge (@pascallaberge) scored the first goal of his professional career! Here’s to many more, Pascal! [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] Which was the game winner.
  18. everyone is bewildered as to why Talbot is even on this team.
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