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  1. Wild Squander Golden Opportunity in 3-2 Overtime Loss to the Islanders (sigh) Desperate effort, but still the overtime choices baffle me. Spurgeon was outstanding but we put out Kwik Trip to start overtime. Leads to an odd-man rush and Islanders take their time and score with ease early into OT. I don't get it. I have a full game recap, an Iowa Wild report and a ton of prospect updates. Enjoy...
  2. Thanks a lot for making me feel like a dirty old man! Hell, if ya got it, flaunt it!
  3. It is my sincere hope that the Flyers management is playing close attention to the play of the opponents during this stretch of games. So far vs the defending champs the Flyers have been whooped. Versus the up and coming Maple Leafs, had circles skated around them, so that leaves the Pens and les Habitants to use as a measure. Right now, I feel like this team should not be included with the top teams in the conference. The Flyers are clearly a notch below, the TBL, WSH, TML and if I'm honest PGH, even though the Flyers won the last game the Pens had the puck all night even with 4 defensemen, that game could have easily been an L. I don't know what the changes are that need to happen, whether its /let the young guys continue to grow? shake up the core even more with a move that gets younger and faster? adding a guy that the top teams can't afford anymore....but when it comes down to it the 18/19 Flyers are a step behind the top teams, I don't know if they're gaining. I do feel like the future is bright, but the Leafs are also young and to my eye are the team to beat in the future. I hope the "brain trust " sees this too.
  4. This Donato for Coyle trade is beginning to look like a real steal. Against NYI a goal was taken away from him, and he got two passes, both of which came about due to his ability and mentality of shooting hard. I haven't been able to really watch his defending, but if he is anything like his father was, that will not be a problem either.
  5. Coots won the game but only due to Hart's performance.
  6. They should credit him with a hat trick. Score 1 stop 2 that's a 3 goal swing
  7. March 17, 2019 AWAY HOME New Jersey 2 Colorado 5 St. Louis 3 Buffalo 4 N.Y. Islanders 4 Minnesota 1 Vancouver 2 Dallas 4 Philadelphia 4 Pittsburgh 3 Florida 3 Anaheim 2 Edmonton 2 Vegas 4
  8. Ronson's 2 year contract will start immediately and he will report to the Wild for the remainder of the season however he us not eligible to play in the playoffs.
  9. I'll split the difference. Did Fenton get fair value for Granny? No. Does Fiala have more natural skill than Granny? I tend to think so. For me, it's whether Fiala has the will and also the hockey IQ to reach his full potential. Bottom line. I think Granny was worth an addiional prospect and/or medium to high pick.
  10. Huh? How can you overrate a player who was your best scorer 2016-17, 2nd best this season, 2nd best last season? Fiala has been 7th as his best... A very lopsided deal. Special player? Could? Well, remains to be seen. Show me the money.
  11. You might well be right, Bear. And that is a very scary thought for our future.
  12. I actually disagree on that to an extent, it wasn't the goals, it was the rebounds that lead to them. But whatever, he looked on point again last night. thank god.
  13. Season may be "over" but I can always get behind beating the Pens....especially in such dramatic fashion! GREAT play by coots all the way around. GREAT game by Hart....(seriously, good bye Elliott.) GREAT heart shown by #28 playing in that condition
  14. Truth, As long as BB is here. More so than most teams the Wild live and die with their goalie(s). If the O could dominate more of the games and score enough to overcome a not so good outing by Dubs or Stalock, We'd be in much better shape. And I have to think that would ease the pressure on our goalies as a result. But since that's not the case, Maybe that's why BB goes with 'his best chance' with Dubnyk night after night.
  15. How many people saw who was on the ice to start OT and said "Game Over" ? Or "Why...WHY !!" How about, Just off the top of my head who have speed and puck handling: Spurgeon - Donato - Kunin Brodin - Zucker - Parise At least have 2 of 3 with speed FFS. That brief moment we had control of the puck and we play it like a PP. "Get it in deep behind the D..." = Put it to the boards and turn it over.
  16. I'm not saying any of the current Wild centers is a true #1 (Staal was back in the day, but not now). Fenton just cleared a bunch of cap space and I'd be a little disappointed to see him chew it up overpaying for a UFA and putting the team right back in cap hell...
  17. How many times do we have to see Suter skate off after an OT goal given up? I was all for Dumba, am still for Spurgeon, Brodin, Hunt, and even Seeler. They are just better skaters, and we have seen enough of Suter in OT. Just like we have seen enough of Suter at +25 minutes. There is nothing left to see (assess) here - it is not a winning strategy often enough. He sucks and IS a liability in OT - go back and check the record with him - it isn’t pretty, and I would like to see anyone else but him.
  18. Since Boudreau is fond of 'The hot hand'...Why the **** wasn't Spurgeon on the ice to start the OT ?? What a waste of such a monster game by Spurgeon. The decision to start the Turtle line gave away 1 point...again. I'm so in favor of Fenton bringing in whoever he wants as a coach now. Unbelievable.
  19. No he probably shouldn't be out there as a first option. But I think he sucks and is a liability is too much. Yes he's slow, yes his lateral movements are gone, yes he coasts trying to extend his ice time. But his positioning is still good and he does have good size. The overtime goal is not all on him, kunnin got caught puck watching and should have been keeping track of his man. But there is a strange trend in the decisions on how and who plays. Hopefully next year will be different.
  20. II thought Lindbloom played a heck of a game, both ends.
  21. You need to put that last one squarely on Crosby for turning the puck over and then failing to even attempt to back check. Murray probably would like to have that last one back but he certainly bailed them out more than he let them down. Hartman was out last game with the illness and he passed it to Giroux who looked painfully slow tonight. Flyers where outplayed for huge stretches of the game but they did keep Crosby off the score board for a change.
  22. Well, that whole OT was fun as h-e-doubletwigs to watch.
  23. Of course they did. The word is out on the ‘contract coaster.’ Everyone knows he is a shadow of anything he once was. He reminds me of Dorn from the movie Major League. He ain’t going to sell out for anything anymore. He has his money and his future. He will not do any dirty work to improve as he ages. Yet, he still demands top ice time. Without Spurgeon, his defense is a five alarm dumpster fire. The bigger question is on is why he is out there?! There is nothing left to to see here - he sucks and is a liability.
  24. I don't think I can agree with a couple speeds. Maybe one speed...not two. Pens are way more dynamic with the puck though.
  25. Regis interviews Gordon, who says the Flyers need to shoot more and stop trying to force passes through sticks and skates!! This is is the second game I have heard Gordon mention this. Too bad the team doesn’t listen,....
  26. My point is that maybe if they gave stalock a start, where he came in with the game even, maybe once every 9 or 10 days both goalies would be better. But we'll never know because they won't try it.
  27. Yea, but isn't it nice to go run n gun and have a goalie that will actually STOP shots (Hart) instead of looking like a fish out of water trying to keep them out (Elliott)? I am sure the coaches don't like the constant scoring chances against, but at least they have a goalie that can deal with it if it has to happen.
  28. Do you suppose NY thought to themselves, oh boy one of us gets to score a goal, when they saw Suter and Staal on the ice for overtime
  29. Because you always start your 2 slowest guys for 3 on 3
  30. Why the hell do they have Suter and Staal out there together.
  31. I can always tell when the game is kind of neutral just by reading the messages on the board. If it's an exciting game there is a lot exclamation points. If it's bad, a lot of bit,,ing. And if it's kind of neutral like tonight there's more talk of dinner, snow blowers and crock pots
  32. LOL....that's exactly what I got for dinner tonight.
  33. I'm not hitting the panic button yet. These last 10 games mean nothing for the Leafs. Tampa is #1, and it's Bruins vs Leafs first round no matter what. Who really cares which team has home ice "advantage"? It means nothing in hockey. The Leafs should focus on getting/staying healthy, rest up, and begin to run hot just as they enter the playoffs. I would rather see them play well in the last 3-4 games going into the playoffs then to play well now and cool off just as round one begins.
  34. Hey all. I don't know what you're going to get for a postgame tonight. I got off work about an hour ago and LIG is absolutely exhausted. He watched the rebroadcast of last night's game after we got home from our charity trivia contest. We came in second place, third year in a row....by only 3 points.
  35. Good points. Also remember this, the wild were desperate for goaltending when kuemper showed promise, and yes he did show promise. They overpaid him because they had few options, then he got concussed, and never really looked the same. Also remember, all big name talent starts out as up and comers. I believe Arizona is at that stage with some of its players.
  36. Disagree. Those are moves that MAKE you into a SC contender. You want to add a Simmer or E Kane or Hayes at the deadline? Sure, those are moves for a SC contender to bring you that extra pop. But guys like EK make you into one. So I would be ecstatic if Fletch could land EK. He’s truly elite.
  37. @BobbyClarkeFan16 I guess I sort of forgot about the change in coaching, I do think Gordon has done a pretty good job. I also think and have said before that Fletcher will want to hire "his" guy. Whomever that is I hope a full scale housecleaning comes with it. I don't know that I think "continuity" is a thing the group needs. As for adding a big name player this offseason. I can't help but think that Dave Scott is going to stick his nose where it doesn't belong and press for signing " a guy". More and more it seems to me like Hextall had the pulse of the team and the situation read correctly. They weren't ready to "go" this year, but they might be soon. I do like the young group of players on the NHL roster, I do think more speed would be helpful especially on the PK. Watching Tampa v the Caps last night was pretty fun, those teams have skill everywhere and lots of great skating. Tampa really does look head and shoulders better than anyone right now, if they stay healthy look out. Plus the "low light" 3rd sweaters looked pretty fly. Add to that, I'd be okay with signing Brayden Point to an offersheet or working out some sort of trade for him. I'm ready to really see some inprovement though. Blowing for half a year and then playing lights out half a year makes it difficult to measure any sort of improvment. Beating bad teams all the time and playing the good ones even up is what I wanted to see this year, and I haven't
  38. Panarin could make the difference maybe in finally getting to the playoffs and being a first round exit to maybe getting to the 2nd or even better the conference finals. This young group could use some playoff experience, surely you don't just once everyone arrives for them to THEN go straight to the Cup and win it all? No you expect incremental success year by year. I won't want to put limits on it. But what is wrong with making to the 2nd round but maybe losing a tough series then the following year the conference finals and making the finals or worse lost the conference finals and then expect to make the finals the following year. Incremental success and the kids will gain critical experience along the way that will hopefully in the long run 3 to 4 years from now finally win a Cup. So yes count me in on the group that would like Panarin to be a part of it if I have a choice. He signs a 5 year deal and 4 years you win a Cup it will be well worth it. Right? Along with the other young piece too I mean think about this by that time if it all happens Provorov will be right in his prime...Hart would be near 24. I'm down with that. Nothing wrong with that plan I say. Add and get rid of the piece you need and don't need.
  39. I'm with you. I've mentioned this elsewhere before, but this season was really the one I think many of us expected to see a noticeable improvement. We didn't get that. In fact, we got half a season of some of the worst hockey this club has produce in almost a decade. They have played better since the new year, but in terms of the skill we see on the ice every game, they're still significantly behind the true contenders in the league. Also, playing better for half a season does not excuse playing like garbage for the first half. It's not like the first 40 games don't count. Let's not pretend that's the case. The same thing happened to a lesser extent last season as well. Why? Let's conjure up a new set of excuses. And I for one am very sick and tired of hearing about how it's just waiting for some young kid to come up and fix all our team's problems. That refrain is now about eight years old. Eight years is long enough of a window that we should at the very least be seeing improvement not regression. It's really beyond frustrating at this point. I wasn't expecting a cup run in 2018-19. I was expecting the 18-19 team to be better than the 17-18 one, the 16-17 one, the 15-16 one, the 14-15 one, etc... Instead, we spent much of this season in the bottom three in the entire league. For a team supposedly on the upswing, that doesn't exactly scream future potential.
  40. I wonder if Dubnyk would be worth trading. It surely doesn't seem like the Wild is going to need him for a playoffs run in the near future.

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