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    Haven't we seen enough already? this bum needs to go!
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    To put these offensive songs into perspective...."That's why Darkies Were Born" was a satirical song that was written to make fun of racism. It was also sung by Paul Robeson, an African American actor and civil rights activist. "Pickaninny Heaven" was sung by Kate Smith as part of the move "Hello Everybody" She didn't write the song, simply sang it as part of her character in the movie. In my mind, this is not a question of moving on from an old tradition, but it is a question of ruining the reputation of a person who can't defend herself since she is 6 feet under. If you are going to trash a person who supposedly meant to much to the team, the least they could do is show us that they did a thorough investigation. For more perspective, take a historical figure like Lincoln and drop him into 2019 where none of us know who he is. Imagine he tweets that all black people should be sent back to Africa, which was his attitude during his time. You think he would be loved or run out on a rail? Point being, it is pretty unfair to judge past attitudes by today's "woke" standards. Everyone is entitled to their opinions, but I think it's important that all information is known before rushing to judgement.
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    I'm glad you brought this up OR as this is something I've been looking into the last few days. What do we know about her character and how did she come to sing these songs? It's a long post but I will share some of my findings and my feelings below if you care to read. I haven't commented yet on this matter as I have been busy doing research the last few days as this whole episode bothers me as a Flyers fan. We've all seen and discussed that at least one song was parody and was sung by Paul Robeson but that still doesn't address Kate's character or how she came to sing these songs. From what I have read and heard on radio broadcasts (debating this issue) performers back in the day had little say in what they sang you were assigned songs by the record label, specifically there was someone called the Artists and Repertoire (or A&R) man who made all these decisions for you. If you refused you could find yourself out on your rear. One infamous instance of an A&R folly I found was is Frank Sinatra being forced to sing "Mamma Will bark" by A&R man Mitch Miller at Columbia records. Frank did it very reluctantly and was thoroughly embarrassed by it (listen to it and you can see why); he never forgave Miller for making him sing it and years later when Miller bumped into Sinatra in Vegas and tried to say hi Frank said, "F*** you, keep walking". This was Frank Sinatra, a big star we are talking about, yet he didn't have a say, now lets get back to Kate Smith. The research I did indicated that Kate was a 250 lb woman who was routinely mocked for her weight in Hollywood (Jason Whitlock talks about this in the clip of him I posted earlier in the thread) she was singing whatever they gave her just to keep her job as her employers already had a perfect excuse to get rid of her is she stepped out of line. Was this cowardly on her part? Maybe, a bit it would have been awesome if she had refused but its easy to play Monday morning QB too; I am sure some of us would have done the same thing to keep our job. The point is that she likely didn't have any control of what she was to sing as singers do nowadays. Granted that doesn't make the song right but it is a mitigating circumstance for me as it helps me to better understand her position in all this. In doing further character research on her I also stumbled upon some stories that Kate would routinely have black performers on her TV show "The Kate Smith Evening Hour" most notably, singer Josephine Baker who sang in the WWII effort and then subsequently lived in France, upon her return to the US she was confronted with the realities of segregation in the US that she hadn't seen in France and hadn't experienced since she was a child. Baker refused to perform in front of segregated audiences which was problematic for her career. She was also accused of being a communist by gossip columnist Walter Winchell and for this was a very controversial figure whom nobody wanted to book on TV. Yet her big break in the US, and television debut was given to her by Kate Smith on Halloween 1951. Kate's family also mentions that she was not racist however due to the risk of bias I am not considering their comments in forming my opinions. My point in all this is there may have been reasons (not yet considered or known) as to why she sang these songs. Again it doesn't make the songs right but it may explain her decisions (right or wrong). There may also be some evidence out there giving us a small glimpse into her character suggesting that maybe she was not a rabid racist. What I uncovered doesn't prove anything 100% but it does suggest there may be more than meets the eye to this story which is why I have a hard time with what the Flyers did. The part that upsets me the most though is the rapidity of how it all happened and how the Flyers lied and said they were looking into it and they continue to lie to me as a season ticket holder saying that they are still reviewing this "serious and sensitive matter". There was and will be no research on their part. The decision has been made already and will not be reversed. The worst part is the decision was not at all made out of their racial sensitivity. This decision was made strictly for image maintenance and corporate expediency, nothing less and nothing more. Finally what does the Kate Smith phenomenon mean to me as a Flyers fan? I don't believe in luck or good luck charms at all but for some reason their record when the song was played was incredible. For me it was just a cool Flyers thing (an analogy would be as Americana is to the USA). I know a lot of you had grown to detest the tradition as it was old and played out in your minds but for me though it is a part of the Flyers fabric, it is a very unique part of the Flyers story. It was one of many factors which helped to create the feeling of family that I sensed with this team when I became a fan in 1984 and have felt to this day (until now). I'm a fan of the other teams in town too but the Flyers had this unique way of making me like them more due to their traditions and the way they were run. That's been torn to pieces for me now by how they handled this as for the first time ever for me I don't feel like we are family any more. There was no debate, not among season ticket holders, not among rank and file fans, it was just over and done with. I could stomach this a lot more if we all had some discussions about our viewpoints. If for instance legions of African American fans (whom I see quite a few of at the games nowadays) came forward and said hey despite all you say, about Kate this really really hurts me more than you could ever know and understand. I could live with that. I could truly accept that and move on from there but unless we go through the exercise of having these conversations and looking at the whole picture then I just put it down to corporate cowardice, and expediency on the part of the Comcast/NBC. Maybe that's why it doesn't feel like family anymore because the Flyers have ceased to be a family and are now just a corporate entity like the rest.
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    Did you watch how they played? And how the Flyers play? Unless AV can inject some balls and determination into this team, I just don't see the Flyers competing like that any time soon.
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    Just be glad it wasn't Mike Yeo...
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    Yay, this is the last one of the season. I am beyond relieved. Here's the preview for those of you who want it: [Hidden Content]
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    I think it means the flyers of the most interesting team in the league and their fan base is the most dedicated
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    I don't think it should have been as major, but I also don't think the call blew the Golden Knights season. They did that themselves.
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    The team definitely needs to have a quarrel with a boot. I'm seeing people (elsewhere) saying he was successful with "lesser" teams - as if the Canucks with six first place division winners in seven years (two President's trophies) were chopped liver. And the Rangers made the Conference Final three times in four years (twice under Vigneault) and took the President's Trophy. This will be their first "real" coach since Loviolette. If they come out of the gate like crap again, at least we'll know it ain't the coach...
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    I'm not really sure what you mean by this, but it does sound like we might not be totally congruent. I actually think it's entirely possible Patrick would have benefited from time in the juniors. That's what I mean. Again, perceived competence is something we know has a positive impact on development. If a person feels they're among the best at something, they're more likely to continue along that pace and keep getting better at it. Put in a CHL context, having Frost light up the league may in fact be the very best thing that could have happened to his long term success. The hope is that he goes from thinking he's a pretty good player who should be in the NHL to thinking he has what it takes to be elite-level good. When he hits the AHL next year, we should all want him to think he wants to be the best player in the league. The more he has felt like the best -- or one of the best -- in previous leagues, the more likely he will not be willing to settle for less in a professional league like the AHL. Again, the impact of perceived competence (e.g. feeling like you're very good at something, particularly in comparison to others), is a very good predictor of future growth and success. I don't think that's different just because this is hockey. Incidentally, this is another reason why players going from juniors straight to the NHL is generally not the best idea. The leap in the level of play is just so tremendous, many players are very likely to have a hard time adjusting. The downside to this is you get a guy who thinks he's a very very good player, and suddenly he can barely get a shot on net. Now he begins to think he may still be NHL good, but he's probably not elite NHL good. Given a more progressive development path (e.g. time in the AHL before the big club), that same guy may very well have turned out a better player. People don't do well when they're in over their heads. Most will tend to regress in those contexts. A quick look at the Edmonton Oilers offers a good number of case studies. Hextall was a huge believer in building a culture where people feel they can win prior to them hitting the NHL, and I think he was bang on with that.
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    That's the most frustrating part. It's the same refrain for the past several years with this core. So little progress has been made. To be clear: I don't doubt their desire to win. I just don't think they know how to win. They need help in the leadership/experience department. Not saying Giroux/Voracek/Couturier aren't good leaders. But they need outside perspectives. Aside from Giroux's early years, they have not had a legit veteran mentor. Justin Williams would have been a good signing last offseason. Problem is that they have a crowded roster and prospect pool as it is. Bringing in a veteran would would further complicate that. Unless you move another vet (or two) out. But I really don't want to blow things up. There is talent among the forwards. It's not ideal, but a strong coach could be the leader they need. To me, the next coaching choice shouldn't just be about system and X's and O's. The coach must be able to guide this team and lead it and command the respect of his players. I'm not sure Hakstol had those capabilities, which may be why this team (and Berube before him) has been stuck in neutral and, at times, in reverse. It may be why Quenneville would be a better fit for this team, rather than a guy with a fresh perspective but perhaps paling in comparison to Quenneville's experience and cache. As far as what Jake said, yeah, they choked in those games. But the damage was done way earlier in the season and there is fault across the board for that. The early part of the season was a complete organizational failure (except Gritty). I don't think this core can straighten it out themselves. I think the right coach can help fix that.
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    So is removing a statue changing history ? I mean- we still had the civil war regardless of how many statues still stand honoring the losers. Many weren't erected until well after the war, in defiance of Robert E Lee's request to leave it be. I'm probably not telling you anything about the daughters of the confederacy.[Hidden Content] that you don't know already. Removing the statue of a person who did ****** things when everyone was doing ****** things isn't "changing history", nor is it correcting it. It is recognizing that ****** things were done and no longer honoring the person who did them. Before you come at me with George Washington, remember my 3 other posts in this thread where I say applying today's standards to the past isn't fair, and that George Washington founded the goddamned country and Kate Smith sang some songs. Plus, her statue was gross, it looked like Christmas tree with a head. I am not a black person, however I think I wouldn't like going to school everyday at a place named for a person who fought and died so that I could remain a slave. White privilege is a bad name for the racial and financial inequality we have in 'merica. Most white people I know don't feel like they're getting many benefits from being white. So reading or hearing about "privilege" inflames an already touchy subject. My family is mixed race, I have had to endure diversity training at work. However, when you see how poorly white people treat the brown people you love terribly, it tends to bring those teachings into acute focus .
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    It could be worse. Fact is, Vigneault is going to bring in structure and discipline. People talked about him not using young players, but in Vancouver and New York, but both teams pretty much stripped the farm systems of youth and depth in order to compete for a Stanley Cup. And let's be honest, in 2010 - 2011, nobody predicted Tim Thomas would go on a run like no other and help Boston win the Stanley Cup. His performance was one of the ages. Nobody predicted that to happen. Vigneault comes to Philadelphia with a boatload of youth available to him. If anything, I expect he's going to embrace the youth and really help them get their games to the next level. If you take a look everywhere he's been (minus Montreal and as an assistant in Ottawa), players really thrived under his watch. His teams also played very cerebral and smart hockey. He's got some good veterans in Philadelphia he can lean on and he'll be able to trust the young players. We heard from Fletcher and Gordon about the Flyers lack of discipline and not being difficult to play against because they left the center ice area open. That's going to change. We're also going to witness the defense become more active and we're going to see more defense-led rushes. I'm willing to give him a chance. It can't be any worse than what we subjected to in the Haktard era. Couturier, Patrick, Konecny, Lindblom, Farabee, Frost, Provorov, Sanheim, Gostisbehere, Morin and Meyers will all thrive under Vigneault. I'm cautiously optimistic.
  15. 6 points
    with this organisation I expect everything to be underwhelming. AV can Coach and has a proven track record to go along with it... Honestly, after Q he was my next option looking at the field. People will freak out b/c he has the label of being tough with the young players and all that BS. I am fine if he is tough. Q is the same exact way... this group needs a kick in the ass. Fletch identified his guy and wasted not time getting a deal done. Now onto the draft and offseason.... I mean at least we are getting a capable Coach and not another "hockey genius" or college coach that was nothing more than a shot in the dark by Ol' Ronald.
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    Wow, talk about culture change in Philadelphia. There's no more messing around anymore. I love it. I get the hate for Therien, Yeo and Vigneault, but these are coaches that are going to legitimately push our guys. I expect Therien to work exclusively with the defense and I think that Provorov, Sanheim and Meyers will love him. If Ghost buys into what Therien's selling, he could become Andrei Markov 2.0. Forwards are also going to back check and help out the defense, so guys are going to have to come to camp in their pique conditioning. As for Yeo, you can pretty much expect he'll work exclusively with the young forwards bringing them up to speed. He could be instrumental in helping Patrick get to the next level and guys like Konecny and Lindblom will probably embrace Yeo's aggressive forechecking system. I think you'll see guys like Hartman and Laughton really thrive under Yeo. One thing is for certain. The country club atmosphere and the idea of players running the show has officially come to an end. Fletcher and company will be expecting results this year and players are going to have to deliver. No more of these slow starts or faltering down the stretch. That will no longer be acceptable. I love it. I absolutely love these hires. Fletcher needed to hit a home run and he hit a grand slam.
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    I blame Don Cherry. Ever since he called the Canes a "bunch of jerks", they not only adopted it as their moniker, so did the media, gave them a rallying point, and look...now they are ECF bound. If Cherry had kept his mouth (and his suits) at a lower volume, the Canes would have missed the playoff ENTIRELY and the Canadiens make it in!
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    I guess it was borderline whether he should have got 2 or 5. The real question, IMO, is when your team is up 3-0 in game 7 with 8 minutes or so to go...WHY THE F*** are you crosschecking a guy off a faceoff? I'd be pissed at Eakin...not the refs.
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    Too hilarious not to post!
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    I'm witcha with Hagg and Jake, but JVR had 27 goals in 66 games this season (on pace for 33.5) - which is what he was signed for. And Ghost at $4.5M per for four more is a bargain and would need IMO to bring back serious assets to trade (not that I wouldn't trade him). If a message needs to be sent, for me it's Voracek who gets moved to send it. Moving Hagg means absolutely nothing.
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    It's basically a one line team with a goalie at this point. Without a solid 2C - i.e. not "Nolan Patrick" - they can be shut down fairly easily. Just see what they did against playoff teams down the stretch. Carolina whupped them. Carolina. And the team has spent seven years telling itself it's good enough, it's talented enough, and doggoneit people like them. While missing the playoff four times and getting bounced in the first round three times. This has got to be "it" for this "core." Put up or shut up. And, for that matter, shut up regardless. Stop talking and do.
  22. 5 points
    In fairness, six division titles, three President's Trophies, and two Conference Titles. No, it's not a Cup, but it's a lot better than nothing.
  23. 5 points
    Flyers slogan for 2020..."Hey, at least it isn't Bylsma!"
  24. 5 points
    I actually like this hiring a lot to be honest. I think we should just say "AV" b/c lord knows I wont spell it right.
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  26. 5 points
    Been hoping for a couple of those for 7 years now.
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    Giroux had 3 - 100 point seasons in junior. Frost has 2. Giroux put up over 2 points per game over 41 playoff games. Frost has 50 points in 54 playoff games. Giroux carried Gatineau to the Memorial Cup on his shoulders his last season there. I think both will be very good NHLers. I doubt either is as good as Giroux.
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    Unless he changes his attitude, thinking he is still an AllStar that commands 26+ minutes, he will be an ever heavier millstone each season. There is an unhealthy and unrealistic relationship between Suter and CL which demands a reversion to owner/player versus fan boy/player. It is destructive to the team and coaching. Suter is a #4 defensemen now that is way overpaid, and in the twilight of his career - if only he realized that, and we didn’t have 6 more years to suffer his ego. I am guessing he will call CL at any hint of decreased line, minutes, or power play absence. Spurgeon, Dumba, and Brodin should see all PP, P.K., and OT, as well. Suter’s relevamce is past tense.
  30. 5 points
    I go by the results on the ice, not the potential on paper. This team has achieved squat for seven years. Think about that. Seven years without a playoff series win. Seven years with only three rounds of playoffs. And every year we hear that they actually are better than that - from them. There comes a point at which that's just simply not true. This team needed a rookie phenom goalie to even be remotely competitive. And even with that couldn't win a big game when they needed to and got blown out - blown out - in a "must win" by the Carolina Hurricanes. They're 8-16-4 against the current playoff teams in the East. That's 20 of 56 points for a .357 win %. Winless against the Caps (0-4) and Bolts (0-1-2). They lost to the Caps three times in March. Could be, which is fine as far as it goes. I just think that desire is born of a fanbase that's sick and tired of the same ol' same ol' from the same ol' players. And we've only got 3-5 more years of them, barring some sort of major shakeup.
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    Well, they are pretty much like IKEA instructions..... no wording, a bunch of pictures that may or may not be accurate, but at the end of the project, you SHOULD have what amounts to some sort of product that is serviceable, but probably not much more. If you are lucky, it lasts you a few years, if not, well, then you can always go back to IKEA and try out their latest wacky build and see if that works (even though we all know its pretty much the same as the last). Hope that helped.
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    Over in the IIHF championships things have looked good for the Wild. Fiala with very good stats, Kunin motivated, Kaprizov playing in a line with the Russian big boys. It's only the IIHF, but hopefully that is some indication of good things to come. I still think Fenton was wrong with Fiala, but hope for the best anyways.
  33. 4 points
    I know- right ? I have worked with really arrogant guys in the production world from Boston. (and some cool ones- but far more douches) They are actually worse than New York crew because, well, it's not even New York and they act like they're the hottest guys not in LA. for the record LA guys are the worst. Screw Boston - Go Blues
  34. 4 points
    Give me Stralman, move Hagg, McDonald and if they decide to move Ghost, it best be for one hell of a good player or package of picks. As for the kids, I don't think we'll see Frost or Farabee start with the Flyers. Gut feeling is that they're going to get the Giroux treatment via the AHL. Let them dominate down there.
  35. 4 points
  36. 4 points
    Very well put. Too bad that all too often people kowtow to the loudest complainer in the room just to keep the peace instead of standing by what is right. People who want to change history because they do not like it are doomed to repeat the same mistakes as their predecessors. It is a trap set by today's political correctness that infects all of society today.
  37. 4 points
    Thing is, when I'm wrong, I just have to point it out.
  38. 4 points
    I think the Kings hang up immediately.
  39. 4 points
    On paper we are way more talented than the Isles, they had good goaltending , played as a team and had a good coach, we didn't until it was too late in the season. We have a coach and good goalie now...We have alot of talented young players that just need to be properly coached and utilized and they need some confidence. I predict we will blow by them in the standings next year.
  40. 4 points
    ...to the 2019 offseason, Pittsburgh Penguins! We welcome you! (Because I'll be damned if I let any of you fuggers have the pleasure.)
  41. 4 points
    I don't want to really trade Ghost but if i have to i want some better back...and to take Lucic back with 4 more years of 6 mill per would be goddamn insane as hell...and where would you even play him....better yet hell not even going to contemplate that. NO! Talk about cap hell...they are just getting out of it why go back into it???
  42. 4 points
    I'm tellin' ya, man... the non-playoff teams should have their own mini playoffs starting right now. Winner gets 1st overall, runner-up gets 2nd, and so on. It's a win for the organization that gets gate revenue. It's a win for the fans that have something to cheer for - a 1st overall pick won on merit, not luck or suckiness. And it's a win for the league because they get more games and team revenue. Plus that would effectively eliminate all pretensions of tanking. You want to sell off your team mid-season and give up? Sure, then enjoy the 15th overall pick.
  43. 4 points
    So does Robert Earle Clarke. Sheesh I get that Clarkie is mostly remembered for his leadership, his tireless work ethic and being one of the dirtiest players of all time. And a crap GM. But the MVP trophy in the WHL is still named after him for chrissake. I guess he wasn't "dynamic," but even then, name another playmaker who could get a mostly drunk winger to score 60 in the bigs?
  44. 4 points
    @ruxpin I have zero faith in anyone in the decision making chain in this organization. I could see nothing of consequence happening or everything happening, I don't feel like this group is going to get whatever they do right. So one or two moves and a coaching change is 3 chances to miss. I almost like their chances throwing things at the wall better than I do the couple of shrewd moves. My impression of the front office is Kramer and Newman making sausage. In another thread icehole is lamenting Mr Snider's passing. Things would be happening if Ed were still alive, Q would have to change his name to Q McDuck... and the Flyers would have their man.
  45. 4 points
    If I was Boudreau, I'd hand in my resignation at the Dallas post game conference. And then I'd burn it to the ground... As far as the next coach, who in their right mind would want to take over this dumpster fire knowing that neither the GM nor the owner have your back?
  46. 4 points
    I agree, let them play in games that matter in a team context. Do you really think it's a case of the team being lackadaisical or just that the team isn't very talented or cohesive? I didn't watch this last blowout but I don't think there was a lack of effort in the previous Vegas win or close loss in a grinding playoff-like game vs Nashville. Funny how after every loss it's the same cliches. The team didn't play hard, they didn't hustle, they didn't play the system, etc ad nauseam. Here's a crazy idea - sometimes the loss is due to getting beaten by a more talented, more cohesive, equally hard working team?
  47. 4 points
    No heart no soul no integrity no leadership. BLOW IT UP. Its further away than anyone thinks.
  48. 4 points
    every time you think you're out, they find a way to drag you back in
  49. 4 points
    I went with no. I think he's done well considering. But I just want to gut the whole staff and bring in a fresh, new, outside perspective. I don't really want Gordon to lose his job altogether, but I know some here would advocate for new straight up and down the organization. I wouldn't be opposed, but keeping in mind the guy is human I'd feel a little bad that he came up as a favor and ends up losing his employment. But at least on the NHL level I want to beat the hell out of the "Restart" button.
  50. 4 points
    Is it wrong for me to say that I'm happy about this loss? It's an eye opener as to just how badly coached this club is when it comes to even the basic fundamentals of the game. Referees certainly played a big part, but it just goes to show how far from contention this team really is. I'm hopeful of a full house cleaning in both Philadelphia and Lehigh Valley once the season ends and that who ever is brought in, there's an emphasis on fundamentals, break out plays and sustaining pressure in the offensive zone, and not just dump and chase and cycle. I also hope that whoever is brought in, that they are brutally honest in their assessments of all players. More important, I hope that whoever the new coach is, he holds EVERYONE to same standards and accountability. No more of the 'veterans get an easier time because they're veterans' mantra that plagues this club. No more of the 'we'll play young players, but only if they earn it and even then, we'll never play a younger player above a veteran because that's how we do things' garbage. Let the horses run and go from there. The other thing I want to see is players fit the roles they're assigned. For far too long, this franchise has plugged squares into round holes expecting miracles. Find out every player's strength and weakness and base their role on the club around that. Some might be asked to do more, some might be asked to do less and that's a good thing. Get the mess fixed. It's clear we have goaltending now. We have some good defensemen that just need experience and veteran hand to help out when things get tough. We have some really good forwards and some that are on the verge of breaking out in a good way. Let's find someone who can help maximize that.
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