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  1. I don't understand trading a high-caliber offensive defenseman for middle six wingers.
  2. My overall impression of last night was that the Flyers looked a little shell shocked to start. That makes sense playing a team of this caliber. I can understand a lack of confidence. However, I think once they realized they could skate with them, things changed. Im loving the transition game and I saw Flyer players beating caps to the puck in the offensive zone. The way they held the puck on that delayed penalty was pretty cool. Getting a point and losing in a SO against this team is the same as a win in my mind. Believing and having confidence in the system will be a difference maker. Way to go AV TRUST....THE....PROCESS
  3. So, we're back to..."Oh look...shiny!" F*** me, over 7 mil a year for a 20..make that 19 goal scorer....for 7 f****** years...he did rack up THREE playoff points... while getting benched....Fletcher saves that 5th rounder! the return of the son of Homer. Does this mean we pay Provorov $14 Million a year? Whens the buyout? This is Bryz all over again...without the insane comic relief. Holmgren signed some really dumb contracts. Fletcher: "Hold my beer".
  4. I'm not really sure what you mean by this, but it does sound like we might not be totally congruent. I actually think it's entirely possible Patrick would have benefited from time in the juniors. That's what I mean. Again, perceived competence is something we know has a positive impact on development. If a person feels they're among the best at something, they're more likely to continue along that pace and keep getting better at it. Put in a CHL context, having Frost light up the league may in fact be the very best thing that could have happened to his long term success. The hope is that he goes from thinking he's a pretty good player who should be in the NHL to thinking he has what it takes to be elite-level good. When he hits the AHL next year, we should all want him to think he wants to be the best player in the league. The more he has felt like the best -- or one of the best -- in previous leagues, the more likely he will not be willing to settle for less in a professional league like the AHL. Again, the impact of perceived competence (e.g. feeling like you're very good at something, particularly in comparison to others), is a very good predictor of future growth and success. I don't think that's different just because this is hockey. Incidentally, this is another reason why players going from juniors straight to the NHL is generally not the best idea. The leap in the level of play is just so tremendous, many players are very likely to have a hard time adjusting. The downside to this is you get a guy who thinks he's a very very good player, and suddenly he can barely get a shot on net. Now he begins to think he may still be NHL good, but he's probably not elite NHL good. Given a more progressive development path (e.g. time in the AHL before the big club), that same guy may very well have turned out a better player. People don't do well when they're in over their heads. Most will tend to regress in those contexts. A quick look at the Edmonton Oilers offers a good number of case studies. Hextall was a huge believer in building a culture where people feel they can win prior to them hitting the NHL, and I think he was bang on with that.
  5. For your next trick, get fish to stop swimming.
  6. Well, that was one helluva hockey game. - That 2nd period was probably the most organized and dominant stretch of hockey I've seen the Flyers play in about a decade. - As brilliant as Hart was, last night really was a complete team effort. Special teams, all lines and defense pairs. They seem to just control play at will. The 1st period was more even - probably a bit of rust, nerves, and just a feeling out process. After that it was all Philly. - Hughes is already impressive even if he is still quite raw. You can see the vision. On the other hand, did Hischier even play? I honestly did not see him, nor did I hear his name. - Lovin' the Lindblom/Coots/TK line. Man, they are so strong on the puck. - Hayes is a difference maker. Superb acquisition by Fletch. He's noticeable every time he's out there. - G's line will get going eventually, and when they do, watch out. - Bobby Mac talking about a team "that first needs to move out some salary or a roster player" looking at getting Brian Boyle. Hope it's not the Flyers for several reasons, but mostly because that would signal that Patrick is pretty much out for the year. GO FLYERS!
  7. No way he’s getting that money unless he hits 50 pts once.
  8. What, no goalies from Minnesota available?
  9. I feel like this forum would be pretty boring if all we ever wrote were one line replies. Personally, I come here to read and write rather more thoughtful posts.
  10. Flyers slogan for 2020..."Hey, at least it isn't Bylsma!"
  11. Unless he changes his attitude, thinking he is still an AllStar that commands 26+ minutes, he will be an ever heavier millstone each season. There is an unhealthy and unrealistic relationship between Suter and CL which demands a reversion to owner/player versus fan boy/player. It is destructive to the team and coaching. Suter is a #4 defensemen now that is way overpaid, and in the twilight of his career - if only he realized that, and we didn’t have 6 more years to suffer his ego. I am guessing he will call CL at any hint of decreased line, minutes, or power play absence. Spurgeon, Dumba, and Brodin should see all PP, P.K., and OT, as well. Suter’s relevamce is past tense.
  12. Actually the Stars are the hottest team in the West since their awful start. They begun 1-7-1 since then they have went 16-4-2. The offense still hasn't been there but the defense and netminding are fantastic. I am getting sick of the politically correct police in every aspect of life. Again, we do not know yet what it is, on a Stars forum I read rumors which I wont put in here and spread but they dont sound egregious. I played racquetball with a friend of my wife today, I am a casual player, she is the most competitive person I have ever met, she simply destroys me every time we play and laughs and taunts me the whole time. Today when we were done, I sat at a table and called my wife, her friend quipped, " I just made your husband my be-othch." My wife laughed, so did I. Should we fire her as afirend for her inappropriate language? Should she fire me as a friendfor my lousy racquetball skills? God can she fire the ball, fast and accurate. I had more balls hit me in the face than Madonna used to in an eighties after party. Can I be fired in here for saying that? Anyway, screw the thought police.
  13. I want to say this about last night's game. After that freak goal bounced in off Hart's ass recent Flyers teams would have most likely folded. This group didn't allow a Leaf's shot on goal for the next 8 minutes or something...it wasn't until TM pulled their goalie for the extra attacker. Immediately Couturier's line buried who ever they were out against, then Giroux scored on that fine ass pass from Koneckny and they didn't let up. That is how winning teams play and it felt so nice to watch our guys be the team dictating the play and not reacting. I haven't seen a Flyers team respond like that since the days of Richards and Carter. So nice having more than 4 good players .
  14. I hope too, I also hope the fanbase can be patient with him. He's got a pile of skill, There's going to be growing pains though. I think this is too early, I'm not a GM though. I hope it works out, I hope this "necessity" doesn't wreck his confidence or body.
  15. A few things... I think there's a very good chance the Flyers *do* trade a defenseman. And Winnipeg makes a lot of sense because they are in need of NHL defensemen. Unless it's for someone that significantly moves the needle (e.g. Laine or Connor), I don't think the Flyers would want a roster player in return. So in that scenario, I'm guessing the defenseman we move is either Hagg or Morin for a draft pick or B prospect. Hagg will fetch more. I don't imagine the Flyers will make a major roster move this early, so this makes more sense to me.
  16. They Were Once Wild: The Star Talent That Passed Through Minnesota In this retrospective, I look back at the Star talent that was not drafted by the team and stayed here less than 5 seasons. Collectively its not a bad team I put together, but too bad we didn't get most of them when they were in their prime. Check it out and discuss.
  17. The Tampa Bay Lightning completely agree with you. Just sayin'.
  18. I'll skip right past the "good guy in the room" and save you the rerun. I don't bring him back. I swear to you, he was one of my favorite flyers and always will be. But his days even on the third line are done, and it was painful sending him off the first time. I'd rather plug it with a kid and take my chances.
  19. Its a bad signing, pure and simple. He is not coming into his prime, he is going out of his prime. The entire league is getting younger, (or people are just noticing that its always been young). Yet here the flyers are signing guys long term into their 30's for big money. Its ridiculous. They are STILL chasing the Schenn trade(who just happened to win a cup as a top 6 center for the 5.2 mil salary cap hit that hextall traded him during). Oh, and they have him for that next year too. Then they will probably let someone else overpay for him into his 30's and he will start a steady decline. Its a pattern. You have to get guys that are young and let them go when they get to 28 or so when they demand term and money. You only do that for very exceptional players. Look at pittsburg, their money goes to top players and they spread the rest around to younger, faster, cheaper guys wherever they can. Guenztel is a cap hit of 6 mil a year and is 24 signed till he is 28 or 29 and then they will probably walk way and let someone else over pay for him. And he will get a huge contract from some team and it will handcuff them for years while they watch a guy decline. Its always been a young players league. Bruins never regretted not signing Lucic, they knew they already got his best years. You know what a guy is before he is 25, and you likely have seen his best years by then and if not, you have before he is 27 or 28. Just look at all the stars through the years and their best years and what age they were, you might be shocked at what you see. Age is just one aspect, I get that, but its still interesting that most stars have their very best years when they are very young. Its different for dmen probably but even active players you can look at their stats and their best years and most come very young, first few seasons. gretzkys very best year he was 24 Orrs very best year he was 22 Lemieux best year he was 23 Jagr very best year he was 24 bossy best year he was 24 Ovechkins best year he was 22 Lafleurs best he was 25 yzermans best season he was 23 My best year I was 8
  20. Yup... everything is always terrible! That is why I took a bit of sabbatical over the past few months. The negativity is pretty taxing after a while and I would not even say, as a fan, that I am all that positive. Fletcher has a team right now that should make the playoffs and is better than the slop Hextall put on the ice last year - all the while Hexy was telling us the team is a playoff team - which was either overvaluing his players or just plain incompetent. See how it plays out... do I have faith in Fletcher? Not really... but I believe the team is better than they were last year.
  21. Well they have 17 back to back sets this coming season so he'll get his chance. Why does it feel like Chuck wants to be the kid in the class who just wants to he the kid in the class who turns his test in first. Feels that way to me. That way when the free agency bell goes off Chuck can just smile and say "DONE!" And then fails..
  22. I live in NY, so I see a lot of Rangers games. Hayes is a less talented Stepan: another in a long line of young Ranger forwards who were supposed be stars and ended up being middle six guys at best. A high end grinder with a little skill, but not a dynamic game changer in any way, shape, or form. Hayes is worth $5M-$5.5 at best. Given the market, $6M would have been acceptable. At $7M+, Flyers fans will want this guy off the team in under three years.
  23. This quote says to me "The Hextall Plan Was Working" I think this was always the off-season Hextall was looking towards. Too bad he was too tough on the corporate suits. Oh, and, also, too, wouldn't fire Hackstol.
  24. With the third pick in the 2019 NHL Entry draft, the Chicago Blackhawks are pleased to select Kirby Dach, Centre, Saskatoon. Big-bodied playmaking center with outstanding passing skills and soft hands who is one of the best draft-eligible players at incorporating all his teammates into the attack. Dach has a tremendous wingspan and reach that help him maintain control the puck for lengthy periods inside the offensive zone. He is a confident puck carrier up ice, and you’ll rarely see him advance via direct routes. Dach can create time and space using a variety of methods on zone entries, and he can stutter-step defenders out of position. All these traits force opponents to back away from him, which provides him with the opportunity to unleash a wicked wrist shot. Still, Dach certainly is more of a set-up man than a shooter, and you can make a strong argument that he is the best saucer-passer of any forward prospect. Dach has elusiveness for a big man, and his agility in tight spaces allows him to outmaneuver pesky opponents. His straight-line speed is average but deceptive, and his skating style and stride appears a bit choppy and short. Nonetheless, Dach has no problem inserting himself into a rush or initiating one himself, and you can count on him to create several odd-man chances each game. He can run a power play from the half wall and has confidence in his passes from either forehand or backhand, and he can sense when the time is right to make a decisive pay during a stagnant possession. Defensively, Dach will pressure the points, and he relies on his long stick to break up plays. He is, however, neither physical nor consistent on draws. Dach will drop down to support his defensemen, but he’ll dig for loose pucks rather than use his strength to knock it free. ([Hidden Content]) If any team has the leadership group to break Dach of his few bad habits, it's Chicago. The upside here is immense. The Colorado Avalanche and @hf101 are on the clock.
  25. Me neither. But I was even less impressed by his pass blocking for the Cincinnati Bengals.
  26. a) Worst kept secret in hockey for the last two weeks. b) Dave Tippett has a history of making chicken salad out of chicken sh|t. c) I slept funny, and my neck is sore.
  27. I know- right ? I have worked with really arrogant guys in the production world from Boston. (and some cool ones- but far more douches) They are actually worse than New York crew because, well, it's not even New York and they act like they're the hottest guys not in LA. for the record LA guys are the worst. Screw Boston - Go Blues
  28. Don't worry I'm a fair and rational admin and I have a great core of moderators. I own the site as a hobby, thus I want it enjoyable for all here. The biggest key is to discuss the topic without personal attacks towards other members and post here because you enjoy discussing hockey with other hockey fans. Please send me a PM if you have further questions.
  29. Very well put. Too bad that all too often people kowtow to the loudest complainer in the room just to keep the peace instead of standing by what is right. People who want to change history because they do not like it are doomed to repeat the same mistakes as their predecessors. It is a trap set by today's political correctness that infects all of society today.
  30. Came here to say I wish I had started this thread. Genius.
  31. What I'd love to see is the Pens play the Caps and a blimp falls on the building.
  32. Isn't he though? Becoming one of the best players in the league.
  33. Who'da guessed this would go poorly? The Kings deserve every bit of it for signing the jerk. One of the all-time dumbest moves by a GM.
  34. I say it's time for radical change: put Jake on D, move Ghost up to F. It's not like either of them could be worse than the other is currently. A change of scenery of sorts. Or just trade the fukcers.
  35. Last week they played on my birthday. You got the win and i didnt Forum pet!
  36. Speak for yourself.....i hate everyone especially....that deranged schizophrenic bear lurking around here...
  37. Good back and forth, guys. I think what all of this really speaks to is a frustrated fan base living through an unprecedented period of badness/mediocrity for this franchise. Fresh from expansion, the team made the playoffs in their first year, and 4 of the first 6 years. Then there were the 89-93 dark years with no playoffs. So it's a strong case that this is the franchise's worst stretch of futility / insignificance despite having one of the top NHL point producers this decade. For me personally, the frustration is in seeing NJ benefit from two #1s, but moreso Toronto deliberately bottoming out and turning it around rather quickly with top level elite talent to emerge as a Cup contender. Hextall chose the path familiar to Flyers fans - the on-the-fly retool. *Something* had to be done following the drunken Homer years to return this franchise to sustainability. But Hextall's solution, we're seeing, has not yielded true elite talent nor has it kept the team competitive. They've burned through three coaches and a GM. Whatever you might think of Patrick and his ceiling, there is no denying that he is one of the weakest top 2 picks of the decade. Ain't much we can do about that but hope he reaches MUCH MUCH higher than he has shown thus far. We're 2-2-1. Let's see how they do the next 5.
  38. Scotty Upshall says Hi Guitar Hero rocks!
  39. I woke up this morning and started scrolling through my FB news feed and one of the first things I see is “Welcome Home, Steve Yzerman!” Press conference this afternoon should make it official that Stevie will take the helm as GM, while Kenny Holland will finish his contract in an advisory role. It’s about time! I hope he is able to do what he did in TB. It’ll take some time, but I think this is the best DRW news in several seasons. Good start to my Good Friday!
  40. I really feel like we're getting way too polarized here. It really isn't a black or white scenario where everything is 100% good or everything is 100% bad. Speaking from either of those perspectives really does nothing to promote real discussion or understanding. If we get bogged down in a polarized debate, we're all likely to be wrong more than we are right. At the end of the day, much of what we're talking about is an exercise in evaluation of Fletcher's first off-season as GM. We're jumping in on different sides of the pool, which is fine, but we won't get anywhere without acknowledging those differences. Personally, I really liked Hextall -- a lot. By and large, I defended his actions against all comers, and honestly I still think he did almost everything right. From my vantage point, he got rid of plenty of garbage contracts and useless players -- more often than not without giving up much or anything in return -- and he stocked the cupboards with more talent than we've had in ages. Did he have blind spots? Yeah, he overpaid for Voracek back in the day, though the contract as it stands now is pretty on par with what he should be making. He did very little to find us a reasonably good goalie option over the last couple seasons. Sure, Hart was on the way, but even today we'd be in a better spot if we had an actual decent veteran starter on the roster. He also didn't get us a proper 2C when he should have. The kids simply weren't pulling their weight quickly enough, and he should have done something about that. Most important of all, he held on to Hakstol too long. I love the loyalty, and I remember being perfectly fine with hiring him at the beginning, but Hak should have been gone probably in the 2017 off-season at the latest. So yeah, he made some questionable moves. He also left this organization in a fantastic position. He was a better than average GM in my opinion. As such, his replacement is filling some pretty big shoes. Fletcher's tenure is still beginning, so we can only say so much. If I'm being honest, the coaching revamp is the *only* thing he did that stands to have a substantial and noticeable impact right away. Again, this is just me evaluating, but his additions to the roster are complementary at best pieces. These are not guys who have a truly major impact on a team imo. I'm not saying they're bad players. I just don't think they're going to make this team that much better. Will the team get better? Yeah, I would say. The coaching frankly cannot be any worse, so that's a huge upgrade immediately. Hart is a toss up given his age, but I'm happy he's at least in the league now and learning the game at this level. Really though, if this team becomes more than just a bubble team again next year, it will not be because of Niskanen or Braun or Hayes. It will be because of Provorov, TK, Sanheim, and Patrick -- without mentioning Frost. They're the ones who have untapped potential and who are the real wild cards in this whole equation. This is the legacy Hextall left behind, and it's one we should all regard quite highly. Will Fletch fill those shoes? It's way too early to tell. But I think it's fair to look at his first off season and to be critical of certain things. I don't think it needs to be an all or nothing deal.
  41. Fair? Sheesh, you don't get much for $7M these days...
  42. I'd hate to have either Therien or Yeo as a head coach...but as assistants, I guess you could have worse. heck, we HAVE worse. And honestly, when I first heard Therien as an assistant, I was thinking CHRIS ! LMAO!
  43. @SpikeDDS Great write up, I have deliberately not posted about the series because you and I know how it feels, even twenty years later I get a facial tick and my eyes start to bulge and my fists clench in rage at the mention of Claude Freaking Lemieux (his middle name is not freaking but another F word that the site wont let me print) and Paddy roy. God I still hate those guys. But @TropicalFruitGirl26 I promise it will pass, kind of like a kidney stone, a beachball size kidney stone to be sure but time heals. We (the Wings) lost to an 8 seed in Yzermans last season against Pronger and the Oilers which was doubly devastating knowing that Stevie was hanging them up, we lost to a very inferior Kings team in 2001 in the first round because we made so many mental errors. You move on, you forgive, you believe again but you never forget. My top five realistic reasons the Bolts lost giving an honest assessment would have to be: 1) No Victor Hedman. He was awful in game one, turned around by Savard who is a poor skater at best I knew then and posted in here that they rushed him back, he was clearly laboring. Foligno said in this mornings presser that was the moment the CBJ felt they could win, the best defenseman in the game at 50 percent they ran right at him for two games and hit him every time he touched the puck. Stralman also being out hurt. a lot. 2) Nothing to play for since November. They were more or less locked into the Presidents trophy all year, Columbus had to fight and claw, Tampa had zero adversity and was on cruise control allyear. It is hard to find another gear when all year you didn't have to. 3) The trade deadline they did nothing. Zilch. I cannot stress this enough, yes they were the best team in Hockey and didn't want to mess up the chemistry but truth is they should have added a middle six veteran grit guy and a middle pair defensive zone specialist d-man. I remember when Tampa did nothing at all at the deadline I cringed a bit and thought okay, I get it but I would have been aggressive, you only have so many kicks at the can. 4) I would not say overconfidence entered into it but I truly believe instead that they overlooked Columbus. The CBJ are not your typical 8 seed Bob truly may be the best goalie in Hockey and after a slow start after the deadline they have been on fire now winning 11 of their last 12. Jumping out 3-0 after the first period was the worst thing that could have happened, they took the foot off the gas as Columbus put theirs on and they were not prepared. It reminded me of the Miracle on Manchester when the upstart Kings upset the mighty Oilers if you are old enough to remember that, if not look it up it is a good read and still considered one of the greatest comebacks in Hockey history. 5) Finally, TFG you know I have mentioned this before many times but they are ultra elite skilled but soft. The Wings were that way when Stevens/Niedermayer knocked us out in a huge upset in the cup finals in 95, we were skilled and soft when Lemieux and Co. Upset us in 96, it was not until we traded for the ultimate power forward Brendan Shanahan in 1997 that we finally won. He led by example, took on all comers and scored 40 goals. The cost was Primeau and Coffey, as regular season elite as the Bolts are they probably need to shake up the chemistry.
  44. I don't believe the lottery is actually fixed. If it was, the Oilers wouldn't have gotten 5 #1 picks in 10 years. But a little more transparency would be great. Publish the list of numbers assigned to each team and hold the drawing live. If Pennsylvania could do it in the 80s, I'm sure the NHL could do it today.
  45. Bottom line here people is, I think the Wild are realizing they will need goalies pretty soon...and this may just be the start of the organization getting candidates and see who can stick in the next two to three years. Dubnyk will be 33 in two months, he has two years left after this year, and at the very end of his contract he will be a 35-yr old goalie who may or may not be NHL viable anymore....or at the very least starter viable. Stalock, though a year younger, certainly is no long term solution. And having Kahkonen already is nice...but the Wild would be fools to just put all their eggs in that one basket and hope it really works out. Thus, more goalies, better odds. I actually thought the Wild hung on to Nik Backstrom way too long.....maybe they did out of some "loyalty" to him (he had been a good soldier, but it was clear well before his contract was up, he was no where near the goalie he was), and I really hoped the team wouldn't repeat that kind of mistake with Dubynk when his time came. So yea, I welcome any decent to good goalies, from any league, and let the team try to develop them and see which one will really turn into an NHL caliber starter that can carry a team. Who knows...even with Kahkonen, the Wild may STILL not have "their guy" in the organization yet. Too soon to tell. Let the goalie shuffling and signings in the lower levels commence and see who emerges!

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