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  1. Frustrating for Jackets fans as well: Two years ago they lost to the Penguins in the first round, the Pens won the cup. last year they lost to the Caps who won the cup, if the Bruins win this year it will be three cosnecutibe years losing to the eventual cup winner which I am sure happens on rare occasions but is damn frustrating. As mentioned about the Leafs at least you can say you lost to the cup champ but that doesn't go very far......
  2. I looked at a list of the top 25 worst trades in Leafs history and I truly believe the Tuukka Rask trade has to be #1 because the list doesn't factor in how the traded player came back to harm the Leafs -- it only looks at their career performance in general. Rask has wiped out the Leafs THREE TIMES now in recent playoff memory. His performance has hurt the Leafs more than Scott Niedermayer, Lindros, or any other missed opportunity draft pick or traded star ever did to Toronto. It would be the equivalent of the Philadelphia Flyers trading draft pick Sidney Crosby to Pittsburgh and then being eliminated in the playoffs every year by the Penguins while Crosby scored hat tricks every game and won the Conn Smythe award.
  3. The Sharks are a banged up team coming into play a very confident Blues team. It ends tomorrow
  4. Same opinion. I put Blues in 6. It seems Binnington is a better goalie than Jones and who, probably, will be a huge part of Blues team's efforts against Tuuka Rask and the Boston team in finals.
  5. May 21, 2019 Since I don't want to see Joe Thornton retire after Game 6... AWAY HOME San Jose 4 St. Louis 3
  6. I never thought the extended time off was a good thing except to heal the wounded. Like maybe Chara. The Bruins are sitting back watching the Blues and Sharks beat each other up. It has not gotten real nasty yet. But today that could change
  7. I thought this was going to be about lamenting the Raycroft/Rask trade...Rask is playing out of his mind and the best of his career i think. Leads the NHL with a 942% 1.84 gaa and 12 wins. Imagine what might have been....instead of going with Justin Pogge....yikes...
  8. The sheen is going to come off the Bruins. There are quite a few guys playing way over their heads right now. The entire 4th line, the 3rd pairng...i know they can skate, if San Jose gets through they have the roster to beat the Bruins. I can't see the line of Nordstrom, Acciari, and Kuraly continuing to lead the team in scoring the way they did in games 1-3. The Blues will have a harder time matching up, they will have the same problems as the 'canes with the B's overall depth. The 3rd line with Johannsson and Coyle is quite good though and will be a problem for the Blues.

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