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  1. Personally I think the truly toxic culture situation started when Suter & Parise arrived. They were given unlimited authority and say over how the team went about its business on the ice. Prior to that, I think their reputation was pretty good. Especially in their more humble Lemaire years. Then the players began to rule the roost and that's all she wrote. Its about that time they started dancing around Koivu's ego too.
  2. Daigle wasn't that bad for the Wild. We had him on a 3-way contract because we didn't want to overpay him if we felt he was only able to play in the ECHL. Heatley had a good season, but then it was pretty ugly the last few years. Kessel...he still has talent and scoring ability and even speed. But it simply doesn't make sense adding a 32-year old winger when supposedly you're trying to get younger. It was another 'cheese' move by an organization that can't help itself or does it have any idea what its doing. Its honestly like watching a really poor fantasy hockey league team where you see that one person that can't help themselves from selecting Wild players to fill up the roster spots because they're so much of a homer.
  3. I have to say I like this hire. I think he can get a lot out of this roster. Will like to see what the Oiler fans think of this.
  4. That's the old saying so I guess we just qualified. What we saw last night is how the Blues win when they play their game. Our physicality takes its toll to the point where you saw how spent the Bruins were in OT last night. We're not a fun team to play against when it gets to that point. First Blues win in the Cup finals in their history....that's great but there are still three games to win. The Lou should be rockin' on Friday night!
  5. @Podein25 Trouba seems to me to be Winnipegs worst case scenario, a guy who simply doesn't seem to embrace the culture and who has been looking for an exit since his arrival. As a RFA the Jets hold all the cards still for the moment but he has never made anything easy on them, the kid can flat out play though. My dream would be Trouba returning to Michigan and playing for the Wings but he would cost a pretty penny and the only way that I would do it is if he signed long term. Million dollar talent, pain in the rear to management. @ruxpin Yeah Hellboy was good, not great this past year, not sure what happened or why. I kept waiting on him to flip the switch and he never really did. Goalies are like that. When I said the Jets window is closing I meant from a cap space issue as much as anything. Little, Buff and Wheeler are all aging and have multiple years remaining on their deals Wheeler is aging gracefully but he is at the age where he could fall off a cliff any time. Hellboy and Schiefele are signed long term to sweetheart deals but the rest of the kids need paid very soon, it will not be long before this catches up to them. Connor, Laine, Copp, Trouba, all are RFA this offseason and next year will see Morrissey and Roslovic needing paid. People are going to start getting moved out at 80 cents on the dollar, it is the curse of being a very good team in a cap era. In years past it would not have been a problem but the cap changes so much. As a fan of the offseason Winnipeg and Tampa are the two teams I will be watching the closest to see how they try to keep the rosters together going forward.
  6. I was really disappointed by the Jets this year, actually. I really like the group they have. I didn't think Hellboy was as good as last year, and of course @yave1964 covered Laine well. I don't know that the window is closing on the Jets, though they should hurry up. I think it's closing for certain players (Buff). But they're still ridiculously young for the most part. Wheeler and Little would, I guess, be of the most concern to start slowing down. So, I think 3 more years until they have to retool those two positions. Hopefully Laine just had a weird year, but the kid needs to be more consistent. Nice write up, as always, @yave1964
  7. @yave1964 Good write up - thanks for doing it. I'm no Jets insider, but my gut says Trouba is gone - it's inevitable. It always was. Could see him packaged with a "bad" contract (Perreault maybe). Brossiot has just been re-signed. Hayes is gone. No way they can keep him. He's not worth $5.5M anyway.
  8. My honest answer to "which makes the team better" is your Kadri option. You've filled a need without creating a bunch of other holes.
  9. Me neither. But I was even less impressed by his pass blocking for the Cincinnati Bengals.
  10. Ouch! The plus side to this is the next GM should have high draft picks, because this team will be bad.
  11. Kind of wonder when the team culture went south and what caused it. Was it always bad? Did it start going bad towards the end of the Naegle ownership? Did it start with the Leipold ownership? With the Parise/Suter signings? Something else?
  12. a) Worst kept secret in hockey for the last two weeks. b) Dave Tippett has a history of making chicken salad out of chicken sh|t. c) I slept funny, and my neck is sore.
  13. Doesn’t matter how high a draft pick they have if they keep the same inept scouting department in place.
  14. Based on Fenton’s other moves, it seems like he just does stuff to do it. So it makes perfect sense to move Zucker because hockey.

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