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  1. In my opinion, now would be the perfect time to not spend and give the major roles to the young guys. See what Kunin, Donato, and Fiala can do on the top lines. Give Mayhew a shot. Fenton said younger and faster. So do it. Stop signing older UFA’s to long term deals that block the progress of younger players. Stop extending older players and giving them NMC’s.
  2. I assume so. They keep burning my resume in front of me when I drop it off.
  3. Amazing what the return was. You get the next biggest Russian ripoff not named Kovalchuk, and in return you gave up Fat Phil AND a 4th. Shocking how Kessel's stock has fallen, and that Rutherford couldn't anything more.
  4. maybe... and maybe he should have been an assistant coach prior to becoming a head coach in the NHL.
  5. Until he struggles and they bring in a psycho to stabilize the position and Hart demands a trade, and gets traded to Columbus for a 3rd....
  6. @csummers You are right the Flyers are struggling to find a guy to produce in that second line range and I am not wild about watching Kevin Hayes until I retire in 25 years. I also understand that the Flyers just gave Schenn's level of production a 2million $ a year raise. I don't like it. I've said as much. I think you are the only person who is still insisting the trade was Schenn for Jori Lehtera… conveniently ignoring 2 #1 picks, one of which was used on Morgan Frost, the other was used on Joel Farabee. Farabee has skill beyond Schenn's- already- and I'm not thinking at 20 Frost won't get there either. He (Frost) did score a **** pile of points for the Soo and his plus one year stats compare favorably to Giroux's. You continue to ignore what Brayden Schenn was and wasn't while he was a Flyer. He was nothing special. He was not improving in a way which demanded he remain as a part of the core group. His line was consistently unable to clear the defensive zone and those guys didn't pin the opposition in their d zone often enough. He was so-so on the rush. He was sheltered with his zone starts and his stats were aided by playing on the power play with Giroux. There was one year when Schenn represented scoring independent of Giroux that was the year I had high hopes for him. I defended him on this forum frequently. He was a 45/55 point a year guy- teams need those, he wasn't giving the appearance of taking another step while he played for the Flyers. You have to have seen that. Hindsight is 20/20, at the time Schenn was here he was middling and coasting, the trade woke him up. good for him.
  7. Provorov is the lead defender in Philadelphia. When he's on, there's no one on that club that's better. And when he's out of sorts (like last season) everyone is affected. I get he didn't have the 'numbers', but the intangibles he brings to the table are immeasurable. Honestly, if Giroux and Voracek are worth $8+ million per year, then Provorov is right up there with them. If I'm GM, I'd start with an 8 year/$62 million deal, $7.75 million per year cap hit.
  8. Provorov is a rare entity. Unlike many, he's worth every penny of whatever he gets.
  9. Less than 48 hours to go until July first and all hell breaks loose. Here are some of the latest rumors.... Buffalo has snuck in and the rumor is that they have outbid Dallas and Colorado and will be signing Mats Zuccarello to go with skinner and Eichel on what would be a strong top line. Pavelski seems destined to be leaving San Jose behind due to term/money, he is trying to find a structural fit that would allow him to Tampa which is simply insane. Lehner wanted desperately to stay with the Isles, imploring them for a contract but they are miles apart, the Isles also seem destined to lose a second captain in two years, Anders Lee is frustrated because he wanted to stay but both will likely be moving on. Lehner is rumored to be on his way to Columbus to replace Bob who is almost certainly going to Florida and Lee appears to have a chance to land in Chicago. Panarin wants more money than God and some teams such as the rangers appear ready to come close to meeting his asking price of 12 million per for 7 seasons. Rumors are that this is a done deal, just a few details to work out. Zaitsev to Ottawa is picking up steam. Tyler Myers appears heading to Vancouver for too much money and too much term. Arizona cannot get anyone to take their money. On the RFA list, it would appear no offer sheets are imminent if there is one it will likely be to Aho in Carolna who has been offered a shockingly bad offer by the club and in spite of loving playing in Carolina, money is money. Edmonton is in on Connolly, Nyquist and Donskoi, if they manage to add all three their top nine will look vastly different next season. Finally, Duchene seems destined for Nashville after they freed up the money to get him by trading Subban. Essentially it would make the deal Subban for Duchene, Santini and two second rounders which is one hell of a haul and further proof that Poille is one of the best and most aggressive GMs in the game. Anyone else hearing anything else? It has been a bit quieter than the last several years
  10. All their problems are solved... He will help mold all the young defensive prospects they have gathered... Morgan Rielly will grow under his tutelage... ...for our fellow Leaf fans...stock up... ...the Cup is theirs... #Cuporbust
  11. maybe that is what the c summers means........clownsummers is too long...
  12. This. It pains me to say it but his skills have eroded quickly. And if he was a good defensive forward i might consider it but he isn't so i have to say hard pass...
  13. No. As much as I love Simmonds, I think he's cooked, and even strength was never his strong suit. I think one of the youngsters can provide as much value on the ice at this point. On top of that, you have up to 3 million in performance bonuses coming this season. While not likely, if all are met, you're already looking at another 300k of cap overage to push into next year when you have to re-sign Patrick and Lindblom - that will only increase with an additional signing, and make it more likely that smaller bonus payments get pushed into next year. If they progress as we need them to for this season to be successful, you're making it harder and harder to get them under contract without making a salary dump trade. Finally, it's always good to have cap space going into the season to facilitate in-season trades. It "increases" as the season goes on, allowing the team to add more expensive players if they think it is beneficial.
  14. I'll skip right past the "good guy in the room" and save you the rerun. I don't bring him back. I swear to you, he was one of my favorite flyers and always will be. But his days even on the third line are done, and it was painful sending him off the first time. I'd rather plug it with a kid and take my chances.
  15. I'm wondering what a politically correct word would be to accurately call a cl*wn a cl*wn.
  16. This Hartman of which you speak, this wouldn’t happen to be Ryan Hartman?
  17. Sounds like an NHL All Star-Team, eh? Nope. It's part of the latest recruiting class for the Arizona State Sun Devils Men's Hockey Team. There is something cold brewing in the desert and it ain't the Coyotes. The Sun Devils, who currently play an independent schedule, are coming off their first NCAA tournament appearance. [Hidden Content] "Now it appears that another crop of bloodline talent is on track to the NHL and… get this… they’re all playing together on the same team for the upcoming 2019-20 season. Arizona State University of the NCAA announced yesterday that joining Austin Lemieux, son of Hall of Famer Mario Lemieux, will be Jackson Niedermayer, son of Scott Niedermayer, Joshua Doan, son of Shane Doan, and Carson Briere, son of Daniel Briere."
  18. Wild Free Agency Conundrum: to Spend or Not to Spend I wrote this up, considering the latest Russo rumors including some information I recently learned myself. Check it out.
  19. He didn't fit in Philly don't waste your time arguing with this know it all clown. Flyers moved him I was and still am happy they moved him. Farabee and Frost will be very very good players for the Flyers. They may even surpass Patrick if he doesn't start showing consistent improvement. Nice moves...and was a nice pick by the Flyers. #dontfeedthetroll
  20. All good points I was going to say...but I didn't care in arguing with this know it all clown.
  21. Might be. Rux and I have talked many times regarding various coaches that fit that bill...…….. guys who make better lieutenants than captains of the ship.
  22. Russo is now reporting that the Wild are going hard after Mats Zuccarello and Ryan Hartman. So Fenton trades away a young 5’8” playmaker only to overpay to acquire an older 5’8” playmaker because he didn’t want to overpay the younger playmaker. Hartmans a fourth liner at best. As long as he gets him cheap.
  23. Meh. Galchenyuk put up 19/22/41 on a mediocre Coyotes team. I guess I can hope if you put him on one of the top lines on the Pens that can become 25/40/65. Younger and faster. $2M cheaper. He's got 1 more year left. If he works out, keep him. If not, they have cap space to play with after this season. In a vacuum, not a great deal for the Pens but considering this is literally the ONLY team they could have dealt him too, not bad...and a decent prospect to boot.
  24. More good stuff... Which means likely the... Flyers, Capitals, Rangers, NY Islanders, Blue Jackets, Bruins, Maple Leafs, Lightning and Arizona. Anyone else have other guesses?
  25. (shrugs) because i wanted to put an annoying non-verbal communication in parentheses.
  26. Jimtown guy

    UND Hockey

    Former UND coach Dave Hakstol hired as an assistant for the Maple Leafs
  27. All joking aside....if the Leafs want to get serious about defense, they got the right guy.
  28. Don't sell him short, Rux... He'd do GREAT as a cheese slinger in Wisconsin as well.
  29. Maple Leafs have a tenative trade with the Senators. Leafs trade Nikita Zaitsev for Cody Ceci. Leafs can't finalize the deal till July 1 as they will pay Zaitsev's $3M signing bonus and it is likely the Leafs will add something else to the Senators.
  30. I agree. Galenchenyuk doesn't bring anything really to the Pens, while Kessel will play for Tochet.
  31. I think Paul Fenton just plotzed...
  32. @mojo1917 it won't be Provorov turning that contract down. It would be his agent Mark Gandler and I doubt Gandler would be his agent for long after that. 8 years and $62 million is really good money, so I can't see Provorov turning that down. As for last year, he was definitely injured, no doubt in my mind. Provorov was wincing every time a hard pass was delivered to his stick or if he had to shoot the puck. If I were coach, I would have pulled him and ordered the team doctors to do an MRI on his shoulder. He was also gassed and Hakstol continued to run him into the ground at break neck speed. The good news is that with a competent coaching staff in place, the days of Provorov playing 25 to 27 minutes a night during the regular season is coming to an end and he'll be better off for it. I'm also expecting 15 to 17 goals from Ivan this year and 45 to 50 points. I think this is the year Provorov becomes a superstar defenseman.
  33. this is just me, I think schenn should have been pushing to be #1 C here and he wasn't close. I think if Hextall wouldn't have told Dave Scott to get the heck out of his office he'd still have a job. Hakstol was the reason Hextall lost his job. Not this trade. we'll agree to see this differently.
  34. What do you mean he "can't make the team?" He hasn't been given the option. And at 8 months younger than Patrick he was almost in the next year's draft. It's not really a good comparison at all. And truthfully, Patrick had no business being brought straight to the NHL. With all of Hextall's preaching about bringing people slowly and having them earn it, Patrick earned nothing and was thrown into a level well over his head and continues to suffer for it. It's not that Morgan Frost can't make the team (at 19 he couldn't and shouldn't). It's because he was younger than most in his draft class, has not been given the opportunity (because staying in junior was prudent) and - - unlike Patrick -- will have to earn it. I mean, he JUST turned 20 a month and a half ago. He'd have been 18 the entire season had he come up with Patrick. Patrick was 19 before his rookie regular season started. Sorry, it's simply a silly argument.
  35. Sorry. I disagree. I don't think he could coach a golden retriever to crap
  36. The Simmonds rumors remind me of the Wild’s pattern of every year bringing in a “tough guy” to add “grit” to their soft as butter roster. Yeah he’s a right wing, but he’ll be taking ice time away from younger players unless they stick him on the third or fourth line. And if that is the plan, they better get him cheap and for only a year or two. And no NTC. Last I heard Pavelski is going to Dallas. Let the Stars pick up his retirement contract. The Wild are already stuck with three and possibly four retirement contracts. Anders Lee, ok, but how many former captains are you going to collect? And again, where will he play? He’s a lefty. Like the Wild haven’t already cornered the market on leftys. If you put him on a top line, he’s going to bump a young guy to the third or fourth line. This team is going to be mired in mediocrity until the come to the realization that they just aren’t that good and need to rebuild with youth and quit signing every old guy that comes along to a retirement contract with a NMC...
  37. Sanheim for two years is fine. Give him some fire to keep growing. Fletch has done plenty of head scratchers without us having to go on a witch hunt over what he eats for breakfast.
  38. Again my sarcasm is lost...apparently i suck at it Im not a Hartman fan. I could care less about him
  39. Why did he have to take another step? They just paid a few million more for a 27 year old that has never done what schenn did three times before he was 25. And his pay was in line for what he was producing. Now they are paying 7 mil a year for a guy who has never came close to the steps schenn has already taken, and likely never will. If they have the future center in frost then why sign a plug for 7 years? they could have had Filpulla again last year for less than 3 million if they needed a placeholder. If frost ends up being good, good luck moving that contract.. If Frost ends up being as good as schenn everyone will be okay with that. You need more than one or two centers. And I didnt forget about the picks for schenn, ive been talking about frost in this thread. Farabee could be good, who knows. I had to remind others about Lehtera. If Hextall didnt make that trade, he would still be GM of flyers, the flyers would have made the playoffs, and St Louis wouldnt have a cup.

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