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  1. Players like Ristolainen highlight the biggest inefficiency in the NHL. 1) Players get paid for points. 2) Many players who get points contribute to their teams being outscored despite their point totals. Finding the players who help the goal share while not getting enough points to move the salary dial is the golden ticket when filling out the roster. At this stage of the game, Risto is absolutely not that type of guy. Gets a lot of points, spends a lot of time picking pucks out of his own net. I agree completely with @TropicalFruitGirl26 about his usage, in that it's been completely inappropriate. I think he could do some real damage as a soft-minute guy, but the Sabres have consistently played him like a top-pairing guy. A mistake, I think.
  2. Occ and Colleagues: The elapsed time here makes me think it goes beyond benchmark signings. Maybe Provo's camp is stuck on a long-term deal. I hoped this would be done a month or ago. It doesn't give me a warm and fuzzy feeling.
  3. No. And it shouldn't come to that and besides what do you take back for a 22 year old number one defenseman??? And again i said no. If he is moved it better be for a gross over payment back...a top line forward and then some...but i prefer to get the kid signed and make him the cornerstone of the defense for many years to come. To me there isn't any other option.
  4. Sekera is in Dallas now. Too bad he didn't stick around and get a chance to wear this hideous new alternate jersey... Y.U.C.K!
  5. Wishful thinking on this team I ‘ve wanted to see a rotation system setup for many years. A rotation system would create huge benefits if we made the playoffs.
  6. Not a bad list at all. Cases can be made for every single player on there and nothing jumps out at me as being ridiculous. That said, if I were to remove one player and add another, it would have to be putting in Jonathan Toews and removing Elias Pettersson. How the heck you leave off an in-his-prime SC winning top line center, who incidentally put up career highs in G, A, and overall points, while STILL maintaining ridiculously good FO win % numbers, NOT turning the puck over and is still a consummate leader on the ice is beyond me. Sure, Toews +/- had suffered (well below his career averages), but the Chicago defense and goaltending overall has not been top tier the last two seasons or so. Toews plays a fantastic two way game and has for years, and I expect he will continue to do so for a few more yet. He should be on there. Pettersson? Great, great rookie season, but at this stage, that's all it is...one season. Granted, he has the ceiling and skillset to be a regular on a list like this, but others on here, including the omitted Toews, have been doing it for YEARS and look like they could keep getting it done for the foreseeable. Nothing against young Pettersson, but one season shouldn't land him on list like this......two or three years from now, he might own the top spot here though... Also, in a nod to Flyers fans, yes, I would say Sean Couturier can have a case for being on here. Last season, his numbers matched very close to Toews' and seems to now play the same kind of game, top to bottom. And since he has done it for the last two years, on an iffy defensive squad like Philadelphia, it can't be called a fluke. If he does it yet again this coming season, he officially should be in the top 20 no questions asked, but yea, I could see him being nudged into this list even now.
  7. A couple things bother me here: "I haven't been able to help the team win".... he was quoted. Ok...it's called a rebuild, with a bunch of young players and still weeding out veterans who aren't in the long term plans. He is NOT the only one who 'couldn't help the team win'.....it's an entire process. So...is that cause for him to want to go elsewhere? Leave because things are tough right now and not wanting to be part of the solution? Also... The media HAS been speculating on whether he will be a long term Sabre or not. No secret. That's is what the media does...speculates, stir up stories...they need SOMETHING to write about. Does that REALLY bother Mr. Ristolainen? And so he finds the hockey "not enjoyable"...and he thinks maybe a change of scenery would help? Like to where? A bigger market with an even bigger microscope on him? Fact is, Buffalo has treated him as a #1 defenseman and frankly, he isn't that. Nice skillset, but probably a #3 or #4 second pairing guy at best on a deeper team. That's not on him that the Sabres dumped #1 responsibilities on him....they simply had no other options. Now the Sabres are slowly gaining other options, though none still stands out as a true #1 D yet. What IS on Ristolainen is his own play. I don't care what else is going on around him, basic decision making with the puck, playing SMART when it comes to checking and positioning, and helping with goal prevention by any means necessary are things he struggled with....and things that make a good NHL defenseman. I don't care where he goes...if he struggles with those things, he won't find the "hockey enjoyable" elsewhere either. Obviously, I don't have all the facts, don't know what the Sabre front office is thinking or what is truly in Risto's heart, but this sorta makes him sound a bit like a whiner.... "It's too tough...what are these other defensemen doing here.....I'm no having fun...we aren't winning....blah, blah, blah" I wouldn't want a guy who seems to fold under the bit of pressure that a market like Buffalo provides. Imagine if he played for markets like Toronto, New York, Philadelphia, Chicago.....he'd probably be a minus 85, and it wouldn't matter if his teammates were HOF skaters. Sheesh...get a grip, Risto. You are 24 on a young rebuilding team....just work on what you need to work on and let the FO do whatever the FO is going to do.
  8. You can say it...it's the owner. He "feels" the team is only a "tweak" away from a Stanley Cup. Analytics say otherwise. He's more concerned that if he utters the dreaded "R" word, fans will stay away in droves, and he'll lose money. So he keeps up this false narrative of "We're just a tweak away" and throws silly money at an over the hill free agent to keep the sheeple buying season tickets. Sooner or later this strategy is going to backfire and the team is going to be saddled with aging vets that they can't get rid of and young players that aren't developing because they cant get ice time because all the ice time is going to the aging vets because they get paid more...

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