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  1. I've watched Morin in Allentown the past three years. He is nothing more than Ollie Lauridsen 2.0. He's slow and not particularly belligerent like everyone wants to believe. He isn't the kind of guy to try to ignite a spark by gooning it up and I never saw him come to the aid of a teammate. He certainly can fight (or at least wrassle a guy to the ground) but he isn't ornery and is often out of position. His size helps a lot but he is not the second coming of Chris Pronger or even Chris Therrien. Let him play for a few games then trade him. They have much much better prospects waiting in the wings.
  2. I know lineups will likely change from now till Opening Night, and you Wings fans would know better who will likely be with be whom, but here is, according to dailyfaceoff, how they have the Wings' lines set up on the forward ranks. Adam Erne slotted in the 3rd line seems about right to me though. Erne played 3rd and 4th line minutes in TB, and he had the occasional top six wing position as Jon Cooper tried to find ways to either expand Erne's offensive repertoire, or more likely, had him there to try an open up space for his scoring linemates. But his skillset thus far suggests he fits best as a checking, sometimes scoring contributing, bottom six forward. Maybe with more experience and the Wings not being as deep as TB, he will see more time doing other things more often.
  3. I subscribe to the Athletic, and I haven’t been disappointed. I usually enjoy it because of the analysis. But today, I’m reading an article on Svechnikov, and I find out the Wings acquired Adam Erne from the TBL for a fourth rounder in 2020. Didn’t see that reported anywhere. Am I obtuse and just missed it? Anyway, I like the deal. Erne didn’t score too many points, but the kid only got just over 10 minutes of ice time on a talent-laden Bolts team. Tough to nab ice time on a team like that. Tough to get a true read of potential. We saw this a season or two ago with AA. He was scoring, but not getting much ice time. Last season he finally got the time and made the most of it. I see this as a similar opportunity for Erne. My only thing with it is that it COULD block out an opportunity for a prospect—like Svechnikov—to be given a chance to get some games in at the NHL level and for the Wings to be able to see what they really have in some of these young players. Do they have what it takes to be successful players at the NHL level? This notwithstanding, I like the deal for the potential upside of this kid. And I think it is even MORE interesting because he’s coming from the team that Stevie GM’d, suggesting that perhaps he sees something in this kid. Intriguing development that barely made a ripple.
  4. Haven't been on here much lately...they buy him out yet?
  5. Aunt Cleo from the psyhic friends network is more accurate than that fraud Eklund.
  6. Why not? Ghost is the most expendable of the three.
  7. Sure phlfly hates him but that is all I can think of off the top of my head. Since he has switched to LW only one other winger has put up more points than him. (Kucherov) Giroux ain't going anywhere.
  8. The way that I see it we had the options of: A veteran like Abdelkader or Green OR Larkin IMHO this is a no brainer, the teams point leader who plays in all situations with a fire in his belly, leads by example on the ice, great choice to lead the team. Surprised it took this long.
  9. Looking over at the roster, and considering things like skill level, tenure, and long term viability, I'd have to agree that Larkin seems the obvious choice. Of course, guys like Abdelkader may have some say in the locker room and someone else's opinions like Mike Green, Danny DeKeyser, and even Valteri Filppula may hold some weight, but none of those guys check all the boxes like Larkin seems to. So yea, if Larkin feels he is ready for "The Mantle", I am sure Steve Yzerman would love to put that to rest and get on with building a contender.

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