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  1. Patrick Maroon. Lightning continue to add veteran talent on the cheap. Tampa, FL is the latest stop for the well travelled Maroon who is coming fresh off a Stanley Cup win. $900K on a one year deal. When the Bolts moved out Adam Erne just over a week ago, some wondered where the needed "grit" would come from....well, if he stays healthy, here is Erne's replacement. From NHL.com [Hidden Content] I never was a big fan of Maroon (like Kevin Shattenkirk), but, once again, for the price, and the term, even I can't complain. And if Maroon can help bolster and add "the missing ingredient" to the forward ranks, then it may be the best 900K TB has ever spent on a player contract! Maroon, Shattenkirk, Witkowski, Luke Schenn…. all seem like "spare parts" But that is $4M spread out over four players that could end up playing key roles in supplementing the Lightning's main core and MAYBE enough to push them to a Cup this season. And if the Bolts don't like what any of them brings, they are all done after this season, with the exception of Witkowski, to whom the team gave an extra year at $700K to. So, I guess "Welcome to Tampa Bay Pat Maroon?"
  2. @yave1964 You said it...For love of the game. And what tough love it must be, because hockey isn't exactly easy on the body. I've played sports myself (softball, volleyball, and of course, competed in minor Tae Kwon Do and Hapkido tourneys in Florida), but never ice hockey (pick up street ball hockey doesn't count, I don't think...haha), and there is definitely a mindset that has to go into what you are doing in order to not only be good at it, but to have the fortitude to continue on even when things aren't going your way. The tougher the sport, the more iron willed you need to be. This man must have a titanium steel will to keep going in pro hockey like he has. Hard not to root for someone like that. I'm sure he would like to be paid more for doing what he does, but apparently, even what he does make is enough for him to continue doing what he loves. For him, beats the hell out of working at a Home Depot somewhere. Home Depot frowns upon taking someone into the boards and skating away with their shopping carts after all....
  3. Hey, in 2013, with a roster that was a shadow of what Todd McLellan had to work with, Krueger had the Oilers in a playoff spot until two weeks before the season ended. He actually had Nail Yakupov score enough to lead the team in goals. After Craig MacTavish fired him via Skype, he ended up coaching Team Switzerland in the Olympics, where they greatly over-achieved, and in 2016, he coached Team Europe to the finals at the World Cup of Hockey. He ended up taking a job running the Southampton football club after that. Under him, they returned to the Premiership, with the owner of the team being able to parlay that success into a half-billion dollar sale of the club. RFK is a member of the World Economic Forum, and is paid handsomely to travel around the planet, speaking to major CEOs about how to run their businesses. He wrote a best-selling book about motivation and team building. He's a great communicator. Honestly, he's probably the NHL's version of The World's Most Interesting Man. I'm not crapping on Buffalo for one second when I say this: for a man with Ralph Krueger's resume, coaching the Buffalo Sabres or any other NHL team is a downgrade for him. He's fresh off a hot run in the Premier League. The NHL is a step down, but he does love hockey. I don't know how this will work out, but I think the mistake was Edmonton firing Ralph Krueger, not the Sabres hiring him.

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