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  1. Well coach...no matter who the guy is or how valuable...you just cant hand over blank cheques. Being fiscally prudent and somewhat fair is indeed the GMs job. If someone is being unreasonable you just dont cave. In Provs case any left over money is mostly going to Konecny...who is a young up and comer in his own right...pay Provs to much and you take yourself out of range for Kons.
  2. I think the variety of responses is really interesting. Everyone sees the team in its own unique way. That's the simple beauty of an article like this. Like I said, I'd love to do this in person one day and just make a YouTube video of it. Brews...food...questions and discussion. I think there would be a lot of laughter and it'd be damn fun even if the discussion was pretty hard on the Wild in the process.
  3. Meh. Probably about the right price...but I still wouldn'tve paid him $3 million. Wild still have about $5 million in cap space.
  4. So this is just speculation? I'd take that trade in a second. Kyrou, a young offensive talent and a decent stay-at-home defender for 3rd and finesse defenseman with little offensive ability.
  5. Yeah, the cupboard is pretty bare, but hopefully Kaprizov, Boldy, Khovanov and maybe Firstov and McBain will someday be NHL caliber.
  6. Apparently it was a bit of negotiating tactic because Zacha just signed a 3 year deal with the Devils a few hours ago lol. So he 'played' in the KHL for all of like 6 hours.
  7. I'd love to see the bridge deal go as far as it an while keeping him an RFA when it expires. With Sanheim and Myers coming along and Ghost already on board, there's something to be said for hedging your bets and almost playing them against each other. Instinct says they'll use whatever the others get to define their own deals, but if Fletcher is proactive, he can leverage the performance of the others against the next to sign. So if Provo gets a three year deal, So Myers is next and if he has a really great season, he'll likely get a deal a little lighter than Sanheim's (I kinda wish Sanheim would have gotten at least three years, so maybe Fletcher can get that out of the less experienced Myers next summer). So after that it's Sanheim again, at which point he may be able to start making some serious demands cash wise to which Fletcher can play the, "Well I don't know man... we've got Myers and Provy to lock up next year two and they're playing as many or more minutes yadda yadda... open market's one thing but here's where we think you are in relation to our team and what we're trying to build here. Hextall was quite good at this tactic. With the exception of Voracek (who was early on and producing the best) but he really got Simmer, Coots and Ghost for team friendly deals. Almost as friendly as the deals Johnsson and Kapanen just signed. I'd love to see Fletcher manage to do something similar. So far though, I'm a little terrified of his negotiating and cap management skills.
  8. There's no doubt. They should replace the "1" with a "$". That'd make more sense...

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