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    Well, the problem was that Fenton waited instead of taking care of business. The bar was set when the Rangers paid Jacob Trouba $8M/7 yrs. How do you go to Spurgeon, who is three times the defenseman Trouba is, and tell him that because you’re over 30 we are paying you less than Trouba?
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    I don't know about "wildly" overpaying him....yes, it is a bit more in term and money than a guy who will be 31 when the contract starts should probably get, but I'd classify it as a bit of an overpay to keep a guy who still brings plenty of offensive/defensive skills and smarts to the team. The bottom line, IMO, was whether the Wild wanted Jared Spurgeon around or not, because if they don't pay him the 7.5M, someone else certainly would have....and have gotten a solid #2 or #3 defenseman. Term will likely bite Minnesota in the rear down the road, but apparently the team feels they will just deal with that when the time comes. There are options....buyouts, trades with retention, or LTIR if Spurgeon suffers some serious injury to where he can't even go on the ice anymore. Personally, I'm glad to have him back. He and Mat Dumba make a very fine offensive attack pair from the blue line...whether working together or on separate pairings. Even though Spurge isn't what I would consider an "elite defender", he still does many things pretty well. 7.5M is the cost of doing business and keeping around a criminally underrated defenseman.
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    I have no insight at all, other than that a rational player - not solely focused on $$ - would cut the crap. Marner did. Konecny ain’t Marner.
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    It certainly doesn’t help, but it might not be that bad. Hayes almost doubles the production we got from Patrick last year, and if Farabee starts in the top 6, surely he could maintain a 30-point pace at minimum. Laughts and Ruby as 3C/4C. Obviously we want the whole team to be together, but I actually think it would be manageable.
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    Patrick is hurt ,upper body injury, they say he may not be ready for season....I really wouldn’t be surprised to see Patrick have a short career in Philly. Coots is our top center, Hayes is # 2 and Frost is almost ready, a year away at the very most. , Rubstov may very well turn out to be better suited as the the third line center instead of Patrick. Patrick is not exactly tenacious, rugged or a defensive stalwart. He also seems a bit soft and injury prone. I really wouldn’t be shocked to see him traded when some of these other kids come in. We have done well in drafting the last 20 years or so, but I think the 2 Irishman , Patrick, and Jay O’Brien could be flops.
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    Wild Fans Speak: 2019-20 Season Preview, Part 1 of 3 I talked to 6 Wild fans and 1 non-Wild fan to ask them their thoughts on the team going into this season. Check out what HockeyForums.net members @IllaZilla @Davey J and @DJ Ricky had to say! I will publish the next two over the next few days.
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    Thanks. Tweet I saw earlier suggested it was a surprise. Still ridiculous that he can’t get through an offseason without injury. Must have caught Neuvirthitis.
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    If you are looking long term, and cap management, who is more important to the Flyers, Sanheim or Konecny? I would argue that Sanheim is more important to the Flyers long-term future than Konecny. Given this , why should Konecny receive more than Sanheim?
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    Flyers are waiting for his new suit to come in Flyer colors....they need to rush the order...
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    i just saw this on NBC Sports/Philly. I swear to God, as soon as he's healthy for 10 minutes, I move him. He's not impressive when he's healthy, and he's completely worthless the other 95% of the time. If you can get some idiot GM to trade for him, pull the trigger.
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    I agree with some of BSH stuff; there is good young blood in the system. If his ask is unreasonable, sayonara. His agent is being disrespectful of the need to be around for change of coach...system, and the like. I suspect the brass is not going to have a long leash. At this juncture, bring up another youngin. [Hidden Content] The O and B will face some big-time cost escalation in coming years if recent picks pan out. Overpaying Konecny now could really backfire. Best, Howie
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    Not a good way to start the season. granted, he's not the only kid in this situation. Tons of RFAs out there. In some ways, I don't blame him for wanting to see how the market shakes out. But he's not Marner, Tkachuk or Laine. He can't afford to miss camp. He needs to learn a new system and, frankly, needs to learn how to play any system. Honestly, I kind of expect him to sign soon. Lot of pressure brought to bear above.
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    These are great points. In particular, supporting Larkin through non-winning times and giving him time to learn/earn the Captaincy. There’s no rush, we’re not winning this year. Unfortunately there isn’t a legit bridge player like Kronwall to assume the role for a few years. I’m sure the most important role is who sets the tone in the locker room which would be delegated organically to the individual everyone falls in line with. C’s and A’s are on ice window dressing. Gotta trust Stevie.
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    What I got out of watching the prospects is the Wild's inability to players that have a lot of speed and or skill. We have lots of guys who are average to below average skaters. IMO, that is really detrimental in today's game which is more and more about speed. Beckman is a perfect example of this. Yes, he has skill, decent offensive instincts...but he's an average skater at best. And thus...his impact is limited by his mobility. The other obvious deficiency across the board are finishers. They have drafted for playmaking. But with few proven finishers goals are hard to comeby and the assists don't pile up either for the same reason. This organization has consistently ignored those two elements to their peril as this team has become older and slower.
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    Fiala wasn’t going to get a better deal. Check out CapFriendly.com. Fiala slotted in with several other players his age and more or less similar production. I think the Wild went a bit high, but not terribly. The Wild will have plenty of cap space next season, especially considering Koivu ($5.5M) and Ennis ($1.5M) come off the cap. Kaprizov is only going to cost around $3M.
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    I'm looking forward to @DJ Ricky's comments. I think it's interesting to see another teams fans view of the Wild...

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