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  1. I think some big boos followed by even louder cheering would be a pretty terrific way to honor a guy like Simmonds. It could become a new thing.
  2. Those are some of the "wenches" in the Mummer's Parade, yes. Or, as you accurately describe it, hell.
  3. HEY!! I's game night.....lets keep that momentum going from....um...last week.....;)
  4. Dear lawd i sure hope this isn't because they are planning on a bad season...a rage room??? @radoran I think @ruxpin might need one of these installed in his house....sure hope they won't need it tonight. #almostagoodidea
  5. Not sure if it is its own class or not, but personally I'm fond of the Wench. Love the wenches.
  6. I'm just curious: What other classes are you thinking? Are they all medieval inspired? I hope so. the Bard?
  7. It will be interesting to see if the Devils get a return on their $5 million Simmonds salary? I suspect that tank is empty but I don't think Ray Shero is a dodo. Scoring aside, Simmonds is what I call a member of the Warrior Class. He will be a good influence on the youngins.
  8. That's exactly how Santa felt, despite all the negative reports to the contrary. He was honored. Love that guy.
  9. What that segment needed was Teen-girl Mojo to really bust some **** up. This young lady is a novice and apologetic breaker of things, one can tell... Teen-girl Mojo would have been el kabonging that guitar off the TV in zero seconds flat. exhibit A as to why comedy is hard. This almost worked for me, where was gritty with the step in to show how "it's " done ? I would visit the rage room. since I hate, I HATE... speaking of hating, I think I might actually stigmata bleed when I see Wayne Simmonds wear a goddamned Devils sweater, jesus, I almost don't want to tune into the game because of that. But since the Flyers only get to play one game every 14 days, I'm afraid I'll get to missing hockey, not sure what to do...
  10. Jeez, this GDT is 5 days old and still going. Will ya play some hockey already?
  11. In case you missed this: [Hidden Content] I still think he'll get better than this. On the other hand the thing is that he says he just doesn't see the other players, and that happens to me as well. Our forwards are have been nowhere to be seen. If the goal scorers are not in places to score from, what can a playmaker do?
  12. Not ready to send the Sharkies to the canned tuna factories just yet. Yea....start of the season ALWAYS sees wacky stuff go on (players who should do better aren't, and players who have no business being on an NHL ice sheet play some of their best Gretzkian hockey..... till they remember they are really AHL fodder)... The lack of production of the 'star players' is a bit concerning (for fantasy purposes, me retaining Timo Meier as a keeper is looking pretty bad right now, for instance), and yes, the depth isn't what it has been in years past, but there are still some very good hockey players on this team.....they simply haven't gotten it in gear yet. I do rather like the Knights as favorites for the division, but the Sharks should still be in the conversation. Let's see them get all their pieces back and let's see what they are doing by the quarter pole of the season (19-22 games in)...that should give us a better indicator of what this team really has.
  13. @yave1964 I think it's almost all small sample size. The Sharks are outshooting their opposition, but have a shooting percentage of only 3.9% and the goalies save percentage is only .868
  14. I don't know why this video would be "banned worldwide" but there are at least three other compilations of "all 50" goals from last season on the first page of results for Draisaitl...
  15. The icing on this particular cake for me was Dave Scott just gushing about how they really tried to put themselves in this position with the European opener. Good work, boos! Continuing my relatively obscure British SciFi references... In this case - Red Dwarf. It was a one-off joke that became a "thing" for fans of the program. Also, too, gratuitous Arnold Rimmer reference recalling a Certain Poster from the halcyon silly.com days.
  16. Meanwhile, Chicago plays outside their time zone once this month - an afternoon game in Carolina. Did I mention their eight homes games? They travel twice - to Nashville and Carolina.
  17. Just boo him then cheer him. Or cheer him then boo him either is fine by me.
  18. I know, right! Question is, will they boo Simmonds as he hopes, or cheer him as I expect! I would love to know who plans these schedules. I can barely make it to the end of an 8 o'clock game and we have this west coast BS already? They hate us!
  19. Exactly we need something new to bitch about. Anything....just something different!
  20. What a great time to pull that out! LMAO
  21. It's 'cause Hayes is a very good long snapper. Sure, he's the highest paid long snapper in the league, but look at the results! Worth every penny!

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