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  1. [Hidden Content] Whatever phone. Patrick practicing with the team.
  2. He just bought a home here...can't wait to spear him if I see him.
  3. If they continue to lose, he may not last October. But they have a ready made replacement in Zach Parise, because he seems to know everything...kind of a player/coach, like Reggie Dunlop...
  4. Oh, it's probably inevitable that he will have struggles in his career. Just about all players do. Remember when everyone wanted to trade Giroux when he had his 50-some point season? And, Philly being Philly, it's probably inevitable that fans will turn on Hart when he does struggle. But in the long-view, I truly believe he will be a top level goaltender for his career.
  5. It’s like @yave1964said, you can’t fire 23 players, so someone needs to go. That would be Boudreau, the only 30+something without a NTC. If Donato turns in another poor performance, I can see them sending him to Iowa. He’s got a couple of games left before he needs waivers. That might shake up some of the younger guys, but nothing is going to shake up the older guys. I doubt even if Boudreau benched one of them it would have any effect. They got their money and they know they aren’t going anywhere. And you are correct, the only thing that fans can really do to show their displeasure is to stop buying stuff. Bitching on this board or the team Twitter account is meaningless if they continue to purchase season tickets and jerseys.
  6. One thing is for certain, we finally have a mechanically sound goaltending , a guy who positions himself perfect for different situations and who is fluid in his movements. As young as he is, he has his crap together. Considering all the floppers, leaners and unorthodox head cases we have had in goal in the last 30 yrs , I am very optimistic . You can clearly see that Hart is the real deal.
  7. Brel, Absolutely agree with everything you said ....... I watched it via my DVR but yeah there was something there I haven't felt like in quite some time. God I even say it, but it felt like there was some actual jump in their skates ...despite not playing for a couple of days ...... I wanna see this team play better teams to see how they do, but more importantly I want them to bury the weaker teams ....not play down to them.
  8. You all should of heard Kevin Weeks on NHL tonight (or on the fly) literally GUSHING about Hart. He called that save, AND I QUOTE, "One of the BEST saves I have EVER SEEN in my life"......says the guy who sat on the bench watching Broduer play night after night....and he said it more than once and "stood by it".... He had a really nice 5 minute piece on why that save was the result of uncanny vision, reading the play, NOT over committing to any of the THREE guys he had to "respect" on that break, and sound positioning.... and MUCH less about luck. When I hear an actual NHL Goaltender, and current hockey analyst, speak like that about a goalie...well, I take a LOT more stock in HIS opinion than any of you "keyboard jockeys".... Yup....I'm a believer. Kid is gonna go on to be a GREAT goalie in this league (barring an injury or gifted sports car)....
  9. Maybe the offensive corps should carry out their defensive duties better and worry about scoring only after that. And hey Mats - don't start throwing your line mates under the bus already. It's not like your game has been superior to anyone. Then again, did someone really think he'd be as good as Granlund? SMH
  10. Koivu's cliche is an all time (hate) favorite of mine: "We have to be better". I would suspect that Koivu himself doesn't have a clue that phrase doesn't mean anything. But he probably doesn't care one iota either.
  11. I don't think he's a "franchise goalie" yet. He looks like he could be. He already has the pedigree. And at barely 21 years of age...young by NHL goalie standards, he sure doesn't look out of place. I agree it takes a team, not just a goalie. I agree he only made 1 or 2 "great saves'''...which is 1 or 2 more than we usually get. And I agree the rest were saves that most teams fans would expect. Just not what Flyer fans expect after 3 decades of wtf? Hart was a 2nd round pick...he wasn't taken 1st overall. I think, barring a complete meltdown, which he's NEVER done in his career, he'll end up being at worst an above average NHL goalie. I'll take that, any more is gravy. And if some of Hextalls other defensive acquisitions namedly Provorov/Sanheim/Myers/Zamula/Wylie/St'Ivany/Ginning etc can help him out then he should be even better off. Throw in Cam York/Gostisbehere/Morin/Niskanen/Braun and the likes of Couturier/Hayes/Raffl/Twarynski and soon to be Farabee and he should be getting lots of help.
  12. Hockey is a team game ..It takes everyone on the ice to play his part. Hart has to come up with two or three big saves in a game . It helps to be lucky,and Good.. Team efforts are needed every night . Its the cheesey goals that dflate a team ..
  13. Love him or hate, Gritty certainly is not your ordinary mascot. This is too funny ....... PK Subban is engaged to Lindsey Vonn form Olympic skier. [Hidden Content] Philadelphia Flyers mascot Gritty is one of the most bizarre mascots that the sports world has ever seen. Now the creature that emerged from his secret hiding place under Wells Fargo Arena is taking trolling to a whole new level. Prior to Wednesday's game between the Flyers and New Jersey Devils, Gritty stood behind the glass near Devils defenseman P.K. Subban and held a sign that said "Lindsey could do better." Take a look: Sup, @lindseyvonn? pic.twitter.com/2K8CWYYGJ2 — Philadelphia Flyers (@NHLFlyers) October 9, 2019 Of course, the sign is referring to Olympic skier Lindsey Vonn, who is engaged to Subban. Despite the betrothal between the two sports stars, Gritty is shooting his shot with the three-time Winter Olympic medalist. Subban appeared to be focused on the game because he didn't pay any attention to Gritty's sign. The Devils star had an evening to forget as the Flyers came away with a 4-0 win (box score). Flyers goalie Carter Hart registered his first career shutout and recorded 25 saves. The Flyers received goals from Sean Couturier, Kevin Hayes, Travis Konecny, and Ivan Provorov. The team also honored former Flyer Wayne Simmonds with a tribute video during the game. Simmonds spent eight seasons of his NHL career with the Flyers before being traded to the Nashville Predators at the trade deadline and ultimately signing with the Devils in the offseason.
  14. Yeah, put me in the "Gritty won me over" club....at first I was appalled and embarrassed.....but then he started serving people hotdogs in the bowl from the balcony with a fishing pole and I said...."Alright, they might have something here"... Good stuff....and the boy LOVES him.
  15. He really IS the anti-Mascot ..... at first I have to admit I thought WTF ....but he has grown on me and it is just plain hilarious how he trolls other teams and players ....
  16. I think the entire social media team for the Flyers has been very good since the beginning of last year. They are funny, talk just the right amount of smack. Gritty is great, he's pretty weird looking but he's funny and whomever is doing his accounts is hitting the right notes. I saw this too and laughed pretty heartily
  17. All joking aside....if the Leafs want to get serious about defense, they got the right guy.
  18. In all seriousness, I was one of those who also thought that if one of Neal-Lucic was going to rebound, it would be Neal. Not all sure why he wasn't successful in Calgary, but JR made some pretty sound observations as to possible causes. Neal is and always has been the more complete hockey player of the two, like him or not. I will add that perhaps team style might have something to do with it. Calgary, at their core, have always been a defense first type team. Sure, they have more offensive players now than they have had in recent years, but still, the team identity, and one where they play their best is defense and goaltending, backed up by strong a strong attack style..particularly from the blue line. To me, that pretty much leaves Neal out of most equations there....unless he quickly adapts to that, which he obviously didn't. Pittsburgh, Nashville once they moved away from the older Trotz system, Vegas, and now Edmonton. All highly offensive (or at least, have the idea to play that way), all more about the attack with perhaps putting defense secondary (basically betting that the goalie can just take care of himself), and playing with fantastic like-minded linemates who all want to play that north-south style....with a coach that encourages it. That suits Neal just fine. Then there is health of course. Will Neal continue the way he has been playing? Well the numbers he is putting up are downright ridiculous.....he can't possibly maintain that for an entire season. So no...he won't keep up that pace. But can he still have a fine year, help bolster the Oilers, and put up the kinds of numbers people are used to seeing from him? Absolutely. As long as he stays healthy, I don't see why not. Playing alongside three of the NHL's best forwards and with a backend lead by Nurse that is slowly coming around won't hurt his chances of doing so either.

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