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  1. Russo reporting Stalock gets his third straight start...maybe the Devan Dubnyk era of starting 75% of the games is over... And no Koivu. Still sick.
  2. This is kind of interesting. #40 Devan Dubnyk (8-12-2) 3.35GAA .891%SP 1SO $4.3M AAV #72 Sergei Bobrovsky (17-12-2) 3.22GAA .898%SP 1SO $10M AAV Wild - 3.06 Goals For Per Game (14th in the NHL) Panthers - 3.64 Goals For Per Game (1st in the NHL) Wild - 3.27 Goals Against Per Game (26th in the NHL) Panthers - 3.26 Goals Against Per Game (25th in the NHL) Bobrovsky's lucky he's playing on a team with such a high powered offense. Imagine what his numbers would look like on the Wild...
  3. The Pens blitzed the Flyers in the first meeting. Made our boys look like boys, they were faster, more skilled, harder on the puck. That and the the San Jose road game at the beginning of the month were the two worst performances of the year. Everyone likes to bitch when a they lose to a team "lower" in the standings. Mostly because it's Philly and people like to bitch, but those two games were the worst showings by this team and it's not close. So hopefully the coaches have saved that tape and are making the boys watch that **** on loop, it was disgraceful. I hope the home ice juju keeps working. Pgh has speed everywhere. The Pens just keep rolling along, lose Crosby for 5 weeks, lose Guentzel for the year...no sweat- we'll hunker down and forecheck the **** out of everyone...they play fast and hungry. The Flyers, if they're to be taken seriously need to win this game.
  4. I'm really not sure what the thinking is. Kassian DOES have some use: he can skate, he has some defensive awareness, and he has worked well with McDavid (not EVERYbody they put there clicks). But really, that's where they need to put a much more talented player, and Kassian is only playing on the 1st line because Peter Chiarelli cultivated all the crops and then salted the field when he was done. The team was stripped of pretty much any winger with talent. If Kassian is still on the 1st line for another season, then the Oilers haven't done nearly enough to give McDavid some help, and if Kassian's playing down the lineup, then $3.5M is FAR too much for a depth player. It's really tough to see this working out well at all. Kailer Yamamoto has been a difference maker since joining the Oilers, but he, Draisaitl and RNH should not be broken up. In other words, at least one of Tyler Benson and/or Raphael Lavoie needs to work out.
  5. Baaaa The last three As are rhetorical.
  6. I have to be honest...I've never heard of The Exposed.
  7. I'm sensing a theme. And not to get too nitpicky, but I think the term you are really looking for is "exposed" (although I can see how both words kinda fit). Anyway, carry on. Imma gonna go listen to The Exploited
  8. I hope Koivu keeps playing like crap so GMBG isn't even tempted to offer him an extension. At some point the Wild need to turn over the keys to the young guys...
  9. I would keep Stalock in net at least for this game. Dubnyk may be physically fine but mentally can't be 100% focused on the game until his personal issues with his wife are taken care of. I'd only use Dubs when Stalock could use a break at this point.
  10. Another not a simple team to play against. Panthers is a high scoring offensively minded team - 3.64 goals per game (1st in NHL). We should be defensively prepared for that game, like we played against the Lightning team.
  11. I haven't looked for a day or two, but when I did, they were 11th overall in the league. I realize "overall" is like winning the popular vote in the presidential election. It gets you bupkis. But the fact remains that this team that is largely young kids and has faced a ton of injuries--including largely lost seasons for both their 2-year removed #2 over all pick and (at the time) their leading scorer, their starting goalie, etc. etc.--is in the top 3rd of the league and would be challenging for first in some of the other divisions. They can't help that they're in the same division as several other strong teams, including teams with the first- and fourth-highest point totals. They're holding their own and, are frankly, much better than they were last year despite obvious growing pains and challenges. Yeah, I get your post. I largely agree with it. But I really don't like Raffl's quote. I suppose it could be interpreted in several ways, but it struck me--maybe out of context--as too matter of fact and too Mike Richards, "it's just one game."
  12. I can disagree with plenty of what you can't. First of all , it is human nature to want to knock the monkey at the top of the tree down. So of course there's a little more juice for the top teams. Also, a lot of the players being relied upon are young, 66% of the defensemen are under 24 and are still learning to be pros, part of the difficulty being a pro is keeping the performances consistent. Dudes have less than 200 games at this level there's still learning happening. This is what letting guys learn at the NHL level looks like. Also, I didn't watch the game vs Montreal so I can't speak to what the eye test said about it; but the box score says Price played awesome and the chances were even. The Flyers PP let them down which is an area where they've been struggling. Was the effort really not there ? I expect this team to be better than last year and so far it has been, I expect this team to make the playoffs and they are in the mix with 30 + games to go, playing in the most competitive division in the league. I really don't get all of the teeth gnashing. I don't, they're more fun to watch than they have been in years, they don't suck.
  13. I can see them doing nothing since Stalock wasn’t injured. With that said he should miss a couple games since he is the hack he is
  14. Just throwing it out there.... All the "all time great" goal scorers in the NHL have also played in a time when offense was at a premium, and netminders were smaller, with smaller pads....And while it does not diminish in any way when the have done, ovi is doing it in an era where it is much harder to score, netminders are bigger with my pillows for pads... Me thinks he's got at least 6-8 more years in him with 35/40 plus... He's got a better shot at passing the great one's mark than most people think.
  15. Jimtown guy

    UND Hockey

    Sioux have now scored more goals this year than all of last year and with their win tonight they now have matched last years win total of 18
  16. These guys were my favourites today "Jagrbombs" Check out that shoulder patch
  17. I think this is why they brought JVR back. To address this apathy and lack of intensity.
  18. ABOVE Foligno Soucy Brodin Hunt (but fading) Parise (barely) AT Staal JEE (but rising) Rask Suter Stalock (At plus) Fiala AT MINUS Kunin Hartman Zucker (injury a factor) Zucc BELOW Dubnyk Spurg Greenway Koivu Donato Dumba

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