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  1. And now Derek Grant from the Ducks for a 4th. Thompson is one dimensional, a defensive forward with little if any offensive ability, Grant however can score a bit and can play pretty much anywhere in the bottom six, winger or center. Big guy, plays big, loves to play the body, sneaky shot. Should be a god fit.
  2. Congrats to David Ayres. A nice accomplishment. To be thrown into fire, so to speak, had to be very difficult. The latest rumor has the Flyers offering Elliott and a 2nd for him.
  3. Nice Haula for the Panthers....couldn't help myself...
  4. Whoever the hell you are, get off yave's computer.
  5. 2 in the first 10 currently. The other is owned by the Islanders. Wouldn't it be a hoot if the Islanders fall behind Carolina and someone and finish out of the players, "win" the lottery, and Ottawa ends up with #1, #3, and #5? (They have 3 & 5 now, so the lottery win would push that down, but they're right there in "overtaking" other teams. They could play another season and not "catch" Detroit, who is setting the gold standard for tanking.
  6. I like Hayes on the pk and it's as valuable as pp time if you're good at it. Maybe to take Girouxs pk time away?
  7. I was told by a guy at a Buffalo Applebees that while most GMs play checkers, Botterill plays chess.
  8. So far, and understanding that there could be more to come, I like Deadline Day for both the Edmonton Oilers and Ottawa Senators. The Oilers have seemingly gone from a one line not consistently much else type team, to one that actually looks like could transform them a bit more to one where they can do a bit more of everything needed to really contend for the playoffs and play well once there. AA and Green added from Detroit seem brilliant. AA in particular, who showed bursts here and there playing on a low scoring Wings team, should really have no excuse playing on a team (and I understand, possible linemate of McD) that features three of the league's best offensive players. His numbers may take giant steps forward. Mike Green, smart veteran, not the most solid defensively, though he isn't terrible there, allows Edmonton to slot their other "D" a bit better and he can move the puck with the best of them. Green feeding dangerous Oilers' forward lines pucks (much like he was rumored to be able to do for TB a couple seasons ago when the Lightning were interested in him) should produce LOTS of scoring chances for EDM. The Yzerman-Holland connection continues............ As for the Senators, wow.... Sure, they aren't going anywhere (which is kinda the idea I suppose), but have you seen their draft board!? They have done a good job so far trading off players who simply were not going to be in their long term plans and converted them into tons of picks and prospects. Just looking at picks for his summer...they currently have THREE 1st rounders, FOUR 2nd rounders, TWO 3rd rounders....very, very nice for them. They still have a contract or two that are an albatross (Bobby Ryan for sure....Nikita Zaitsev possibly...I am just not sold on him) but overall, the Sens are doing exactly what they need to do to improve and have acquired more tools to do so.
  9. I hear ya and while that's nice, I also want somebody who's young and very talented, can score goals AND wants to be here in Philly.
  10. Pens recycle Connor Sheary for Dominik Kahun Also to the Pens Evan Rodrigues Kind of a head scratcher for Buffalo after the Simmonds trade, No ?
  11. To play on a line with McDavid. Wow that is a lot of speed on one line.
  12. I've met my share of hockey players over the years....totally agree, hockey players are different. I would say the vast majority are really cool to talk to and hang out with. There will always be outliers....but yeah. Hockey players are different!
  13. At least we didnt give away any prospects or a first round pick.
  14. I think they sense the broken status of the Leafs and Panthers. The #3 spot in the division is there for the taking to anyone who wants it. Toronto and Florida aren't legit contenders.
  15. Low risk, high reward. He (and Grant) bring physicality that this team needs, as we get closer to dare I say.... the playoffs. There, I said it.
  16. I thought of Rux when I heard the Trochek move.
  17. Meh. Better than trading a 1st 2nd and 3rd for Pageau.
  18. The Pens, Caps and Isles all landed good players . I hope Fletcher doesn’t make a dumb trade like Carter or Staal . Just to keep up. We are not one player away from the Cup, I wouldn’t waste any assets on some diminishing 35 year old guy. Save the assets for a trade to help the team going forward.
  19. A very solid depth center I was expecting. Not exactly him but someone cheap to provide depth and guy who can kill penalties and is very very good at faceoffs. I like this I have to say. Only a 5th. Yes good move Chuckles.
  20. Lol hard pass on Marner. I just don't think he's worth $11M for what his game brings, and it would break apart our roster too much. Plus, he's made it pretty clear he's a me-first guy. AND his dad represents him. No effin' thanks. Been there, done that. Not that it would ever happen anyway! Kapanen for Ghost, I'd do. The Leafs have Muzzin and Barrie, true, but both are UFAs after the season. Ghost is cost-controlled for a few more at $4.5M. Pretty reasonable.
  21. Or just stand Pat and let some of the new guys get more minutes and not block them from moving up the lineup. Like NAK. jsaquella @jsaquella Over the past 15 games, Nicolas Aube Kubel has scored the same amount of goals & points as Ilya Kovalchuk
  22. Ilya Kovalchuk discovered his game after going to the Habs who are in seller mode, dealing him a few minutes ago to Washington for a third. Good cheap addition to the middle six. Montreal Here is an interesting factoid, Kovie now takes up cap space on four different teams.
  23. Either LOTS of floating...or LOTS of goals......no in-between most likely...
  24. He's a free agent. Flyers would have to dump some salary before they sign him to a $9mm/yr for 10 yrs!
  25. This is so cool! The Canes are selling shirts with Ayers name and number 90. They are giving royalties to Ayers and donating a percentage to a kidney foundation in his name. The Canes are flying him down to Raleigh for the game on Tuesday and he will crank the siren before the game. I'm sure he'll get a standing ovation.
  26. Really??? Well, crap...that kind of pep talk never helped Lehtonen or Niemi back in Dallas a few years ago... They let in 10 goals regularly and never settled down...
  27. Well other than the Leafs didn't have a 42 year old zamboni driver in net.
  28. Laughton almost made Thoresen cringe! Nice news: Most players on current projected lineups (20-man game rosters) who are homegrown draft picks: PHI - 12 BOS, CGY, CBJ, LA, WPG - 11 ANA, NJ, STL, WSH - 10
  29. Both Russo and the Isles Athletic guy are reporting no deal...
  30. At the rate Calle Rosen is going, he should have a total of 82 games played in the NHL by the time he turns 36.
  31. Poor Malcolm Subban.....given chance after chance to establish himself, can never quite do it....now with Lehner, a UFA arriving, the goalie duo of MarcMan and Robin will see to it Malcolm gets sent back to the minors...and if Lehner re-signs and stays in Vegas, Malcolm could see himself out of the Knights' org.... Then again, with Lehner's previous demons....is Vegas REALLY a good idea for him!? We will see....
  32. Not sure I get why you'd trade for both....both UFAs.
  33. Lol, well if that's the case then I'd qualify to be EBUG for the Leafs since I was born in 1967! Unfortunately for Leafs fans and team they'll be a punch line for jokes going forward.
  34. Salaheddine Hoblos @Sal_Hoblos · 45m Replying to @NHLFlyers Many Flyers fans seem to underestimate Thompson. Great veteran, great faceoff and PK guy, gets you the important goals, blocks shots... He does all the small details that some teams are missing. Trust me, you won't regret that one.
  35. Doubt it the Avalanche already added Michael Hutchinson lol
  36. I've got my spot reserved along the parade route already!
  37. It is quite amazing how we hear certain players names who we immediately think of .... Tocheck - you Hart - Rux Igor / Draisaitl - myself Crosby / McDavid - Joe Vasi - Lady Hedman - TFG Just interesting ....
  38. I like it a lot for Trocheck, Carolina has a ton of wingers but only AHo down the middle, Staal out of his depth as a number two, I could see him being the missing piece. They still need a top four d-man with Hamilton ut but this trade is very significant.
  39. Thought of you the second I heard this. Wow.
  40. If #isles make the playoffs, #sens guaranteed three first-round picks: their own, #sjsharks , and #isles - and two of them potentially slated in the Top 5.
  41. Green dealt to Edmonton late last night.for a 4th that could turn into a 3rd. Nice add for an aging offensive d-man who has lost a step. Edmonton will play him on the 3rd pairing and have him as the shooter up top on the power play, something they say they have been missing so both teams get what they need,
  42. I bet his W-2's are gonna be a pain in the arse next season........ oh wait, he can afford to hire accountants for that...nevermind..
  43. Hope the leafs miss the playoffs by one point he cab move in with Steve Bartman
  44. He got the win because the game-winning goal was scored while he was the goalie of record. It's the only reason he allowed those first two shots to go in. If Carolina won 6-1 or 6-2, Mrazek would have gotten the W.
  45. I want TK, Coots, and Hart on that off limit list, please and thanks.

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