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  1. I thought it was buying cheap wine and Grey Poupon?
  2. The Flames were actually the first: [Hidden Content] And then (somewhat) reversed course: [Hidden Content] I get that and I know many similar places that have done the same. Generally, UI is less than you would normally get. Pegula could afford to keep these people whole and then go the UI route later if this looks to be interminable. Again, comparing a local small business to a multi-billionaire-owned sports team is apples and monkey wrenches. In the end, the billionaires are saving themselves money and are costing us money to take care of their employees. I know that's how the world works these days, but I don't like it. This is really what got me - not only are they not agreeing to hire them back but if they do they may be in different positions at lower rate of pay. Or, they could just be screwed. Indeed. It is times like this when you really find out what's what and who's who. It has certainly changed my perspective on the Pegulas. And I have no problem raising taxes on them to help us all get through this together. None at all.
  3. @radoran Point taken regarding the billionaire vs the hundred thousand-aire. I've not met too many rich people I felt I could trust. I guess that's how they got to be rich ? It's a shame that doing the "right" thing by people is diametrically opposed to having a profitable balance sheet.
  4. What a piece of shite. Not as an owner, he already was that. As a human.
  5. Sold. Can we say 3 weeks maybe? Just to be sure? It will work. Do you how I know that? Singapore and Taiwan. That's right, they're not in the news are they? Do you know why? Because the took drastic action weeks ago. Their curves are flat.

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