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    @yave1964 This is pointed DIRECTLY at you! Mock draft: Building three teams from the Red Wings’ 25-year playoff streak The Athletic is subscription only. I enjoy the Red Wing coverage and analysis. But for the Red Wing geek, this is as good as it gets! Custance, Burke and Bultman do a mock draft of any Wing that played during the 25-year streak to build three Red Wing teams that would theoretically play each other for a Cup. One caveat: You get the player at his peak AS A RED WING, not necessarily at his career peak with another squad. After the draft, they show the teams to Darren McCarty for his take on the teams. And then they get a surprise pick from an unannounced guest which I will leave unnamed to not spoil the surprise! If you want to read this and don’t have a subscription, text me privately.
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    Bettman might want to contact that South Korean soccer team that put clothed, apparently inflated sex dolls, to s(t)imulate fans in he stands.....
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    Must add that working concerts in the Midwest I work alongside a lot of Nashville based artists and roadies, and those country guys and gals love their Predators and are well versed in the game of hockey....
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    This is true. I was born with skates on. My poor mother.
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    Actually they were Classified as dII. I played against the Beavers in an amateur tuneup with the Bemidji Blues way in the day. Remember a slap shot that shattered the toe cap on my right skate......

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