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    How in the hell did I miss that one?! Off my game, rusty with the COVID and gins and tonics. Gotta get myself into proper shape man.
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    I'm tellin ya... All they need to do is CALL ME....and I have the entire thing with names, uniforms, even entrance themes and goal horns all worked out for them! Seattle Kraken....have a green n tan motif with a hint of gold on the uniforms..... Tridents a-plenty.... Have the players enter the arena beneath a giant squid-like creature (ala the San Jose Sharks), as Liam Neeson says over the PA "RELEASE THE KRAKEN!" Goal horn can be somewhat muffled but eerie foghorn followed by a crash of waves and splintering of wood (to simulate a kraken attack on an old sailor's ship), followed by some deep bass music that will pump up the home goal scorers....and irritate the opposition (though I admit, topping Chicago's goal music and Nashville's "you suck" theme will be difficult in terms of pure annoyance).... See that? I slapped that together in just a few minutes. Not sure what kind of screwing around is happening over in Seattle, but they need to get their tentacles out of their rear beak holes and come up with a name and aesthetics while the REAL issues of Covid and all the impact that is still having, are still being dealt with...

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