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    Of course it was impressive; but that's because Gretzky actually did those things. Look, I *am* sympathetic to the cause to a certain extent. Leon Draisaitl was on pace to score the most points since Lemieux put up 161 in 1996, but what happened is what happened, and he simply didn't do it. Do I think Matthews would have scored 50? Yes. Did he? No. Yes to the first one, no to the second. Charlie Conacher led the NHL in goal scoring 5 times.
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    ... and on a knee which he spent almost 1,800 hours rehabbing over the summer because he had: -Fully blown posterior cruciate ligament -Tore the medial and lateral menisci -Tore the Popliteus muscle completely from the bone -Complete tear of the posterior capsule of the knee -Tibial plateau fracture His doctors said that a non-surgical route to fixing those injuries had never been done before. He spent his 179 off-days rehabbing 10 hours a day and didn't even put on a pair of skates for a test until just before camp.
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    It doesn't matter what you hypothetically think he would have scored. in the end, are you going to say it was a great season? the answer is yes. Does your opinion matter to anyone but you? not really. if you think he scored that, then be happy you got a great player. The NHL will never acknowledge a player for something he did not do tho. If you think they will start a social media poll and see if you can pick up any sort of notice.
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    Like everybody around here, I've watched more hockey than I care to admit. Even at that, at least once per game, McDavid does something which shocks me.
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    Matthews could also have stepped on the ice for his next shift in game 71 and had a career ending injury. It's why you actually have to accomplish the records to get them. Reggie Leach scored 61 goals in a season....drunk! Does that mean he scored 71 in WordsofWisdom format? Or 81?
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    and hockey........

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