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    For the same reason I picked the Blue Jackets against Toronto, I think the Islanders are just a much better team than the Panthers. I don't think the Panthers belong here. They had numerous opportunities to clinch a playoff spot with an injured and struggling Leafs team and still couldn't get past Toronto in the standings. Panthers should be out early.
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    I went with Blue Jackets in 5 for a few reasons: Matthews having COVID-19 recently, and whether he will have made a full recovery. (Apparently it takes a long time to fully recover.) Lots of players on the Leafs were ice cold at the time of the stoppage, and I don't think Andersen was playing well either. The Blue Jackets being in a much tougher division. Finally, the Leafs never perform in the first round. They always do just enough to lose in the maximum number of games, so until they show me otherwise, I can't pick them to win anything.
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    I just want them to beat MTL. I don’t want them even sniffing a chance to draft Alexis Lafrenière. Somehow I’m sure Buttman would make that happen. Pens beat the Habs then lose!!!
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    I wanted to go Coyotes, still wouldnt be surprised if they pulled it out. A break of this duration followed by a postseason is unheard of, but i really believe the long break aids tired vets the most and Nashville has a lot of them. That said, Hall is playing for his supper as an UFA in an offseason with an expected flat salary cap, Kessel has always been a solid postseason contributor. Lots to like with Arizona as well.
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    I think the Penguins sweep this. They had a bit of a rough season in a very tough division, but Montreal has no business being here. The hapless Habs are toast in my view.
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    When the NHL paused its season because of COVID on March 12, the Chicago Blackhawks were sitting six points out of a playoff spot with four teams to overcome and just 12 games remaining. That’s dead-in-the-water territory right there. Any resemblance between these Blackhawks and the team that won multiple Stanley Cups leading up to 2015 is purely coincidental. The Blackhawks essentially admitted as much when they were significant sellers at the trade deadline, dealing defenseman Erik Gustafsson to the Calgary Flames and goalie Robin Lehner to the Vegas Golden Knights for picks and prospects. If the Blackhawks had any inkling they’d be in the playoffs, they likely would not have dealt Lehner. It’s a move that’s come back to haunt them. I really don't think this series is close at all.......two words...McDavid and Draisaitl. The Hawks steal one game but that is it ....Oilers in 4
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    Man i had a had time with this one, finally reluctantly went Preds in 5. Not sure but i feel that a well rested Rinne has one more run in him beofe the wheels fall off.
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    Edmonton in 4, Oilers have been solid all year while the Hawks have been consistently inconsistent. McDavid versus Toews will be must see TV.
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    Close series, two evenly matched teams, i picked Calgary because the Jets defense has been smoke and mirrors all year and i feel the quick Flames forwards will wear them down and keep the 5 on 5 play in the Jets zone most of the time. Kind of neat series the battle of Atlanta if you will......
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    Too many chiefs and not enough Indians
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    I think pgh is the other team no one wants to play. They're healthy now, that roster is pretty deep; good quality in the forwards and the top 2 D pairings are well above average. I think they can be had- But this is a team to be reckoned with IMO I still sports hate them too.
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    He's STILL going to call them all Flyer fans.
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    HJ, Joe = Sharks fan yave = Red Wings fan JR = Oilers fan it is spread out ...nothing to be shocked about..they are all great posters and members
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    Wow. So you deputized a non Flyer, an outsider in TFG? Wow.
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    This is an absolutely outstanding post! And I mean that sincerely. Nobody is doubting the player AM is going to be. He had an outstanding season. Just come out and say that 50 goal seasons should not be a measuring stick. This post clears up exactly what you want to say.... Really good post @WordsOfWisdom ...Really good post.
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    Agreed. Unfortunately, I think we're still living in a world where people only view the final totals for the season and that's how their TOP 10 best list begins for any player in any statistic. Now, if every season was 82 games (like clockwork) then it would never become an issue and we could always compare players using those metrics and be accurate. However, given the increasing number of seasons that are being cut up (due to lockouts, strikes, COVID-19, etc.) I think those metrics are no longer valid for player comparison or for player compensation. Thus, I think we need to move away from "50-goal" seasons and other standards of excellence and create new ones using the means that I've described here, so that it doesn't matter how many games actually get played (assuming we have a reasonably large sample size), only where the player was headed. So if you score 40 goals in a lockout shortened 41-game season, you're up there with the Brett Hull's of the world for scoring excellence. Nobody should ever say "but Hull actually did it when he scored 80" because what they should say instead is "Player X would have done it too given the same opportunity presented to Hull"..... etc.. We should stop doubting that the player would have got there and accept that they surely would have. I was trying to see where Matthews season places him among all-time Leafs goal scorers because he's right up there. He has already surpassed the Kessel's and Sundin's of the Leafs world and is operating at a level that very few Leafs players have ever seen. His raw stat totals won't show that because people will see 47 goals and think "meh".... but what they should be seeing is the 55/56 number that I kept referring to. That's where he's at. Maybe it'll take three or four years before the NHL plays another 82-game season, and maybe Matthews will have to hit 60 goals before anyone recognizes him at that level. Maybe he'll sneak up on on everyone and they'll all say he took his game "to another level" if/when he finally does play enough games to hit those milestones. Or maybe he'll never play an 82-game season. Maybe something will always get in the way to derail those good seasons, and it'll cost him a HOF spot someday when people look at his career stats and see that he "only" scored 499 goals (in 700 games or whatever), etc.... You know how it goes sadly.
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    I think if recognition to Matthews is what is desired here, Yeah..., Matthews was having the best seasons of his young career. Fortunately he is young and will stay healthy to have many more great seasons. He may make a lot of records for the Leafs, and he could also have a career ending injury.... we won't know until they play the games. Will Matthews someday be the Best Maple Leaf Ever... maybe... if so... it is great for him. IMO projections are just that, projections, they can be skewed to however you want the data to look by adding or removing variables. Stats are actual records of what is done. Projections can be helpful in planning for the future, but they can also lead to issues when circumstances beyond control change the actual results. Awards are not handed out for projections, but chances are Matthews received some sort of MVP award.... right? ( I didn't look it up) If so then he can be compared to other MVP the Leaf's have have given awards to. Was the 50 goal mark important to Matthews? Maybe, of course if it affected his compensation for a performance bonus as a goal, but then maybe MVP takes that place? Should he receive that bonus based upon projected stats? That is up to the Leaf's organization to determine but they've also lost a ton of money with this Virus so it sucks.... but so has it for everyone. Most of us haven't achieved what we projected to do this year.

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