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    Kaapo Kahkonen is making the Wild's playoff goaltending decision tougher I thought Kahkonen looked great again today at the Wild's scrimmage. I realize he played just two periods (and OT) total in the two scrimmages but he's looked as sharp as anyone. I give my thoughts on what that could mean for the team heading into its play in series against Vancouver as well as how it could mean for the future of a certain veteran goalie. Enjoy and discuss.
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    Any single injury to Chicago's blueline will be very painful for the team's chances.
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    Well, someone's eager
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    I think in retrospect this was long overdue. Babcock treats his players like hot garbage. Simply can't be having that in today's game.
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    The fact that you likely won't need to pay a big price for any of your RFAs makes Ghost a luxury you can actually afford. If he rebounds, great. If he doesn't, you can still sell low on him. But there's very little to lose going into next year with him as an option for the third pair. The only thing I can think of that might "force" a move is if they want a veteran RH defenseman for the third pair. But either Ghost or Hagg could be the vet on the left, with Friedman on the right. So it would seem unnecessary.
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    This is awesome.
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    I believe that is correct.
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    I was under the impression seattle will be pacific and Arizona would be moved to Central
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    My gut says a trade would be for pick plus prospect or multiple picks. The taker would have be gambling on his return to form. Think what NJ did with Subban...OMG. Agreed that he is an overpriced 3rd pair unless he is put on PP unit that really clicks. This is a tough call. We may need another full season to figure this out.
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    I have high expectations for Kaprizov and his development.
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    Hot knife meets butter. Oilers play poorly once while they're shaking off the rust but for the most part they toy with an inferior team oil in 4
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    This is goddamned outrageous, what a gross over payment. The dude didn't even play like half the season. sheesh. 3 million a year for 12 goals? 12 goals?!?!?!? Fire everyone Fletcher sucks! Haha no. That's not what I think, I am glad the team I cheer for did the right thing by one of their players, I hope Oscar is clowning defensemen in the corners soon. He's one of my favorite young players on the team, teen girl mojo thought he was "cute until he shaved his head". His recovery has been one of the few bright spots in what has been a terrible year. I applaud this signing and hope in 3 years our team can pay him more because he's earned it.
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    it really depends on the situation. There is a "with cause" and "without cause" aspect, at least in Pennsylvania. In my time in the non-profit performing arts industry there were several times I've been "let go" because of financial problems within the organization. I suppose you could term that "laid off" but it wasn't "laid off" like you were expecting to be going back after a period of time. Different states have different rules and different applications of those rules as well. Such fun.

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