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    Voracek is a good player, but he has these annoying habits that he still has not corrected after all these years in the league. On the PP they usually give him the puck to rush up ice and a lot of the time and he does a good job ,but after he beats the first few guys, he holds onto the puck too long ,and tries to beat two more guys and blows an open chance at setting anyone up and he ends up taking himself out of the play. He never works a give and go and and he skates into a wall of players and turns it over. He holds the puck when he should pass it and when he has an open shot he is looking to pass it. It drives me insane. We have to dump salary , so if we can dump Jake or JVR ,we have to do it. Jake is definitely a more valuable player to the Flyers and also as a trade chip than JVR, but if we trade Jake ,we may have to pickup some of the $$ due to the amount of his contract and the term or else take another Jori Lethera as part of the deal we make.Then In the off season we can hope Seattle takes JVR or offer them something to take him. If we are unable to do anything as far as a trade or working out something with Seattle, before I let Laughton or NAK get claimed , I would trade them and at least get something and leave Seattle with either JVR as Jake as their choice.
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    Look at our haul for Bobrovsky...Vezina winner. Or Patrick Sharp.
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    Yeah what if the Flyers had drafted Bjorkstrand instead of Goulbourne?
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    solid post. thanks saved me from having to respond
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    I agree lol I'm all for 1 year fringe player contracts or reclamation projects that expire soon if it will make Parise and Suter both want out. Getting out from one or both of those contracts would be huge moving forward. At this point the Wild HAVE to get worse to get better.. they f'd around too much trying to just put band aids on long-term problems with the roster and trying to adjust on the fly without actually rebuilding. As for MJ.. I don't know enough about the guy to even comment on him as a player. I don't follow Buffalo too closely. I guess I'm just hoping he comes in, plays as a serviceable center and stays healthy. Can't find those centers we need if you don't kick tires on everything.
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    Goalies: Defense: Offense: Special teams (PP/PK): Coaching: Mental: Experience: Robustness: Depth: So logically, Stars in 6 !
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    It's not just him - it was the entire organization. And the quote was a reaction to the declaration about "bad teams." Yes, they were bad teams. Yes, he's supposed to say "we have to work hard to get there" not "we are definitely there." When they clearly weren't. But that's the entire corporate culture of the organization that has increasingly turned me off. There's a sense of entitlement that alienates me. It's not "the grass is greener" - it's "you agree this is the best grass ever in the history of grass, right?" When, in fact, we're watching this: I want to root for the crest on the front, not the names on the back or the names on the letterhead. Don't piss on my head and tell me it's a sunny day and why am I complaining about the rain? Just for the record, I don't bring those things up as if it is some sort of character flaw of Claude's. I agree with you, that sort of stuff is garbage in that context. There is the flip side of that where people bend over backwards to say he's not at all any part of "the problem." I don't blame him for being captain. I just don't think he's been particularly good at it. Again, I look at production which is often terrific in the regular season (although not always) but has failed miserably in the postseason. And in this most recent appearance by the team's own admission they folded tents and went home after things didn't go exactly their way ten minutes into a Game 7. He was never "the best player in the world" - he's a guy who has trouble cracking the top 12 on Canada's team. Yet he's the guy that the organization insisted was a #1 C (despite never playing the position prior to the NHL) and insisted was the heart and soul of the team (despite never being a captain before) that they absolutely had to build the entire thing around. And we got one playoff round win in eight years. I just think I kinda have the right to be disappointed. To me, it reflects the nature of how the team has been run. Quite frankly, if there's one person I would like to see completely exiled from the Flyers, it's Paul Holmgren. Thanks. Took some time off with the 'rona. Wanted to get some space. Needed it. Also figured I'd said my point about the "playoffs" and didn't need to rehash it. Good talking with you, as always.
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    I agree. It wasn't his fault the Wild grossly over-paid and over-hyped him.
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    Kountry Klub atmosphere being addressed. 2 founding members still active. We will see if this gets them motivated. I wonder who will wear the "C" this year. I kinda like Foligno for that.....
  10. 1 point
    This. I was a critic of Hayes, but he did pass the eye test. His production was among the lowest for players at his pay grade, but he did positively impact the team. I wasn't really worried about this year, but rather the years to come. Plus, he was a Rag...
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    Well written once again! Interesting to hear Guerin wants to see more of Rask. But Staal for Johansson? On the surface one would think a good move; getting younger and faster. IMO the reality is quite different. Johansson has underperformed a while now and has some health issues too. This move (too) wasn't made to improve the Wild, it's a marketing stunt. Unless Johansson produces something extraordinary next season. Anyone want to check out how many points the Wild's new group of centers amassed last season or the season before that? ... This is what a rebuild looks like. In the worst, and not even unlikely, scenario the Wild might be fighting to be the worst team next season. Although if this is the way to get Parise, Suter and even Zuccarello voluntarily to move the NMC in their contracts, Guerin might prove to be a sneaky little fellow...
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    All the best to Staal, btw. He's a class act
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    1) Really enjoy your movement chart! 2)Be nice to see Wallinder fall to the Wild in the 2nd rd. 3)Based on an overview of yours and other draft sites, the "safe" pick (Lundell) seems to be again the Wild's destiny. IMO, I hope they can trade up at least several slots to get a more dynamic offensive performer. That said, if Askarov and Sanderson are picked in the top 8, plus perhaps an additional off the board choice, the Wild could have an excellent skilled forward fall into their lap. (IMO there are 6, some would argue 7)

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