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    I've seen enough: trade him, his value will never be higher
  2. 4 points
    The NHL Postpones the 2021 NHL Winter Classic and why it may not be such a bad deal for Wild Fans With how messed up 2020 has been this was no real surprise of an announcement by the league, but when you think about it more it might not be so bad at all for the Minnesota Wild and any fan that is planning on forking over the $$$ to attend. Check it out!
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    Yeah how is that working for JVR? I patiently wait for your rebuttal...
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    Nolan Patrick. If his migrane situation can be managed in a fashion similar to Nikalas Backstrom, I think Patrick is poised to wreck the league. I know folks will say, well why didn't he come in and tear up the league as a 19 year old ? My answer is two part, he was 19 and this issue was undiagnosed, no one knew why he'd have "off " days, the go to explanation was "concussion related" which scared everyone, so the kid would hide the symptoms and his play would suffer. ****'s out in the open now. He has elite ability, a truly + shot, he sees the ice well, he is not blindingly fast but he's fast enough that d-men don't want him bearing down on them at the blue line, he has some punk in his game and a chip on his shoulder because he couldn't play and couldn't play the way he wants to. I think he's going to live up to his #2 overall draft pick status.
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    I'm the new kid on the block. Like it here. Some excellent posters. Thx. If I may present a question - - What one 'new' player would you like to see on this Flyers team, out of Camp, to start the season - - - that is realistic (ie: not saying Connor McDavid)? My answer is RW Linus Sandin. In the 9/30/20 Press Conference with Fletcher an Flahr - Do you foresee any of your older first-year pros coming in this season -- Linus Sandin, Wade Allison, and Tanner Laczynski specifically -- to compete for a NHL job this upcoming season? All through are physically mature and 23- or 24-years old. Brent Flahr (BF): First of all, Laczynski and Allison like you said, and Sandin, they’re older players. They’re physically more mature than typically players that are coming out of junior that are 19, 20 years old. Their mindset coming to camp is to make the team. Whether they’re ready for that, it’s up to them and their performance. At the same time, we expect them to help and challenge the internal competition. In reality I would say, I would assume that each of them are going to play [Flyers] games this year. Hopefully one of them grabs it and makes the best of their opportunity. Sandin has four seasons of pro experience in Sweden's top league (SHL). Flahr believes that Allison, Laczynski and Sandin will all come to training camp with the opportunity to crack the NHL roster, either right away or at some point within the 2020-21 season. Sandin is a scorer. Fletcher said the 6-foot-1, 209-pound Sandin will “come into camp and compete for a spot on our team right away. He works extremely hard and we expect him to add size, skill, and tenacity to our forward group.” "He works hard, plays a North American-type game, and goes to the net and gets greasy goals. He always seems to be around the puck and has some tenacity." Last season with HV 71, a top team in the SHL, Sandin had 19 Goals, 17 Assists, 36 Points, in 51 Games. And, there is an opening at 3RW. Linus Sandin is a gritty winger. Here he destroys a Russia defenceman and takes the puck. What one 'new' player would you like to see on this Flyers team, out of Camp, to start the season - - - that is realistic?
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    Every time I see his name, this song pops in my head
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    NARRATOR: they do not
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    @WordsOfWisdom For the Coyotes, the "PR move" was signing on to the Hockey Diversity Alliance. It was, from what we can see, a meaningless gesture where they can virtue signal in all the right ways. Where they failed was when they turned right around drafted a kid who spent years abusing and racially denigrating a mentally handicapped black kid. This wasn't some grand scheme by the Coyotes, where a perennial bottom-feeder just gleefully threw away a badly needed draft pick in order to look like the good guy. The only way that it could work out was that they would look bad for drafting such a sh|t stain. Fact: the Phoenix Coyotes organization thought that Mitchell Miller's apology letter would be enough to let his troubles stay in the past, and they didn't count on the boy's mother (bless her heart) to continue defending him with every breath she draws.
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    Its a bit more complicated than name calling. Wiping a push pop in a urinal and forcing a kid with downs syndrome to eat it, while being on video punching and kicking him and knowing that was just one incident he was caught for is sociopath territory. Apparently this abuse went on for years before intervention. I went to a high school of 1000 and I can think of 3 kids who would pick on someone with the mental abilities of a 10 year old in such a fashion. All 3 are in jail now or on parole and were skinheads who delighted in tormenting others. And the parents of the disabled boy went into a lot of detail, including the fact that Miller never apologized to their son for his actions and is pretty remorseless. He's sorry he got caught at most. Sorry. Unless you can point me to some indication that for years this guy was trying to make amends and mend his ways, I'd rather he pay the steep price of no longer being eligible for a career that allows him to make millions of dollars while remaining a meathead
  10. 3 points
    For the record this went above and beyond calling someone names. Meyer-Crothers is the young man who at an Ohio junior high school in 2016 was given a lollipop that Miller and another boy, Hunter R McKee, rubbed in a urinal. The boy wanted to be friends with Miller and McKie, so he accepted the candy and had to be tested for hepatitis, HIV and STDs, according to a police report. The abuse didn’t end there. For years he was the target of their taunts, which included racial slurs. At the time of the abuse Meyer-Crothers had the mental ability of a 10-year-old. To wipe a lollipop in a men's urinal is disgusting on so many levels. This poor teenager could have contracted a disease that would affect him for the rest of his life. This goes beyond simply name calling. As I said above, sometimes there are consequence to your actions even you make a sincere apology...... (EDIT ...apparently there seems to be a discrepancy if Miller even apologized to the teen involved. )
  11. 3 points
    Just look at the names that went off the board in that same draft before Carter Hart. Laberge was ranked higher than where the Flyers took him in his draft year, and generally higher than Debrincat. He was a high-skill, high upside pick. The problem with where Laberge is is most likely related to this right here: By most accounts, he's never been the same player after that.
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    It's an attempted money grab if you ask me. With the COVID, they're probably looking at any way to generate some income. Question is, how many hockey fans have any disposable income at this point, and will they spend it on 'yet another jersey'?
  13. 2 points
    Are we being honest? When I look around, I see so much lying going on it's hard to have any faith in people anymore. What basic facts can we agree on? Science? Maybe, for some, for others not so much. Here's a scientifically-proven fact: Laine is a bum. His preference is to play video games all day. Disagree on the opening premise. No evidence for it.
  14. 2 points
    Another 4 goal game for Elliott Desnoyers tonight for my hometown Mooseheads vs Charlottetown Islanders. Moose win 5-4. Desnoyers scores winner with 35 seconds left. He now has 10 goals on the season. That is two 4 goal games this season. Happy the Flyers drafted him.
  15. 2 points
    Good stuff mojo. Agree. Hopefully his health is improved. AV will keep Patrick at Center (3C) to minimize his time along the wall (concussion prone?). Below are some reminders of what a healthy Patrick would mean to our Flyers - November 11 article by Jordan Hall on Patrick - - it's encouraging. Excerpts: >> Ryan White has helped organize a group of players for scrimmages and on-ice workouts at Brandon Community Sportsplex. "I started running some skates on Tuesdays for the guys, just so we had somewhere for the pro guys to all skate," [Playing for the Flyers], it’s about competing. "That was the first thing I learned of being in Philly was when you’ve got a captain like Claude Giroux, he’s not going to go out there and run guys over every night, but Claude’s going to want the puck and he’s going to do whatever he can to get the puck. To me, that just runs through the team like wildfire, you’ve got guys like Jake Voracek and Wayne Simmonds when I played there, these guys who really instilled what a Flyer was meant to be like. "That’s the first thing I see in Nolan, he brings that — for a skilled guy, his tenacity on the puck, the way he wants it. He’s been in a couple of scuffles here in the scrimmages and it’s just based on his compete level, he just wants that puck more than other guys." He's [White] not surprised Patrick was a top-two pick in 2017. "When he does get that puck, that’s the second part of him," White said. "There are a lot of great players out there, but there are not a lot of guys who can really turn it up to that next level. That’s what I see in him in some days, is he’s got that next level. There are pros and there are great players, and then there’s another level of guys who can do some things that you’re like, ‘OK, what’s going on here, how did he do that? Why did he do that?’ I think he’s got another level to his game there, just offensively with the puck, he attacks guys, he tends to put guys in bad positions to expose them, he’s always drawing extra guys to him to get his linemates the puck. "I think the best part about him is he competes. We’ve been playing these scrimmages, he’s hard in the circle, he wins his faceoffs, he wants the puck, he knows he needs to start with it; sometimes you can’t teach that stuff. There are a lot of great skilled players out there but they need to play with that tenacity and that drive to really get to that next level. That’s probably the biggest thing I notice in him. “Having Nolan out there, it’s been really good for a lot of the younger guys just to see what an elite player is," White said. "We have a lot of great NHLers here from Brandon. The one thing maybe we don’t have is that really top, top-end player. To have a guy like him out there, we’ve been out there for six to seven weeks now skating with him, some things I see him do in practice, it just blows my mind and I can’t imagine what some of these young kids think about it. "Honestly, man, I know the Flyer faithful, I know they’re upset that he’s not playing, I know they’re giving it to him for not playing. But you’ve got to think of it in this sense: this guy’s a Flyer, he plays the right way, he plays hard like that all the time. "And when he’s going to feel healthy and he’s going to feel good, he’s going to be a great player for them. You don’t go second overall for no reason, he’s got a ton of skill, he’s won a WHL championship, led that team there. "The kid’s got what it takes to be a great player. As a young player in [the NHL], it’s not an easy league, especially when you’re not healthy. And if you’re not healthy, he’s got to get healthy and then from then on, I think he’s going to be a great player. It just takes time. He’s in a perfect situation with a guy like Claude Giroux who’s going to definitely show him the way. As the way I would see it and I’m sure Chuck Fletcher sees it, hopefully Nolan Patrick’s the next Claude Giroux." << - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Fletcher: "It’s been a tough go for the young man [Patrick]. He continues to get better and make progress. That’s the good thing. At this stage, it certainly looks like he’s going to get his quality of life back. Hopefully he’ll be able to come back and play hockey for us. He’s a real important part. I think as we saw in the playoffs, the ability to have three quality center that can play 200-feet and produce offensively is incredibly important. He’s a big part of that future for us." AV: "Basically only knowing Oskar for three months and with Nolan Patrick, I’ve basically never seen. He’s been in a couple little drills here and there. Hopefully both those young men come back when the season starts, healthy. If they are healthy, I’m told that there’s a tremendous amount of potential in Patrick’s case. - - " A perceptive writer: >> Remember that Patrick had a second abdominal surgery right before the draft and may not have been fully healed during his rookie campaign. In his second season Patrick suffered a concussion. While he did suit up again that season, there is speculation that he was never quite well. Could this have been the onset of his migraine disorder? Depth A healthy Patrick would enhance the team’s strengths. In other words, I would not expect Patrick to become a 50-goal scorer, but Patrick would give the team even more scoring depth, and another possible creator on the powerplay. In an offense by committee team, the goal is to defeat the opponent by a thousand paper cuts, rather than by big games by big stars. These teams are less likely to go through prolonged offensive slumps because the chances of the majority of the team going cold at once is slim. Patrick, if healthy, would give the team another capable scorer who could exploit favorable match ups and provide offense for the team. Patrick would not need to score 30 goals, this should not be the expectation although it is possible, but contribute by scoring 15+ goals on the third line. If he can do that it would bode well for team success. If Patrick is able to manage his migraine disorder, we may be getting the best version yet of Nolan Patrick. If this is so, how could he fit in may be the real key to improving the Flyers. It would seem that Patrick would be the favorite to grab the 3C spot, which could allow Scott Laughton to move to 4C or better yet over to the wing. Once Laughton is free to move, the down line possibilities are really exciting. One thing is for sure, a healthy Nolan Patrick makes a bright future even brighter. <<
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    >> no replacement for Niskanen << In reading all the transcripts of Fletcher/Flahr/AV media conferences of the last few months, it seems like they are thinking of a more up-pace defensive corp that is competent in the D-zone but also has speed/quickness/smarts in quickly exiting the D-zone and joining the rush. >> Erik Gustafsson wasn't signed to replace Matt Niskanen, but the Philadelphia Flyers feel the 28-year-old defenseman can give them something they were lacking. "[Gustafsson] has tremendous deception with the puck, tremendous poise," general manager Chuck Fletcher said. "We don't have a defenseman that sees the ice like he does, he can play on the power play. It's a different type of skill set than Matt ... there wasn't going to be that ability to replace Matt per se with the same style." << >> "We think his (Gustafsson) skill set meshes really well with what we need," Fletcher said. "We think we have a lot of strong defenders on our team and we're very structured defensively as a group. His skill set, his ability to go back on pucks and make good decisions and transition the puck up the ice, we thought was a very important element to add to our group." << The 'new era NHL' approach to the defence corps - - multiple defencemen who are very mobile, fast/quick, puck-moving out of the D-zone, join-the-rush, and can put up solid offensive numbers (in addition to being competent defensively). We now have 4 of these. Maybe it will work. Provorov - Gustafsson Sanheim - Myers (RH) Hagg - Braun (RH) #7 - Friedman (RH) Instead of looking at losing an excellent defenceman in Niskanen, who complements/protects Provorov, and saying Gustafsson doesn't replace Niskenen - - - can we say that actually now Provorov replaces Niskanen and the skilled Gustafsson replaces Provorov in role for that pair? JMHO
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    @Zzeke I share your optimism. If the young guys continue to improve and the guys making bank play to expectations this team will be very good. Given his track record, I think AV has about 3 years with this group, then depending on how the team turns over from Giroux, Voracek, JvR to Patrick, Lindblom, Frost maybe the team has a second bump, who knows if AV's message will still resonate. It seems like he has adjusted well to the new NHL player though. I sincerely look forward to watching the team again. I think they can be good, they're entertaining again and that's a big plus.
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    Some feel that not enough was done in the off-season to improve our Flyers team while other teams in our division made moves. However, our Flyers are much improved from last season as a result of: 1) The addition of Lindblom and potentially Patrick. 2) Other young players have not yet peaked and will get better and better: Konecny, Farabee, NAK, Bunnaman, Sanheim, Myers, Provorov, Hart. 3) The possibility, depending on circumstances, of one of these skill forward prospects making the team: Sandin, Frost, Allison. Sandin has a real chance to make the Flyers out of Camp. He is a mature 24 yo with pro experience in the SHL. He is a goal scorer and plays a well rounded 3-zone 200' game. 4) The 6-man defence - - next post. The reminder from GM Fletcher - don't draw conclusions from the small sample size of the 13 games of the Bubble Playoffs. This is a very good team. Our Flyers last season were 7th in the 31-team NHL in 'goals scored' (They played 1 and 2 games less than the two teams ahead of them, and could easily have been 5th in the League). This team will score. The 2020-21 Season (actually 2021 Season) looks bright for our Flyers.
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    New here. Would you guys consider this jersey for our Flyers? The coool Phantoms jersey - - the rare one-off jersey that is all black and only the logo, number, and players' name are in orange outline. It would be a great Flyers jersey with Flyers logo. We can see it here: Morgan Frost photo in the one-off black jersey:
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    Let’s not say JVR sucks, let’s say he is not assertive enough, he has skill, but it seems he loses his confidence easily and has a very laid back personality ,which carries over on the ice. He lacks ferocity and determination, but you can’t turn a mellow , hey dude kinda guy into a ferocious lion on the ice. If he had just a little bit more determination he would have been a very good player. To sum it up, JVR just does not have “The Attitude” , for those familiar with Fast Times at Ridgemont, no matter how much Damone coached Rat, he was still a wuss and would never have the attitude.
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    Trade him, his value will never be higher.
  22. 2 points
    I think help is on the way... ...this kid is the sniper they need.
  23. 2 points
    How is a check (hit) more likely to spread the virus than a prolonged battle along the boards, or a faceoff? This idea of no body checking is ridiculous. I would love to see the data that spawned it.
  24. 2 points
    I agree. Make them wear full face shields. No hitting in junior is ridiculous.
  25. 2 points
    Yeah Moosehead's fans have been pretty lucky over the years getting to see some NHL quality players. I am still wearing my Moosehead's Voracek jersey to the games. I hope the OHL gets up and running but not with no hitting rule. I personally think that is ridiculous.
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    @WordsOfWisdom I absolutely HATE political talk on this board. In this case, it IS hockey related so i am going to make an exception and say my piece. I don't like woke culture myself because I see lots of good people accused of stuff and things taken out of context ruining people for little to no reason or a mere accusation. If someone made a family guy style joke on twitter 15 years ago and gets condemned for it with 2020 youth eyes because family guy is considered extremely offensive by modern youth, that's stupid. I also think trial by rumor and the court of public opinion cancelling people for alleged METOO incidents with no proof years after the fact is stupid. That being said, this incident isn't "woke Culture". This guy is the Harvey Weinstein level crap METOO originally targeted because there IS evidence of horrible stuff the guy got away with for years. This is human decency, crime and punishment. This guy is a POS and deserves to have a huge punishment like losing opportunities to play hockey because he is a racist psychopathic prick who is obviously being sheltered by Mommy and Daddy reading that report. And the kid got a slap on the wrist for it 4 years ago. Bring on the barbed paddle And this is just one of reportedly MANY incidents of bullying since the poor victim was in grade 2. Apparently this bully has been acting this way regularly all his life and mostly getting away with it because he was enabled, clearly, by his parents. To Hell with him. Society SHOULD be condemning pieces of crap like this until he can't take it anymore and changes his ways or implodes and winds up in jail. The fact that every NHL team that interviewed this kid put him on a DO NOT DRAFT LIST because they felt he showed no remorse or even care for the situation tells the tale. He was on Chakya's no draft list before he quit too BTW. the new Arizona GM didn't do his homework have you read the school/police report of this?
  27. 2 points
    Okay now I think I'm fully "up" on events: So basically the Coyotes knew about his past, drafted him anyway, word got out through social media about his prior charges, the Coyotes got negative PR for it and as a result... they released him. In other words, everyone comes out looking bad yet the Coyotes want to paint themselves as the heroes for releasing him.
  28. 2 points
    There will be a season. End of discussion. $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
  29. 2 points
    I say keep Gostisbehere. That surgery he had on his hip takes about a year to get back to normal and then Yeo completely mishandled him. Don't forget he also required another knee surgery (way to go Flyers medical staff!!!!). Pair up Gostisbehere and Provorov again and let them run roughshod over everyone. I'm sure though we'll hear "ARGH SIIIIIIIIZE!!!!!!" is needed on the first pair........
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    I cant keep up How many years is this?
  32. 1 point
    Tremendous job CAR (one of the best logo and jersey back with a modern layout. Right in the middle of the bull) COL (Nordiques' powder blue with the Fleurdélisé, just brilliant) LA (another great idea to go with the original colors. The scheme is sharp) MIN (nice to bring back the North Stars colors, but they inverted the number colors...) Globally ok BOS (well, just Boston being Boston. Nothing special here) CBJ (design and logo are ok, but why so much red ?) FLA (old logo and colors, nothing new under the sun) EDM (They avoided the horrible Oilman and the navy/red scheme, overall very great) MTL (no real change in its history, they just flipped the red and blue) NSH (one of the most hideous jersey in their league inception, they at least avoided the mustard yellow) NYI (what's the point of having the current jersey as their retros? But let's admit all their thirds are horrible) NJ (another nice result with a perfect retro and modern combo) NYR (the Liberty logo is still a nice one and the overall look is cool) PHI (weird scheme on the stripes, but it's overall ok) SJ (good overall result even if it lacks a bit of teal) TOR (like BOS, nothing original here) VGK (crating a retro look with a 3-yr history team is quite a challenge, but the result is ok) WSH (the combination between the old logo and current colors is quite a success) Humm WTF... BUF (All elements related to their identity crisis summarized in one jersey. Messy) CGY (The Black and the horse logo don't make any sense) CHI (O6 team with one of the greatest jersey, why messing that up like that ?) DAL (The idea is great but everything comes flat out with this practice jersey that has no contrast) OTT (while the original logo is ok, there's way too much red in these) PIT (they went lazy as hell, why not going with the original skyblue and current logo ?) TB (the ensemble is way too dull) VAN (the mixed blue/green coming from the terrible 3rd jersey design is pretty weird) WPG (while the logo is smart why all that boring grey ?) Epic fail ANA (the worst jersey of all time brought back. The designers should be sent back to jail) AZ (While Kachina is ok, why the hell bringing back the 3rd logo with that awful purple ?) DET (Another practice jersey. and the grey is a total nonsense) STL (another late 90s disaster design brought up here with this awful nonsense red)
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    We'll see it will sort itself out in camp and preseason. May the best man win. Raffl is a UFA at seasons end so maybe Sandin can take his spot as a younger version of Raffl or maybe he proves even more valuable. Time will tell. Laughton is also a UFA there will be a slot of for grabs maybe after the following year.
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    Ok, so I finally think I understand you: think he will make the team before them other Swedes?
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    Bingo! Linus Sandin is the 4th Flyers Swede. OR wins the grand prise - - 2 tics to the Flyers opener at the WFC Sat eve January 2 vs the NJD. RT flight included, Tampa to Philadelphia. All dates are tentative. I have a strong feeling that Sandin makes the team out of the December Camp as the 3RW. Lindblom-Couturier-Voracek Farabee-Hayes-Konecny Giroux-Patrick*-Sandin (G will settle P and S) Laughton-Bunnaman-Aube Kubel (ideal AV 4th line) #13-Raffl (JVR out) * or Frost, if PatricK is not healthy. Linus Sandin (R) of Sweden and goalie Bence Balizs of Hungary
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    I seen this video today... ....and I couldn't help but thinking of your mention of it and well it and JVR came to mind....
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    Ah, like it CX. TSN's Darren Dreger recently said on the Insider Trading podcast that the Winnipeg Jets were "serious" and listening to offers on the star forward. Pierre LeBrun of TSN and The Athletic added that both the Columbus Blue Jackets and Carolina Hurricanes have interest in Laine, with Carolina already inquiring before balking at Winnipeg's asking price. What would be a good trade deal for both teams - Flyers and Winnepeg - a win/win? Winnepeg is rumored to want a young defenceman, as part of a package, in return - such as Sanheim or Myers (Provorov is untouchable). Give up either of these defencemen? IMO, proven quality young defencemen like Sanheim and Myers are more valuable, and harder to get, than quality forwards. (This Flyers team will score goals. They were 5th in the NHL in goals last regular season and are improved with Lindblom, hopefully Patrick, and the growth of 6 young players that have not yet hit their peak.) To get Laine by including Sanheim or Myers in the package, knowing that Zamula, York, and Wylie are coming, is a big risk. Tempting, but very risky. Laine is on his last year of his contract for a Cap Hit of 6.75 M. He will be an RFA on 7/1/21. He and his agent will probably want 8+ M. (For reference, Giroux is at 8.75 M and Voracek at 8.5 M.) So, Cap Management comes into play. In the end, I don't think Fletcher moves Sanheim or Myers. They both are 'big' mobile defencemen with quality play in the D-zone and have good offensive skills - - and both are young and far from their peak. Still, CX, to get Laine would be awesome. Tempting. Is jersey number 29 available? Any ideas on a package that would be a win-win for both teams?
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    Welcome @Zzeke to the site. You've put up some really quality posts. At this point I would just be happy with being able to have a healthy season. 3 weeks to starting camp doesn't seem like a possibility, at the moment but maybe Feb going though part of the summer wouldn't be such a bad thing. I'm excited to see what Sandin can do when they take the ice for sure.
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    Flyers Now - Because of NHL Expansion Draft June 2021 Decisions on Flyers personnel being made this off-season are made with an eye on the Expansion Draft as well as other issues such as Cap Management. Example: signing defenceman Gustafsson for only 1 season: - advantage Flyers - if Gus was signed for multiple years, and assuming Fletcher would opt for the Protected List 7F/3D/1G choice, Provorov/Sanheim/Myers would be set, and Gus would be vulnerable to be selected by Seattle. Not so with Gus on a 1-year contract because Gus would be a pending UFA at the June Expansion Draft (UFA on 7/1/21). Most likely, Seattle will not select pending UFAs in the Expansion Draft. And, our Flyers would have a shot at signing him after the Expansion Draft if mutual interest.* - advantage Flyers - it gives Fletcher/AV a chance to evaluate Gus over the assumed 60 game 2020-21 season, plus playoffs, without commiting to a mult-year contract. * There is obvious risk. On 7/1/21 Gus will be a UFA. Illegal 3rd-party tampering could happen with a Seattle represenative contacting Gus' agent prior to 7/1/21 and then have a 'telephone handshake agreement' for a contract. Assuming Gus has played very well for AV's team, and our Flyers want Gus back for a multi-year 'stay' contract, and assuming Gus likes it here, Fletcher could 'pay' Gus with a new contract. All this without losing him in the Expansion Draft. A shot at our Flyers Protected List 7F/3D/1G: 1) Giroux F (NMC) 2) Hayes F (NMC) 3) Couturier F 4) Konecny F 5) Patrick F 6) Lindblom F 7) Aube-Kubel F 1) Provorov D 2) Sanheim D 3) Myers D 1) Carter G Exposed List: van Riemsdyk (Age 32, Cap Hit 7M) Voracek (Age 32, Cap Hit 8.25M) Bunnaman F Twarynski F Kase F Hagg D Morin D Friedman D Exempt: First and Second year Pro (at June 2021) Farabee F 2nd year Frost F 2nd year Ustimenko G 2nd year Sandstrom G 2nd year Don't have to consider protecting - Laughton, Raffl, Gustafsson because they will be pending UFAs and could be re-signed after the June Expansion Draft, if mutual. The disagreement may be regarding protecting Voracek or NAK. IMO, protect NAK for reasons of stage-of-career, age, and Cap Hit. IMO, high probability Seattle does not select the exposed Voracek. If they do - okay - it opens up a top-9 spot for a prospect such as Frost (C) or Allison (RW) - (assuming Sandin already on the team for 2020-21). Crunch Time - Should our Flyers protect Voracek or NAK? Or JVR?? The Expansion Draft rules dictate that the Kracken must take one player from each of the 31 teams. Under this Flyers Protected List and Exposed List (above), who do we think Seattle will take?
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    We have “potential” for next season, you are right about the question marks, so either we can be better if Patrick and Lindblom play well , but guys like Farabee , NAK and Konecny need to also take it to the next level, if they don’t we will be worse. Losing Niskanen is a big loss. Gustafsson is a potential replacement for Ghost, but there is no replacement for Niskanen. The coaching staff talks it up like Braun can step up, but if Niskanen didn’t retire Braun would be unemployed. I look around this room and see a lot of potential....you have potential and you have potential...
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    Based on reading the last few posts, I agree JVR can be a valuable 3rd line player. I still say he sucks because he was supposed to be more than that , and was in Toronto. So he is a huge disappointment. Im my distorted world disappointment and suck are synonymous
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    Okay then, let's discuss one, two, and three then. I do think the Flyers coaches are by order of magnitude better than the detritus preceding them. I also think they have figured out where to play 25 so he can contribute, which he was doing until he broke his hand. The Flyers third line were working teams before the COVID pause, JvR was a big reason why, he was scoring and driving play. Those guys flipped possession a lot. The best JvR can do is contribute his 20-30 goals and 50 points from a depth position. When you have a 20 goal guy on the third the line....the team is most likely pretty good. Would also like to add...we've seen some bad players in our sweater recently. Chris Vandevelde, Jori Lehtera, Dale Wiesse and end stage Andrew MacDonald. Those guys were bad NHL players, they sucked. JvR is of a different ilk. We have common ground, I reckon I don't think "sucks" is an apt descriptor for JvR and that is where we diverge.
  44. 1 point
    I guess it's even sweeter to be the game winner too... ...trade him now his value will never be higher!!!!!!
  45. 1 point
    I dont see it happening. Simply dont. If you look at the UFA list you see a bunch of 28-30 year old AHL stars and near stars who were missing an ingredient when it came to an NHL are all unemployed. these guys usually get gobbled up by AHL clubs or at the least KHL and Euro teams when they go overseas for one final decent payday. Instead the NHL has sold these guys down teh river by sending top prospects to play in Europe eating the roster spots usually reserved for fading vets, (hell if i were a team in Sweden i would rather have a top prospect over a TJ Brennan too so i cant blame them). There are literally HUNDREDS of players who were regular AHL players last year who are unemployed. They have been hung out to dry by the system. What I think will happen is this, the NHL will follow the MLB model of carrying a roster and a taxi squad of players who can step up and step in as injury replacements or to give an aging vet a day off as the NHL schedule will be skewed towards a lot of three games in four nights. I wouldnt bet the ranch on there being no AHL season but i would bet more than a few bucks. The guys who will be left out in the cold are guys such as TJ Brennan, Dustin tokarski, Beau Bennett and Keegan Lowe as well as scores more who arent young enough for a team to invest in, not quite good enough to earn a Euro payday over a top flight prospect. That is how i see it.
  46. 1 point
    If there was, I still don't think he's catching Keith Primeau.
  47. 1 point
    He is kind of the stereotypical leafs signing. 10 years past his prime, had surgery on a different knee 2 consecutive years and is over 40. in hindsight, I should have seen this coming
  48. 1 point
  49. 1 point
    Ya, every NHL team can play that game.
  50. 1 point
    Couldn't stand listening to him. Enjoy your retirement...I will.

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