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  1. Well, that was one helluva hockey game. - That 2nd period was probably the most organized and dominant stretch of hockey I've seen the Flyers play in about a decade. - As brilliant as Hart was, last night really was a complete team effort. Special teams, all lines and defense pairs. They seem to just control play at will. The 1st period was more even - probably a bit of rust, nerves, and just a feeling out process. After that it was all Philly. - Hughes is already impressive even if he is still quite raw. You can see the vision. On the other hand, did Hischier even play? I honestly did not see him, nor did I hear his name. - Lovin' the Lindblom/Coots/TK line. Man, they are so strong on the puck. - Hayes is a difference maker. Superb acquisition by Fletch. He's noticeable every time he's out there. - G's line will get going eventually, and when they do, watch out. - Bobby Mac talking about a team "that first needs to move out some salary or a roster player" looking at getting Brian Boyle. Hope it's not the Flyers for several reasons, but mostly because that would signal that Patrick is pretty much out for the year. GO FLYERS!
  2. A few things... I think there's a very good chance the Flyers *do* trade a defenseman. And Winnipeg makes a lot of sense because they are in need of NHL defensemen. Unless it's for someone that significantly moves the needle (e.g. Laine or Connor), I don't think the Flyers would want a roster player in return. So in that scenario, I'm guessing the defenseman we move is either Hagg or Morin for a draft pick or B prospect. Hagg will fetch more. I don't imagine the Flyers will make a major roster move this early, so this makes more sense to me.
  3. Yeah, can't strip him of the C and have him remain on the team. Not after 7 years. No real obvious successor and not doing that to Coots or someone even younger and have a disgruntled former captain still in the room. Giroux has to remain captain while he's here. I move other people out first, but I'm actually convinced he's a problem.
  4. this is depressing. Another year with high hopes same disappointment. the Flyers are just full of third-line players that's it
  5. I'm afraid it's becoming glaringly obvious where many of our issues originate. I know someone will say points and skill, and I'm not arguing that, but in 7 years, we have not won a playoff series with those points and skills and have only made it three times. It's time to break up the band. Where is Yoko?
  6. They definitely focused on him A LOT during the series and as long as he isn't costing us much (money, contract, or otherwise), I don't really have a problem with it. I'm sure he's good in the room I did hear was was very good in the shootout, so there's that !
  7. This year is going to be about not expecting to much and enjoying the good plays when they happen. Hopefully Bruce will realize that Mikko winning a faceoff isn't enough to make up for his lack of game on the power play. There is hope as he has replaced suter with Hunt on the #1 pp.
  8. Brel, Absolutely agree with everything you said ....... I watched it via my DVR but yeah there was something there I haven't felt like in quite some time. God I even say it, but it felt like there was some actual jump in their skates ...despite not playing for a couple of days ...... I wanna see this team play better teams to see how they do, but more importantly I want them to bury the weaker teams ....not play down to them.
  9. Yeah, I know, but I feel like Hexy would have been scanning the waiver wire for goalie #9, and then strapped on the pads himself to be #10 in a pinch lol. Absolutely. Love Hart. More than just his talent, he seems like a genuinely special human.
  10. Much like rad...have to admit I checked out early last year. Just disgusted with the losing to the point I couldn't stomach it anymore. Buying center ice package quicker than Carter Hart jerseys flying off the shelf!! FINALLY....A FRANCHISE GOALIE!! Exciting times people a whole new era in Flyer hockey!!
  11. About the game overall, under Hakstol the Flyers win that game 3-1 or maybe 4-2...some of that is the goalie, but also I think having 2.5 hardasses on the bench keeps these players focused on the job at hand. That team was intent on keeping the clean sheet for their tender...that has been missing for some years. If this is how the team plays I will be entertained. I thought they looked fast and strong on pucks, I thought they played smart defensively. Braun was good, as was Niskanen, Provorov hit that bomb on the PP...holy **** how fast was that puck going. He looks to be healthy. Just think what will happen if G and V start scoring. The third line is very good and hard to play against. If JvR skates all year who is going to match up with them ? Lindblom TK and Couturier is a problem for other teams too...adding Hayes made all these guys better because of where they're playing. Very excited after 2 games...got my parade seat all planned out.
  12. Just brutal. Anticlimactic. Can't barely watch the game live, then have to wait five days for another game. Some teams have already played three games.
  13. There is NO excuse for the veterans. They should know how to get going more than a rookie, and have the personal trainers, dietitian's/cooks, and every other advantage that money brings to get moving early. The issue is that we have OLD players that are slow, content, and overly comfortable (knowing they keep their line spot, C's and A's, and TOI; no matter the results). On the other hand, are the youngsters (in the NHL) that are coasting more than we would like, while other youngsters just want a chance in the minors. Our goalie also has no heat on him from the back-up: no matter how well/poorly he plays. It is a BAD RECIPE. Koivu and Parise should NOT be 1 and 2 TOI for the forwards for the second straight game (Staal was in bottom 2 this game). Suter also has the most TOI on defense (what else is new?), and he STILL doesn't look like he gives a $hit about a W or L. They will NOT win with this continued on ice management. Koivu is only 8-10 months removed from an ACL tear, and was ALREADY the slowest Mule in the league. Our trades were TOTAL TRASH. Has anyone seen the $4MM man from the NN trade yet? Is he still a healthy scratch? How is Fiala working out for Granlund - didn't think so. How about Donato this year - same streaky issues the Bruins couldn't stomach. SMH
  14. I didn't get a chance to listen to this game because I was coaching football last night. But it sounds like they eeked out a win in the last minute. Dumont scored and Mayhew...two guys who will probably be the workhorse of this Iowa team. Belpedio had a good game too. I also hope Brown accepts the demotion and is a positive leader there too. Duhaime, Dewar and the other kids will get their chances...but the vets can carry a lot of the mail. Nice start for Iowa.
  15. Like @radoran said, zero tolerance for touching officials, IMO. That's just not a window you ever want to have even a wee bit open. But also, E Kane is a class A s**tbag.
  16. I wouldn't. I mean, I definitely think the coaching they've had in recent years was *a* problem, as you say. At the same time, it's not the easiest sell to say that coaching was the only problem. Goaltending was one as well, and that's noted, but it's entirely possible this core group just doesn't have what it takes to make a good run. Before someone comes in to blast me on this, I'm not saying this core isn't up to snuff. I'm just saying it is a possibility. And if they can't make some noise this year with three highly experienced coaches and a goalie who should be reasonably good to potentially great, then maybe their problems run deeper than all that. Again, they picked up some good to decent players over the off season, but they didn't get any real game changers. These aren't guys who will come in and make a subpar team into a contender, nor should they be asked to. That's not the job of a Hayes or a Niskanen; that's the job of a Giroux, Voracek, Couts, Ghost, JVR (maybe Hayes now). Of the bunch, only one wasn't around last year. That's five guys who should be taking a good long look in the mirror this season.
  17. Well that would be the first on these Flyer boards....
  18. The bar was set with the Jacob Trouba deal. Year Clause Cap Hit Salary 2019-20 $8,000,000 $12,000,000 2020-21 NMC $8,000,000 $10,000,000 2021-22 NMC $8,000,000 $8,000,000 2022-23 NMC $8,000,000 $6,000,000 2023-24 NMC $8,000,000 $8,000,000 2024-25 MNTC $8,000,000 $6,000,000 2025-26 MNTC $8,000,000 $6,000,000 Spurgeons deal Year Clause Cap Hit Salary 2020-21 NMC $7,575,000 $9,000,000 2021-22 NMC $7,575,000 $9,000,000 2022-23 NMC $7,575,000 $6,000,000 2023-24 NMC $7,575,000 $8,000,000 2024-25 MNTC $7,575,000 $8,000,000 2025-26 MNTC $7,575,000 $7,000,000 2026-27 MNTC $7,575,000 $6,025,000 I really doubt Spurgeon would take less than a five year deal. The team didn't pay him the cash, so he got the NTC/NMC's. And again, this is because the owner thinks this is a Cup contending team. If Leipold wants to throw his money at 30 year old defensemen, that's his business, I guess. I don't have a problem with what Spurgeon got. Maybe a bit high, and a bit long, but who knows how long Spurgeon can play? And the Wild certainly don't have anyone coming through the pipeline that would make me say "We have to move Spurgeon, NOW!" If you look at the Chabot deal Year Clause Cap Hit Salary 2020-21 $8,000,000 $7,000,000 2021-22 $8,000,000 $7,000,000 2022-23 $8,000,000 $4,000,000 2023-24 $8,000,000 $8,000,000 2024-25 MNTC $8,000,000 $10,000,000 2025-26 MNTC $8,000,000 $10,000,000 2026-27 MNTC $8,000,000 $10,000,000 2027-28 MNTC $8,000,000 $8,000,000 He doesn't have any clauses for the first four season which would put him at 26, but if he's a great young defenseman, why would you want to trade him anyway? The NTC's kick in the fifth year, and also the poison pill of a $10M salary. My guess is that Ottawa set up the contract this way so they get the freedom to move him if the right offer comes along when he's young, and then when he's in his prime and right before the $10M salary kicks in they unload him on another team...
  19. They don't have to release him from his PTO they can keep him on it for the year till they need him. He can travel with the team practice with them and he won't count towards the roster limit.
  20. Yep, that’s two good signings. Let’s get this season started already.
  21. Just want to officially say GOOD LUCK to all. It was a really good draft with a lot of players falling through the rounds. I looked over the rosters and I must say that all the GM's did a great job in drafting as all the rosters are pretty equally balanced. Should be an exciting year!
  22. While the league and the Flyers are moving away from the goon per say...you still need grit and Stewart provides that...esp in divisional match ups ...and is dirt cheap. Throw in his stellar shootout scoring percentage and I'm more than ok with this signing. If he provides enen one one point vis shootout or punches the snot out of an opponent picking on a smaller teammate BONUS...and from where I sit both have a good chance of happening. Low risk decent return..no problem with this decision.
  23. Ghost has been unable to get off any point shots with any regularity for 2 years now. Is it him or have teams figured him out.
  24. That's probably a much better way of putting it. His being C might justifiably be part of the problem. Again, it's really hard to argue against the production and skill. I'm not running him out of town or anything, and it's still really early in this season. But if the season progresses and it looks a hell of a lot like previous seasons, it's something that needs to be considered. Honestly, between statements toward the end of last year and his play this year, it's actually Voracek that seems like he really no longer wants to be here. If we're offered a good return, move him.
  25. @ruxpin and I were like two drunken sailors in search of a bar fight or some loving and kept striking out. As far as if the trade was amore or a good old brawl, well dont ask dont tell, lol. Okay my logic: Draisatl easily the best player in the deal. Easily. Bar none. Period. simply a superstar who qualifies at C/LW getting 100 points, 300 shots 30 PPP and 800 faceoffs. Frankly I am a bit sick of dealing him. I almost offered MacKinnon instead even. That said, I added Trocheck who gets everything, easily the most underrated player in the game, 70 points, hits, faceoffs, shots, shorties, you name it, he does it. Kane, like him or hate him he had 30 goals while leading the league in PIMs first guy since tiger Williams nearly 40 years ago to do that. Just a beast fantasy wise. Bishop even though Dallas is slumping is still putting up very solid numbers, he along with Fleury and Lundqvist give me a nice firewall of points in net. Love the trio. Losing Meier hurts, love his game and like his LW/RW combo even more. Slavin is kind of a mini Hedman who only is missing scoring from his game but with Faulk out of the way should put up 45 ish points along with all the peripheral stats. Hate to see both gone. But with this deal, I will cut Craig Anderson after his start tomorrow night against Vegas and pick up either a nice forward or seach for the replacement for Slavin. I have a couple of fun options to look into. So that is my logic. Of course it will all blow up, Bishop will blow out a knee, Rux will pick up Khubodin and ride him to a championship, lol.
  26. Wild Season is calling, calling to tell you to not waste your money.
  27. Really looking forward to all the posts about how the Flyers need a player like the Tkachuk kid that plays out there. I think Calgary is playing below their ability right now, that's a good line-up and their defense is mobile and skilled. It should be a good test. I like our team and how it plays so far this year.
  28. Exactly we need something new to bitch about. Anything....just something different!
  29. What a great time to pull that out! LMAO
  30. Hard to stop this one...if not for the toe save by Crawford on the shot earlier TK would have a hatty.
  31. I was looking for Episode 2 of Behind the Glass, but ended up finding this instead... Three things immediately jump out - 1 - You could have told me the intro narrative was about this upcoming season, and I'd believe you. Same story, six years later. 2 - If you'd told me in 2013 that by 2019, Morin would play in 8 total NHL games, I'd say you're crazy. Plus ça change, plus c'est pareil! 3 - Wow, how much has technology evolved in six years?!?! The production looks absolutely amateur. Crazy times we live in!
  32. I guess the positive is this: expectations, which were arguably too high, are now quite low as they do a mini-rebuild especially of their D. The key for me is the state of the locker room. There were rumours of dissension swirling around the team late in the year, which was reflected in their play in March-April and into the playoffs. If that stuff is still in the room, could be a long, cold winter in the 'Peg.
  33. So nice to see. We'll have a really strong lineup when he's back.
  34. There better be a follow up soon noting that Stewart was released from his PTO. Rubtsov and Aube-Kubel are surprising.
  35. Just got home....tired. TK had wheels all night....going to the board HARD with Chara many occasions. SO GLAD we signed him.... Twerk-inski,.....that kid should get a look on the 3rd line! Coots is such a good player... Elliot was per usual.....made a few great saves early.....BUT..... FUN GAME! ZZZZzzzzzz.....
  36. One 55-point season at the age of 22 and you get $64M over eight years, backloaded with a modified NTC on the last four years with salaries of $10M, $10M, $10M, $8M (quite the poison pill for trade negotiations) I'm guessing this is to help Melnyk get his plane back - or something. Chabot is a nice player, but I gotta feel OTT overpaid here... We'll see if it works out...
  37. Makes me feel good about Vigneault, but kinda crappy about everything else. It's still difficult for me to imagine what a team is expected to be able to execute of a new system when they start preseason games 2 or 3 days after camp opens, but I guess Vigneault's been through it before. I like how unsubtle he is about it though. I think some of this needs to be called out.
  38. Well the good news I guess is it will help negotiating a new contract...hopefully. If anyone gets a small bridge deal it's this guy.
  39. Makes Ivan's deal look a little more reasonable....and Chabot has never even scored more than 14 goals...at least Ivan has put up 17 once. But hey it's Ottawa and i guess they were going along the lines of the Trouba deal here...just handing out the contract...SMFH.
  40. It's not that, or just that, it's that NHL referees suck asss at everything. The sooner they are replaced by chimpanzees the better.
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