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    Greetings: This was a messy performance. MTL outplayed us in the second. Niskanen looked a bit discombobulated. Agreed with Occ that our first line needs to up their game. Hart was great, and at least we had a PP goal. That said, the PP does not seem to be clicking. I don't care how you slice it, JVR on the fourth line is not so good. On the plus side, Grant earns his keep, and Thompson works hard. We need to slow these folks up. We have the depth. We need to wear them out.
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    This game was waaaay closer than I like. I give Montreal props they have a lot of speed and they work for the puck. Flyers missed some empty nets and that Price lucky stick on that Laughton shot almost into a empty net was the difference in the Flyers winning by 3. Flyers have to find some better chemistry and rhythm during the game. They just still look out of sorts waiting for Giroux, Coots, Hayes, Voracek (sorry i don't believe he touch that first goal) or JVR to finally get on the board. Hart and the Flyers bottom 6 with the defense kept them in this game. At least they won.
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    Thompson was traded to the Flyers prior to this game, right ?
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    Learned yer lesson finally eh? Lol
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    I don't think it was any conspiracy. We had 12.5% chance of winning and an 87.5% of losing same as every other team in the lottery. While it could've helped a great deal it could have been worse. It could have gone to the Jets.
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    OMG ..Yes! Remember when he chased down Chris Chelios! Retaliation after Chelios destroyed Brian Propp....Damn ... I hated Chelios ever since....

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