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    We already know hes guilty of fraud, we watched him play
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    Nice tackle, the Eagles are looking for linebackers
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    Raffle loaned to his home country makes sense if he is staying in his country during the offseason. If he was here in Philly and took a flight to Austria, then that's a different story. But it seems like he was already over seas, so why not start playing some games and get a head start to the season. Especially if your going to be playing for a contract. With the uncertainty of the world optics and oppositions on how the world should be, I don't blame him for playing in Austria.
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    Well that does not bode well for the start of the 2020-2021 season..... Gonna be a long, BORING isolated winter here in the Northeast. Enjoy Everyone!
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    >> a source tells me they have had talks over the past few days with the Flyers regarding a top D-man for Nylander << Slow time. He needs site hits. But, just for conversation purposes, the 3 'rumors' floated this off-season have been for wingers Gaudreau, Laine, and Nylander. How would we rank them in fit for our Flyers? Also, what E is ignoring is - - having a quality top-2 pairs of defencemen are a lot harder to get than skilled forwards (top-9). The Sanheim-Myers pair of big, great skating, 2-way young mobile defencemen, along with Provorov, will be a pillar of the Flyers defense for many years. GMs around the league salavate at getting any of these guys. No way does Fletcher move any of them. (unless it's for Connor McDavid ) In 3 seasons from now, the Flyers will have the best 6-man mobile defense in the NHL that can excel in all 3 zones: LD - RD Provorov-Zamula Sanheim-Myers (RH) York-Friedman (RH) (maybe Gustafsson) #7 - Hagg
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    good post. Appreciate the POV. You can log me the "doubt it" column. I think the Flyers have a great core of defensmen, and if used properly, should be the strength of the team. But a "new, leading edge"? I can't get there. They are not better without Nisky. And with him, they got exposed and torched in the playoffs. You can spring the offense all you want, but if the offense can't control the puck or score goals, you're going to find yourself in a lot of odd man rushes. All the quotes in your post sound like filler during a boring off season
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    Well, someone had to win This is about the same as what we are witnessing qith the NFC east
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    Bingo. Winner! When AV played for St. Louis, he was a tough guy that stood up for his teammates. As a Head Coach, his players have respect for him. Check this out: NHL Feb. 16, 1983 Stewart Gavin,TOR v Alain Vigneault,STL Toronto Maple Leafs St. Louis Blues
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  12. 1 point
    Maybe this just doesnt bode well for Raffl
  13. 1 point
    Yeh CX, and this 2020-21 season is the last season on his contract. 1.6 M Cap Hit. The fact that the Flyers sent him out on loan at this time is not a good sign that there is optimsm to get the new season started in January with NHL Camps in December.
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    Good points. Additionally - - 1) Goal scoring may not be a big issue. Our Flyers last season were 7th in the 31-team NHL in 'goals scored' (They played 1 and 2 games less than the two teams ahead of them, and could easily have been 5th in the League). 2) The reminder from GM Fletcher - don't draw conclusions from the small sample size of the 13 games of the Bubble Playoffs. I think he is right. 3) The possibility, depending on circumstances, of one of these skill forwards making the team soon (as you said - next 2 seasons): Sandin, Frost, Allison - - most likely Sandin this season - - age 24, is a goal scorer with SHL pro experience. Other positives for optimism: 1) the addition of Lindblom and potentially Patrick 2) young rostered players have not yet peaked and will get better and better: Konecny, Farabee, NAK, Bunnaman (in his 4th line role), Sanheim, Myers, Provorov, Hart Actually, thinking about the end of the 2019-20 regular season success to climb to the top and how well the team was in sync, and also knowing that finally the top-rated (2nd behind Buffalo) prospect pool is/will be ready to emerge, the future seems bright for our Flyers.
  15. 1 point
    Yeah, who needs another player like that when we already have 4 lines worth?
  16. 1 point
    .....but we will still be 2 seasons away from having any young offensive players ready to step in There is no question that the Flyers strength is D. That includes in goal. Nisky was a set back, and I think it will take a full season to recover from that loss. But as we saw in the PO, defense alone couldnt get it done. If they dont improve their play up front, by the time these young players are ready, we will lose these d-men to expiring contracts
  17. 1 point
    @OccamsRazor Whenever they feel sad or lonely they listen to the message from Chuck?
  18. 1 point
    It might be the most underdog type team the Wild has been in years. Sometimes that is not a bad thing.
  19. 1 point
    According to the hockeywilderness.com article, Rossi tests positive for COVID, but recovering well. I will add hopefully getting gradually some valuable immunity to this disease. Nice also, that he will start playing soon after the negative tests. This is the way how it should be in our life and in any our sports. The respiratory virus will not go away from the human population, but it will live with us like influenza does routinely . Here is a link to read: [Hidden Content]
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    In my reading I'm seeing consensus around 1% death rate. No argument over that. 1% of 300 million is too big a number of fatalities when simple steps can mitigate the spread and make that number less daunting. A relative unknown is long term health effects from it, some people fight it off, others have a long hauler effect, others still have cardio vascular inflammation as a result. Sorry to add to derailing the topic. I hope the Flyers are good in 20/21
  23. 1 point
    This does not seem unreasonable to me. I wish I could support your statement more fully. At the same time- IMO it is foolish to not heed easy to follow advice. The virus spreads in gatherings of people? avoid those where possible until such time that folks have been inoculated and people can gather safely. I don't know how operating at below 50% capacity provides anything but risk to the staff and patrons in most public situations. The unnecessary loss of life associated with this pandemic has been unacceptable to me and should be to all who value human life. Making public health into a political/tribal matter has been catastrophically stupid. It did not need to kill over a quarter of a million of us. yet here we are. Some food for thought.
  24. 1 point
    Yes it is! From what I have read the son - father duo is working very well, making Rossi a lot stronger when any adversities arise. Michael will keep on raising Marco through difficulties.
  25. 1 point
    Yeah, more than anything Sam just needs to play games as a pro. Hopefully he can stay healthy and we can find out what we have in the big man. He's certainly got perseverance.
  26. 1 point
    Article in the Philadelphia Inquirer today by Sam Carchidi on Flyers defenceman Sam Morin. Flyers Sam Morin, LD 6'-7", 230 2013 Draft 1st Round #11 Has Pronger nasty in his game Twice torn ACL Right Knee Grueling Rehab Now has been skating at the Flyers Training Center in Voorhees for several months. Played 28 Games over 3 seasons (8 Flyers, 20 Phantoms) Article Excerpts: >> Assistant coach Ian Laperriere, a fellow French Canadian who overcame lots of adversity of his own during his playing days, has helped Morin get through rough spots with numerous one-on-one chats. And Kjell Samuelsson, the former defenseman who is the Flyers’ director of player development, has been by his side during many of his rehab skating sessions. Morin has been lifting weights and skating in Voorhees for a few months. He is about a year removed from his second ACL surgery and said he was “back to full speed.” “When camp starts, I have to be ready to go,” he said. “I still have some work to do, but the knee feels good. That’s the important part.” The NHL hopes to start training camps in mid-December and the season on Jan. 1. Morin has virtually no chance to make the team because of his inactivity the last three years, so he figures to play with the Phantoms if he clears waivers – with his injured past and his age, it’s unlikely he would be claimed – to get his game back in order. Deep down, Morin said, “I really do believe I’m going to be a hockey player again and have a nice career. I’m so lucky and thankful right now. I’m healthy again, and I just need to play. I just need to control what I can control. “He’s probably going to have to go in the American League and get 50, 60 games staying healthy under his belt,” Flyers coach Alain Vigneault said recently. “He’s got to get a chance to play.” << Full Article: [Hidden Content] It seems that there is no room on the flyers now, or in the forseeable future, for Morin with the current 6-man unit and with excellent prospects coming: 2020-21 Season Provorov - Gustafsson Sanheim - Myers (RH) (don't break them up) Hagg - Braun (RH) #7 - Friedman (RH) Ghost - traded Zamula Wylie York If Morin has an excellent Phantoms season here in 2020-21 and his right knee is good, perhaps he could be a #7 defenceman with our Flyers for 2021-22 and forward? His D-zone play, size, reach, and his toughness could be an asset. The NY Rangers know -
  27. 1 point
    Wow! LW Desnoyers scored again on Saturday! He now has 12 goals in 16 games for the Halifax Mooseheads in the QMJHL. Last season with the Moncton Wildcats he scored 11 goals over 61 games. An 18 year old developing Flyers prospect from this year's Draft, 5th Round. A highlight - including a fake between the legs finish -
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  29. 1 point
    Just found out that Marco Rossi's father Michael Rossi played professional hockey as a defenseman in Austria for 19 seasons. It seems we have another hockey dynasty player in our team. Nice.
  30. 1 point
    Nolan Patrick. If his migrane situation can be managed in a fashion similar to Nikalas Backstrom, I think Patrick is poised to wreck the league. I know folks will say, well why didn't he come in and tear up the league as a 19 year old ? My answer is two part, he was 19 and this issue was undiagnosed, no one knew why he'd have "off " days, the go to explanation was "concussion related" which scared everyone, so the kid would hide the symptoms and his play would suffer. ****'s out in the open now. He has elite ability, a truly + shot, he sees the ice well, he is not blindingly fast but he's fast enough that d-men don't want him bearing down on them at the blue line, he has some punk in his game and a chip on his shoulder because he couldn't play and couldn't play the way he wants to. I think he's going to live up to his #2 overall draft pick status.

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