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  1. Probably because they have experience broadcasting the finals in colour.
  2. A day to celebrate as Flyers' Oskar Lindblom completes radiation treatments Couldn't happen to a better person. So happy for him. Ring that bell!!!!
  3. I need some hockey. “Dig, Tommy Come’on” I yell as Tommy Goulden turns the corner trailing Reece Rodland by half a bike length on the home stretch of their race. The Rodland kid is bigger but Tommy has a great motor and high neighborhood BMX IQ, he definitely has the ability to win some races against the older Reece. But not this time, Tommy runs out of gas and Reece wins pulling away. The climax of the race has an empty net goal after a furious 3rd period push feel to it for young Tommy. Ever the competitor, he chirps Reece about cutting him off at the Farrell house as they head to Reece’s yard for a backyard fire and s’mores. It’s been 112 days since the NHL suspended operations, my daily life is a mess. My family is fortunate, my wife has been able to work from home as have I, our teenaged daughter is doing as well as can be expected in the current limited world or social interaction. We’re good, really. I have been a little “extra” though. Last week I complained to Mrs Mojo about Marcus “just taking his blades for a ride when he should have been mowing the hell out of that lawn”…I mean Marcus is a good guy, he’s got “plus” zero turning radius mower accuracy and is a hell of weed wacker, however, I can’t help but feel like he’s floating when he’s doing the backside of the industrial building that is adjacent to our yard. I think the problem here is there have been no Stanley Cup playoffs and it has affected my behavior in ways that are not helpful. To anyone. My team, the Philadelphia Flyers, had been a perennial playoff fixture for most of my life, until the 2010’s when a series of bewildering trades and free agent signings turfed what was a championship nucleus for a 7 year rebuild that stopped and started a few times. Still the Flyers were playing meaningful hockey into April most years even when they did not qualify for the tournament. When my rooting interests were eliminated there were still teams I could root against and that was almost as fun. Almost. The Flyers vastly underachieved in the 2018/19 season and it led to the dismissal of the general manager and then then mercifully the boneheaded coach. It was an odd numbered year in Philly, so yes, it was the coach’s fault, not the goalie’s. The new GM Chuck Fletcher hired Alain Vigneault and together they assembled a quality staff comprised of former head coaches Mike Yeo, Michel Therrien while retaining Ian Laperierre. Fletcher also signed Kevin Hayes to an eternal contract at way to high of an aav to suit many armchair GMs. He also made a few savvy trades that brought experienced, high-quality, players to the team while keeping the core and the highly prized young players on the roster and in the system. Still many fans were not delighted, I myself was warily optimistic, which is the default setting for most Flyers fans. The competition in the Metropolitan division is fierce. The Flyers needed to play winning hockey to keep pace. Prior to January they were scraping along, playing poorly on the road but well at home. They had lost one of their top young goal scorers for the season and maybe forever, to Ewing’s Sarcoma. It would be another year in the “rebuild of the rebuild”. Then in mid-January this team began to “feel themselves”, they became confident and really fun to watch. The boys were skating teams out of the rink, and when they were heavy legged, the goalies stole games. They beat the teams they should and were right there with the top teams in the league. They couldn’t seem to beat Tampa but they skated with them, and with a bounce could have won both games; they played the Bruins tough too with better results. The Flyers owned the Capitals and beat the top teams from the western conference. They were going to be tough to beat in the Stanley Cup playoffs because they were definitely going to make the tournament and maybe even have home ice for a round. This is going to be our year! Then COVID-19 happened. Everyone’s life ground to a halt. In March and April sports was the furthest thing from my mind. My focus needed to be on wiping down the produce I purchased at the grocery store with Lysol and not whether James vanRiemsdyk was effectively forechecking (he had been). The weather got better, kids began to play outside. Home projects that “only needed some time” were completed, we had reached the end of Netflix, (the home screen becomes all “watch it again”). There is certainly a space sports can occupy to help the nation escape for a time. Can hockey fill that void? I know the answer is yes, the Stanley Cup tournament is the most difficult to win in professional sports, it is nightly drama, feats of skill and courage that must be seen to be believed. Can the NHL resume play safely? I hope so, I would love to see the game resume. I don’t want anyone to get sick with the virus. I am starved for a return to some sense of normalcy and sports can offer that. If the NHL can do it and everyone involved can do it virus free, then drop the puck! It can grow our sport, showcasing the cup playoffs to a nearly captive audience. I think the nation would be grateful to hockey. I know the Rodland kid would rather have me yelling at Todd Marchand through the TV than rooting against him every time he rides his bike with his younger buddy.
  4. Cause Rick picks them to win the cup every....single....year.
  5. Greetings: I was very happy to see this. It's a pleasant piece of news during strange times. I am sure he was in good hands. He's in the prime of his life. Let's hope this thing is cured and he can lead a long and productive life.
  6. My entire life has been about hockey, and especially watching the playoffs in the spring. As much as I miss hockey , I really don’t believe there will be a playoff season. To me ,the NHL is better off canceling this season and prepare for next year. Look at the spike in COVID cases already. As soon as the traveling starts and all the players get together there will be an outbreak, It’s July already , who wants a half assed playoffs with no fans and the games played in other cities. I’m predicting now there will not be any playoffs. Imagine if there is a playoff season and after 45 years of suffering the Flyers finally win the Cup and we didn’t get to go to a single game , they won in some other city, in a empty arena and there is no Stanley Cup parade . Who the hell wants that. Who needs a ******** gimmick playoff and then a shortened season next year. Forget this year and also forget this social distance crap, open everything up , you can’t stop a virus, it has to run its course. We have been shutdown for 4 months ,we partially opened up and people are getting sick again, you can shutdown for 10 more months and the same thing will happen and we will be bankrupt and half the population will be on welfare. Unfortunately, the virus has to run its course and lots of people are going to die , you can’t stop it, just like you can’t stop a cold or flu. We are only prolonging the inevitable. P.S. All the allegations against me are false, they all wanted it...
  7. Sometimes you never know how short life really is ....a sad but inspiring story I wanted to share .... [Hidden Content]
  8. Just a bizarre ending to an otherwise perfectly healthy athlete and great all around person. Thanks for posting it doc.
  9. I'm wondering if the owners of the Panthers are using the team as a tax write-off? Eddie Debartillo (sic)did that with the Pens in the 1980s.
  10. This is a good chuckle too. You have been trying really hard to get a date with Austin covid Matthews, your beloved Leafs went way beyond tanking to get him, yet you would be okay with getting Jesse Pulljarvi out of that draft. Give us all a break.
  11. There is the link''' Awesome hawaiian shirt for hockey lovers Get yours here: [Hidden Content] Available up to size 5XL
  12. My reply was not just about COVID, it was about how much it would suck , if we finally won the Cup and we couldn’t go to any games or have a parade. I guess we could all wear our Flyers Jerseys and loot and burn and just call it an overly exuberant victory parade.
  13. Strengthen by the fact that the "He" in this: is Chuck Fletcher.
  14. Ha... The advent of his unorthodox approach began after Jacques Lemaire, once head coach of the Wild, mentioned to Rolston during a practice he had a dream the night before that Rolston used a slapshot in a shootout and scored. The very next day, in a game against the Vancouver Canucks, Rolston scored on a penalty shot, beating goaltender Roberto Luongo with a slapshot. After this, Rolston began to use the slapshot regularly in these situations.
  15. Fortunately we don't play Philly very often since we're never in the same division.
  16. Dear all, As part of my season ticket holder benefits the Flyers invited me to a 10 year reunion of a handful of the 2010 players on a Zoom type system where we could see and hear all the players but they could not hear or see us (see screenshot at end of recap). It was hosted by Steve Coates and radio announcer Tim Saunders. In attendance were JVR, Scott Hartnell, Claude Giroux, Simon Gagne, Danny Briere, Ian laperriere, Kimmo Timonen, and Brian Boucher. The event lasted an hour and they discussed some of the behind the scenes stuff from the 2010 playoff run. Firstly they discussed how they had been picked to go far at the beginning of the season and how they laid an egg early on which got Stevens fired. Coatsey and Saunders asked if the hiring of Lavvy made a huge difference and they tried to be diplomatic about it but said yes implicitly. Hartnell said that Stevens was all defense and that nobody likes to play defense and they all felt freed by Lavvy's offensive system to do their thing. As you can imagine they also highlighted that Stevens was very soft spoken and that Lavvy was very fiery which really inspired them. They also said the leadership of Pronger was huge. Harts said just the name gave them more confidence but also his big body and the leadership as well. Then they went into a discussion about how the season was ending where they were losing 8 out of 11 down the stretch including one to the Rangers in game 81 of the season. The most interesting thing we learned about the last game of the season was that Lavvy anticipated that the Rags would play them tight and may even play for a shootout as they had Lundqvist in net and figured if they could get it to a shootout they would beat the Flyers in it (I myself certainly thought so when it got to the SO). Lavvy wanted them to be prepared for this so at practice he called Gagne, Giroux, Briere, JVR, Richards and Carter over to him and said he wanted them to study film of Lundqvist in the SO and pick a move that they planned to move and practice that move. They did so and Briere went out and executed is perfectly. Giroux on the other hand changed his mind in the middle of his attempt and then had nothing to shoot at so he just went 5 hole and was lucky that it went in. Boucher mentioned that he was so nervous before the game and really felt the pressure that afternoon. He also note that he couldnt stand Lundqvist's celebration at the end of Ranger wins where he taps his posts and then does a huge fist pump. Bouch witnessed it from the bench in the previous game and wanted to do it back to him if the Flyers won and when he made that last save his celebration was an attempt to emulate and mock it. Booch said he actually tripped up when trying to do it as he got up awkwardly from the save but that was the story behind his famous celebration. They didn't talk much about the Devils series except that they had to focus on Elias and Brodeur and that they felt they could beat them. They lost the first game and Giroux was slamming stuff around the locker room in anger while Pronger was loose and kind of chucking at him for his tirade. This looseness helped to loosen Giroux up as he didn't feel too panicked after that and Flyers went on to win the series. They also talked about Lappy blocking the shot with his face and he joked that he did it because he didn't trust Boosh which brought out laughs all around. Naturally they discussed the Bruins series in detail and mentioned how they felt that they had a lot of bad breaks and bounces in the first 3 games. One key thing that they mentioned that happened in the first 3 games was Richards' huge hit on Krejci (who was playing extremely well for the Bruins up until that point) which knocked him out for the rest of the series. At the same time Gagne was due back in game 4 and those 2 events combined were some huge factors that swung the series ,according to the players. For pride they didn't want to get swept so worked hard to win game 4 (in OT) and said they felt that if they could just somehow win game 5 in Boston that they could still win the series as the pressure would all be back on Bruins. They shut out Boston in game 5 (4-0) but lost Boucher in the process when Ryan Parent pushed Miro Satan onto him while he was down making a save. The weight of it caused Boosh to sprain both MCLs. Boosh said at the time he was sure they were both torn. Kimmo came over and asked Boosh if he was OK and Boosh yelled "No! Its all over" then Mcrossin came over and Boosh was yelling "I'm done, I'm done! Leighton hadn't played in 2 months but stepped in and completed the shutout. They had no doubt they would win game 6 at home which they did 2-1 and were feeling good about game 7 until they got down 3-0. Then Lavvy called time out and read them the riot act (Hartnell said that he yelled at them a lot). The first thing he said was to Leighton which was "Stop the *#&%#*ing puck!" Then he basically told them to get their rears in gear and that they just needed one to get back in the game. JVR (called VanReimsdork by Harnell BTW) scored before the end of the first and knew they was hope but still were not super confident as the locker room was very quiet and subdued. They tied it in the 2nd period though on goals by Harts and Briere. Both of them heavily complimented Leino (who they had hoped could join the call) as being very slick with the puck. They both said that they loved playing on a line with him as he would dangle with the puck until they get into a good scoring area and he routinely fed them the puck there resulting in goals. At 2nd intermission the locker room was buzzing and they said they knew they were going to win and it was a matter of time. Gagne finally got the GWG on the PP after a too many men on the ice penalty for the Bruins. Gags said that Richards tried a shot/pass (which was a strategy by the team during that season) which was a wrister meant primarily as shot but had a little power taken off it so it could double as a pass (if needed) for a deflection or even to be received and controlled. In this case the shot/pass was partially blocked by the Bruins. Gagne was able to find it however and pounce on it for a quick shot which would be the game and series winning goal. The team of course was pumped up and was brimming with confidence although it was hard to fathom that after all that they were only 1/2 way to their ultimate goal as it felt like a lot of work to that point Surprisingly they were not worried at all about Montreal who took out Washington and the Pens for them (the latter which had given them fits the last few years). In fact they shared that during the Bruins game they were actually scoreboard watching and were all excited when seeing the Canadiens "absolutely pasting" the Penguins. They were telling each other that if they could just beat the Bruins that they would be in the finals! Hartnell said that they considered the Habs a "tap in" because they matched up against them well and had beaten up on them all year. Interestingly Gagne's and Lappy's friends (who were French Canadian and Habs fans) were all telling them they had no chance vs the Habs after what they did to the Caps and Pens, but the Flyers were not fazed and won the series going away including 3 Leighton shut outs in the series. They of course were elated going to Chicago for the final. Lappy was telling everyone, especially JVR and G to enjoy it and appreciate it and really go for it as that was his 17th year and only trip to the finals (he knew it would be his last season too). Lappy said he certainly enjoyed the 3 mins a game Lavvy would use him in the series. JVR and G said they are glad they listened to him as they have not been back since. They said the United Center was loud and got them pumped up, sadly though they couldn't really explain what happened though in Game 1 which was a track meet where they kept blowing leads and then game 2 which was tight checking where they couldn't do anything. They felt the series was really lost there as they couldn't steal a game (I have said for years game 1 was the one that got away, Saunders agreed and said if they win 1 there they we would all be having a very different conversation). Of course the won game 3 on an OT deflection goal by Giroux off a planned shot/pass by Carle to G. (I re-watched it and noted how Carle did a gentle wrister rather than a hard shot!) They again couldn't explain what happened in game 5 (a brutal 7-4 loss) and all agreed they just had a bad game, in fact their worst of the playoffs. Boosh also mentioned how he had to replace Leighton in 2 of the losses and how the Flyers scored enough in those games for the loss to be pinned on him (they called it a "Boosh special"). Then the conversation turned to game 6. They touched on how Carter could/should have won it earlier and how he put it right into the only place Neimi was covering (sigh). Naturally the discussion turned to "the goal". Coatsey asked if anyone saw it go in. Everyone looked sad and glum. Finally Kimmo spoke up and said that when he saw Kane put his arms up he looked in the net and saw the puck trapped in the padding at the bottom and knew immediately it was over. Kimmo said he has replayed the play over and over again in his head for years trying to determine what he would have done differently. He said unfortunately Kane had a slight step on him which caused him to be beaten on the play. Lappy also said from the bench he knew it had gone in as players like Kane know when they score and would not have celebrated otherwise. Then they asked Boosh as a member of the "goalie union" if he would speak on Leighton's behalf. Boosh said when a player like Kane is there with the puck a a bad angle you have to worry about him shooting as well as making a pass out in front. If he shoots you want to go down and block it and if you are playing for the pass you push off the post to slide over. Boosh thinks what happened is that Leighton couldn't decide what to do so he left the post to cover the pass and then decided to cover the shot, unfortunately being off the post the puck had a place to sneak in and that was that. The hour was winding down but before we left Kimmo wanted to tell 1 final story. He started with "when I was traded to the Blackhawks" and Harnell interrupted to sarcastically say "yeah yeah you won a cup, we are all so happy for you". Kimmo said that he was old and was like Lappy playing 3 minutes a game at that point and while it was great winning it would have been much more better to win in 2010 . He then got back to his story of when he was traded the Hawks. His story was that the first time he walked into the players areas of the Blackhawks' facility he was met by a gigantic display featuring Kane with his arms in the air scoring the series winning goal on Leighton. Also featured in the display was a giant Kimmo getting beaten by Kane. Timonen said that it added insult to injury and wasn't the welcome to Chicago that he was hoping for. With that Coatsey read a spot for Coors light which apparently sponsored the event and they all signed off. Although it celebrated a losing effort it was a nice thing they did for us and I really enjoyed the hour reliving a magical ride that came up just a little short (story of my life as a Flyers fan born 1 year after the cups). Anyway hope you enjoy this recap that you are all safe and well and that we eventually get back to the rink for some games. Lets go Flyers
  17. On this day, March 6th 2020 the Flyers are tied for first place in the division with 16 games to go in the season. The last time that happened was (I'll edit this post when I figure it out).
  18. On this day,in 1979..Bernie Parent recorded his 270th and final n h l victory...

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