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  1. No way he’s getting that money unless he hits 50 pts once.
  2. Lol. Exhausted from counting their Benjamins no doubt. Small sample size. Of pre-season hockey. Wake me in November when they are 4-10-3
  3. I hear there's some good bitching in the "patrick is injured" thread. might want to stop by...
  4. Yep, that’s two good signings. Let’s get this season started already.
  5. Thanks. Tweet I saw earlier suggested it was a surprise. Still ridiculous that he can’t get through an offseason without injury. Must have caught Neuvirthitis.
  6. Easy answer would be to NOT hang onto him as a keeper...but you know, as soon as you drop him back to the draft pool, someone will pick him up faster than you can say "Fenton traded Nino and Granlund one for one for garbage returns", and even if he starts out slowly (either with the Lightning or *gasp* someone else he is traded to because his agent and the club can't come to a deal), he will do well, and you will kick yourself later. Bottom line...keep him. I would. Even if I weren't a "homer" here. I'd do the same if it were Marner, Boeser, or any of those other high ceiling guys who held out.
  7. I've been wondering about that, myself. With Giroux up at the same time, will we essentially see a flip of what they're making, assuming Giroux slows down and wants to stay a Flyer?
  8. REPORTED. Everybody knows that just because you score 1,000 pts in Jr., it doesn't mean jack. It's not even really the same game. Sure it's on ice and all, but basically a totally different sport.
  9. I'm a lazy writer these days. Crease summed it up nicely. Me being pessimistic of this deal has nothing to do with Spurgie being favorite or not. In the grand scheme things a below average deal... for the Wild. Another nail in the coffin to be a bottom feeder for the next 5 years. Jared is a nice guy and an above average D-man but paying him like this with a NMC for 4 years while all the slow, veterans with their comfortable NMC of their own hanging in the background... unreal. Where is the unselfish Kevin Labanc of the Wild...
  10. @AJgoal @mojo1917 Thanks guys! 10:30am here and I've already learned something new My day is successful.
  11. I don't know about "wildly" overpaying him....yes, it is a bit more in term and money than a guy who will be 31 when the contract starts should probably get, but I'd classify it as a bit of an overpay to keep a guy who still brings plenty of offensive/defensive skills and smarts to the team. The bottom line, IMO, was whether the Wild wanted Jared Spurgeon around or not, because if they don't pay him the 7.5M, someone else certainly would have....and have gotten a solid #2 or #3 defenseman. Term will likely bite Minnesota in the rear down the road, but apparently the team feels they will just deal with that when the time comes. There are options....buyouts, trades with retention, or LTIR if Spurgeon suffers some serious injury to where he can't even go on the ice anymore. Personally, I'm glad to have him back. He and Mat Dumba make a very fine offensive attack pair from the blue line...whether working together or on separate pairings. Even though Spurge isn't what I would consider an "elite defender", he still does many things pretty well. 7.5M is the cost of doing business and keeping around a criminally underrated defenseman.
  12. I have no insight at all, other than that a rational player - not solely focused on $$ - would cut the crap. Marner did. Konecny ain’t Marner.
  13. If you are looking long term, and cap management, who is more important to the Flyers, Sanheim or Konecny? I would argue that Sanheim is more important to the Flyers long-term future than Konecny. Given this , why should Konecny receive more than Sanheim?
  14. This is good. Now, I'm off to another thread where I can complain about something.
  15. I don't get why people are doubting Provorov all of a sudden. He had a bad year. It happens to EVERY player in the league. Good God, this nonsense of whether Ivan will develop into a top tier defender is laughable.
  16. One 55-point season at the age of 22 and you get $64M over eight years, backloaded with a modified NTC on the last four years with salaries of $10M, $10M, $10M, $8M (quite the poison pill for trade negotiations) I'm guessing this is to help Melnyk get his plane back - or something. Chabot is a nice player, but I gotta feel OTT overpaid here... We'll see if it works out...
  17. Wishing him well in his post playing career as well. All the points you made about him, @yave1964, were right on, but I think what ultimately got him to the point where teams no longer felt the need to keep him (including TB who opted to re-sign Coburn instead), is his skating. The man IS smart...not was..IS…. he knows all the nuances of playing defense and seemingly has a sharp mind for the game, but watching him in his remaining days in NY and then even playing sheltered rotated minutes in TB, it was pretty clear he had lost more than a step or two along the way. This post isn't meant to bag on him, but rather to point out the simple fact that his skating speed and explosiveness were just no longer up to NHL standards. He'd probably make a great coach at some level given his keen mind for the game, the position he played, his workmanlike attitude, and understanding "big moments' on the ice, as he was part of many in his career.
  18. Makes me feel good about Vigneault, but kinda crappy about everything else. It's still difficult for me to imagine what a team is expected to be able to execute of a new system when they start preseason games 2 or 3 days after camp opens, but I guess Vigneault's been through it before. I like how unsubtle he is about it though. I think some of this needs to be called out.
  19. Well the good news I guess is it will help negotiating a new contract...hopefully. If anyone gets a small bridge deal it's this guy.
  20. I would go Connor over Laine if we "had" to do something (yes, yes, your resident Finnophile slagging Laine...) But I concur with you, there's nothing that really makes sense and makes the team better. Also don't really know what Winnipeg wants. Connor IMO is now what we hope KNX will turn into. And I really do have to concur with Occ about Laine's work ethic. The shot is there but unless they get a Finn Whisperer to slap some sense into him, he'll be a one trick pony. It's a good trick, but that's it.
  21. Just see the last goal he gave up. First he doesn't warn his guys the PP was about over... ...then yes it was a small break away but good lawd Clifton was soooo slow to move it to his back hand to lift and Lyon was over to cover it and in the back of the net....man Lyon you have to make that save....sleep back there i guess. Sandstrom will be the starter in Allentown real quick this year. Might be better off by mid season moving Lyon (if you can) and let Sandstrom and Ustimenko man the crease for the Phantoms.
  22. Smarter people than I who have watched Chabot since Juniors think he is worth that contract, so I don't know. I honestly don't think I've watched an Ottawa game since he broke into the league, so I have nothing to base it on.
  23. Chabot's a good young defender. You do have to consider where he played, and who he played with when evaluating his point totals, as well. It really makes evaluating this deal tough, considering the trainwreck that organization has been over the past few years. Is that point total depresed due to the poor supporting cast? Or is it inflated since he's getting all of the choice minutes that he wouldn't get with a more talented roster?
  24. Makes Ivan's deal look a little more reasonable....and Chabot has never even scored more than 14 goals...at least Ivan has put up 17 once. But hey it's Ottawa and i guess they were going along the lines of the Trouba deal here...just handing out the contract...SMFH.
  25. Me either i just enjoy stirring coach's pot....he has a personal vendetta against him and i'm trying to get him to divulge why. There is simply too much talent on this roster and even behind him to stick and stay here long...i mean he would have to come out and set the league on fire for him to stick here for a couple more years. But what i think he can become is a role player type like Laughton and Laughton are now and there is a chance later maybe he steals a spot say for example even Raffl's job....who is 30 and NAK could slot in at say half his price tag for example not saying he will he'll have to convince the coaches. Or he could prove valuable and Chuckles flip for a pick to another team. Bottom line you don't give a guy like away without trying to recoup something for him even if it's a 7th round pick....Wyatt Kalynuk was a 7th rounder...
  26. Giroux, Couturier, Frost, Provorov, Niskanen, and Ghost all in tonight.
  27. My thoughts on the Flyers open roster spot. Only young forwards i have seen who are realistically competing for the Flyers so far. Farabee Rubtsov Kase NAK Vorobyev Those are the only ones who have a shot and i will throw Frost name in the hat even though i haven't seen him play yet. Ratcliffe i think needs some time learning to adjust to the pro game having his size not be such a big weapon for him now combined with more speed around him and having his time and space being taken away. He needs time to adjust to this change i think and then we will see him get back to being the player i think he can be. I think they are trying to give Lindblom a chance on the RW side because it may really be only left to two players really. And both are suited for the LW spot on the 3rd line if plug in to start their Flyer career. Farabee and Rubtsov. I know Ruby can play center but he is still struggling with faceoffs so they both have a real chance on the 3rd wing spot. Giroux - Couturier - Konecny JVR - Hayes - Voracek Farabee - Laughton - Lindblom Rubtsov - Vorobyev - Raffl or if Frost when he plays could he still a spot on the team?? Giroux - Couturier - Konecny JVR - Hayes - Voracek Farabee - Frost - Lindblom Rubtsov - Laughton - Raffl or Giroux - Couturier - Konecny JVR - Hayes - Voracek Farabee - Laughton- Lindblom Raffl - Andreoff - NAK Not sure if AV is comfortable with this many kids in the bottom 6. So maybe Andreoff wins by default. Guess we'll know more as they get more games in and they trim the roster.
  28. Fun with numbers... Teams with the most NTC/NMC's Team NTC/NMC Avg Age VAN 8 26.9 ARI 8 27.9 STL 8 27.2 DAL 8 29 DET 8 29.1 TBL 8 27.6 WAS 7 27.8 FLA 7 26.3 VGK 7 28.2 BOS 7 28.3 SJS 7 28 NYI 7 28.1 MIN 7 28.8 PIT 6 27.3 NYR 6 25.1 CHI 6 27.4 ANA 6 27.8 CAL 5 26.5 WPG 5 26.4 MTL 4 27.3 NJD 4 26.2 LAK 4 27.8 OTT 4 27.6 TOR 3 26.5 CAR 3 25.6 BUF 3 26.6 PHI 3 26.2 EDM 3 27.5 CBJ 3 26.2 COL 3 26.2 NAS 1 27.9 There were a few teams that had players on LTIR or IR with NTC/NMC's but I didn't count them.
  29. Or maybe the Wild give in way too easily. I am with @Hockey-78 on this one. We just keep making choices that will make the pain last longer and longer. If Spurgeon wasn't going to take a deal without a NMC (even its not the full length of the 7-year contract) or at least take a deal that was 5 years max I think its counter productive. So we'll probably be bad, but we'll be mediocre bad as opposed to bad-bad...and we'll get mediocre picks and thus continue to be a mediocre team. If Spurgeon wouldn't take a deal without a NMC or not just 5 years (or less)...I'd trade him and not look back. But instead we double down on mediocrity, yet again...
  30. For a very long time, I've been a fan of (in most circumstances) having a player demonstrate that they can play at a certain level before you move them up to the next, though the Oilers have ignored that for a very long time. Bouchard has roundly demonstrated that he can play at a high level in junior, now let him show that in the AHL.
  31. I own him in fantasy so want him to play in the show and also have never made a nickel in the biz, but you might be right: half a season in the AHL is probably just what the doctor ordered, especially after all the blushing, fangastic reports. Keep him humble, keep him eager, make him take the next step, don't offer it to him. Etc
  32. It's not that, or just that, it's that NHL referees suck asss at everything. The sooner they are replaced by chimpanzees the better.
  33. I am qualified to make such an assertion
  34. What could you possibly mean? The Wild are a Stanley Cup contending team?!?! This is the State of Hockey?!?! How dare they!?!? Harumph...harumph...
  35. I echo that sentiment. He needs to be on the ice at this point in his career. He is not doing himself any favors.
  36. Laine headed to Switzerland to play video games train with SC Bern per Twitter
  37. If Fenton knew Cabo was Russo’s favorite tropical hang out, I’m pretty sure Fenton wouldn’t set foot in Mexico at all...
  38. Someone asked Russo in one of his Q&A’s about a third sweater, and he said because the Wild were in the running for an outdoor game in 20-21, they couldn’t have a third yet. The outdoor games get special jerseys and would be considered a “third” jersey by the NHL. It wasn’t a guarantee they were getting an outdoor game, just that they were in the running for one.
  39. Well, now Fenton has plenty of time to see how he can squeeze Martha’s Vineyard in between trips to Cabo and the Magic Kingdom...heck, he probably has time now to fit a cross Atlantic cruise to Sweden to see how his stud first round pick Filip Johansson is getting on...
  40. Did i hear concussion? What happened,, did Patrick sleep with a teammate's wife?
  41. Presuming he is the #1 defenceman we want him to be. If he is, he'll likely be worth paying through the nose for, no? If not, no worries.
  42. These are great points. In particular, supporting Larkin through non-winning times and giving him time to learn/earn the Captaincy. There’s no rush, we’re not winning this year. Unfortunately there isn’t a legit bridge player like Kronwall to assume the role for a few years. I’m sure the most important role is who sets the tone in the locker room which would be delegated organically to the individual everyone falls in line with. C’s and A’s are on ice window dressing. Gotta trust Stevie.
  43. What I got out of watching the prospects is the Wild's inability to players that have a lot of speed and or skill. We have lots of guys who are average to below average skaters. IMO, that is really detrimental in today's game which is more and more about speed. Beckman is a perfect example of this. Yes, he has skill, decent offensive instincts...but he's an average skater at best. And thus...his impact is limited by his mobility. The other obvious deficiency across the board are finishers. They have drafted for playmaking. But with few proven finishers goals are hard to comeby and the assists don't pile up either for the same reason. This organization has consistently ignored those two elements to their peril as this team has become older and slower.
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