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  1. Well, they are pretty much like IKEA instructions..... no wording, a bunch of pictures that may or may not be accurate, but at the end of the project, you SHOULD have what amounts to some sort of product that is serviceable, but probably not much more. If you are lucky, it lasts you a few years, if not, well, then you can always go back to IKEA and try out their latest wacky build and see if that works (even though we all know its pretty much the same as the last). Hope that helped.
  2. +1 I couldn’t have said it better myself. I hope this performance has generated some interest for Gordon to get a head coaching position on another NHL team. If not I would welcome him back to the Phantoms if he would be willing to retake the post.
  3. I went with no. I think he's done well considering. But I just want to gut the whole staff and bring in a fresh, new, outside perspective. I don't really want Gordon to lose his job altogether, but I know some here would advocate for new straight up and down the organization. I wouldn't be opposed, but keeping in mind the guy is human I'd feel a little bad that he came up as a favor and ends up losing his employment. But at least on the NHL level I want to beat the hell out of the "Restart" button.
  4. Is it wrong for me to say that I'm happy about this loss? It's an eye opener as to just how badly coached this club is when it comes to even the basic fundamentals of the game. Referees certainly played a big part, but it just goes to show how far from contention this team really is. I'm hopeful of a full house cleaning in both Philadelphia and Lehigh Valley once the season ends and that who ever is brought in, there's an emphasis on fundamentals, break out plays and sustaining pressure in the offensive zone, and not just dump and chase and cycle. I also hope that whoever is brought in, that they are brutally honest in their assessments of all players. More important, I hope that whoever the new coach is, he holds EVERYONE to same standards and accountability. No more of the 'veterans get an easier time because they're veterans' mantra that plagues this club. No more of the 'we'll play young players, but only if they earn it and even then, we'll never play a younger player above a veteran because that's how we do things' garbage. Let the horses run and go from there. The other thing I want to see is players fit the roles they're assigned. For far too long, this franchise has plugged squares into round holes expecting miracles. Find out every player's strength and weakness and base their role on the club around that. Some might be asked to do more, some might be asked to do less and that's a good thing. Get the mess fixed. It's clear we have goaltending now. We have some good defensemen that just need experience and veteran hand to help out when things get tough. We have some really good forwards and some that are on the verge of breaking out in a good way. Let's find someone who can help maximize that.
  5. What I'd love to see is the Pens play the Caps and a blimp falls on the building.
  6. [Hidden Content] Minnesota Wild (34-31-9) 77pts 6th in the Central 2.69 Goals For Per Game (26th in the NHL) 2.88 Goals Against Per Game (12th in the NHL) 20.8% Power Play (12th in the NHL) 80.5% Penalty Kill (17th in the NHL) Top 5 Scorers: 1. #11 Zach Parise ~ 26G 32A = 58pts 2. #12 Eric Staal ~ 20G 29A = 49pts 3. #20 Ryan Suter ~ 7G 39A = 46pts 4. #46 Jared Spurgeon ~ 14G 27A = 41pts 5. #16 Jason Zucker ~ 21G 18A = 39pts Top 3 PIM's: 1. #36 Nick Seeler ~ 57 PIM's 2. #17 Marcus Foligno ~ 51 PIM's 3. #29 Greg Pateryn ~ 37 PIM's Top Goaltenders: 1. #40 Devan Dubnyk (28-25-6) 2.59GAA .912%SP 2SO 2. #32 Alex Stalock (6-6-3) 3.05GAA .893%SP Vs. Washington Capitals (43-23-8) 94pts 1st in the Metropolitan 3.41 Goals For Per Game (5th in the NHL) 3.11 Goals Against Per Game (21st in the NHL) 21.6% Power Play (9th in the NHL) 79% Penalty Kill (23rd in the NHL) Top 5 Scorers: 1. #8 Alexander Ovechkin ~ 48G 35A = 83pts 2. #19 Nicklas Backstrom ~ 18G 51A = 69pts 3. #92 Evgeni Kuznetsov ~ 20G 45A = 65pts 4. #74 John Carlson ~ 12G 53A = 65pts 5. #77 T.J. Oshie ~ 22G 25A = 47pts Top 3 PIM's: 1. #43 Tom Wilson ~ 115 PIM's 2. #6 Michael Kempny ~ 60 PIM's 3. #92 Evgeni Kuznetsov ~ 50 PIM's Top Goaltenders: 1. #70 Brayden Holtby (27-18-5) 2.95GAA .907%SP 3SO 2. #1 Phoenix Copley (16-5-3) 2.88GAA .906%SP 1SO
  7. Thanks to everyone, this was a tough season as it was the most balanced league top to bottom ever, no easy wins in any week. Looking forward to the challenge all over again next year.
  8. This is still a dump and chase team, moving slowly east-west. And when they actually *do* attack and enter the zone with purpose, they are at a loss as to what to do next. It usually involves peeling *away* from the net along the halfboards, stopping, and forcing a pass that isn't there, leading to a turnover. Or, try and skate *through* players and making pass after pass after pass, then turnover. The final option is to cycle and keep the play along the boards that is mostly harmless to the opponent, and will usually result in a turnover or a weak shot toward the net. That, in a nutshell, is their offensive strategy. With. Every. Rush.
  9. Okay, but again just to be clear, I'm not arguing it is. Refs or not, they were flat. They spent entirely too much time in their own end and 5-on-5 the Isles owned them all game. I'm not blaming the refs for the loss. I'm blaming the refs for being entirely and pathetically inept at their job. I mean, cut them some slack if they miss something away from the puck or if they misinterpret something away from the puck. But all of these things (the Hagg thing, Hartman, and Coots) were right at the puck. Hagg and Hartman each 4 minutes for something they didn't do -- at the puck. I swear if an Islander would have shot someone on Fifth Avenue right in front of one of these bozos, a Flyer would have gotten a syringe. Then they watch--at the puck--Coots get run and crosschecked from behind head first into the boards and these two idiots stand there looking for a Flyer to pin it on. My whole point to posting at all on this thread was simply to criticize the horrendous officiating and a league that repeatedly allows it to continue. I'm not even claiming league bias or any of that nonsense. I don't watch a lot of non-Flyers' games, but enough to know the atrocious officiating is not limited to games involving Philly. But man, these people are employed to do one job. At least watch the fricken puck and see what happens around it. At the very least. And these idiots today, I mean, get ONE thing right. I'm surprised the Flyers didn't get a two-minute penalty for the national anthem. The officiating didn't exactly help the Flyers, but the biggest problem today was that the Flyer players didn't help the Flyers. The real shame of it is that the Flyers didn't give up anything on all of the shorthanded crap brought to you by dumb and dumber. The Isles were 0-5. The Flyers actually scored on one of two power plays. Can we get a sarcastic "yay!" The problem was they slept through 5v5. I mean, it happens. I'm not so upset about it because I actually never believed. It was too big a mountain and other teams were still playing. It was fun to watch the attempt (more fun than what we were watching previously and more fun than watching a tank), but at some point there just isn't enough run way. Not for what is legitimately a bubble team. All that said, I'm not blaming the refs for the outcome and never did. I'm blaming the refs for doing a horrible job doing their job. it's a lot more newsworthy to me than kvetching for the billionth time about losing a game or whatever. The league needs to fix the officiating, including the dept. of player safety. It's beyond a sick joke at this point.
  10. Can they at least be castrated so they don't make baby refs?
  11. I guess I need to start getting against the wild every game so they can win a sc
  12. You may be dead on about thr expansion draft. Yet I would think they would want more from their backup as in quality...then they could rest Dubnyk some more. To sign him for 3 more years is settling in my eyes and setting the bar very low on what you would expect from your backup. But I'm a Flyer fan I don't even know what good goaltending is...I've heard about it...
  13. Bottom line here people is, I think the Wild are realizing they will need goalies pretty soon...and this may just be the start of the organization getting candidates and see who can stick in the next two to three years. Dubnyk will be 33 in two months, he has two years left after this year, and at the very end of his contract he will be a 35-yr old goalie who may or may not be NHL viable anymore....or at the very least starter viable. Stalock, though a year younger, certainly is no long term solution. And having Kahkonen already is nice...but the Wild would be fools to just put all their eggs in that one basket and hope it really works out. Thus, more goalies, better odds. I actually thought the Wild hung on to Nik Backstrom way too long.....maybe they did out of some "loyalty" to him (he had been a good soldier, but it was clear well before his contract was up, he was no where near the goalie he was), and I really hoped the team wouldn't repeat that kind of mistake with Dubynk when his time came. So yea, I welcome any decent to good goalies, from any league, and let the team try to develop them and see which one will really turn into an NHL caliber starter that can carry a team. Who knows...even with Kahkonen, the Wild may STILL not have "their guy" in the organization yet. Too soon to tell. Let the goalie shuffling and signings in the lower levels commence and see who emerges!
  14. Heh, It's just that time of year here in Minny...Every year. Dirt covered snowbanks, Potholes everywhere, Flooded basements...and something else...... Oh Yeah, The Wild bumbling around the 8th seed.
  15. I agree...those Habs really are rather slimy when I think about it...… So hopefully the Flyers can help keep them out of the playoffs to keep things clean.
  16. Looks like the Brayden Schenn's trade tree is beginng to show signs of blossom, how long till he and Frost bare fruit? He lead BU in points and goals his freshman year. One and done. Kid has some good sniper skills the Flyers need. And we see some amazing visison. Now we'll see where this leads...
  17. He won’t come to this hot mess. He’ll go to a team that is ready to make a run. The Wild is nowhere near making a run. They have vets that can’t stay healthy and mediocre young players. Fast track to nowhere.
  18. Glad they signed him. Don't have to worry about losing him. Better start working out on those arms. However, as one man once said, "'you can't bench press a puck into the net."
  19. Congrats to @yave1964 for winning the All Star FHL. Well Done and a fine season you had. A hearty Congrats to @Bakanekimiwa for coming in 2nd. You both had a tremendous year. Nasty Angryman wins the tie break over Divine Swine for 3rd place after a hard fought battle. Here are the final rankings: 4th: Divine Swine ( @pilldoc ) 5th: Hell Bears ( @ruxpin ) 6th: Halifix Sharknado ( @J0e Th0rnton ) ================================= 7th: Green Star Blades ( @TropicalFruitGirl26 ) 8th: AKOF ( @Mad Dog ) 9th: Leafs Raisn Cup2019 10th: Ewing Oil ( @JR Ewing ) 11th: Inside Edge Hockey ( @InsideEdge ) 12th: Lady Neat's Team ( @Ladyneat ) It was a fun season. I really cannot be disappointed in my finish considering where I was several months ago. Again Congrats to @yave1964 for a terrific season and being declared this years HF.net All Star FHL CHAMPION! Thank you all who participated. Please take the time to fill out the survey. If you do not find it , please check your junk mail. best, ~doc EDIT: I forgot to mention, those who finished in the top 6 will automatically be invited back to the All Star League next year.
  20. BAM! And THAT'S really what it will come down to......due diligence when it comes to players selected...no matter whether the team picks 13th or 18th. That being the case, yes, I'd rather the Wild make the playoffs, get their young guys some post season experience, and the Wild can still, with some work, get a good player with whatever 1st round position they end up in.
  21. After the multiple moves Fenton has made, IMO he hasn't been delusional regarding the Wilds roster. He may be about the players(Fiala) he drafted while at Nashville, however. Not sure if picking what, 16th or 18th or 20th(somewhere in there) matters at all. Either way they'll have to do their homework in order to find a very good player with this pick.
  22. …...and unusual, yes, I know. Hey, but at least they are well done, seasoned just right, and just in time for spring, no? If it makes you feel any better, Imma gonna have to cook up a batch of Minnesota flavored ones real soon....
  23. Absolutely the truth here! This should be e-mailed to he Flyers FO in as big as font as possible. Well done sir! Well done!
  24. If the Wild was a contender I'd keep him if I had to sign a pact with the devil, inked with the blood of my own children. He's the only exemplary vet we have. On the other hand, he's thirty this year. He's not going to be Spurgeon anymore, when the Wild is next going have a window of opportunity open. His trade value could be at the optimum maybe next season or the season after that. If somebody made a good offer it should be considered to free some money and TOI for prospects. A lot would depend on Spurgeon's leadership and mentoring capabilities. If he is good at those, he should be kept to pass his mentality and knowhow to the prospects. If I consider his leadership capabilities so far, he's been too quiet to my liking. Should he take that challenge head on and start speaking out Foligno style despite possibly stepping on Suter's skates there, I would love to keep him. Otherwise as Fenton I would be open to any GOOD trade suggestions.
  25. The difference, honestly, is in the coaches. Even granting that Gordon has done a decent job, the Isles started the season with a coach that ran a pretty good program in Nashville and just came off a Cup in Washington. He played a system that used the strengths of what he had. The Isles are not an offensive team and they're frankly horrible on the power play. But he has them running a pretty good defense. Enough that somewhat average goalies are successful. Down the stretch, with the same players, etc., they've been badly listing. The supposedly crap Flyers actually have a better record than them since what, January? They lost a game. They've lost what, 3 or 4 or 4 of 6 or something? Yeah, they've run out of gas here at the end. Yeah, they were within 5 points and today's game was an "unacceptable" effort, especially if taken completely in stasis. They were too far back. And the difference to me was a horrible coach and a GM who stuck with him. I'm not looking at that roster in New York and believing they have a better roster or players that want it more or anything like that. I'm hoping we're able to fix the coaching for next year. I don't know what that looks like. I don't know if it's Gordon or Q or Door #3. From where I sit, the fact it's NOT Hakstol is already an improvement. If not, that new coach will at least have all of next year because coach was this year. Next year is goalie.
  26. I followed those guys in high school all the way up through college. Then I got into Soundgarden, Nirvana and the rest of the grunge scene. I read most of the book too and I'm amazed those guys are all still alive...
  27. Thanks. This is actually a Christmas present for my middle daughter who is torn because Nino is her favorite player and by chance she still gets to watch him post trade.
  28. @mojo1917 Have a great time! Hopefully they don’t wait until the 3rd period to start playing.
  29. Wild Back in a Playoff Spot in 2-1 Win Over Washington Good thing the kids have legs and energy because some of the older guys. Yikes. Especially Staal who looks exhausted at the beginning of his shifts let alone at the end. Zucker can't seem to buy a goal to save his life lately, but the kids were able to give the team enough to earn a big win. Full game recap, an extended Iowa Wild report and prospect updates too!
  30. @OccamsRazor My wife and daughter have a partial season ticket package for the CBJ, I have went to three or four jackets games this season and other than a stinker against the Jets they have been fantastic every time. This was us last week when they played the Canes, I got the jersey because she signed up for the playoff package and hence, the jersey. I have to admit, I have been rooting hard for the Jackets to make it as my Wings are in the lughes for Hughes thing right now. Anyway, I have more or less become a closet Jacket fan over the past several years as my second team. I know a lot of folks are smugly hoping the Jackets miss the playoffs after going all in, I disagree and think it was awesome to see a team go for it, although if they dont get it together soon it is gonna be a long uncomfortable summer in Columbus. My Reds suck, my Wings suck, my Bengals are going to be the worst team in football. Damn the Jackets, they were my last chance. That's it, I am swearing off sports or moving to Boston.
  31. Well, not sure this would work. Toronto tried that years ago with Mats Sundin. They were in a rebuilding mode and wanted to unload Sundin to get prospects and draft picks to start the rebuild. The even told Sundin they would trade him to a contender so he would have a better chance at a Cup. But Sundin wouldn't budge. He refused to waive his NTC and played out the rest of his contract with the Leafs and then retired.
  32. Suter has never been considered fast, and it's hard to tell with the way he coasts. This year though when he coasts players are wise to it and have pressured him and won. Also this year his lateral movement has become non-existent. He seems to be extra pylony, and the speedier players all know it.
  33. Colorado Opportunistic in 3-1 Win Over the Wild The Wild didn't want it bad enough. We settled for the perimeter too much and then couldn't bury our opportunities. Colorado did and we lose by two. There were some strange personnel choices. I have a full game recap, prospect reports too...
  34. I'm thinking the Canadiens will miss the playoffs and wouldn't it be something if the Penguins can drop to 8th and face the Lightning in round 1.
  35. Coatsey was saying on the radio that we can put a man on the moon but we can’t figure out why the Flyers rarely have good starts to games.
  36. Zook with a wide open gaping, mouthy net....got some childhood Jaws flashbacks, had the bejesus scared out of him....missed wide right......
  37. I'm not saying they HAVE to trade JVR to get Panarin and give Frost a roster spot, just that those are the circumstances under which I'd be okay with trading him. What would they get? I don't know... a roster spot on the left side for Panarin and maybe a 2C in return so Patty can get better matchups on the third with Lindblom and Frost on his wings plus 7 million in cap space to help pay for Tyler Myers? But again, I'm not pushing to trade JVR. I've never had a problem with the signing or him as a player (although I know his 26 goals have been really hard on some people here because of back checking or something or other )
  38. That is a great Twitter account. Eclectic.
  39. March 19, 2019 AWAY HOME Pittsburgh 2 Carolina 3 Montreal 4 Philadelphia 2 Detroit 3 N.Y. Rangers 1 Boston 2 N.Y. Islanders 4 Washington 5 New Jersey 2 Edmonton 1 St. Louis 4 Colorado 5 Minnesota 4 Toronto 3 Nashville 6 Florida 2 Dallas 3 Columbus 2 Calgary 5
  40. I think they signed Stalock for 3 years because that 3rd year makes him eligible to be exposed in the expansion draft. So I think Stalock will be the one exposed in the draft.
  41. Montreal is one of my all time hate teams, you know in terms of sports hate, and there is a lot to hate. The stupid Ole' ole' ole' chant, Brendan ****** Gallagher - those white sweaters are pretty sweet though, Brendan ****** Gallagher, the fact that half of our cast offs skatefor them and will no doubt find success...Jordan Weal, Christian Folin, and Dale Weisse.... their city is beautiful...screw them. I hope we skate them out of our barn.
  42. Yeah well, lol. But if they didn't get something for Panarin and Bob and gave away the assets they did only to miss, man, that's comedy gold.
  43. What they need to do is re-assign paper mache Elliott out of here and let Cam Talbot be the back up and give him some starts.
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