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  1. Yeah they are pretty boring. I catch myself playing on my phone at times in the middle of games while in attendance, something I used to rail about when other fans did it. Since I couldn't make the game last night thanks to the inability / unwillingness / incompetence to spread salt and plow around the Philly suburbs, I watched with my 8 year old son who kept complaining about how boring the game was and that his mites games are much more exciting, to which I sadly agreed.
  2. As far as being two years away goes, Carter Hart is probably also two years away from making the team, unless he steps up and dominates the AHL in the second half. So if he makes the team in two years , then it’s maybe another two years before he is a top notch reliable guy. In that time frame we will add some of our young guys like Frost ,Rubtsov, Meyers, etc, but Giroux, Voracek, JVR and Simmonds will be on the downside of their careers, Simmonds may not even be here, possibly Voracek too . So what do we plan to do about goaltending in the next 2-4 years while we have our big 4 still on the team and consider ourselves contenders. Neuvy and Elliot and Pickard are gone after this year, Stolarz has not played enough to determine if he is healthy or a NHL goalie. Lyon looks like our only legit guy who is close to NHL ready, but when is he gonna get called up? If he is in our plans for next year , you would expect him to get some games to see if he can handle the NHL. With all this uncertainty, I wouldn’t be surprised if we went after Bobrovsky in the off-season, I don’t see us going with mediocre veterans or unproven goalies for another 2-4 years.
  3. @ruxpin I see the same issues you do. I haven't been able to articulate them as well as you did here I don't like the Flyers approach to the "rush" up ice on the power play. It's clearly by design and i think it was designed by an idiot. Every time, a flyer brings the puck up ice, in the middle, with three flyers ahead of him and one behind. The puck carrier stops and turns and passes back to the player behind while that player is expected to carry to the blueline while the others age waiting. As does the opposition. Presumably, the carrier can take it in (through multiple waiting defenders at this point, pass to a completely motionless Flyer, or dump it in - - so the motionless flyers can go get it under the premise that players starting from a complete stop will beat the defenders to the puck or provide any significant pressure on the defense that got to it first. This approach makes entry difficult and almost assures loss of possession (critical to a good power play). Am I wrong when I say I do not see other teams doing this on a regular basis like the Flyers do? It seems that this coaching staff abhors speed and will come up with any way possible to remove it from the Flyers game. I do not understand this approach. Anyone? There seems to be only one "rusher" the guy with the puck and 4 "watchers" the guys waiting to stay on sides...it's dumb. Is it execution? I don't think so, those are talented smart players on both PP units. Like @brelic I thought the Flyers deserved a better fate, after the 3rd post though...they seemed to get a little deflated. The first goal by Anderson was terrible, I think there needs to be a trade for a goalie and some guys put on waivers and some coaches moved to different positions or fired outright. Moving Lindblom off Patrick's line for JvR was ****** stupid. That line has not been a problem. We said it over the summer, 3C who can kill penalties. Weal isn't that guy. Too much talent on this team for these results and incremental at best growth, I don't think I'm over valuing the talent either. grrr
  4. Honestly, I look at Hextall as the issue anymore. It is great to build the pipeline but it is also a good move to put a team on the ice that is consistent and gives an effort for a full 60. He grossly ignored the goalie situation again this year knowing fully that you can't count on Neuvy and an aging vet with a history of injuries - not to mention the coach who runs the aging vet into the ground. Then you have 3C - this is a glaring blind spot that should have been addressed in the off season. Misha looked good in camp which was promising but that did not work out so we are left with an AHL/NHL tweener in Weal. I feel bad for JvR and Simmer having to play with him in the middle. Speaking of Simmer.... there is no way in hell I am paying him anywhere near what he is going to want. I hate to say it b/c I love the guy as a player but that money needs to go to someone that can contribute 5v5. The PK -- from Ron's mouth to our ears he said they would address the PK at the end of last year. He did nothing - again. The Coaching Staff -- yes, the Flyers beat a bunch of mostly ****** teams on the west coast. Just the type of trip Ron wanted to see so he did not have to make a bunch of hard decisions. So now we are back home, can't score a goal, and ol' Ron will just give us more lip service and bs about the team needing to play better. This is what an average team is... win some that you shouldn't and lose some that you should. A ****** PP and PK is not what makes for a decent playoff team. Don't get mad... be like me and just become apathetic about this club. wash, rinse, repeat.... this team is no closer today as it was last year or the year before looking at the product on the ice. We can all continue to hope and pray that our pipeline turns out to be great. In the interim, that is doing **** for the team on the ice right now.
  5. @JR Ewing Sorry bud but I disagree. Vanek is a first ballot guy in the Hall of Very Good Cherry Pickers. Watched him too closely for too long with the Wild... but I guess quite a few GM's share my sentiment since they've shown Vanek the door so often. Usually HOFamers aren't journeymen. I wonder what's the record number of teams for a HOFamer? First player that comes to my mind is Gilmour but I'll let someone answer for me...
  6. @radoran Vanek is a first ballot guy in the Hall of Very Good Players.
  7. THURSDAY, NOV 15, 2018 AWAY HOME TIME Tampa Bay 3 Pittsburgh 2 7:00 pm New Jersey 3 Philadelphia 1 7:00 pm N.Y. Rangers 2 N.Y. Islanders 5 7:00 pm Florida 2 Columbus 3 7:00 pm Detroit 1 Ottawa 2 7:30 pm Vancouver 2 Minnesota 4 8:00 pm Nashville 4 Arizona 1 9:00 pm Montreal 3 Calgary 2 9:00 pm Toronto 6 San Jose 5 10:30 pm
  8. More goals (391 to 357). More points (1033 to 753). Higher regular season ppg (.91 to .78). Higher postseason ppg (.84 to .52). Six All Star Games to Vanek's one. Two time Art Ross. Lester Pearson Award. Hart Memorial Award. Four time second team all star to Vanek's one. Three time Lady Byng Award winner (Vanek zero NHL award trophies). World Cup of Hockey champion. Stanley Cup champion (24 points in 23 games). Bested Vanek's career best point total (84 - his only 80+ point season) five times. Two Cup Finals (one win) to go with his other ECF appearance. Fifty-nine points in those three playoff runs, to Vanek's 22 in his three ECF runs. "Fringe player." If MSL is a "fringe player" then Vanek doesn't even make the "fringe."
  9. The only thing missing from your otherwise excellent thread/post are some heat maps. Gotta have me some heat maps.
  10. For what it's worth, I think that Dominik Hasek is the greatest Sabre ever, and I don't think it's even close. He scored 10 points in the quiz, and only 14 of them even apply to goalies. In his prime, he beat out guys like Lemieux and Jagr for MVP awards, and was so far above the rest of the other goalies that it was preposterous. He did all of that despite not playing a game in the NHL for almost a decade after he was drafted, due to global politics. He's in the discussion for the best goaltender of all time, and without knocking anybody who ever played for Buffalo, the team doesn't have another guy in that class of players.
  11. I really think Laughton is better off on the wing. There are three problems with JVR on the third line, but I think that's where he probably should go. 1). His salary, which you mentioned. Ultimately, we have the cap room so I get it and have said the same, but this is kind of "who cares?". Especially when the apparent plan is to go with three scoring lines. 2) Weal will be his center. He's actually been better than I predicted, but he's simply outclassed by that role. 3) I'm not a fan of JVR and Simmonds on the same line given they both play an "in front of the goalie" game. Simmonds seems a little slow to be playing outside at this point. I wonder about one two solutions. The first is flipping Voracek and Simmonds. I'm not a huge fan of this because the Patrick line as is looks like it's coming along. And, in any case, Weal is still at center. The other is moving Giroux back to center. Coots becomes the 3C again. The problem here is now you've weakened the 3LW significantly. There's no great alternative, so just slot JVR in at 3lw with Weal and Simmonds and see what happens. Bring Vorobyov back up and see what happens for him with wingers.
  12. @Hockey Junkie Well, that’s why some of have left the door open a crack. @radoran said it short and sweet, and the odds are he is right. If I’m placing a bet right now on whether Vanek makes the HOF, my money’s on NO, and it’s a pretty safe bet. He should, without a doubt, have his number retired in Buffalo. On the Sabre’s list of career All-Stars, he’s on it. It’s a relatively short list though. And I’m not saying that as a poke (OK, a little ), as much as I’m saying it as fact. But there are few journeymen who made the HOF without, at some point of their career, being an integral part of a Cup winner or a “dynasty.” On the national level, being on a team that makes a few Conference Finals in a row, but falling short each time, isn’t all that compelling. He’s got the goal numbers. But I think the list of questions above is a good list, and honestly, there aren’t too many yesses. Not zero. But not as compelling as it needs to be. As it stands, and very likely WILL stand.
  13. Wild vs. Sabres Game Preview Minnesota Wild (12-5-2) 26pts 2nd in the Central 3.26 Goals For Per Game (10th in the NHL) 2.63 Goals Against Per Game (6th in the NHL) 20.6% Power Play (14th in the NHL) 85.5% Penalty Kill (4th in the NHL) Top 5 Scorers: 1. #64 Mikael Granlund ~ 10G 9A = 19pts 2. #11 Zach Parise ~ 7G 9A = 16pts 3. #9 Mikko Koivu ~ 4G 12A = 16pts 4. #20 Ryan Suter ~ 3G 12A = 15pts 5. #16 Jason Zucker ~ 6G 8A = 14pts Top 3 PIM’s: 1. #17 Marcus Foligno ~ 21 PIM’s 2. #21 Eric Fehr ~ 18 PIM’s 3. #36 Nick Seeler ~ 13 PIM’s Top Goaltenders: 1. #40 Devan Dubnyk (9-4-2) 2.32GAA .926%SP 2. #32 Alex Stalock (3-1-0) 2.73GAA .905%SP Vs. Buffalo Sabres (11-6-2) 24pts 3rd in the Atlantic 2.89 Goals For Per Game (21st in the NHL) 2.84 Goals Against Per Game (11th in the NHL) 18.5% Power Play (20th in the NHL) 82.1% Penalty Kill (9th in the NHL) Top 5 Scorers: 1. #53 Jeff Skinner ~ 14G 7A = 21pts 2. #15 Jack Eichel ~ 4G 16A = 20pts 3. #29 Jason Pominville ~ 8G 7A = 15pts 4. #23 Sam Reinhart ~ 2G 11A = 13pts 5. #43 Connor Sheary ~ 6G 4A = 10pts Top 3 PIM’s: 1. #4 Zach Bogosian ~ 21 PIM’s 2. #21 Kyle Okposo ~ 20 PIM’s 3. #19 Jake McCabe ~ 14 PIM’s Top Goaltenders: 1. #40 Carter Hutton (8-6-1) 2.52GAA .919%SP 2. #35 Linus Ullmark (3-0-1) 2.79GAA .916%SP 1SO MNSOTA wrote up the game preview and I'll be on the post-gamer which will have a ton of extras (spoiler alert). The Sabres are coming off a gritty effort that gave them a shootout win over Winnipeg last night. Hopefully the Wild can take advantage of that. Hutton started last night, so I'd expect to see Ullmark get the start. Enjoy and discuss!
  14. Nope, you're not imagining this... [Hidden Content] Just for reference as you read this, here's our PP over the last little bit... Without Knoblauch 2014-2015 - 23.4% (3rd) 2015-2016 - 18.9% (11th) 2016-2017 - 19.5% (14th) With Knoblauch 2017-2018 - 20.7% (15th) 2018-2019 - 12.7% (29th) So while last year the % was better than the previous two, it ranked lower across the league. And this year is a joke. Let's look at PK while we're at it. Without Laperriere 2010-2011 - 82.7% (15th) 2011-2012 - 81.8% (17th) 2012-2013 - 85.9% (5th) With Laperriere 2013-2014 - 84.8% (7th) 2014-2015 - 77.1% (27th) 2015-2016 - 80.5% (20th) 2016-2017 - 79.8% (21st) 2017-2018 - 75.8% (29th) 2018-2019 - 71.2% (30th) In both cases, you can see that the first year with the new guy was ok, mostly following the previous year. My guess is that's the carry-over effect. It happens with head coaching changes too. But once you are a few seasons in, it's really the 'new' guy's results.
  15. @Hockey-78 Not a big fan here either. The Red Wings have a recent history of being too loyal to their own players, rewarding them with either too much $, too much term, or both in order to retain them. There is a noble side to this, of course. It is nice that a franchise shows that they will reward players for achievement. The trouble is that the bar for achievement is lower than it should be, which has resulted in several contracts which make obtaining talent difficult. Helm. Abdelkader. Tatar (thankful that we were able to shed that one!). Nyquist. Dekeyser. I'm probably forgetting one or two others. Oh yeah, Dan Cleary, another example. This only adds to guys like Kronwall and Ericcson who are on the ends of their too-long terms. Kronner may have actually earned his, but that doesn't mean it still doesn't hurt now. Had Howard not turned his game around in the last 2 1/2 seasons, I might have added Howard to that list. I probably still can, but he is at least earning most of it now with his more recent play. Another reason for so many of these is that we didn't have good alternative options for replacing them if they walked away a the time their contracts were up. We didn't have youth that were ready to play at the NHL level, and we couldn't afford to pay someone on the FA market with similar skill level. Finally, and this goes back a few years, but still matters now, some of these contracts were the result of trying to maintain the playoff streak instead of cutting some losses and starting the rebuilding process, so we wouldn't be non-competitive for as many seasons as we will be. So Abby's contract? Just one of many that make me <sigh> and say, oookaaayyy. As @yave1964 said, he's not bad. He's just not worth what we are paying him. After the game Tuesday night, he was being lauded for "the perfect screen." Abby mentioned Tomas Holmstrom's name, saying he learned from watching Homer. Uh, maybe you watched him, but so did I, and Justin, you are not Homer. Delusions of grandeur if he thinks so. It was one screen. One. Homer did these in his sleep.
  16. Didja ever notice that an awful lot of referees were nasty, chippy, spearing p***ks when they were players.
  17. You're forgetting your head coach. Who I believe is an HOFer.
  18. Much better. Also, I am not passing judgment on Hart - I was just posting his stats along with a few other Phantoms by way of the previous question. At the end of the day, I'm less concerned about Hart being a legit #1 goalie than I am having at least one freaking guy in the organization being a #1. Interesting post on the Athletic today about Ersson. It's behind a paywall, but the one and a half paragraphs I read were informative The best goalie of this current generation is probably Lundqvist, a 7th rounder. Last year's Vezina winner, Rinne, is an 8th rounder. And the only multiple Vezina winner in recent times, Bobrovsky, is undrafted. So whether it's Hart, Ersson, Ustimenko, Sandstrom, just give us ONE guy to end all goaltending controversy in Philly for at least 5 years!! Is that too much to ask?
  19. sadly, we have had medicore goalies for a long time. I don't see this team being a true contender for at least 2-3 years but that can all change if Hextall decides to get aggressive. Obviously, a goalie that is average would help. With Elliott I feel like he is either very good or very bad. The, PK according to Hextall at the end of last season, was supposed to be addressed but he did nothing to help it. They need to fix the PK and the PP in order to become a dangerous team. From where I am sitting I think the PP will turn around but the PK is and has been abysmal. I feel bad for JvR and Simmer with Weal in the middle.
  20. @Hockey Junkie There is no doubt in my mind with the young talent you guys now have that this is the most exciting hockey you guys have watched in at least a decade. Good for you guys! Hasek was a delight to watch. Kinda like watching Barry Sanders in the NFL. You never knew when he would pull off the most unbelievable play, but it WAS coming, eventually. Hasek was like that. He redefined a new way that good goalies can be.
  21. I watched the 1st and 3rd periods and liked what I saw. I saw guys going to the net, I saw guys skating. I saw a fair amount of 10 bell chances for the Flyers that Bobby Lou either saved or got lucky on... I thought the Flyers carried the play. To think this team wouldn't be competitive in a playoff series against that team is laughable. That game could have been a win with 1.5 inches of better shooting accuracy. The TV was on but I couldn't pay attention to it in the 2nd, but,I did see another power play goal against. The penalties felt back to back ? was it 4 minute high stick ? it seemed long. Anyway once again the penalty killing is does the Flyers in. The shots that beat moose were good shots, the kid with the ****ed up name who shot the puck through the Folin screen made a sick move and put that right where he wanted, that was high skill level and would have beaten most guys. The powerplay goal was good puck movement. I know they lost but I like the way they played. something's got to be done about the power play it is killing this team.
  22. Maybe a couple of fists to Nino's mug will wake him up.
  23. Excellent video! Thanks KC! And for the article Antti!
  24. JR Ewing

    Hockey Fights

    No blood, but here's the night that Rob Ray's face beat up Georges Laraque's fist.

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