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  1. Yeah. It's not going to happen, but it's something to toss around in the dead of July until we're b###hing about Provorov being given too much money and term.
  2. Fair enough. It's just that he's not really known as a top scoring 2C either. So I figured he could do other jobs. As assigned.
  3. Well he just brought Stewart in...he only needs 9 more players to make us the Minnesota Wild. Cause why wouldn't you want to be the Wild.
  4. They Were Once Wild: The Star Talent That Passed Through Minnesota In this retrospective, I look back at the Star talent that was not drafted by the team and stayed here less than 5 seasons. Collectively its not a bad team I put together, but too bad we didn't get most of them when they were in their prime. Check it out and discuss.
  5. The Tampa Bay Lightning completely agree with you. Just sayin'.
  6. This. 12 teams Get rid of the stupid points and the shootout. 10 minute overtime 3 v 3. If it's still tied, it's still tied. If a team is out by Christmas, so be it. Get them next year. But an owner might be quicker to do what he needs to do to correct it if he doesn't want his investment to die. And again, I hate the casual fan. Go casually step in traffic.
  7. I really didn't want Caulfield coming into the draft. A lot of fans from various teams did, but I think he's a horrible risk that high. I really liked Brink coming into it, but not at 12. And I really didn't think we'd have a pick where it would be appropriate. There were some other forwards I wanted at 12, but York was a solid pick. I'm pretty happy with it.
  8. I mean... Just on the contracts alone, this is a really bad trade for Calgary. Idiotic, actually. -If bought-out, the Lucic contract would save $2.5M. Neal's would save $7.7M -Neal's AAV is $250k cheaper per year. -Neal has no trade or movement protection, while Lucic's contract features a NMC. -The Flames will be required to protect Lucic for the Seattle expansion. Neal wouldn't. -I can't begin to guess what the up-side is for Calgary in this deal. As players: -They were both terrible, but Neal has had one bad year. Lucic's 5-on-5 scoring has been 4th line for 3 straight years now, and slipping. -Lucic can't take or make a pass at the NHL level anymore. Offense withers on his stick. -I won't even talk about skating in today's NHL. Kudos to Ken Holland. I didn't think that Lucic's contract could be traded unless Puljujarvi was part of the deal and something along the lines of $3M per year was retained by Edmonton. I had resigned myself to him being an Oiler for years. The Flames were robbed, yo. My worry is that there's more to the deal than has been reported, and that when the news comes out, I'll be saying "Oh. Ouch" because this trade makes no sense for Calgary.
  9. Yeah it's probably even money that Brink turns into a better pro than Caulfield. Arguably, Brink has more upside from a strictly dynamic puck skill perspective. Best hands in the draft I'd say. So, I totally get the thinking behind it and I support it. I'm super happy with our first two picks, are you kidding?! And I don't like small guys (hello! Flyer fan). But it's a small guy/skilled game now.
  10. Exactly. So, this is the state of affairs in hockey eh? This fat fukcer is the hot European prize this summer! Jesus wept.
  11. A good read on Michel Therrien as well... [Hidden Content] Enjoy. "We have the ability to score goals and we're going to play the right way; 200-feet. That's our job as a coaching staff. Everyone has to know what's expected and be accountable to the expectation," Therrien said. "In terms of the system, I have ideas on some things we can do. Alain has ideas. Mike has ideas. Lappy has ideas. We'll go over everything next month and we'll have a plan for camp. Then you see what happens in camp, and you adjust when you have to adjust." One of Hak's weak links dude just could not adjust. "We are deep down the middle, at center and on D, which is important in the game. Chuck was aggressive to address that this summer. You need that depth to win. In terms of the forwards, think we can do a lot to build around what we've got at center. The addition of Kevin Hayes is a big thing for us. It's matchups with the other team, and it's competition on your roster to play in the situations everyone wants to lay. Sean Couturier is one of the best all-around centers in the league. Hayes is good all-around. Now there's more chance for Nolan Patrick to keep developing and grow into the player we think he will be. Scott Laughton gives us a lot of depth, and he's good in his role," Therrien said. We'll see if they can get this roster to play to their potential on paper.
  12. This right here is 9/10th of why Lappy has been around for so long.
  13. I dont think Gudas did much to stop other players from behaving how ever they wanted. Its kind of like saying OR intimidates Podein25
  14. You know what, I don't care that much that a GM with a history with a guy says I will give you a chance. It's extremely unlikely that he makes the team and gets a contract. He wants another chance at the show and he has good enough relationships with GMs that he can get an invite to vainly try and prolong a career. Good for him. But he better damn well not be in the O&B come October!
  15. Scotty Upshall says Hi Guitar Hero rocks!
  16. @TropicalFruitGirl26 @ruxpin One word guys. Atlanta, it's the "new Cleveland". Aside from Coca-Cola, Jimmy Carter's park, Sevendust and MLK...it's awful. It's hot as hell there, humid too, traffic is bonkers, even when there's "no traffic" you're still sitting in traffic. It is huge, and not very walkable, but since it's so hot when it is walkable... you arrive needing a shower. Hartsdale-Jackson. Lots of sports teams, not much winning. Did I mention it's hotter than hell there ? The green spaces (which are nice) are actually voluntary torture pits. So fun for the BDSM crowd I suppose. Food's good, Better, if you like traditional southern food- which i'm lukewarm to- for example sweet tea and grits I find gross, collared greens...? they're a-okay. Atlanta, it sucks today the way Cleveland did 30 years ago...I submitted it to the Chamber of Commerce- still waiting to hear back.
  17. Not sure how you can say that Provorov even with a down year put up 97 points in his first three years....and 17 goals his 2nd year. Trouba put up 72 and hasn't even sniffed double digit goals since his rookie year which was just 10. Sorry call me a homer if you like but Provorov is the better overall defenseman when talking about the two....and I think his has a higher offensive upside than Trouba. And I know he is better at defense. The Rangers are going to be hating that deal in 3 years.
  18. Thanks LIG. Another player who came into my mind was Guillaume Latendresse. I think he was a pretty talented player. The first season he played for the Wild team was very promising and extremely impressing by his scoring ability and his nice size always creating some tension around the net, but continuous injuries practically destroyed his talent and character as well. Wikipedia wrote about his career an interesting article including his especially initial impressing stats for Drummondville Voltigeurs team. He was noticeable as a player for the Montreal Canadiens too. Here is a link to read about him: [Hidden Content]
  19. I find it socially unacceptible to single people out (disclaimer: this comment is intended to be smarmy)
  20. I would prefer the 8 year deal but the short 6.5mill deal will be the easiest to hammer out.
  21. Not saying Trouba is better, he has just been in the league longer, so I figured if he got that amount , Provy would get a bit less since he has hasn’t been around as long . If last season, Provy had a similar season to his second year , we would be looking at 8 million.
  22. Wow they both fell apart. Nothing for nothing IMHO if one of the two is going to surprise I think it would be Neal as a third liner/power play guy.
  23. No worries...James Neal will protect McDavid..
  24. Now Lucic gets to take cheap shots at Mcjesus now...
  25. Great point and I agree. I know some (many? most?) wanted Caulfield at 14 (and 11), but I think Fletch made the smart move in snatching York in the 1st (best offensive defenseman in the draft) and recouping a 2nd to get Brink (who I think has similar potential to Caulfield).
  26. Slow morning and tired of the same ol topics. So after watching a few videos what jumps out to me is this kid's vision and being able to find the open guys and the open ice. I can see him being a Johnny Gaudreau type of player and who knows he just turned 18 a week ago he could still sprout up to 6 foot plus maybe. I have to say i am impressed with Chuckles ability to move up and snag this kid. We will see how he has blossomed in 3-4 years from now.
  27. Jones signed that deal 4 years ago. If we were signing Provo 4 years ago, he'd get 5.something too.
  28. Well, as some have said.... PTO, can't hurt, and it is a guy Chuck Fletcher is familiar with. Perhaps Stewart, after seeing the NHL opportunities are fleeting, and after having to play across the Atlantic Ocean will be extra motivated to play and STAY in the NHL this time. I mean, the guy isn't old, but last I saw him (for the Wild and then the Flames after that) his play was, shall we say...uninspired. As for being this big enforcer, sure, yea, he can play that role, but at the same time, even if he makes the team on in that role, the Flyers, with the players you noted they have, ARE going to be targets of the more physical teams in the league. Just the way it is right now for Philly. I get that you and many others are used to the Flyers doing the hunting, now they will be the hunted, as in targets for other teams to try and wear down physically on a nightly basis. Thing is, teams don't really need that big enforcer anymore.....yes, nice if ya got it AND the guy you have doing it isn't a liability on the ice. But teams can play a 'team toughness' game, where they may not be fighters or general tough guys, but they can still stick up for themselves and one another and just show they won't get pushed around...….especially if they can get a PP together that will make other teams' idiotic runs at their players costly for them I believe players like Giroux, Konecny, Provorov, Hagg, maybe Hayes, and new addition Kurtis Gabriel can play a "team tough" game like I mentioned, without necessarily being goons. And if Chris Stewart can fit into that type of role...…...hockey player first, cop second......and is properly motivated, he could be a good signing. But that will be the question...how much heart Stewart has left to go through a training camp, pre season, and regular season grind at the highest level.
  29. Sometimes wool gives me a good rash.
  30. I personally think we are going to have one of the best defenses in the nhl for several years
  31. Please stop calling my wife a festering wound. That's MY pet name for her. No one else is supposed to call her that.
  32. Sanheim is a better defenseman than Ghost and probably this season Sanheim will blow past Ghost as an overall defenseman. Sanheims offensive skills are equal to or better than Ghost and he is better defensively and bigger. I’d give up Ghost for either of Laine or Marner. We don’t have a dynamic skilled winger equal to either of them,
  33. Love predictions about negotiations that haven't even started yet...
  34. It's entirely possible someone else will have to be moved to sign both. I'm not saying that's what should happen, but it is a possibility. Provo could be asking for 7-8M. If it wasn't for his disappointing season last season, he would almost certainly get that much. TK is only 22 and fitting in perfectly on the top line. He is easily the best shooter we have on the team and probably the fastest on the ice. If he starts putting up 60+ per season, how much is that worth? I'm not worried either. Fletch has to sign them both, or he'll be run out of town. That said, it is possible someone might yet be moved to give him cap space to work with. If so, who could he move? Ghost remains a possibility I think, but Raffl and Hagg would do it as well. It'll open some holes though. Or maybe Provo settles for 7M and TK for 6M. We don't know enough about Fletch yet to figure it out I think.
  35. I LOVE when a gm has a plan to buyout the player he just signed for 7 years before he even plays a game for them. That's good gee emming!
  36. I trade Ghost and keep Sanheim. Sanheim is way more valuable to me. I like Laine and would love if he were a Flyer but if any of this were possible and cost were equal, I think I would prefer Marner.
  37. I believe he's a compliance buyout at the next lockout and that that is, in fact, the plan.
  38. I dont...who is gonna eat those minutes. Trading Provs would set this team back years. Basically restart the rebuild from scratch...I for one dont have the stomach for that. Provs has shown us about 60% of what he is gonna be...and he is already clearly our most valuable d man and youngster. At certain points...prospects and picks can be counter productive...esp if you cant transition the puck out of your end.
  39. Yeah. Most of the current players aren't interested in getting dirt under their (polished) finger nails. They just want to skate up and down, send messages with their IPhones during the intermissions, play Fortnite or whatever after the games, get their millions with scoring a few goals... Getting bruised in a fight?! Why bother.
  40. Fletch should give you a PTO. Are you from Minnesota?
  41. Well he did score four goals in a game once
  42. Is he a good player? He's a 28 yo guy who posted his career best goal total last year. He was fifth on his team with 31 points (team leader was Linus Omark with 49 points - who couldn't cut it in the NHL). I'm not worried about missing out on this guy. The Rangers can have him. Btw, anyone look at the Rags roster? It's not that good. Their centers are dreadful and they have no depth.
  43. Yeah, but the bangers and mash are to die for!! Or is it that they will kill you? I can never get that right.
  44. It is....athletes in all the major sports....even in everyday lives like my job. I work with these two kids at work and when they get together all they jabber about is games this and gaming that...it is annoying as hell....and don't get me wrong i was and am still a gamer too....just at 47 and with an 8 year old daughter well i have more priorities. And i have no problem with athletes who love to do it but when it interferes with you sleep and it affects your job...which is play the game that i love well that pisses me off.
  45. Yeah. That's pretty much why I go Marner in this wild hypothetical. But if it's not Marner vs Laine AND we have enough other players playing a full-rink game, I'm okay with a lazy-ass scorer.
  46. Its called a discussion. Its not a negotiation based on real events. Its Disney
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