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    Goalies: Defense: Offense: Special teams (PP/PK): Coaching: Mental: Experience: Robustness: Depth: So logically, Stars in 6 !
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    It's not just him - it was the entire organization. And the quote was a reaction to the declaration about "bad teams." Yes, they were bad teams. Yes, he's supposed to say "we have to work hard to get there" not "we are definitely there." When they clearly weren't. But that's the entire corporate culture of the organization that has increasingly turned me off. There's a sense of entitlement that alienates me. It's not "the grass is greener" - it's "you agree this is the best grass ever in the history of grass, right?" When, in fact, we're watching this: I want to root for the crest on the front, not the names on the back or the names on the letterhead. Don't piss on my head and tell me it's a sunny day and why am I complaining about the rain? Just for the record, I don't bring those things up as if it is some sort of character flaw of Claude's. I agree with you, that sort of stuff is garbage in that context. There is the flip side of that where people bend over backwards to say he's not at all any part of "the problem." I don't blame him for being captain. I just don't think he's been particularly good at it. Again, I look at production which is often terrific in the regular season (although not always) but has failed miserably in the postseason. And in this most recent appearance by the team's own admission they folded tents and went home after things didn't go exactly their way ten minutes into a Game 7. He was never "the best player in the world" - he's a guy who has trouble cracking the top 12 on Canada's team. Yet he's the guy that the organization insisted was a #1 C (despite never playing the position prior to the NHL) and insisted was the heart and soul of the team (despite never being a captain before) that they absolutely had to build the entire thing around. And we got one playoff round win in eight years. I just think I kinda have the right to be disappointed. To me, it reflects the nature of how the team has been run. Quite frankly, if there's one person I would like to see completely exiled from the Flyers, it's Paul Holmgren. Thanks. Took some time off with the 'rona. Wanted to get some space. Needed it. Also figured I'd said my point about the "playoffs" and didn't need to rehash it. Good talking with you, as always.
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    All the best to Staal, btw. He's a class act
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    I agree lol I'm all for 1 year fringe player contracts or reclamation projects that expire soon if it will make Parise and Suter both want out. Getting out from one or both of those contracts would be huge moving forward. At this point the Wild HAVE to get worse to get better.. they f'd around too much trying to just put band aids on long-term problems with the roster and trying to adjust on the fly without actually rebuilding. As for MJ.. I don't know enough about the guy to even comment on him as a player. I don't follow Buffalo too closely. I guess I'm just hoping he comes in, plays as a serviceable center and stays healthy. Can't find those centers we need if you don't kick tires on everything.
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    I never would have guessed that stat. One of the cases where the eye test doesn't marry up with the stats. Well, there were parts of the season where he was playing pretty well. But I don't think of him as a player who drives play. I think we might be trading our boat anchors for another team's.
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    Why not? Nothing to lose. He sucks, so what? He's decent - Great! Free player. Not like he's taking anyone's spot. The Wild has ZERO Top 2 Line Centers.
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    IMO Hayes earned his money more than TK, G, or V He showed up every night and played hard. Some of his numbers could be low due to lackluster performance from linemates
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    The Minnesota Wild Trade Eric Staal for Marcus Johansson (sigh) Good thing the season hasn't started yet, I'm not sure I'm ready for 2-3 articles per day. Anyways, its an interesting move for a team that already had one reclamation project to deal with. Enjoy and discuss... I'm most indifferent about it. If the Wild got a 'steal' in the deal with Pittsburgh, Buffalo probably got a steal in this one.
  9. 2 points
    I appreciate what he says, but the reality is, the Islanders outplayed us all series, and we were 3 OT goals from being swept. There wasn't that much air in the balloon, if you look at it realistically, although as a player you probably look at the score outcome, and say "We could have won" and be frustrated, like Sanheim does here. The Islanders top players and leaders showed up when called upon, ours did not.
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    Here they are. The last two teams standing. All your game day and post game talk can go right here as we watch and see who wants the big hardware more! Bolts come in as "favorite", Stars come in, as some have put it, the "Cinderella" team. Neither had an easy road to get here, and looks like neither will make it easy on the other. Will have to wait a bit to see what the injury reports and status of certain players is (or if anyone has that info, please post), such as Stamkos, Point, Faksa, and Bishop. Some good storylines here, especially if Ben Bishop can play....facing the team that truly gave him his NHL shot and ALMOST won a Cup with. Benn and company finally getting big monkeys off their back and winning it all when it was being whispered that perhaps that core's window was closing. For the Bolts, after years of having good teams, finally seeing redemption and winning a title, and facing four tough defensive squads along the way to do it....possibly even their former number one goalie. Some very good blue lines on both sides, with Victor Hedman leading the way for TB, while young Miro Heiskanen leads the defense corps for Dallas. But they are far from the only standouts on defense on either side. Mikhail Sergachev, Erik Cernak, Ryan McDonagh for TB..... John Klingberg, Esa Lindell, Jamie Oleksiak for Dallas... yea, I see all you guys too! Goaltending will feature Andrei Vasilevkiy for the Bolts, of course, and for the Stars.....may be interesting. Is Ben Bishop fit to play? But then, how can you sit the red hot Anton Khudobin, who, almost singlehandedly, was responsible for more than a few Dallas wins along the way? And talent up front galore on both sides: Benn, Gurianov, Seguin, Radulov, Hintz, Kucherov, Point, Palat, Killorn...just to name a few. Hoping for a fantastic Stanley Cup finish!
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    The Lightning win 5-4 tonight. They get up 5-2, and withstand a Stars comeback from Dallas in the 3rd.
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    2020 Minnesota Wild Draft Preview: Sleepers & Steals I profile some players who I think might be some greater later round selections for the Wild. Enjoy and discuss!
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    Copy-Paste of Stars' games 1 vs. Colorado and Vegas. Strong push and domination in the first 40 minutes, then the expected strong push by TB, the stupid penalties by Dallas and the Stars' skating back to Yellowknife, NWT. However, the Lightning were not that threatening in the final period, most of the shots came from far and it was for them to enter and take shots from closer spots. Bold prediction for game 2, it will be waaaaay more different.
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    any Eagle fans have a link for todays game?
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    No, we're pissed we dont have a brain dead elected leader who could mismanage a very managable pandemic to the tune of 200,000 avoidable deaths.
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    Voracek is a good player, but he has these annoying habits that he still has not corrected after all these years in the league. On the PP they usually give him the puck to rush up ice and a lot of the time and he does a good job ,but after he beats the first few guys, he holds onto the puck too long ,and tries to beat two more guys and blows an open chance at setting anyone up and he ends up taking himself out of the play. He never works a give and go and and he skates into a wall of players and turns it over. He holds the puck when he should pass it and when he has an open shot he is looking to pass it. It drives me insane. We have to dump salary , so if we can dump Jake or JVR ,we have to do it. Jake is definitely a more valuable player to the Flyers and also as a trade chip than JVR, but if we trade Jake ,we may have to pickup some of the $$ due to the amount of his contract and the term or else take another Jori Lethera as part of the deal we make.Then In the off season we can hope Seattle takes JVR or offer them something to take him. If we are unable to do anything as far as a trade or working out something with Seattle, before I let Laughton or NAK get claimed , I would trade them and at least get something and leave Seattle with either JVR as Jake as their choice.
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    Yeah what if the Flyers had drafted Bjorkstrand instead of Goulbourne?
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    solid post. thanks saved me from having to respond
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    PRESEASON OUTLOOK Playing in the leagues toughest division, the Flyers were were looked at by most as capable of finishing anywhere from first to sixth depending on how the breaks went. I mean, this is one hell of a tough division. FINAL RECORD 41-21-7 89 points second in the Metropolitan. Swept the seeding bracket to finish first in the East, Beat the Canadiens in six games in a surprisingly tough series, then lost in seven games to the Islanders. STRANGE STAT OF THE YEAR Had the best home record in the game at 25-6-4 but were only 1 game over .500 on the road. In spite of this, the goals at home (123) werent particularly higher than on the road (101). The HUGE difference was goals against, at home Hart/Elliott were superstars, only an insanely low 70 goals allowed at home and a 2.00 goals against, but on the road they were not just subpar but positively dreadful, 121 goals against and a 3.56 goals against average. This happens a lot with young goalies and should even up with time but man that was a huge split, the difference of 1.56 goals against worse at home than at home was by far not even close the biggest gap in the NHL. Hart's split was much worse than Elliott, he went 20-3-2 with a crazy good 1.63 goals against at home but was dreadful away from Philly going 4-10-1 with a 3.81 GAA. HIGH POINT OF THE YEAR Probably sweeping the play in round against the Bruins, Bolts and Capitals to claim the top seed in the East. In the regular season, they were red hot before Covid shut everything down with a nine game winning streak right at the end crushing the opponents 39-17 in that span to announce they were to be a force. LOW POINT OF THE YEAR Watching Giroux stumble and bumble through yet another postseason scoring one goal in 16 painful to watch games. Watching the Flyers power play which scored 47 PPG in 69 regular season games (.68 ppg per game) disappear as they only scored 4 PPG in 16 games (.25 per game) 3 by Voracek, a grand total of zero by the rest of the big names. WHAT WENT RIGHT Hart was brilliant at times and Elliott found his niche as a solid veteran backup. The top three on the back end, Provorov, Sanheim, Niskanen were as good as anyones top three in the game. Couturier won the Selke as the games best two way forward, it was well deserved. Konecny established himself as a point a game stud. Hayes earned his paycheck both regular season and postseason. As usual, as always with Giroux/Couts in the dot the Flyers were among the best in the game at faceoffs. Lindblom was looking like a lock for 30 goals or so before cancer cut his season short. Voracek was fantastic, JVR was not but wasnt bad, Farabee showed flashes, Phillipe Myers did as well. Aube-Kubel looked like a future middle six winger with upside. Morgan Frost didnt embarrass himself in 20 games. Raffl and Laughton had their usual solid years. Hagg was a fantastic shut down defender. WHAT WENT WRONG Giroux's disappearing act in the postseason certainly comes to mind. Chris Stewart did nothing in his trial. Lindblom with the cancer was a heartbreaker. Ghost took yet another step back. Vorobyev was considered a Euro with upside but didnt really do much of anything. Bunnaman is slipping from prospect to suspect. FREE AGENTS A bunch of veteran spear carriers who should all be easily replaced, Braun, Pitlick, Grant, Thompson will all be gone. Elliott is an UFA and was very valuable last year and should be retained. OFFSEASON QUESTION MARKS Okay, Giroux has one year remaining on his deal at 8.275 million, do they trade him if they can or go one more year and see if he can finally find another gear in the postseason after so many failures? Kids Lindblom, Frost, and Farabee are the future along with top organizational prospect Rubtsov do they/can they trade one or both of Voracek and/or JVR to make room? Is Ghost out of chances? To be clear, this team likely overachieved a bit this year, even the 'what went wrong' players were in most cases a bit of a stretch to list there, but even with a bit of overachieving, the ton of kids who got their feet wet and have huge upside will likely make up for any slippage from veterans. Truth? I think this might be the last hurrah with this being 'giroux's team' and they are in a bit of transition right now with aging vets still under contract and kids with serious talent chomping for ice time, they should be in the mix as they transition to a younger faster club over the next year to two.
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    Funny stuff in the Wild Twitter:
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    @Villette/Lavaux That we do. Both the Lightning and Stars truly earned their way to where they are. Bolts played the role of favorites along the way, Stars played the role of underdogs (though I question that status to be honest...I think they are more than people give them credit for), but neither had an easy path to the Finals. Tip of the helmet to the Islanders for a very tough series against the Lightning and particular, props to one Mr. Matt Martin. I talked all kinds of smack about Martin and what he does on the ice, his playstyle, his penchant for a bit of goonery, etc. But when the teams lined up for the handshake, I saw that very same Matt Martin not only sincerely congratulate a guy he traded blows with (Luke Schenn), but also seemed to encourage the younger Lightning players as he met them, as they made their way to the Finals round. Class. Act. Especially in the face of a tough series loss. Sometimes, it feels like hockey is a bit like pro wrestling when it comes to personalities. The biggest "maniacs" on the ice, are the most upstanding and complete human beings off and away from it. Public enemy number one during a game....sweetheart of a man afterwards. Milan Lucic at the handshake line Matt Martin certainly is NOT! Again, kudos to him!
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    The interesting thing will be between back-to-back games scheduled (eventually) next Friday and Saturday to avoid NFL games. While playing your back-up goalie in one of those two games might be an option, I'm pretty sure both teams will stick with their regular goalie. It's the last straight line, give all what you have. @TropicalFruitGirl26 Finally, we were due to meet
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    this again ? What's the guy supposed to say? "Yeah, ol' Dale he should really be working at his ma's brake shop in Guelph, but he's playing 15 minutes a night here so you know, we'll be lucky to be .500 ". I don't disagree with; he was too young, never a captain, should have been Timmonen. Those are all good points. He didn't make himself captain, He didn't say he's "the best player in the world", some how all this garbage gets brought up like it's some kind of character flaw. and it's ********. good to see you around the site again.
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    No argument. He was a Catamount first
  27. 1 point
    *POOOOF* Guerin has granted your wish! Meet the Wild's two new Top 2 Centers: Bjugstad and M. Johanssen
  28. 1 point
    So, Koivu decided to retire. I feel frustrated by how it went for him. He could have been a Selke winning centre in a Stanley Cup team. Instead he ended up as a Wild poster boy, a pretender 1C when his team lacked a true 1C. All the best for him, though. He ended up in a difficult situation. Earlier he could have solved the dilemma by asking to be traded. Not an easy thing to do.
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    I agree. It wasn't his fault the Wild grossly over-paid and over-hyped him.
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    Kountry Klub atmosphere being addressed. 2 founding members still active. We will see if this gets them motivated. I wonder who will wear the "C" this year. I kinda like Foligno for that.....
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    He certainly wasn't. And I'm not entirely "blaming" Claude for this situation. It's more that watching good players on bad teams just isn't all that interesting for me. That said, there is the little matter of four goals in 35 playoff games over eight years comprising the worst stretch of hockey in franchise history. Eight years to win one playoff round*. The upshot of which is that I've at least see some interesting things done with geoduck clams. And I don't even like clams. * I won't even put an asterisk on it. Oh, wait...
  32. 1 point
    I understand this. I don't disagree, I will say... The team was objectively bad during this time. He was not the GM. I remember talking myself into, maybe This Boyd Gordon is going to give us some quality minutes- knowing the answer. There would have been zero playoffs, and absolutely zero reason to watch but for him. Maybe that would have been better? Higher draft position and all...
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    Ghost definitely has value. There are not that many defensemen are around with his skating ability and blistering point shot. He has a reasonable contract . He had knee surgery and that definitely hindered his game , he still has speed and a great shot, but no confidence. Sure he is a defensive liability, but his real value is on the PP. If he is used correctly and teamed with the right personnel, he will be a factor. True, Ghost didnt help our PP but we have to realize that the Flyers PP is pathetic, and so predictable, with G on the left trying the same old lame pass to the crease that gets blocked. Have you ever seen a PP with such lack of creativity, telegraphed, predictable ,slow and inaccurate passing and so few shots taken?You cant judge Ghost by our failed PP, we could have put Bobby Orr on that PP , he wouldn't score either. Ghost can get us a good return.
  34. 1 point
    This. I was a critic of Hayes, but he did pass the eye test. His production was among the lowest for players at his pay grade, but he did positively impact the team. I wasn't really worried about this year, but rather the years to come. Plus, he was a Rag...
  35. 1 point
    Well written once again! Interesting to hear Guerin wants to see more of Rask. But Staal for Johansson? On the surface one would think a good move; getting younger and faster. IMO the reality is quite different. Johansson has underperformed a while now and has some health issues too. This move (too) wasn't made to improve the Wild, it's a marketing stunt. Unless Johansson produces something extraordinary next season. Anyone want to check out how many points the Wild's new group of centers amassed last season or the season before that? ... This is what a rebuild looks like. In the worst, and not even unlikely, scenario the Wild might be fighting to be the worst team next season. Although if this is the way to get Parise, Suter and even Zuccarello voluntarily to move the NMC in their contracts, Guerin might prove to be a sneaky little fellow...
  36. 1 point
    Brilliant. We got ourseleves another Johansson. Coaching pee wee, all I had to do is say, "Justin....get out there," and five guys jumped over the boards. So in about two years' time we will have Marcus Johannson at center, and Simon Johansson and Filip Johansson on the defense. At a minimum, this could cause confusion for Wild opponents. "Keep an eye on Johansson out there," a coach might instruct. "Which one, coach?"
  37. 1 point
    Looking over at capfriendly, seems the Knights have a bit of wiggle room....almost 5M in space. Now, if they plan on signing Lehner, that 5M may have to go to him....which means they will have to move a player or two to be able to possibly re-sign guys like Nick Cousins or a Tomas Nosek......or just let those guys walk while pursuing someone else instead. You are right...they would have to be mindful of their cap space, but seems George McPhee is usually ahead of the game when it comes to that sort of thing. If Lehner really will be chosen as the number one, MAF definitely will want out and the Knights can utilize his modified NTC to facilitate a deal that would free up 7M for Vegas. Also, a guy like Ryan Reaves, fresh off his playoff hype, can be moved to a team that would like a tough bottom six winger at just under 2M, so that can free up more space and possibly a roster spot if the Knights accept a late round pick for him instead of a player. If Vegas sees a defenseman they want to add, but are short on roster spots, they could also move guys like McNabb or Nick Holden, both of which could be desirable for teams looking for a bottom pair big hitter (McNabb) or a decently defensive player with a bit of offensive skill for their 2nd or 3rd pair (Holden). Combined, those guys carry a cap hit just over the 4M mark, so again, more room there that can be freed up. If McPhee has taught us anything by now, is that he is always thinking. I trust he will have this team ready to make another run...maybe a bit faster like you suggested, come the new season.
  38. 1 point
    I think the Knights have to get a little faster defensively, and up front. The problem is, I don't think they have the caproom at the moment. They will still likely be in one of the top 3 spots in the West, though, even if they don't add to their roster.
  39. 1 point
    @TropicalFruitGirl26 Agreed the Knights are absolutely among the cream of the west, the Pacific is essentially them and then everyone else (although Edmonton/calgary have to be considered) so when you know that worst case scenario unless everything in the world goes bad you are at the worst in the top three of your division and therefor a lock for the playoffs, it is a matter of tweaking it to try to find the next level. Fleury could probably be dealt to a team who believes they are a goaltender away from being a real cup contender, Colorado comes to mind but no way do the Knights deal him in the West. Carolina? Washington is losing Holtby, Samsonov will get the bulk of the starts and is on a cheap ELC, how funny would it be if he were dealt to the Caps and they knocked the Pens out of a playoff spot, lol. Of course, who knows if MAF would even accept a trade. And this is a deep UFA goalie class and next years is even deeper. I would have to rank the Knights in the top two or three teams in the West, nothing in the fade that occured changes my mind about that.
  40. 1 point
    Well, the Wild might not be better, but at least a slow team got a little faster. I assume this trade is simply a small puzzle piece,, a stop gap until whether by draft and/or another trade, they find two young (25 and under) top 6 centers for the intermediate to long term future.
  41. 1 point
    Oh and a good article! The Wild Twitter definitely has a lot of people with mixed feelings. Someone even suggesting Brodin's deal could lead to Pateryn taking a spot in the 2nd pairing with Broding! Funny stuff on the whole.
  42. 1 point
    Funny how nhl.com didn't mention the NMC in its article when in fact the clause is a very essential element regarding how the Wild has been constructed. Or painted itself in the corner.,, It makes the contract so much worse although I'd be very surprised to see Brodin revert from where he is now in the next 4 years. At least he's fast enough already and equipped with a high hockey IQ. Wouldn't exactly say Guerin has made some above average moves so far. With the idea of improving the team. More or less aiming to keep the status quo.
  43. 1 point
    1) Really enjoy your movement chart! 2)Be nice to see Wallinder fall to the Wild in the 2nd rd. 3)Based on an overview of yours and other draft sites, the "safe" pick (Lundell) seems to be again the Wild's destiny. IMO, I hope they can trade up at least several slots to get a more dynamic offensive performer. That said, if Askarov and Sanderson are picked in the top 8, plus perhaps an additional off the board choice, the Wild could have an excellent skilled forward fall into their lap. (IMO there are 6, some would argue 7)
  44. 1 point
    I think the Minnesota wild are truly like the Island of misfit toys.
  45. 1 point
    I watch a ton of Big Ten college and i remember watching him, he stood out for his size and hands, i thought he would be a fantastic player. He looked like one early for Florida until concussion and other injuries robbed him. By the time he hit Pittsburgh he was a shell of his former self. Always a favorite of mine i hope he reclaims some of the abilities he showed early.
  46. 1 point
    This is a NO LOSE acquisition for the Wild. Not sure how it will work out, but a nice one-year audition. Great size and a bit faster than Koivu. I wonder if they would have pulled the trigger on this experiment if Klyde had not retired? It sure creates options when the dead WOOD are out of the way. How can we move the other two quickly? Get Parise to the Isles, or Suter to .....anywhere. I doubt there would be many takers without us assuming most of their contract for that first year, however.
  47. 1 point
    Bad trade for Pittsburgh only get a conditional 7th and retain 50%. Conditions are 70 games played or 35 pts. So we basically get a free reclamation project IMO
  48. 1 point
    Beckman is 19, so the way I read it, either he plays in Spokane or St. Paul. I do not think the Wild can send him to Iowa. I believe he has to be 20 before the Wild can send him to Iowa based on what I’m reading about the current CHL-NHL agreement.
  49. 1 point
    Yeah, no to expanding an already long tournament. You're going to be pushing towards July at that point. This is actually working for me as a compromise given the way the season ended, but I wouldn't want to see it in a normal year.
  50. 1 point
    Though I understand your POV and thought process I have a hard time accepting the fact that ~75% of the teams make post season play. I accept it this year because of the unusual circumstances. The regular season becomes essentially irrelevant. Look at the Bruins in a normal season they earn the #1 seed. Now in the round robin they are one game away from being the #4 seed. Again for this season I totally get it and it is different. However moving forward I just can’t support this type of playoff system in future seasons.....

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