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  1. Heck, I wouldn't even mind watching JvR take his stick for a skate.
  2. My wife and I have a company which delivers health care to (mostly senior and elderly) people here in Victoria, and we're scared for our clients. One passed away yesterday from pneumonia, and two others are suffering from it as well, with the prognosis looking quite bleak for the other. One client we spoke to described his son visiting earlier in the day, freshly arrived from France, "But don't worry, he's not sick at all." and up to late last week, some homes were still feeding their residents all together in the main dining room. With that, though, is a glimmer of hope. The Public Health Officer of British Columbia released some promising data two days ago: The number of new cases, shown in orange boxes at the bottom of the chart, has been quite flat for almost a week. I can only hope it will continue like this. There are big reasons behind this: a) Social distancing has been adhered to pretty well here, aside from some of the usual covidiots we're seeing everywhere. b) Much good credit has been given to South Korea for their extensive testing regimen, but BC has actual been testing at twice the rate of the South Koreans, more than 2x as much as the rest of Canada's provinces, and 5x as much as the United States. I suppose it's been to BC's benefit that our Public Health Officer is a person that has spent her entire career battling things like Ebola, SARS, H1N1, etc.
  3. Wild Sign 3 Forwards: Damien Giroux, Adam Beckman and Mitchell Chaffee I share my thoughts on the 3 forwards the Wild signed over the last two days, I have video and stats too! Enjoy and discuss...
  4. Ok, now I've seen everything. Read a book. Paint your house. Build a Richard trophy for Mathews.
  5. My daughter's a nurse and works with the elderly. I'm pretty worried about her these days, but what's worse is she's scared more for my wife and I. I feel your pain. I've had the same hockey gloves for 20 years, and I've also urinated in the bathrooms of Lees Palace/ Horseshoe/Dakota/Cameron House/ElMo/Bovine Sex Club etc etc etc so I'm pretty sure my immune system is as good as anyones.
  6. I think Canada is just running about a week behind you guys with this thing. Of course our smaller population spread out over a larger area helps immensely, but I'm pretty sure the worst is yet to come. I honestly am just concerned about family and friends and I'll worry about the hockey season once this is in a major recession (the virus, not the economy...that's a given). But I'll continue to pop in here daily to see how all the assholes I've come to know and love on here are doing.
  7. The Carona Crisis (or whatever) took hockey and just about everything else by storm. This will be a strange season with an asterisk...no strike, but disease shortened. It will make every GM's assessment of future personnel calls a lot harder to make. But relative to sickness, death, and economic chaos...the NHL and its product seem a bit trivial. Hopefully, next fall brings back hockey...and no 2nd wave of the Carona. I hope the gang here is OK. These are stressful times. Sincerely, Howie
  8. Beckman had a great year. If the Wild don't sign him before the 2021 draft, he can re-enter the draft. If he continues to have another great year, he may take his chances on moving up in the draft, where he may command a bigger signing bonus, etc. Plus the Wild would lose a potentially decent prospect.
  9. A complete list of the Greatest Minnesota Wild goaltenders of all time @MNSOTA and I wrote up this article evaluating all of the players that have manned the crease for the Minnesota Wild in its history. It is amazing to see how close some of the statistics (goals against average, save percentage) are for the various goalies even if they spanned different eras in the franchise's history. Enjoy and discuss...
  10. Brave the Wild - Crease And Assist I was on a Wild podcast this morning. We talk prospects, North Stars stuff, where we think the season will go next, retirements, Kirill Kaprizov and more. Enjoy an excuse to have an hour away from the more dire aspects our daily lives these days.
  11. Yeah, not to mention some cities will open as some are growing worse and the whole prism in between. I mean, do you start the season back up when New York and Philly are coming back online while they have the start to the ugly in Denver and Phoenix? Just as people are well enough to burn buses in Vancouver and buy lawn chairs for the parade in Toronto, people in Edmonton and Calgary getting sick...etc. I do think it's highly possible the 2020-21 season is at least delayed. Obviously just guessing on that, but I think it's unfortunately likely. You watch, though. Knowing the insane ineptitude of the NHL front office, THIS will be the year they do the draft lottery in front of a live audience.
  12. I can see an iffy proposition of doing playoffs in the fall (give it about a 15% chance of happening) but the NHLPA will not go for regular season games, followed by playoffs, followed by another regular season and more playoffs...and rightfully so. The rest of this regular season is lost...period.
  13. My wife told of two students of hers, one a tested Coronavirus patient, the other a non-tested one. The other told her that he expects the recovery to take weeks, if not months. The other told his sickness took 4 days of feeling ok at times and then having muscle pains where one would have wanted to take morphine to endure them. Even the milder cases sound pretty horrible. They should arrange for an E-sports hockey tournament. That would make it nicer to endure this quarantine (I live in an area in Finland, that is now shut out from the rest of the country, to help slow down the spread of the disease).
  14. Hmm...not sure why the links are not working. Let me see if I can post them here. Those are all the videos I had in my article. Also, I updated it to include the fact the Wild signed Hunter Jones to an entry level deal. So could this mean Dubnyk is more or less going to be brushed aside and Kahkonen moves up while Jones and Robson man the crease in Iowa?!?!
  15. @lynxrattle to anyone paying attention COVID-19 is scary as hell. I hope you haven't come into contact with it. In no way would I trade hockey for lives, I just miss it.
  16. The point is this guy is so filthy rich he could pay all his employees for a year and not even notice it...instead of passing the bill onto the taxpayer.
  17. -I think the decent thing would be to return the money. -The owners have a very established history of not doing the decent thing.
  18. Can you please print me a '92 Chevy Lumina with a wonky transmission and a trunk full of halibut? Not fussy about the color. Asking for a friend from Buffalo.
  19. Man this sucks..........soooooooooooo boring...i hope everyone is safe here...and everyone else not here. Some fun i guess...
  20. Bro....did you just research and crunch PISS numbers? LOL this quarantine is past week #1, right? LMFAO!!
  21. Tiger Stadium had the dreaded troughs. I remember the piss stream being so fast and heavy that you were splashed with other people's piss no matter how far back you went!
  22. Asshole? Me?? Love you too!!! Here is something to make you smile. I believe this originates from someone in Canada. There are many more on Pluto's You Tube channel...
  23. What might add to the hopes for Beckman, is that his body maturity and strength isn't anywhere near its potential. While he may never be lightning fast, IMO adding eventual power to his existing skill set makes him an outstanding prospect.
  24. I could see doing the playoffs late fall if next season's start is lost and they're able to do it just to keep interest until the following season. Logistically, I don't like it, though. People that were injured for this playoffs would be back, others healthy now would be injured by then, draft picks that are NHL ready--or even prospects currently playing--would be ready to go, but would they be allowed or not? People who were FAs would be elsewhere--pretending they'd be going forward with that. I think this season is over full-stop, including playoffs. It sucks and I'm sorry to crap on any kind of hope, but it's done. And I wish the NHL would simply acknowledge the reality rather than this "day-to-day with an upper body injury" horse####.
  25. Thanks. Yea, those were combative times where people seemed to be in one of 3 tribes. Manny, Roli or they didn't care at all. Remember all of the posts about Brent Burns' hairs and the other puckbunnies? Blech...
  26. Beckmann a thrill to watch on those highlife so, a combination of speed and shooting accuracy....
  27. That was a nice walk down memory lane. The Rolli/Manny playoff run remains one of my favorite all time NHL memories.
  28. LIG. Just finished listening. Perfect presentation! Like it a lot.
  29. Thanks a lot HF101! I am planning to place there my personal experience, which I recently passed and to bring some simple advises to make this disease a little bit easier or maybe even to save lives for our fans, for our players, for our relatives and to everyone who will be reading that message. It will take to me slightly awhile to finish my writing, which I started yesterday. Sorry, my English is not the best. It takes a time for me to write something important, in my opinion.
  30. LIG. Thanks, just started to listen in about an hour talk. You have a nice voice too, which I did not hear for the last 15 years since knowing you on the main Wild fan zone link.
  31. I have thought the best way for the NHL to go forward would be to get all teams to 72 games. Right now most have played 69, this is probably less fair for the teams that have played 71 to date, however it gives all teams an equal number of games to qualify for the playoffs. This was assuming an May start up date with: A camp in the 3rd week of April. Get to 72 games the 4th week. Start the playoffs first week of May. However, I am starting to think this is "magical thinking" .
  32. To think that with bad luck I might up end up in Intensive Care and then become an ex-parrot without ever seeing hockey again. I think this Covid-19 sucks.
  33. If you have privileges to create a poll, click on the "poll" tab .... the rest is pretty self explanatory .....
  34. Matthews scored 55 goals. #Leafs50GoalClub
  35. Yeah, it's really tough to see a backlash coming. Electronic Arts has been named the worst company in the world several times, and people really do hate them... but it's not exactly hampering sales of their products.
  36. @radoran can't disagree with any of that. ol' Josh douchebag Harris is pulling some ******** with the sixers staff too. It's remarkable how many billionaires are keeping their heads down and mouths shut during this time. Like you said, they could be enormously helpful to everyday joes and not feel it. Just like this , with the amount of money Mike Bloomberg spent on his primary win in American Samoa he could have just given everyone in the country a million dollars and had 100m left over to buy 100 bugattis. I won't mind a tax on that level of wealth either. Also, the next time one of these guys steps up with 100k and everyone starts genuflecting I will not be joining that party.
  37. If you are "fired" from a job , you are ineligible to collect unemployment compensation. If they were laid off, they are. There is a huge difference in the terminology. I hope they have all been laid off thus making them eligible for at least the unemployment. I still think they could take a page out of Mark Cuban's approach and continue to pay his people irregardless . (added specifically for radoran his favorite misuse of a term)
  38. What a piece of shite. Not as an owner, he already was that. As a human.

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