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  1. I hope too, I also hope the fanbase can be patient with him. He's got a pile of skill, There's going to be growing pains though. I think this is too early, I'm not a GM though. I hope it works out, I hope this "necessity" doesn't wreck his confidence or body.
  2. The only controversy I see is that dubnyk is ordained the automatic starter. I think with the way he is playing, he is just another backup goalie. so rotate both your backup goalies evenly until one proves worthy.
  3. Absolutely! It'll "right your ship" into the rocks and out of the playoffs....and you will be playing against JimmyDozens and CammyCamera in the Junior league next year...
  4. Who'da guessed this would go poorly? The Kings deserve every bit of it for signing the jerk. One of the all-time dumbest moves by a GM.
  5. @SpikeDDS A Stevie Y move indeed.... There is no question Yzerman will soon have the Wings back in contention on a yearly basis... he is just a no-nonsense, realistic, and like you said, intelligent executive. He took a terrible do-nothing Lightning franchise and turned them into a deep, perennial contender....with rows and layers of players in the system, and he and his staff will repeat that feat with the Red Wings. As for Fabbri, yea, nothing like a fresh start with more actual playtime to get a guy going. Talent was never the problem for him.... consistent playtime and health was. We see now what he can really do when he has both. Really looking forward to the Wings becoming contenders once again. With any luck, the Bolts will continue as that also, and we can get back to some good ol fashioned "playoff rivalry hatred" between us, eh?
  6. Last year we had a thread the Wild are on a 105 point pace. I predict it's unnecessary to replicate that thread...
  7. There some things they do well and there is a lot that a few need to work on for sure. They are still young sort of I am hoping this staff can get them to reach their potential.
  8. If you can find anyone at wawa to wait on you... You might actually not be in Wawa
  9. I know. I just thought to let you know the background. It's all good. I think here are only about 5 posters who actively participate in other team's forums. The Flyers' fans are usually pretty self-absorbed and go on for hours about only their team. I just found it funny one of them "secretly" quotes someone in their own forum without trying to engage in a discussion in another forum with the person whom he quotes. So I would say "that posters here are all over the board in many cases" is a bit of a hyperbole. Since I arrived here a year ago the amount of active posters has stayed about the same which I think isn't good. It's about the same amount we had in the dead and buried Wild forum alone. This place could really use some more active, wide-minded posters.
  10. So does Dubnyk get the second assist on the Coyotes goal?
  11. My overall impression of last night was that the Flyers looked a little shell shocked to start. That makes sense playing a team of this caliber. I can understand a lack of confidence. However, I think once they realized they could skate with them, things changed. Im loving the transition game and I saw Flyer players beating caps to the puck in the offensive zone. The way they held the puck on that delayed penalty was pretty cool. Getting a point and losing in a SO against this team is the same as a win in my mind. Believing and having confidence in the system will be a difference maker. Way to go AV TRUST....THE....PROCESS
  12. There defence still sucks.
  13. It's tough to see either the Flames or Sens wanting to involve the Tkachuk boys in trades. Each club is VERY happy with them. In Matthew's case, he's leading the Flames both in points and also Sh|ts Given/60 minutes. He is as awful as anybody there is to play against in the NHL. It would require a vast overpayment.
  14. My problem isn't with that desperate call to bring Patrick up, as much as it was drafting a player with injury issues to begin with. Don't get me wrong, Patrick is very talented, but he won't do the Flyers much good (obviously), if he's in and out of the lineup every 3 weeks. I know he was the consensus #2 pick, but maybe it would have been in hindsight to have looked in another direction in that draft.
  15. I was good with your list except for this one. Quite possibly the most over-rated nothing coach in the history of nothing coaches. He's so inept, he should be on the President's Cabinet. You guys have had good seasons and disappointing playoffs. Why would you want a coach with the massacred bodies of lost seasons strewn behind him because he's absolutely impotent in the playoffs? The tone here is directed at Bruce, not you, but I'll never understand this idiot's press clippings.
  16. LOL Been here since the day this site started and had no idea it listed # of views for a thread. I don't ever go on the "team page," so didn't see it. that's interesting. Yeah, 14 (now 16) replies without anyone viewing it is an interesting feat. @hf101, just tagging you in case there's something.
  17. Sorry, I was thinking that you are talking about the problem on a site. From my observation any threads started late evening yesterday on your forum as well as the Wild forum do not calculate numbers of views who was able to read each specific thread. For example, on 14 replies of this thread we have 0 views, which is wrong.
  18. We have no leadership or tenacity. The veterans are mentally and physically soft. TK, Coots and Lindblom are the only guys up front that really compete.
  19. You know at the end of the day with this team as always it leads me to believe that the core players who are left over at the end of the day just might be very smart. To continue to struggle no matter the coach and no matter the system. So when I wonder will this be addressed. If AV can't get change made then it's clear the prisoners are running the asylum...
  20. Just got home.... so tell me again... why does Florida still have a team?? The arena is so empty!!!
  21. This should a winnable game. The Sabres have been lousy recently and are probably thinking that their great start to the season might not be for real. The Wild should be able to show that they are really just an ugly twin sister.
  22. Dewar had a decent game on Sunday. My guess is he'll get more opportunities. I trust Tim Army knows what he's doing and he's putting the best team on the ice that he can.
  23. People I haven't blocked on Twitter by Jake Voracek
  24. They're not scoring, but they're all actually playing fairly well right now. I know he's not scoring and that's "why he's here" and all that, but JVR is actually crushing it in play driving and overall momentum right now. He's only been on the ice for I think 5 Even Strength Goals against and there haven't been any in like 4 games. Hayes's play driving numbers are a little worse than the other two because he plays the PK, but all in all this isn't a bad line. I know they're not scoring and that's a problem. But sticking them together should keep the puck in the other team's end for good swaths of time. Plus they're the biggest line by far and they'll be hard to defend against so even if they're not scoring, they'll be drawing decent assignments and wearing those lines out, thus things easier for the other lines to do so. If you're going to put your heavy hitters and big guys out to bruise Giroux, Coots and the kids, then you're leaving your softer lines out against the JayVeeHazies, not generally a good idea as they're gonna score eventually if you give them room. Initially my gut wanted to stick a Frost, Farabee, Lindblom or TK with them, but on further review, maybe that will come in time... but Jake and JVR should really be scoring more on the PP than even strength anyway. I feel like even if they were firing on all cylinders and scoring a bunch of goals, I feel like as an even strength line, their role would predominantly be in a play driving capacity anyway. Not that they wouldn't be trying to score, but just that we wouldn't necessarily be expecting a boat load of even strength goals coming from them. More to be sure. But I dont' feel like sticking them together should probably hurt anything. Hopefully all of them figure it out soon and maybe together, but even if they don't, it's not a nightmare line just because they're not scoring.
  25. I think one of the assistant coaches (McFarland or Hakstol) will take over for the rest of this season. Here's a wish list of coaches that I wish Toronto could get (should any of them become available): Bruce Boudreau Peter Laviolette Bruce Cassidy Barry Trotz Joel Quenneville Gerard Gallant Jon Cooper
  26. I think that slippery slope has its merits though. Who would've believed in January that Blues could sneak in the playoffs and "anything" did happen? Obviously that group was seriously underperforming under moron of a coach and with below average goaltending... Yet, with the way the Wild played and even if the Canes weren't producing their best; I could see this group win a whole lot more by replacing it's #1 goalie. IF they stick together and play like this in every game. Which I totally and unconditionally doubt.
  27. The Fly making a mockery of a pretty good defensive Islander team. No TK on the scoreboard though....that disappoints me...
  28. That friggin Ennis seems to haunt the Flyers he did it with the Leafs last year. This one finds his way through Hart's pads. Give up a power play goal and can't score themselves with 5 chances. So the game winner was deflected off Niskanen's stick but still before that TK gets beat along the boards... ...this type of play can't happen...turnovers and then in the net...it happens i guess. Weak board play has to be eliminated.
  29. Dumberer said Dubnyk cleared the puck like that because of where the Arizona player was by him. Because of where that Arizona player was, Dubnyk expected a Wild forward to be up on the half wall. Well there was a forward there, just in the wrong jersey...
  30. I agree. Granlund saw steady improvement every year he was on the team. I also don't know about "slowing the game down", unless that means he tried to be playmaker a bit too much at times, but seems to me, he loved playing the north-south game and still tried to help out on defense when and if he could. His trade counterpart, Fiala, other than loving the offense, doesn't seem to be nearly as good as Granny in other aspects. Yes, he is younger, but good lord, those turnovers and decisions under pressure....
  31. I don't think Patrick plays at all in 2019-20. Sorry i just feel that is the case. So if that is the case i wonder how that will affect him contract wise for next year??
  32. Sounds like the team played pretty well but Dubnyk nearly threw it away. Kunin with a big save to bail out his goalie tonight.
  33. Granlund has certainly had a sad start to the year, with 3G and 2A in 18 games. He seems a bit lost with the higher talent on the Preds
  34. Hartman was a solid pickup. He also give a $hit, which you can't say about everybody. He IS a hockey player. Not sure about 9, 11, and 20 anymore. They remind me of Dorn from the movie Major League. They are all about investments, attire, keeping their teeth, and their primary TOI - no concern for trophies or Cup glory.
  35. Crazy. And definitely scary. If they released him that quickly, the only thing I can think of was dehydration. Any other condition, especially pertaining to nervous system, brain, lungs, or heart, I am sure he would have been kept in for at least observation, if not for other reasons. This is beyond hockey. As a human being, I hope he is ok. He has family and friends who love him.
  36. Parise probably has it in his contract that he gets to talk the most...
  37. You are 100% correct. Not offering to extend two of the Country Club, and diminishing the TOI of the other two will diminish their on ice contribution, and by default, their appalling lack of effort and team play on the ice. However, I think the most effective 'shot across the bow' would be to pull the A's. That will either change their arrogant attitude to positive, or motivate them to request a trade - which would help the team greatly - addition by subtraction. We can then get a better look at what we don't have, and ensure some years of high draft choices and a full rebuild. Not sure if BG would do it, but I am guessing CL will get in the way.
  38. Blash has been ruining Athanasiou since the kid came into the league, Blash hasn't figured out if he is a winger or a center and is no closer to knowing what the hell to do with him today than he was two years ago. Actually as far as scoring goes, AA has hit at least three posts and been stone cold robed several times, he will break through eventually. Too talented not to.
  39. That's the third fragile eggshell head we have had...Lindros, Bourdon and Patrick....I wish we would have traded down in that draft.

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