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  1. Hmm... Jordan is now a Weal E. Coyote.... Another misfit player Arizona is hoping fits in better with them. For better or worse, I see the Yotes giving Jordan a Weal chance at becoming a full time top six guy.....Yotes don't score much anyways, so it can't hurt. If Jordan does the same with Arizona as he did with Philadelphia, then it was no Weal loss as the player they gave up is minor league fodder. If, however, Jordan does better, then the Yotes can do cartWeals that they got a nice player for cheap. Damn, I am Weally good at this.....
  2. Jesus, Arizona, take the Weal. I know folks are stunned we only got a 6th and a part-time hockey player. But anything more than a Cracker Barrel coupon is a steal. I'll forget Weal by morning. That said, what a goofy place for Fletcher to start. Whomever it was that postulated this is about a roster spot (Morin) is probably right. Because if this is message sending, Fletcher would be better off setting the drapes on fire.
  3. Good. Waste of a roster spot. Essentially they traded him for nothing.
  4. Games like this are the one time when I miss the old "goon it up" days. At least when the North Stars got waxed, Basil and Churla would give the fans some entertainment value for the dollar.
  5. MNSOTA, we always want and enjoy for many years your and LIG's preview and a post-game very talented writing. Thank you for taking your time to write for us. Not so many fan clubs having that talent on their boards.
  6. I hope soon. He shouldn't be hard to move. I just hope they get a decent return for him.
  7. If you're right about the above, then Homer is an even worse manager than I thought. If you're worried about them partying, you sign them up for the NHLPA substance abuse programs, you don't make them someone else's problem and leave them hanging out there... especially when your trainers and doctors are the ones pumping them with Oxy so they can play with two separated shoulders or two broken feet. Homer traded them because they pissed him off. The same reason he fired Hextall, because he pissed him off. If this isn't clear to all of us by now, i don't know what is. I honestly don't know what the hell Homer was thinking when he made those trades. And like I've said in the past it wasn't those trades that were the problem. It was those kind of rebuild moves followed by win now moves like Bryz. It was trading JVR for Luke Schenn... what the hell was that move about? It was not even trying to resign Jagr and Carle necessitating giving a big fat contracts to MacDonald and VLC and trading JVR for Schenn. There was no rhyme or reason to any of it and now he appears to be back at it again. Proof in the pudding is that when he brought Hextall on, Hextall told everyone it was likely a 5 year plan and Homer supposedly gave him the autonomy to implement it, but when 4 years and change didn't get it there, Homer decided to screw that and start from scratch. What kind of freedom do you really think Fletcher is going to feel knowing that's the situation he walked into? A president gave the GM "freedom" and later revealed that he really had no freedom. Homer is BAD AT THIS. He needs to go bye bye and Dave Scott needs to go back to encouraging Marketing wizardry like Gritty and find a big boy to leave the hockey stuff to instead of this thick headed, petty, fragile ego driven baby he's got running things now.
  8. I'm just happy in all this mess they have found their goaltender for next year. Now i hope we can put the Bob to Philly or Quick to Philly rumors to bed. Let Hart roll with it.
  9. At least next we get to face the Flyers who suck in every facet of the game at the moment. That'll be a whole different game...
  10. You know what is really weird about the "plenty of shots" thing (which is true)? While watching the game, I get the impression from some of them that they are scared to shoot. And then you look up and they have a decent amount of shots. But they pass their way out of quality shots. The game against Dallas, with the repeated odd man rushes especially in the third, you could guarantee the puck carrier wasn't going to shoot. And then the last pass too late to be successful. But it goes down as a shot. Sometimes two if there is a rebound jam attempt. Patrick seems like he simply does not want to shoot at this point. It's a shame, because he does have a nice shot. But he'll do anything to not shoot. Ghost is looking that way. Voracek would try to pass through the entire 82nd Airborne. Giroux seems to be willing to shoot but it's possible he's being too cute with it because he's missing more than not.
  11. Philadelphia 2 New Jersey 3 Rangers 2 Islanders 3 Colorado 2 Montreal 4 Columbus 2 Capitals 5 Boston 3 Toronto 2 Lightning 5 Buffalo 2 Detroit 1 Wild 5 Vegas 3 Chicago 2 St.Louis 2 Dallas 3 Ottawa 1 San Jose 4 Pittsburgh 5 L.A. Kings 2
  12. There is no way I’m trading this year’s 1st. Does Melnyk think he’s talking to himself? Are you saying you would be ok with trading Jake, Lyon, a 1st, and a “little more” for UFA Stone and 38 year old Anderson?? No way I do that deal. Edit: Just read the Ek piece that talks about being sure the Flyers could extend Stone first. Still not sure I’d want to automatically give a guy 7-8 years before he even plays for the O&B.
  13. Weal in the sky keeps on turnin'...somewhere else.
  14. Looks like the Weal route has been stricken from our playbook.
  15. Great summary. Despite saying I wasn't going to watch as often, I did tune in about midway through the first and watched for the most part. Hart is so good. He is going to be very special (and I don't think I'm overvaluing him! (cross reference to my post in another thread)). He will get more savvy, learn to read even better than he already does and probably become a little more assertive/competitive around his crease. Looking forward to his development. Looked like Patrick had more speed and jump. He had that nice streak down the left wing side and wristed a shot ticketed for the the far right corner, but the Dallas goalie got a piece of it. JVR looked good in the offensive zone. Thought Gudas played very well. Honestly, I had mixed feelings about the performance. It was fun to watch the Flyers play competent, confident hockey. But, I was reminded that the team should have been much better this season in general and got kind of mad. And then I thought to myself that finishing in the bottom five and having a good shot to land a top 3 pick is the best outcome for them at this point and I don't want that messed up by them playing well. So conflicted.
  16. In case you haven't noticed...Crosby, Ovechkin, McDavid...those guys all went 1st overall. Giroux didn't. Not even close. He's actually closer to a 2nd rounder. So instead of your constant Giroux is suk diatribe, how about giving the guy credit for being in the same conversation as those guys even though he was picked NOWHERE NEAR WHERE THEY WERE!
  17. Casey DeSmith has signed a three year extension with the Pittsburgh Penguins The average cap hit is $1.25M/year. That seems to be a very friendly contract for a goalie whom many thought would be a career minor leaguer. His season has really pushed Matt Murray to overcome the funk he started in and put the Pens goalie tandems in the league Good deal for both team and player.
  18. I think the sooner we all come to grips with the fact that this is just an average team that isnt going to make a Cup run anytime soon, especially with the current personnel, we’ll have far less ulcers and indigestion.
  19. I guess worst part is how they couldn't get more for a guy LA didn't want to expose to waivers and Ron traded for and he couldn't even make the lineup over Varone...meh...buh bye Jordan....
  20. That would be a great return for a top 10 NHL player. This team would be completely unwatchable if not for Giroux. Takes like this read like trolling, is that your intent?
  21. we are of like mind regarding Ghost. I like him. I think he is also maybe the best piece we have as far as getting a quality player, one that can help the team immediately in returm.

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