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  1. Here's some player comments: [Hidden Content] Farabee talks about how "the flight, and stuff like that, it definitely takes a toll..." Well, great, but do you think the Habs who played in Chicago while you were in St. Louis (and lost 4-1) got here by Scotty beaming them to the Wells Fargo Center? To be fair, he does say "at the end of the day we need a better effort." Then it cuts to Giroux talking about the in in STL being "a big win, an emotional win. And sometimes after an emotional win it's hard to get up the next day. No excuses." Ladies and gentlemen, your Captain. "No excuses" following what is clearly an excuse. If you go into a game thinking of all the reasons you don't have to (or "can't") get up for it, you don't get up for it. You're being paid $100,914.63 per game. That was worth 0 g, 0 a, 0 p, -1, 2 shots, 1 hit, 6-6 FW, a giveaway and an 0-4 power play in 26 shifts. No excuses.
  2. Bingo. Every game is worth two points. At the end of the year no one cares how you got them. All that matters is you have enough to make the dance. It starts with the Captain. Like it or not. Leaders lead. And he isn't.
  3. Boy, do I disagree with that premise. And being one of the more schittier schtty people, I've seen the membership roles. The rest is just math.
  4. Alright a chance to rebound here another team they should beat. It starts with taking care of yo chicken... ...go get the win!!!
  5. At Maynard's now, swilling Surly Furious ... All checked in, got my assignments and waiting for the music to begin. Best team names I've seen so far at check-in: "Loud and Plowed" ... "No Regretzkys" ... and my personal favourite: "Hattrick Swayze"
  6. luckily it should only be 4 games...thanks all-star break !
  7. This video makes me want to...KILL...MY....TELEVISION!!
  8. One in which they won a Cup. They've been almost consistently horrible since, with the exception of 2006. But is that the direct result of the Gretsky trade, or is that just horrific ownership and management? Is it just that the 80s Oilers were better players than executives?
  9. Uuuuhg ! When you are up 5-2, you close them out. Boston has been beyond deplorable in OT and Shoot Out, by this was just cringe worthy. Oh well.....Next.
  10. Crap I was really hoping they would lose...****** unwatchable, terrible, blow it up.
  11. Absolutely lousy officiating as Tkachuk clearly delivered a head shot to Kassian, that said no way Kassian doesn't do a game or two for this, Tkachuk refused to drop the gloves (or even his stick) and took the pummeling from Kassian which seemed to enrage Kassian all the more. Dick move by Tkachuk to start it and a bigger one by Kassian to go full on WWE after the second hit which IMHO was clean as could be although brutal. So a game or two seems right.
  12. Coach came out and called their "emotional win" and "tough plane ride" for the bull bleep it is. Nice to see an appropriate response.
  13. Always nice to see the Wild beat the Stars. And not only bet them, hammer them. And as unpredictable as Stalock is, I think Boudreau needs to start going with a 1A/1B rotation, or just giving Stalock more starts. Dubnyk has not looked good this season at all. Even before his wife's issues he looked off. And since returning he hasn't been any better.
  14. So you're saying he might just retire, then return to the league as a Flyer, then retire again rather than retiring and become a successful front office executive?
  15. Wow, that sucks. I actually like the guy. That really does make the playoffs difficult for the Hurricanes. Not impossible, but difficult. I guess I can stop sending offers kn fantasy, now.
  16. sounds like it's time to move players in the offseason, if they dont pick it up.
  17. I just keep coming back to sample size. Friedman has been on the ice for 65 minutes of NHL hockey. It's definitely easier for "stay at home" types and you absolutely need that type of guy. If Friedman can continue to be consistent and not make mistakes while being defensively responsible, that's great. No problem with experimenting with pairings, either. There's also something to be said for guys coming into the league making their game simpler. That's not what's expected of Sanheim and Myers. Those guys are expected to drive play and be an offensive catalyst. By definition, that's going to affect their play. I look again at a Dougie Hamilton who wasn't always the most defensively responsible while putting up 40+ point seasons on the back end. Now, at 26, he's a 40 point player halfway into the season who's also +30 (and, unfortunately, injured). I've gotta think that both CGY and BOS who gave up on him might like to have that guy. And, yes, it could be "change of scenery" necessary for Sanheim/Meyers. I'm just not quite "there" yet.
  18. Yeah they lost because the young dudes they didn't take care of their chicken...it has to stop. Fellas take care of yo chicken!!!!! And don't forgets to take care of yall's mentals!!!!!!!!!!
  19. In 37 games since Oct. 29, Couturier owns 36 points (11 goals, 25 assists) and a plus-22 rating
  20. Not sure why I'm going to watch this game tonight. I must be part masochist. Or maybe it's my German Schadenfreude... But I used to love watching the Gong Show...
  21. Mayhew needs to get a shot at NHL. It is demoralizing for the players if they shine in the AHL, and don't even get a chance. If the organisation don't see a way to give him a good shot at a spot, they should trade him. There should be interested trade partners.
  22. TRADE JAKE NOW HIS VALUE WILL NEVER BE HIGHER!!!! Who was that masked man? Impressive. Only saw the second period till the end.
  23. We will call in a stay of execution on Jake, for now.
  24. Sam Anas has also been playing very well as of late. That was a nice rebound win for them after their previous outing against Bakersfield. Gerald Mayhew is just a machine and I hope he gets another shot with the big club.
  25. IMO, whoever signs Holtby to the inevitable 7 year, $9M deal will regret it by Y3 if not sooner...
  26. This GIF is from a great UK TV show called the IT Crowd. Have you seen it or did you just find the GIF?
  27. Suter with the full on matador play in front of Dubnyk. Crosby made him look like a high-schooler. It is really embarrassing
  28. Nah he isn't a negative Nancy uh Ned no maybe Nick....or better yet Nolan!!!!!!!!
  29. I would love to bundle him and JVR together to some other team.
  30. He's a multi millionaire professional hockey player and captain if the team. If the way he is playing right now is due to lack of sleep because of a baby, then he is clearly not the person to be in a leadership position. The flyers should find a way to part with him and make sure they no longer sign players with asparations of having a family
  31. Flyers currently have 1 player in the top 50 NHL players, Claude Giroux. They have 1 player in the top 50 NHL prospects, Morgan Frost. There is only one way out of this, and that is to blow it up. The corporates won't like it, they prefer mediocre, but the loyal fan base deserves better. There is no fix through trades and UFA signings. GM's around the league are all more competent today, in addition to the salary cap. Hextall's dream of building whilst sneaking into the playoffs is just that, a dream. Trading from the top of the diminishing talent pool down will accrue plenty of prospects and draft picks. there are a number of teams who believe they can win in the playoffs by adding a piece or 2. The Flyers have a few of those pieces . If every Flyer prospect currently in the system were to reach their potential, they would still not have the right mix of players to win in the playoffs. Its time to BLOW IT UP, as it has been for the past 8 years.
  32. I don’t understand why shooters aren’t try for the top half of the net on most of their shots. Goalies always drop to the butterfly on the shot, and if a puck is tipped it usually goes down from the loss of speed. I asked a goalie friend of mine which shot gave him the most trouble. High on the stick side.
  33. Well for one I don't really know about when other players have had babies so I don't know if it affects them or not. The only players I follow are Flyers. Also I don't care to try to figure out if Ryan Getzlaf's dips in production throughout his career correlate with his children being babies. It is not unreasonable to think this could be part of the problem. This could be a contributing factor for a noticeable decline , not an excuse.
  34. Used to be The cost is either 1/3 or 2/3 of the remaining salary, averaged out over twice as many years that were left on the contract. This is determined by the age of the player at the time of the buyout - if they are under 26, they get 1/3, if they are 26 or older they get 2/3. Source:[Hidden Content] to me this always seems like a long time to pay a player to not play for your team. The guys you're talking about would be a minimum 2.7aav of dead space for Jake and 2.4aav for JvR..That's a lot of dead money for a long time IMO best case would be to try to work a trade and retain some salary for a year or two max. Also I don't think guys can be bought out mid-season, I think there is a window and it's in the summer.
  35. I forgot about this. Good call. Tkachuk has Kass on the hook. The problem is, like you said, he's learned he can get away with stuff and Kass will implode and cost his team. The problem is that based on this past game, Tkachuk will take the license to continue it, and it's really only a matter of time until Kass is pretty badly hurt. Simply because of the inexplicable malpractice on the part of the league.
  36. Greetings: This is Zdeno Chara's 1,000th game suiting up as a Bruin. Why do I sniff a multi-point effort?
  37. Marchand is 31 Rask is 32 Krecji is 33. Bergeron is 34. Backes is 35 Chara is 42.
  38. On this day,in 1979..Bernie Parent recorded his 270th and final n h l victory...
  39. (shrugs) I don't think we're all praising Mikko around here. Yet a 1,000 games is an impressive accomplishment of longevity but that shouldn't be considered some super endorsement of being elite / star player etc. The Wild homers love Mikko Koivu. Russo loves Mikko. The Wild really love Mikko. As far as locker room issues, talk to Parise. He seems to think the coach needs to do some different things at practice so they actually know to shoot the puck when they have a 4-on-3 power play in overtime. Boudreau was annoyed with those comments and sort of indirectly tried to tear those comments apart.
  40. I think Ryan Suter knows he's very safe on this team given his relationship with the owner. Sort of like having the boss' kid working in the rest of the company. He shows up when he feels like it, he's allowed to do more or less as he pleases and no one can really criticize it because they know where its going to go. YET... As a group, this team is playing for each other now (Suter be damned) as it ever has. While it may be counter productive in the long run, I'm enjoying the ride right now. Its fun watching a team play together and embrace a 'next man up' philosophy. Soucy and Brodin are great examples of that...as is the GEEK line.
  41. So he's a punching bag? Ugh! Someone stab me with a spoon

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