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  1. A puck? Eakins was Guilty of a Cross check. Plain and simple. just not 5 minute major worthy cross check. The real damage was done when Stastny interffered with off balance Pavelski and slammed his head into the ice like this. Perhaps not quite so pro wrestling choreographed, but the rest was the same except on ice instead of canvas. . That's where the blood came from. And FYI, the close up's have shown how he got the cut. Stastny's skate as it rakes across his face. So yes a Cross checking major was the wrong call. However he was cross checked, then interfere slammed headfirst concussing him then got a skate ON THE FACE for good measure. that's Major worthy to me even if it was fast paced heat of the moment. Results dictate punishment, otherwise every Suckerpunch in History gets Bertuzzi punishment. The narrative has gotten comical at this point. Even the vegas announcers were saying "He's gonna get something as he basically slammed Pavelski's head into the ice" And then they went "What? that cross check wasn't what hurt him"
  2. The blues actually handed out 4 uncalled headshots that game to unfortunate sharks players That being said, I was sure that goal was getting waved off and it didn;t.
  3. This. Stastny gave Pavelski the hockey equivalent of the rock bottom. It was a slam that bounced his head of the ice and turned the captain to a limp bloody mess. Not the crosscheck
  4. Ref saw the cross-check and then looked back and saw a bloody half out cold mess on the ice. It probably would not have been a major if not for the unfortunate way he landed and went limp. Vegas got away with murder the first 5 games and pavelski often gets back alley mugged. After years of seeing things like stalock get speared and physically pushed into the met with the puck, I am glad to be on the other end of this call for once
  5. Game 1 was the Burns/Karlsson show and vegas had no answer My god watching those two playing at 100% is tantalizing. Hertl was amazing too. meier hitting that guy along the boards while searching for the loose puck epitomizes Meier. And Jones looked like playoff Jones again. WIN IT FOR JUMBO!!!!!
  6. Congratz Yave! Sorry I have not been on as much lately. been busy
  7. I just made a bunch of moves because I had 5 players only playing 2 games this week lol
  8. Is this Fighting saints from my other keep 5 league? lol Im Halifax Nightwish..........And Halifax Sharknado.....and Halifax Sharkticons
  9. My boy doesn't score goals. he passes it to the net
  10. For guys draft Eligible this year and or Overagers. Raphael Lavoie from the mooseheads should go top 20 this year. Size, shot, skating. Not as high as some previous year Moose guys but he has the tools. Samuel Asselin should get a tryout from someone. He is a good pest and could probably crack a teams bottom 6 someday. Future guys.... Xavier Parent is not breaking out like I had hoped he would. He is just so small and hasn't put on any height like I hoped he would. So much skill, but gets pushed off the puck too easy. Justin Barron IS going to be a guy that gets attention next year. Size, skating, hockey sense. puckmoving ability. Two way ability. everything you want in a Dman.
  11. This is true. Remember back when the Rangers gave Holik 9 million dollars a year? A 5-60 point checking Center. Back then pre-salary cap people were going nuts abut how stupid it is and Devils fans were smearing him for his "Lack of loyalty and greed" I remember keenly typing the following. "What is he supposed to say, Oh no, you are offering me too much money? No, he probably said "WHOHOO! and signed that thing pronto" People saying the Salary cap sucks and CBA sucks forget it was a dance between 5-6 teams paying all the money to anyone who reached UFA status and every other team was losing players. I for one am glad the days of paying Holik and Guerin types 45 million dollar 5 year contracts are over.
  12. I get the occasional offer and I apologize if I don;t respond. been hecka busy
  13. I knew how good he was when he was drafted He was a Halifax moosehead Trying to decide what I liked seeing better this year so far. James neal lining Meier up for a big hit and bouncing right off him and getting up angry, or meier scoring the game winner vs the ducks while simultaneously punching montour in the face
  14. Taking Tom Wilson mid suspension was supposed to be short term pain for long term gain. So far so good. Weber was more a roll the dice,, but let's see what he looks like upon return. He was never fast to begin with
  15. I picked up Dahlin at the right time I think. 7 points in his last 9 games
  16. That was in NAHANA tho Yeah, Crosby, Hotlby, Klingberg, Hertl, Hischier, Aho were all injured for most of last week. At least now it is just Klingberg.
  17. Good lord no. He would be the worst player in the hall of fame
  18. Tom Wilson's suspension just got zapped to 14 from 20, so he is eligible to return tonight. I could use the hits and PIM's
  19. Sorry. I watched the video a dozen times and disagree with you. So does the NHL since they cleared him
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