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  1. Have you seen him play this year? he should retire. And i say that as a huge fan. He had back to back surgery level injuries on both legs/Knees and isn't going to recover. He isn't a young pup. In 2016 at age 36 going on 37, he was 4th in league scoring, 5th for the Hart, 5th for the Selke. But few players can keep that pace at age 37, and he didn't the next year. Still good, but not great anymore. In the 2017 playoffs when his left leg got blasted and needed surgery, you could see he wasn't the same next year. Then that year he got his right knee blasted out. When
  2. I was also a Bruins fan back then...lol At that point the Bruins were the 2nd most profitable team in the league in terms of money raked in by Jacobs and had one of the lowest payrolls. It was a 10 year period where I watched them trade each and every good player they got as soon as they wanted money. Jumbo was kind of the last straw for me
  3. Morr impressive. He needs 46 assists to tie 5th all time. And he missed 2 seasons due to lockout and played in a low scoring era. Had he played in the 80s he might be 2nd behind Gretzky
  4. Congrats @yave1964! As usual the all stars title is yours.....except that one time:) And congratz Hale on back to back finals. You will get the win soon!
  5. I keep wondering if we will get a nahana rematch this year. I'm not even sure I will beat Metadeke but I'm hoping I can keep this lead. Your match with AKOF is also a close affair
  6. Elite goaltending Elite goalies can have bad games and weeks. But their chances of being on are better regularly. You also thrashed me in 75% of peripherals. The scoring cats were always close, but peripherals were clearly yours. And those hold up even during cold scoring weeks. Your team is built to win. Some damn tough competition but you are right up there with them.
  7. Well played and congratz @ruxpin i officially concede to the better team you were not even in a playoff spot for so long your rise and subsequent thrashing after some very canny trades you gave me is standout. you have a legit strong chance, solid all over I'm rooting for you now
  8. Well. Let's see if this would have been a flop or not. Was going to pick up stolarz to play against former sharks goalie Martin Jones tonight
  9. Damnit. Critical error. Trying to make some hail mary adds and realizing Esa Lindell was taken off my IR today and they played already so locked from making moves.....
  10. Love or hate the last few years, rhe man deserves a statue for the absolute fleecing trades he was able to pull off
  11. That hit was fine. Play the puck, risk getting hit. It was clean. No elbows or anything In the 80s, defensemen couldn't even play the puck without fear of getting hit in the numbers face first into the boards lol, so many of them just panic tossed the puck or avoided corners.
  12. Seeing reports that he may have passed away? But this could be untrue as I do not see official news sources anymore and a few retractions. I met him once when he was a spokesman for Stihl and they had an event at my old Hotel. They asked all the managers who wanted to meet him and bring him into the back area before his presentation and I jumped at the chance. I actually have an autographed picture somewhere in my old workplace stuff. He was a very nice guy and way taller than I thought he would be. im 6 feet tall and he was a few inches taller than I am, or he was wearing boots th
  13. I don't do rubbers. And tears are all the lube we will need. Remains to be seen who will be the bottom though
  14. Congratz @yave1964on yet another presidents trophy. And congratz to @bbgarnettfor surging into 2nd and taking that bi spot. Damnit. Lol Good luck @ruxpinfor our 1st round match
  15. If sorokin comes off IR and kahkonen does well with the sharks(lol). That trade and injury may well mess up his first round unless sorokin comes back quick and kahk has a hot streak. Granted andersen is a strong goalie. But nice daws isn't yet. I am kicking myself for dropping strome and Thompson though. Hf scooped them both The funny thing is, we would be splitting starts in the 1st and 2nd round because I have Reimer and raanta. And I don't like it but I have to hold both due to goalie injury volatility. Can't drop francouz either because Color
  16. Yeah, and I distinctly remember praying nobody would trade mad dog a goalie. Then someone did lol. His offense terrifies me. Kinda like dumba's in this league. Hoped he would not get a goalie either. Hf101 always drafts better than all of us and doesn't need to make many moves or pull trades to be competitive. I'm actually jealous of how astutely he drafts because I suck at drafting.
  17. The second part of that story is, you lost to Doc in the consolation bracket right after and it looked like you would be relegated to Conn Smythe due to not finishing top 6 lol. And yeah, I have some ground to make up to catch those championships But meh. I only count our matches together for the personal rivalry, which I find adds fun to the mix, even when I lose. You have knocked me out of All stars 4 times to 1, when Counting CBS, ESPN and Yahoo. I have won our only NAHANA meetup. I bring that year up a lot because it is the ONLY time I ever won the all stars champio
  18. Man. It's razor close between 2nd, 3rd and 4th with @Hale and @bbgarnetttied with 455 and me trailing at 453. We all want that 2nd place bi spot for 1st round! I don't think any of us can catch @yave1964who has a 15 point lead in 1st unless he loses his week in almost every category. good luck everyone!
  19. Won my week 10-6.....and managed to fall from 2nd place to 4th .....lol Ok @Halethis is a big week for both of us. Good luck.
  20. Wow. Hans acquire Justin Barron and a 2nd for Lehkonen. As a mooseheads guy who watched Barron regularly... The only reason he fell so far in the draft was his blood clot ruining his draft year and hampering his This is like trading an early 1st and 2nd for Lehkonen. They don't need him with makar, toews, Byram, but man why give him away?
  21. Also means Reimer must be on the move. But where...
  22. Giroux controlled where he wanted to go. That lowers the price when the buying team knows that. It turns it into a "let him walk for nothing, or take what you can get"
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