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  1. Sulak is looking like a good option to keep up as well. He has surprised me quite a bit with his play. The team won't be good this year, but it will be interesting to see how the prospects develop.
  2. Smoke and fire? There was none for the Hossa situation, there is plenty for Zetterbergs injury. There is absolutely no reason to dismiss the fact that he did not practice with the team for the entire second half of last season as irrelevant just because he played a full season. He used the off season to see if relaxing without working out would help his condition and it did not. Doctors told him he was risking his day to day life by continuing to play. Seems cut and dry to me. You're welcome to your opinion, but I'll never agree with it. So I don't see any reason to continue this discussion. It's a disservice to Zetterberg and the career he had with this team.
  3. I'm pretty tired of people focusing on the contract situation and not the player. I do believe that if Zetterberg was healthy enough to play, he would. He loves the game and he loves this team. From reports during the season already, Zetterberg wasn't practicing due to complications with his back. He has struggled with back issues for years, and it came to the point where, if I understand the situation correctly, it was recommended to him by doctors that he needs to quit playing or he risks his long term health. This isn't something that just popped up without any kind of history. I also don't consider this a boon for the Red Wings in any way. They can't put the cap space to effective use anyways, and Zetterberg was still a very effective player. They already had expiring contracts for next season that would make it easier for them to sign or trade for who they want anyways. This is just a sad situation where the game and this team is losing an incredible player and warrior. I wish him well going forward, and hope he can make a full recovery and live a healthy life.
  4. @SpikeDDS My issue isn't with Fedorov holding out, it is for what the contract ended up being, and some of his statements made along the way. I believe he said at one point that he would never again play for the Red Wings. Then when he signed the offer sheet with Carolina, it included that $12 million bonus for making the conference finals. The entirety of the contract was fair value ($38 million over 6 years), but this was nothing but a "make them bleed" inclusion, since he would never have made the Conference Finals or even the playoffs with Carolina. I don't know. I have a harder time with that display of ego than with wanting to be the go-to person on a team, but it is all a matter of perspective. Anyways, I enjoy these discussions. Too often on larger forums when you disagree on points, no matter how small, they turn to silly mud slinging. So, thanks for the fun conversation.
  5. @SpikeDDS I absolutely agree. I think that Datsyuk was the better player and better Red Wing than Zetterberg, it would just be a different direction for the team to take by retiring his number. I hope it doesn't seem like I am belittling either of their accomplishments. After Yzerman and Lidstrom, Zetterberg and Datsyuk are easily my favourite Red Wing players that I have had the pleasure of watching. I also don't hold his going home in the middle of his contract against him. He was at a point in his career where he had accomplished everything that he needed to, and he owed the organization nothing more. He wanted to go home. I'm sure anyone who has spent extended time away from their home country can understand that longing. At the same time, I understand Fedorov wanting to be a star on his own team. In Detroit he was always going to be behind Yzerman, and then Lidstrom, and maybe even Shanahan. In Anaheim, he had a chance to be the shining star. The fact that it didn't happen was a disappointment for everyone (other than Wings fans), but I'm sure especially for him. I think Wings fans hold this against him too much. He accomplished a lot as a Red Wing, for himself and the team. Saying the Wings would have won any of those Cups without him is doing him a disservice. He was highly instrumental both offensively and defensively in those wins. I believe he should have won the Conn Smythe over Vernon in 97. But, I do agree that his holdout in 98 is a blight on his legacy. I understand wanting to get paid, but he marched right into greedy territory with that move.
  6. @SpikeDDS I actually think that Zetterberg's case is stronger than Datsyuk's (and by extension Fedorov's), for the simple fact that Datsyuk was never team captain. Every player who had their number retired was captain at some point, with the exception of Sawchuk, who is obviously a special case. I don't think that is a coincidence, retiring a number is not solely about skill. It is about legacy. I am a huge fan of both Zetterberg and Datsyuk, but neither have the legacy with this team to be considered for retirement when compared to the others. I do believe that #13 and #40 will be numbers that are honored for at least awhile in the same way that 91 has been, but I don't personally see the case for retiring them. I wouldn't be disappointed or upset about seeing any of those numbers in the rafters, I would just be surprised. Now, if the Red Wings do retire #91, then I don't see the reason for not considering 40 and 13 because it kind of changes the script.
  7. He had one of the highest two way peaks of any player to play the game, but I don't think I would retire his number, but I wouldn't retire 13 or 40 either. For me it isn't so much that I have something against him leaving, I just don't think he contributed enough to the history of the team to consider retiring his number. Looking at the numbers the Wings have retired and what they contributed to the organization over their career, I don't think those 3 are at the same level. Lidstrom, Yzerman, Abel, Sawchuk, Delvecchio, Lindsay, Howe. That is really special company to be in. I think it'll be awhile before we find another number worthy of hanging with them.
  8. If anyone is interested in a bit more of the story on the dynamic between Mantha and Blashill, I found this article enlightening: [Hidden Content] It is a good read, if you haven't read it before. Anyways, happy with the contract. I do think Mantha needs to work on his consistency, but it is obvious he has the talent to do well in the NHL.
  9. I think all of the defencemen at that point in the draft had less boom potential than Berggren, I just had to educate myself a bit. Really excited to see how he does next year. It is fun, isn't it. A lot to consider in a draft pick beyond the numbers, but the numbers sure make it interesting. I love analyzing stats. Ahh, that makes more sense. I was wondering why they were angling so hard at him to get a response when he seemed so clearly to not want to say much about it. I love it though, shows his competitiveness which some of our top guys seem to lack game in and game out right now. Thinking specifically Athanasiou and Mantha, although I've read that Mantha is working really hard on his shift by shift efforts with Blashill.
  10. Have you watched the interview Zadina had with the press? You could tell he was sick of being asked about "sliding", and it took a few pokes before he finally gave that comment. He also got exasperated when he was asked about how NHL ready he is. Doesn't seem like a guy who likes dealing with the media. I can totally get behind that. Really excited about this draft, hopefully it ends up being as good as it seems at first glance. I was surprised at the goaltenders that they chose to go with, especially when Dostal (went right after to the Ducks) was still available when they picked Eliasson. And Alexis Gravel was still there when they took Brattstrom. Still seems really strange. But most of the other picks are just high value. If Zadina wasn't available, they definitely would have taken one of Hughes, Dobson, or Bouchard, so we'll see in the coming years how that turns out, but he really looks like he could be the top goal scorer taken in this draft. I was so surprised that Veleno dropped to 30th. I thought he would be picked before Hayton as the second C taken. Instead he was the 6th C taken. Great value. I was really disappointed when Alexeyev went to the Capitals, and then Samuelsson went to the Sabres right after. I didn't know much about Berggren before we picked him, but after doing some reading and watching highlights, I'm really happy we got him. I think McIsaac went right around where he should have, though I'm not convinced he was worth taking over Bode Wilde (damn, the Islanders had a great draft on paper). After that it is a crap shoot. Regula seems like a risk worth taking, but Barton I don't understand. Never watched him play, but seemed like a weird spot to draft him. O'Reilly seems like a good pick, but I was hoping for one of Nico Gross, Xavier Bernard, or Philip Kurashev. Anyways, was a fun draft. Easily the most invested I've gotten in getting to know and watching prospects prior to the draft. Hopefully Zadina earns a spot on the roster next year!
  11. I'm still going to hope against hope that Heiskanen somehow falls to us. But it looks like he'll be gone within the first 4 picks. Maybe Glass will still be available. If neither of those guys are there at 9, I don't really care what they do with the pick. Cal Foote does seem interesting, not sure why he isn't rated higher given his offense and size.
  12. My biggest concern with keeping Blashill around is that nearly every single young player on the team has regressed under him. He also seems to actively dislike Mantha, which goes back to Grand Rapids. I honestly don't think a new coach could do a worse job than he did this season. I was already not really happy when he was hired because everyone talked about how similar to Babcock he is, and this team needs a change in direction. He's done a worse job at developing players than any coach I've personally seen in Detroit. Dave Lewis was also pretty bad, but I still think he would be a better option than Blashill. Fire him and move on.
  13. I have high hopes that the Sharks will be swept in the first round.
  14. It seems like on defense the debate is between Heiskanen and Liljegren at this point, with quite a few scouts actually leaning more towards Heiskanen. By their descriptions, I think we could expect both of them to be good 2nd pairing D, but probably not 1st pairing, which is disappointing. I don't think that this draft is going to fix anything for the Wings, and that next year probably would be a better year for top end talent. We'll see though, there always seems to be a few surprises from each draft.

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