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  1. I think it's just a salary dump, and they've picked up a prospect and picks package just to save face. I'm guessing that CAR decided there was no real chance of re-signing Skinner at the end of the season.
  2. @yave1964 No kidding. What good is cap space if it isn't used?
  3. For Buffalo: Skinner is the absolute sh|ts defensively, but is one of the best even-strength goal scorers in the game. If he works well with Eichel, and they can retain him, it's a tremendous steal. For Carolina: this new owner really knows how to make the fans happy. Dumps the almost 35-year long voice of the team and then trades its star winger for a decent prospect and a couple of Magic: The Gathering packs.
  4. Sounds like how Tom Renney found himself fired by Kevin Lowe. Renney was ordered to play 18-year old, 160 lb Ryan Nugent-Hopkins early after a shoulder injury, and Renney wanted nothing to do with it. Waited to put him into the lineup and tried to protect him. And what did Lowe tell him? "Hey, we're trying to sell hope here."
  5. Yeah, then you might as well move on when these things have happened. They clearly disagree on the direction of the team.
  6. @yave1964 It might be the opposite, actually. According to Farhan Lalji, Linden had a series of meetings with ownership and Benning over the last week, where it became clear that there was a big gap in their assessments of the team. Benning and Aquilini feel that the Canucks are ready to compete for the playoffs, while pointed to the example of 5 teams who have rebuilt and developed in a way which he felt was superior, and how the Canucks hadn't accomplished this. He felt the team is not where it should be. And now that voice of reason is gone.
  7. Laine does not brag around with his money although he earns millions in the NHL A reporter from the Winnipeg Sun asked Laine more than a year ago, what was his most expensive purchase he had made by far with his NHL dollars. After a while of pondering, Laine replied: "Not much really, maybe a jacket, winter jacket." According to a finnish magazine (Seiska) Laine hasn't changed his ways so far. "Yeah, I'm a bit stingy. Relatives might be little annoyed sometimes cause I'm so careful with my money." Laine told Seiska. Last year Laines base salary was 925 000 dollars, but with bonuses his salary grew up around 3,6 million dollars. Laine states, that he thinks he is worth the pay. "I've worked so hard for everything that i think all these amounts are well earned" Laine tells Seiska. After next season, a huge raise is waiting for Laine, after his ELC will end. According to some experts, his salary might tenfold, earning him 9 million in a year. According to Laine, big money does not motivate him as an athlete. He's driven by the urge to develop and the love for the game. "I would play this game, even if I wouldn't earn an euro." Laine states. [Hidden Content]
  8. I really really like Wayne Simmonds, back to when he broke in with the Kings. He's consistently put up good numbers and plays hockey the right way, imo. A throwback in a lot of ways... That said, he's entering the years when a lot of guys with his playing style see their body begin to break down. Simmonds' next deal represents some risk for Ron Hextall (imo).
  9. If you don't at least kick the tires on Karlsson, as a GM, you're probably not doing your job. However... There is still the matter of thje biggest inefficiency in the NHL. 1) Players get paid for points 2) Many players who get points contribute to their teams getting outscored despite their point totals Finding the players who help the goal share while not getting enough points to move the salary dial is the golden ticket when filling out the roster. I think Karlsson is great, but like most other players who score a lot, I'm not sure where he resides in that point I make above. He will command an absolute boatload of cap space, and for all of that the Sens get about same GF% when he's on ice compared to when he's off. You can't be wrong about players who cost this much. Yeah, yeah, you're an Oilers fan, JR, but... Let's compare him to McDavid (since he's the highest paid player in the league): I took every teammate who played 60 minutes with both Karlsson and McDavid, and compared how their GF% fared with and without the two players in 2018. Karlsson, 22 teammates. Better GF% with - 8 (best combo was Zack Smith, at +10.34%) Worse GF% with - 14 (worst match was Nate Thompson, at -20%) Average GF% difference with/without: -5.9% McDavid, 22 teammates. Better GF% with - 21 (best combo was Darnell Nurse, at +25%.) Worse GF% with - 1 (only combo, Maroon, at -1.9%) Average GF difference with/without: +19%) Honestly, I was a bit shocked that more of Karlsson's teammates didn't do better while they were with him compared to when they weren't. At this stage of his career, with that ankle, I think Karlsson represents extreme risk. It could work for whichever team does it, but for that kind of cap hit, I want to outscore the opposition with regularity and uniformity. As it pertains specifically to the Flyers: when you have a core of very good young defensemen, adding a player like Karlsson can throw a lot out of alignment, in good ways and in some ways which aren't as helpful. The Senators (rightfully) want a haul, and the combination of acquisition cost and cap cost are very high, and often, the best trade is the one you didn't make. If I were Ron Hextall, I wouldn't do it.
  10. Oh yeah, he wanted NOTHING to do with Emery. lol
  11. What better way to celebrate Ray Emery, than by watching him do his thing, such as the time he beat the hell out of Martin Biron, and then fought Andrew Peters immediately after, and smiled the entire time?
  12. Don't worry about it. It's not unheard of to seek humour as a release during a sad/difficult time.
  13. As I said in the shoutbox, it's pure salary cap circumvention. The day the Hossa contract was signed, it was obvious that it was front-loaded and structured in such a way that he would be done playing years before the deal was up. Seeing these contracts being dealt as if they're carbon credits really burns my toast. @ruxpin This is a deal where I think the Coyotes can look their fans in the face, even if it's the sort of trade that I can't stand. ARI gains: -Upgrade on 4C -Actual NHL #6 defenseman (might be more) who can move the puck. -Moves 2 contracts they probably don’t want (Maletta, Campbell) -Upgrades a 5th to a 3rd. -Hossa only costs $200K annually because 80% of his remaining 3 X $1 million salary is paid by insurance.
  14. If I were Yzerman, I would not lock up Gourde as part of my core, and would much rather dangle him as trade bait than keep him around for very much money. He could go on to have a very good career, but I think it's not the best of bets. I'm VERY leery of guys who come out of nowhere, at the age of 26, and put up more at the NHL level than they ever did in 5 years in the AHL. If they gamble on him and win, it's luck.
  15. Kucherov for that term for $9.5M is a testament to the tax laws in Florida. That deal would have cost GMs in other markets more money. --edit-- Actually, in a bunch of ways, Tampa is a great spot for hockey players. -Taxes, as already mentioned. For Kucherov to have the same net pay if he were a Leaf, then Toronto would have to spend just shy of $11M AAV. -Successful team run by intelligent people, including one of the most respected hockey men in history. -Core is locked up long term. -Less media pressure. -Lack of insane fans. -Your winter weather is the opposite of cities like Edmonton or Winnipeg.

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