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  1. I'm more than willing to cut slack on people who weren't bullish on Puljujarvi at the time. Between the actions of both player and team, the returns were pretty underwhelming at the time. What also came out later: Puljujarvi had a hip injury requiring surgery and the Oilers were stubborn about allowing it to happen. He's still a developing player, but the good season he had last year is continuing this year as well. In 2020, by about game 7, Dave Tippett decided to put McDavid and Puljujarvi together, and it was a good match. Pulju is a good defensive player who backtrack
  2. The guy really is an absolute idiot. In the midst of declaring he bankruptcy, he foregoes pay for 21 games. Oh, whatever... He'd have just spent it in Vegas, anyway.
  3. Ok, I'll chime in. You're not still going on about Ralph Kreuger being a soccer coach, are you? Krueger's *hockey* playing career: After his retirement as a player, he became the head coach of Switzerland's national team, coaching them to their best finishes at the World Championships. And yes, from 2014 to 2019, he worked as Chairman for Southampton in the British Premier League. But my God... He's clearly a hockey man from a hockey background, who spent 5 years working on the business side of things for a soccer club.
  4. According to Angela Price, it's an issue surrounding his mental health. I hope he recovers as soon as possible.
  5. We've never had ESPN up here. From what I see, the NHL offers a service through Rogers to allow streaming of out-of-market games for $180 CAD (~140 Freedom Dollars) and I know you can get NHL Network on cable, but I haven't been a subscriber for just about 15 years now, so I have no idea what that costs on top of a cable bill.
  6. From Thunder Bay News Watch https://www.tbnewswatch.com/local-news/flyers-legend-leach-faced-racism-at-the-rink-4458766 Former Philadelphia star says he and other players of his era should have spoken up, glad to see Dryden's Truth and Reconciliation Game spread awareness of the issues Canada's Indigenous people are still facing today. about 17 hours ago By: Leith Dunick Former NHLer Reggie Leach was a guest of honour at the Dryden Ice Dogs Truth and Reconciliat
  7. I'm really sorry to see that for him. Injuries are the big thing that will derail a young player's career.
  8. That's all good. Everybody can agree to disagree. At the end of the day, the most-watched TV broadcasts in Canadian history are all Olympic finals, and you get posts from utility companies showing how nobody was using water until the intermissions, when all of a sudden, usage skyrocketed.
  9. I've known you long enough to know you're not being a dick. There really is that aspect to Canada; an inferiority complex does exist, to the extent that even most tangential Canadian angle must be played up at all times. The common thing with news media here, is "... and there IS a Canadian connection" with any sort of international story. Last year, there was an author who had won some sort of prize for a book, and the Canadian connection was that she was born here to an English couple and was soon moved back home, raised and educated in the UK. Not a single institution
  10. This is probably the great Canadian/American hockey fan divide. I've hardly ever met anybody here who was against sending NHL players to the Olympics.
  11. Exactly. This is over, and I'm sure the Habs have just decided to play the clock out on this one.
  12. Yeah, I thought that $9M was off the charts for the number of games played in his career, but $13M? Yikes. This is a real test for Bill Guerin, whom I think a lot of as a hockey man.
  13. Montreal would have to make a Qualifying Offer of $6.1M on Kotkianiemi next season. Take the picks and let Carolina have him.
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