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  1. Draisaitl is mostly centering his own line and has 52 points in 54 games. It's tough to see him as a problem. -Really watch the Oilers blueliners if you get a chance. For whatever reason, they're not able to complete simple passes, and wingers/centres are consistently being missed or the pass is intercepted by opposing player. This is a constant theme. These are simple play, but it becomes death by a thousand cuts. Kills both your defense and offense. -Milan Lucic is REALLY struggling. He hasn't scored a goal in nearly 1/4 of the season, and is regularly turning the puck over. I don't know if it's a confidence issue, but he's pretty much throwing the puck away as soon as he gets it in his own end of the rink, and I'm concerned that this is a sign that the game is getting too fast for him. Could his back issues are finally catching up to him? Either way, Taylor Hall is gone, and his replacement is scoring at a 40-point pace.
  2. Not only that, but defensemen are at their peak (in terms of trade value) at the deadline. You can never have enough of them going into the playoffs, and somebody is usually willing to overpay.
  3. Depression can be a deadly illness, and I'm glad to see that Ranger has been able to work through it like this. He, and others like him, have my respect.
  4. That's the system. If they cut off the pass, then it's an easy clear. If they don't, then it's a 10-bell scoring chance. In this case, there wasn't a PKer within 10 feet of Radulov when the pass was made. This is a PK that makes opposing PP wingers look like Alexander Ovechkin.
  5. That's Jim Johnson who, like every coach, has forgotten more about coaching hockey than I will ever know about it. That said... That said, if something is clearly not working, then for Chrissake, STOP DOING IT! Coach McLellan talks to the media, and says that the players are continuing to work hard on the system, but if it's not good then working even harder on a bad system doesn't help. This is akin to people that say "I tried EVERYTHING!" when all they really did was the same thing over and over again. These men aren't idiots, but they're putting the players in a position to fail, and that's pretty much the opposite of what good management should be about.
  6. Check out the L-shaped design they're using. Extremely passive PK which allows high-end cross-ice chances. At home, the PK is 54%. 54%... I let that sink in for awhile while I ponder why I team that I love so much hates ME so much.
  7. Lowetide absolutely uncorked on the Edmonton Oilers this morning, fresh off of yet another terrible non-effort last night. I know that out-of-towners won't know that name, but he is a man with a quality that I highly prize in people: he is level-headed and takes a reasonable approach to things, and for the first time in the last 10 years, he's ready to turn a table over. While telling the story of a couple he knows who works hard, spends their summer vacation money on season tickets, and who drive 100 miles each direction, 41 nights per year, to watch the team not put in the work, he flipped out. The best line: "I'm 5 seconds from smelling toast, that's how mad I am."
  8. Anybody not in agreement with that statement should take a gander at the huge number of channels running old TV shows and nothing BUT old TV shows.
  9. I guess you have to be a Leafs fan to miss the days when your team had to be the other club if you wanted to watch them on a Saturday night.
  10. There really is no point too simple that it can't be condensed just a little bit more, eh? After this season is done, they will have burned through his ELC, so they've already missed the Crosby/Toews. This is what I'm talking about. From here on out, they will have to build that winner with a $10M Jack Eichel. It's a problem that lots of teams would love to have, but it does make things more difficult. Time flies fast when a team makes the same mistakes over and over again. I would know; I've watched my team's eternal rebuild chew up high level players and spit them out, often going for less than 100 cents on the dollar, and all because of an insistence at putting rookies up and down the franchise ladder in key positions, and bringing in guys from the team's better days, and all under the watch of an owner with more money than apparent sense. It happens.
  11. Yup. You have to have a plan. They don't have room or time for another rookie coach. They're burning Eichel's contract. It's not always a terrible idea to bring in new blood instead of yet another guy from the old days.
  12. Good ownership is a lot more than deep pockets. Example of good ownership: Ilitch, Mike. Bad ownership: Katz, Daryl.
  13. Being serious, I was cautiously optimistic re: Chiarelli when he was hired. He had success, he had turned things around in Boston. He represented a clear upgrade over either Craig MacTavish and Steve Tambellini. I had watched "Behind the B" or whatever that behind the scenes Bruins show was, where the loudest voice in the room to get rid of Seguin was Cam Neely, and we know that Chiarelli's biggest problem in Boston is that Neely had a bigger piece of ownership's ear. He lost the power struggle in the office. What frightened me was that Chiarelli is very willing to move major pieces of the team in an attempt to get better, but that each time he had done that, he received less in return than he sent away. And the same thing has happened in Edmonton. --- There has been talk about the possibility of firing Todd McLellan. I think that McLellan is a good coach, but he's like everybody in this world, and has his own blind spots. Of the 31 head coaches in the National Hockey League, 31 of them have forgotten more about coaching than I will ever know, but I think we can sometimes pick out choices which seem strange. - He will not take Mark Letestu off the #1 PP unit, no matter how many times the play dies on his stick or the fact that he's not the right-handed trigger man he wants. I could listen to somebody suggesting that he's playing those minutes because McDavid's faceoff game is weak, but McLellan is already using Draisaitl (54%) and has access to Nugent-Hopkins (who's improved to be a 50% guy). If he wants a righty on the off-wing for one-timers, Jesse Puljujarvi, who has an excellent shot, languishes on the bench. I understand that part of developing a player is to not throw too much at him at one time, but even just a bit of time could help. -There is much talk about the penalty kill, and for good reason: none of us have seen one this bad. Even my non-coaching eye picked something really strange about it, as it's the weirdest formation I've ever seen. These two clips show it well: -They're playing very passive (as passive a PK as I've witnessed, actually) L-formation, and teams are absolutely picking it apart with cross-ice passes and grade-a chances from the slot. I've never seen teams purposely do this, and it's one thing to be different when you're having success. When you're putting up the worst PK in the last 45 years? It's time to change. Also: if the PP is struggling, could it be in part due to this PK being the one they practice against every day? If you practice offense against a defense you'll never see, I could see it impacting your ability to score goals. I have other issues, such as leaving goaltenders in for the entirety of a shellacking, even when they've been the furthest thing from sharp, but what the hell... Gotta stop somewhere. Time to angry-eat a bag of chips.
  14. If the job was easy to do, it would pay a lot less.
  15. Peter Chiarelli has made some good moves, but has made (imo) two critical mistakes. Taylor Hall for Adam Larsson. If you look up the word "ironic" in the dictionary, you'll find press clippings where it's discussed that the Oilers are lacking scoring and speed on their wings. It's probably best to place this as a Lucic and Larsson in, Hall out scenario. It simultaneously lowered the ceiling while raising the floor. Griffin Reinhart for 1st round pick, which turned out to be Mathew Barzal. This one had soon-to-be-fired head scout Bob Green all over it, whose obsession with Reinhart probably endures to this day. As I said here on that day, I was ok with bringing in the player, but not at anywhere near that price. You don't spend a 16th overall pick on a reclamation project on draft day. I have a deep and dark fear that something is brewing in Edmonton. I think that Chiarelli will be sacked at some point, and one of two things will occur: Kevin Lowe, with the most amount of management experience (and some success as GM in his pocket) takes over the job. He did, as I say, have some success as GM, even in a period of extreme poverty for the Oilers. His volcanic temper has driven off good players from the team and alienated other managers in the NHL. Putting him back would not be good. Wayne Gretzky will be named General Manager. Daryl Katz, please don't do this. I'm not kidding around when I say that I love him as a player and what he represented as an Edmonton Oiler. The memory of his time as a coach, fumbling on the bench, having to sit players because he forgot to write their name on the gamesheet, etc, was bad enough. Don't name him as GM and add that experience to the pile. He might be the greatest ambassador the sport has seen, and absolutely is that for the Oilers. Leave him in that role. Please. PLEASE!

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