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  1. Yup. -sh|t on players for bad performance. -sh|t on management for bad contracts.
  2. Nothing to do with Puljujarvi as return for him, but 30-year UFA wingers playing the back nine of their careers don't always fetch a value which is commensurate with what they can still do on the ice.
  3. Oh, I'm sure they would be interested in him. HOW interested? I couldn't hope to say. Trading Puljujarvi represents extreme risk for Edmonton. Making trades (Hall, #16 for Reinhart, Eberle, etc) is how they've gotten themselves into this pickle. For my part, I have zero confidence in them being able to get something like this done correctly. There was a Simmonds to EDM rumour which somebody in Philly flat-out lied about, according to TSN. Bob McKenzie excoriated the guy on twitter over it. That's all that I've heard. Jesse's a plus-skater. Long and clean strides, generates a lot of speed. He gets on people very quickly, hides his stick well, and when you think a lane is open, POP, there's his stick to knock it down/create a turnover. He's smart with the stick, but his feet get him into that position quickly.
  4. @vis @radoran I think that a lot of people see that draft position and picture a pure point producer, and that (imo) isn't Puljujarvi's drawing card. There isn’t a without-the-puck facet of the winger role during 5v5 that Puljujärvi doesn’t show strength in. He helps zone exits, entries, disrupts breakouts with well-time poke checks, forces dump-ins with backpressure, forcing turnovers. He does all of those things at the NHL level right now. He was a very strong (but not elite) producer in the SM-Liiga who was used in a two-way role: to get the puck back by disrupting and harassing, use his speed through the neutral zone, and out-chance the opposition. He was Karpat's youngest player and their best in this regard. So yeah, I fully expect the Oilers to trade Puljujarvi, as they seem mystified as to why he hasn't produced as much as they thought he would, even though he's big, strong, fast and can shoot the puck, and plays like how I mentioned. They have set him up to fail in many respects: -For some reason, he wasn't scoring much when he played with Kassian and Lucic. What? -For some odd reason, he didn't score a lot when his primary partner was Jujhar Khaira. No kidding? -He's played with Nugent-Hopkins for a bit now, and has scored some more, but that also means he's seeing the toughest competition now. He DID score when he was McDavid. At first-line rates, actually. But, why would Edmonton do that again? -Rantanen didn't set the world on fire until the Avs played him with MacKinnon. -PLD's scoring rates were pedestrian until they played with Panarin. -Konecny gets a far higher share of the goals and scoring chances when he's playing with Giroux. It's almost as if playing your young skilled prospects with other skill players helps you develop them. --- I had meant to speak about Puljuarvi's difficulties with Todd McLellan: TMac strongly favours a chip-and-chase game, and such a style is strongly against Jesse's strengths as a hockey player. Between that and language barrier, the two seemed to have issues. McLellan, at one point, left him out of the lineup for two weeks, and the Oilers were forced to send him to the AHL so he could get some playing time. He was recalled very quickly after Hitch took the coaching job.
  5. There's nothing wrong with highlight clips from the World Juniors, but try not to get TOO worked up and talk about how you can be more open to trading a player the likes of Claude Giroux. At that age, forwards are much closer to being NHL ready than are blueliners, because most defensemen develop by sundial.
  6. You may not be too far off the mark there. Just last night, a few hours after you posted that, I was racing online, and there was a guy who was beside himself because some girl had more followers than him on instagram, and his car was "totally better than her piece of sh|t" car. I thought he was going to have a panic attack, he got that worked up about it. I'm not kidding. I try not to crap on a generation as a whole, but this one in particular seems a touch fragile at times. I happened across an article a couple of days ago about millennials being the "burnout generation" and it featured a group of interviewees who find things such as going to the post office, returning clothes to a store, and filing paperwork for insurance coverage to be anxiety inducing.
  7. I have watched SO much of that over and over again, the last decade.
  8. I'm not in the room, so I couldn't begin to say what the players need. A lot of "character" issues seem to magically disappear when the roster surrounding the guy, even if housed with a lot of miserable pricks, is much better in quality.
  9. Oh, I definitely thought they were bang-on. As for a rebuild/re-tooling, I would wait for the deadline, unless a desperate GM is throwing great picks your way.
  10. Saw that. Ouch. In Edmonton, Sportsnet talking head and columnist Mark Spector wrote an article about the Oilers being "held captive by voices from the past" (Old Boys Club members who have been fired up within the organization) and the Oilers owner demanded he be removed from the broadcast in between periods. He later returned, but Daryl Katz and others were furious that Spector would speak negatively about the Oilers ability to turn things around.
  11. Come on... Giroux has 46 points in 42 games, and has a plus/minus of 0 on a team which is a collective -101.
  12. After a 4-0 shut-out to the lowly Kings where one guy not named McDavid, Draisaitl or Nugent-Hopkins had one single shot, I'm as close as I've been to not watching. That says something, because I've been treated to some abysmal hockey over the last decade. The Edmonton Oilers, as they have for about a decade now, don’t have enough NHL players. There is something rotten in the decision making, and it's been going on for years, that allows this organization to send away good player like they’re junk mail. When they make a decision there’s a sense of certainty that is ill-advised, and a sense that the badly required expertise sadly doesn't exist. The Edmonton Oilers aren't remotely as smart as they think they are, and it bites them in the ass routinely. I know that I'm just a tier-two fan, but I think the owner should poll his hockey operations group and ask if they agreed with -the Taylor Hall trade -the Griffin Reinhart for #16 overall -the Lucic signing Anybody who thought that two out of three were the right moves should be out the door right now. Immediately. Regardless of any other firings, Peter Chiarelli, Kevin Lowe and Craig MacTavish need to be gone. I don't like talk lightly about taking away the means by which people put food on their family's table, but the mismanagement is near-criminal. These idiots were like Charlie Bucket: they had a golden ticket. They were gifted that glorious boy when lord knows that management had done little to deserve him. Connor McDavid is so good that all the Oilers had to do was NOT screw it up. No miracles were required, only a league average job of building around him. Now, four years in, the team is as deep as an Abba hit at forward, and they STILL don't have a blueline to show for it. The Oilers are the worst run team in sports. They are a joke of a franchise. They are an embarrassment. What a waste this has been on multiple levels. Books could (and possibly will) be written about this.
  13. What a miserable two weeks it's been, and it won't be getting better soon. -Klefbom is injured and won't be back for about a month. Let's put it this way: the Oilers get as much of the Goal Share with Klefbom on the ice whether or not Connor McDavid is out there. It's a big loss. -Russell is out. I have my complaints about him, but he's an actual NHL defenseman. -Sekera is injured, as he has been for most of the past decade. Oh, and Peter Chiarelli continues to shed talent from the team like Jared Fogle lost weight at Subway. Don't worry, though: Milan Lucic has two goals since Christmas. ... of 2017.
  14. Here's the thing which has me scratching my head. Caggiula and McDavid are said to be very close. We all know about McDavid and Manning. I wouldn't suggest keeping a player because he's a good friend of your star player, but trading him for a guy with whom he's had big issues seems an odd move to me. Chiarelli is really on the hot seat now, and he's in the home stretch of his time in Edmonton, which has been marked by one terrible wound (Hall) and then death by a thousand cuts. The injuries on the blue line absolutely crushed the team. If they had remained healthy, they could have hung in there, but they don't have the horses to catch back up. They'll surely miss the playoffs now. If/when that's the case, management would be far better off to fire Chiarelli before the deadline, or else not allow him to make further deals. The absolute last thing they need is to have him making a desperation trade where he tried to save his job but further phuks up the team worse than he already has. I'm very serious when I say this: they were better off with Steve Tambellini. He was crippled by fear/unwillingness to make a big trade and be burned by it, but at least he was never burned in these deals. ChiaPete traded off a Hart Trophy winner and Matthew Barzal in an attempt to improve the blueline, and they're not really better for it (though Larsson IS a good defender). Time to angry-eat a king-sized Bounty Bar.

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