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  1. It was a terrible trade the day it happened, and I freaked out here that day. However, one point seems to have been missed among all of the fair points: Taylor Hall would never have won a Hart as Connor McDavid's teammate.
  2. So, out of Domi's 9 goals last year, 4 were empty-netters. What I don't know about the day-to-day operations of any these hockey teams greatly outweighs what I know, but from my seat in the stands, this is a terrible trade for Montreal; one more in a long line. I don't get it at all.
  3. "They're made from plastic, so don't settle for imitation."
  4. By "team for life" do you mean forever, or until they suck for a number of years?
  5. Yeah, that's pretty much it. I had been at the other forum joe mentioned, and then ANOTHER one which closed down its messaging to dedicate itself to a fantasy hockey league before finally going under. It was right around that time that joe got in touch with me and I ended up here.
  6. Bill Torrey said a mouthful years ago: "It's no secret, it's not complicated. Get good players." I would amend it to include "... and keep good players." With Kane, the Sharks have done both.
  7. Nice to see all of the new members here. Hope you guys all enjoy yourselves. I would be fine if a cement-headed Oilers fan showed up here to give me company. There was one guy who joined up last season, but he gets all of his hockey info from a burning bush, so he didn't last.
  8. Klefbom is good, but my main issue with him is his health. 2011 - Missed majority of season after being cut on the thigh by a skate and then suffering long term staph infection. Came back at end of season and suffered a concussion. 2012 - Missed most of the season due to shoulder injury, requiring surgery. 2013 - Concussed in annual pre-season game against U of A Golden Bears. 2014 - Disastrous first year in NA. Played only 10 games after being out due to ankle problems, shoulder injury, upper body, and undisclosed issue. 2015 - Mostly uninjured, played well. 2016 - Missed last quarter of season after developing staph infection after a skate fell from above him in his locker stall and lacerated his thigh. Oilers also had to invent a heavily modified skate boot for him to deal with ongoing ankle issues. 2017 - Uninjured, had excellent season. 2018 - Missed last quarter of the season after finally having surgery he'd required since last summer. Health is a MAJOR issue going forward for Klefbom. It's tough to develop if you don't play.
  9. I wouldn't do it either, but ChiaPete has a pretty established history of receiving less talent than he sends away. It's all that I see when I close my eyes.
  10. I read the same thing. The talk was Klefbom and 10th overall for Risto.
  11. The officials face scrutiny from the league, and can be fined and/or suspended, or not be allowed to officiate playoff games. These situations are pretty much kept in-house though, so we don't generally hear about it.
  12. The numbers through 6 games: I hope the Jets win. I always felt both a great kinship *with* their fans, and when the team left, a great empathy *for* them as well. I don't know what people in this world deserve, but I know they've more than paid their dues.
  13. For what it's worth, I didn't care much for Beyak when he was the Oilers PBP man, though to be fair to him, he was very new. I have a strong preference for crews that have less hometown favoritism. Thus, I don't mind Drew Remenda, while most of the Oilers fanbase hates that he's sometimes critical of the team.
  14. New owner comes on board and promises a new way of doing business, immediately hires legendary ex-member of the team as Head Coach.
  15. I wouldn't worry too much about it. He did battle some health issues this year, and it was his first playoffs, against (as canuck says) a good veteran team. This is part of the growth process.