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  1. I don't know how this list can't include Nail Yakupov, who is not only one of the biggest busts of the last 10 years, but of all-time. He's a talented player who is obstinate and steadfastly refuses to change his game for anybody. Jesus himself could put a whistle in his mouth and tell Yakupov what to do, and his response would be "Meh".
  2. Yeah, I dunno... Bennett IS harder to play against, but it's not like it results in the Flames getting more goals than they give up when he's on the ice. He and Kerfoot have very similar numbers in that regard. As he's developed, Bennett has been given less and less ice time; less and less responsibility. That doesn't really scream "last piece of the puzzle" to me, if Kerfoot has been swapped for Bennett. It wouldn't be a bad move, imo, but I just don't think it would move the needle that much.
  3. I don't like the signing, but reports had Holland in on the other notable goalies that signed in other cities. He tried, wasn't able to work out anything, and then circled back to Smith. The signing gets worse if/when he plays more than 25ish games, imo. Edit - I'm glad that the contract is only for one year, so at least Holland isn't stuck with any kind of term. It's the only real saving grace for me.
  4. Smart move on Barrie's part. He'll wrack up PP time with McDavid, Draisaitl and Nugent-Hopkins, get his 50 points, and then some poor sucker GM will pay through the nose in 2022.
  5. Matt Benning to NAS for 2 x $1M. Nice deal for the Preds. I read an interview with him, and the impression it left was that Evan Bouchard is seen as being ready to play 3RD in Edmonton next year. Benning will never win any major awards or get any all-star votes, but his pairing outscored the opposition every year that he's been in the NHL. I've heard that's how you win hockey games.
  6. Probably their 3rd line, and for under $4M.
  7. If Dave Tippett isn't coaching your team, do NOT sign that guy.
  8. 1 x $1M. I'm good with that. He'll do some pinch hitting on a few different lines, get some pressbox time, etc. Insurance should Tyler Benson not be ready for the 3LW job.
  9. Personally, I like the Wennberg bet for Florida. If it doesn't work out, they're not stuck with term.
  10. @yave1964 Playing against Brandon Tanev is like sandpaper to the perineum, and I mean that as a compliment to him.
  11. I saw a report (later thankfully declared fake) stating that the Oilers had signed Mike Hoffman to a 5 x $6M deal and my heart sank.
  12. LMAO... I understand that different teams have difference cap situations, different chances of winning, etc, etc, etc, that can make salaries change... Even then, comparing that alabatross to Robin Lehner's 5 x $5M is hair curling.
  13. @yave1964 & @TropicalFruitGirl26 I'd rather sign the Canucks goalie coach to a long term deal.
  14. Oilers out on Markstrom, thankfully. Good goalie, but if he wants $6M, that's a pass for me.
  15. -I like the price -I don't like the second year. -Is an upgrade over Riley Sheahan.
  16. @yave1964 My guess is that they're clearing the deck for Taylor Hall, though I've been thinking that he'll wind up in Colorado.
  17. @yave1964 And then Habs signed Anderson to a 7 x $5.5M contract. With 1 year so far in his career where he's been worth that much, and a cap which will be flat for years, I think that they'll regret that in not very much time at all: the next time he only plays a handful of games in a season. They even kicked in a No-Trade Clause, as if the dollars and term don't make it NTC already.
  18. @TropicalFruitGirl26 I dunno... I have some empathy for Ekman-Larsson here. He's played 2 years out of an 8-year deal, and the team is already trying to move him. After a career of playing on some really bad teams, I can see why he's annoyed and wants to make sure he goes to the market of his choice. @yave1964 I'm glad he wouldn't waive to go to Edmonton. From what Ryan Rishaug was saying, the ask was one of Evan Bouchard or Phillip Broberg plus a 1st-rounder. No thanks. To be honest, I think his decline has been noticeable, and that contract will be a real anchor to a team that takes it on, especially with the volatility of how Covid has affected revenue and will continue to do so. The Bubble worked well, but this is a gate-driven league, and 6 x $8.25M on a declining asset is scary, especially when the asking price would be very high.
  19. @mojo1917 Bogosian has some things going for him (good size, can skate, heavy shot) but is always hurt.
  20. It's kind of funny how this can all work: [Hidden Content] Former Edmonton Oilers GM Craig MacTavish doesn’t regret much, but trading Jeff Petry is one September 27, 2020, 9:00 AM | Zach Laing If you haven’t heard the news, former Edmonton Oilers defenceman Jeff Petry signed a four-year, $6.25-million AAV deal yesterday. In 2015, then Oilers GM Craig MacTavish traded Petry to the Montreal Canadiens, who he just inked his fresh deal with, for second and fifth-round picks. In a candid interview with Sportsnet’s Eric Engels, MacTavish expressed his remorse over moving Petry. “At the end of the day it was a pretty substantial mistake that I made not signing him to a long-term deal,” MacTavish said from his home in Lausanne, Switzerland via telephone. “He’s a great person, great character, hard-working guy and he’s played great. He’s a top-four defenceman all day long at this level and maybe slightly higher than that, and it wasn’t lost on us the improvement that he was making in his game. It wasn’t lost on ownership, either. We knew we might lose our best defenceman and that’s what happened. There’s a lot of questions obviously around that, but, to me, I give him all the credit in the world. He became a dominant player in the last half of the season that year. I’ve always regretted not signing him. I don’t regret a lot of things, but that’s one of them.” And let me tell you, the optics of this are… not good. We all knew that it was a bad trade at the time given Petry’s skillset as a right-shot defenceman on a team with few of those. “We knew we might lose our best defenceman and that’s what happened,” is the quote that really jumps out to me. Why would an organization trade their best defenceman for magic beans? Did Petry not want to re-sign in Edmonton? Did he ask to be dealt? Nevertheless, it was a bad trade at the time and still was, in hindsight, a bad trade. Petry has looked really good as a top-four defenceman and his scoring has doubled from .25 PPG in Edmonton to .46 PPG in Montreal. Things have managed to sort themselves out in Edmonton, however. The second-round pick was traded to the New York Rangers in a package for goaltender Cam Talbot, who helped the Oilers on their monumental 2017 playoff run. The fifth-round pick wasn’t moved, and the Oilers used the pick to draft Caleb Jones, who is coming into his own as a fine young NHL defenceman. ---------------------------- @yave1964 You may remember how upset I was at the time, leading up to trade deadline day, because it was obvious that MacTavish was going to deal Petry. I wasn't upset because he's some sort of Norris candidate, but because he was a good and solid defenseman with a range of skills, and there wasn't a replacement for him anywhere in sight. And that is a problem the Oilers have had over the many years with their GMs: the repeated tendency to trade players when there isn't anybody who can play those minutes. In fact, the very first thing MacT did after getting the job was to draft Leon Draisaitl, assume he was ready to be 2C and then immediately trade Sam Gagner for Teddy Purcell, who had only 1 full NHL season left in him and was (in a league getting quicker by the week) the slowest thing on skates.
  21. @yave1964 The Oilers have had an amazing capacity for bleeding talent.
  22. That reminds me... Time to put a picture of Craig MacTavish's face back up on my dartboard.
  23. @yave1964 Could you imagine what it would be like if McDavid played for the Leafs?
  24. When Kekalainen walked up to the podium and didn't take the Finish kid whom he'd seen a ton of, I thought "Oh wow".
  25. There was no penalty on the play. I don't like to bitch about referees because a) That's all we'd probably ever do as fans, and b) It never gets better. That said, I thought the refs weren't great last night. They blew the whistle on some pretty iffy Oilers plays and swallowed the whistle with instances like the Dach hit on Ennis. The Oilers did a poor job of adjusting to refs, but the refs weren't great, all the same.

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