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  1. In their rush to mention how much Voracek has scored in that period, it's too bad the author didn't take the time to mention that Gaudreau is the 2nd-highest scoring left winger (404 point) since he entered the NHL, and is 9th among all players in that time. Voracek is a very good player, and I'm not trying to crap on him, but is there anybody who thinks he's better offensively than Johnny Gaudreau? If so, they'll have to explain the 43 point gap between them in that time.
  2. It's tough to see either the Flames or Sens wanting to involve the Tkachuk boys in trades. Each club is VERY happy with them. In Matthew's case, he's leading the Flames both in points and also Sh|ts Given/60 minutes. He is as awful as anybody there is to play against in the NHL. It would require a vast overpayment.
  3. Well, that's COMPLETELY different!
  4. When you trade a player the quality of Gaudreau, you can't afford to get it wrong. From a Flames perspective: Samuel Morin has played only 2 full seasons stretching back to 2012. He's a lot more likely to spend his time watching hockey games than find himself playing in them. His health could turn around, but it's too big of a gamble, so I would have no interest in him due to this. For me, it would then be down to Gaudreau for older, less productive, more expensive, and some magic beans. I would never make that deal.
  5. There could be issues surrounding tenacity, will, a sense of entitlement, etc, but I'm usually more comfortable chalking up a team's struggles to the roster not having enough good hockey players, and not from being good enough human beings. The same holds true when a team is successful. I'm not much more of a fan of hero worship sports talk when a team is good either. Don't get me wrong: these are people playing a sport, and there is something to it. I just don't think it's nearly as big of an element as a lot of people see it as being.
  6. If I'm Brad Treliving, I'm 0% interested in sending away Johnny Gaudreau (who scored 99 points just last season) for Jake Voracek, who is not as good a producer, more expensive and has started playing the back 9 of his career. I get why the Flyers would do it, but what's in it for the Flames?
  7. There's some blue language, should your kids be in ear shot.
  8. Random point-form thoughts: -Babcock isn't perfect, but (imo) he took the bullet for management. That's how that works, though, and coaches know it. -I had real worries for the Leafs when they ditched Gardiner, then traded their value contract (Kadri) for a guy that can't defend. This is part of the cascade from the Tavares signing, and it's not over yet. -Wherever he is right now, Mike Commodore is very happy.
  9. Years ago, a friend of mine spit in his girlfriend's face in the middle of the argument. She kicked him square in the coin purse then dumped him.
  10. Winning is the great curing tonic. Players will put up with winter, with travel, and a lot of other things, but they sure as hell hate to lose all the time.
  11. Craig MacTavish did that. He was on the job officially for about 5 minutes, when he openly said that he didn't see Devan Dubnyk as a starting goaltender, announced that he wanted to move on from Ales Hemsky, said he was open to offers and then later expressed shock at the low quality of the offers that came in. Bad GMs tell you what they're thinking. The good ones don't, and might even be so smart as to make you believe the opposite of what they think. So yeah, Bill Guerin (who is known to be intelligent) would probably be happy to publicly tell you that players on his team, whom he knows to be locker room problems, are great guys that help tie rookies' skate laces and teach their wives how to macrame. I would guess that Guerin, in his 5 years working directly under Jim Rutherford, learned the value in speaking in a judicious manner. I don't know how he will work out for the Wild. At any rate, I hope it will be good, as he was always a player I respected, and his record in management has been good so far. He's barely had a chance to take off his jacket and put it on the back of the chair in his office, so I think it might be a touch early to call him a yes-man.
  12. @CreaseAndAssist @Hockey-78 @lynxrattle re: locker room issues: what Guerin knows to be the case and what he says in public about them are almost surely two completely different things. If there are problems (and I've never seen a team where the Wild are in the standings that didn't have them) he can't exactly come out and say "Oh yeah, it's even worse than I heard, and here are the names of the worst guys!" Bad GMs just blurt out their intentions, and smart ones require having their words parsed. It's my suspicion that Guerin fits into the smart group, so we're left looking at the spaces between the statements, imo.
  13. 8 of his 12 goals were scored on the PP and he's been on the ice for a single short-handed goal and 5 empty-net goals. It was won by Ken Holland the moment the deal was made. At the time, I couldn't figure out what the Flames were thinking, and I still can't.
  14. @mojo1917 @brelic Absolutely, he's on track for the HHOF. Look at the ten most statistically similar players to Giroux: Thru 12 Years Adjusted Point Shares (Best to Worst) Player 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 Claude Giroux 11.8 10.6 10.2 8.8 8.5 7.9 7.9 6.9 4.9 4.3 3.1 -0.1 Adam Oates 96.4 12.0 10.3 9.9 8.9 7.8 7.7 7.6 7.1 5.1 3.8 2.9 0.5 Henrik Sedin 94.0 13.5 10.5 9.6 8.7 8.7 7.7 7.6 7.1 4.9 4.0 3.4 1.9 Zach Parise 93.3 12.8 11.5 9.4 8.9 8.6 8.1 7.6 7.2 6.6 4.3 2.7 0.6 Bobby Clarke 93.1 11.3 10.9 10.2 9.4 9.0 8.1 7.8 6.0 4.9 4.8 3.9 3.3 Jason Spezza 92.4 11.6 10.5 10.4 9.2 8.1 7.6 6.8 6.6 6.4 5.9 2.1 1.3 Michel Goulet 92.2 11.9 9.9 9.2 8.9 8.9 8.5 6.8 6.4 5.0 4.4 3.4 2.9 Peter Bondra 91.8 12.1 10.6 10.3 10.2 10.2 8.6 7.1 7.0 5.2 4.4 4.3 1.7 Mark Messier 91.8 11.6 9.2 9.1 9.0 8.2 7.2 6.8 6.8 5.1 3.9 3.6 0.9 Marian Gaborik 91.5 12.1 11.6 11.2 8.9 8.9 8.5 8.1 6.2 5.2 4.9 3.8 3.4 Ted Lindsay 91.5 10.6 9.9 9.0 9.0 8.9 8.5 8.0 7.4 5.6 5.1 2.4 0.9 That's sixHOFers, a shoe-in (Sedin) plus Parise, Spezza and Gaborik. Re: Sundin: It's even closer when you account for the different offensive eras they were in, because Sundin broke in when scoring was more plentiful. I'll even be more fair, and compare them up the same age, because Giroux hasn't really entered the the decline phase of his career and Sundin's numbers include that portion of his time. Adjust Points/82 Games, thru Age 31 Giroux, GP 833, APTS 914, 90.0 APTS/82 GP Sundin, GP 1005, APTS 1058, 86.3 APTS/82 GP
  15. A statistician is sitting with one foot in a bucket of ice and his other foot in a bucket of fire. On average, he says, he feels just fine.
  16. Is that squared or cubic cm?
  17. I have no problem with asking questions, and I have no problem with assessing. Hell, point me in the direction of a reasonable manager that doesn't do it, right? My issue is more with the people that would gloss over the measurable contributions of a player and point instead to what they consider to be his completely immeasurable deficiencies, and then just can't deviate from that standpoint. It's like they're sitting a stop sign and waiting for it change colour. They could still have Hall and Eberle on that roster today and be perfectly fine with the cap: those contracts are more than reasonable. That's the damned thing about it, because ChiaPete signed Lucic to the same contract that Hall is on today. No, they wouldn't likely be re-signing him this summer, but he didn't have to go anywhere. Some here may remember my sense of panic and impending doom in the spring of 2015. As the trade deadline drew closer, the Oilers hadn't even begun negotiating a new contract with Jeff Petry, and I knew they would once again repeat their usual process of draft/develop/trade for pennies on the dollar with him. Of course, they did just that, and once again there wasn't anything approaching a replacement for his minutes. Get good players, keep good players. It's the second part of that the Oilers have long struggled to do, sometimes for reasons beyond their control, and too often because they're just bad at their job of running an NHL team. It was because they hadn't kept a good defenseman that Chiarelli felt obliged to trade an elite LW for a 2D with no offense. With respect to hockey, Peter Chiarelli is so stupid, he thinks an innuendo is an Italian suppository. He took a look at the poor work of Lowe, Tambellini and MacTavish, said "hold my beer" and set off on a cascade of deals in which almost every single player who came in wasn't as good as the one who left. He's the opposite of that guy who started with a paperclip and traded his way to owning a house.
  18. I was going to take my time and come up with a response, but I see that the exact same (silly) point was raised almost a year ago to the day, so I'll just quote my own post from that time: I have little respect for hockey teams that look around at so-so results and decide to blame their best player(s), and my respect for the hockey smarts of fans who take the same approach can be guessed at from that statement. The Oilers had several GMs that did this, and look how badly it set them back. Anybody who would do it is so dumb they would probably put a ruler under their pillow to see how long they sleep.
  19. Good night for Minnesota. The slower team is out-skating and out-working the quicker team.
  20. The Wild haven't allowed a single shot from the danger area so far. Things are going about as well as it can for them right now.
  21. @Alexandron The three biggest differences which I've observed in the Oilers: General Manager: this is the first time in over 10 years that the Oilers haven't had a teenager on the roster, let alone 2 or 3 or 4. They actually have MEN playing in a MEN'S league. Several young players had excellent camps, such as Evan Bouchard, and Ken Holland promptly sent them all to the AHL, where there is far more time for practice and development. Coaching: structure is greatly improved, and the Tire Fires/60 is really down in comparison to previous season. They dropped that disastrous L-shaped PK they ran for the last two years and was historically picked apart by the opposition, have opted for a box. The players clued-out Todd McLellan, and took only about 3 weeks to be tired of Ken Hitchcock's cruelty and completely zoned him out. The one thing I will say in Hitchcock's favour is that he taught Leon Draisaitl to be a better all-around player. The folks on TSN were calling Draisaitl a top-5 player in the league, and nobody would be saying that pre-Hitch. Neal in/Lucic out: Milan Lucic provides sub-replacement ability at a top-6 price. His foot speed is best described in terms of continental drift; he simply can't keep up with play. Almost overnight, half-way through the 2017 season, he lost his hands and the ability to take/make a pass, and the play died on his stick practically every shift. He's still very tough, but in a league with few tough guys, that's not worth very much. I still can't believe just how badly the Calgary Flames wanted to get rid of Neal, who skates as well as he ever did and still has that terrific release. They even opted to honour his NMC, so they can't even leave him unprotected for the expansion draft. It was a monumentally bad trade for Calgary the day it was made, and gets worse with every goal scored by Neal. Another point I heard made: people and media around the club noted that the Oilers had a VERY quiet room, and that Neal made an immediate impact in this department, and is apparently quite good at firing up teammates both in thr room and on the bench.
  22. Kordic fed exclusively on roids, but I don't think Wendel was on the juice. He was definitely fit and strong, but didn't come across as a jacked up weight lifter. He just looked like what athletes used to look like before high school athletes had bodies that would shame an 80s pro.
  23. As I said to a friend: the Philly game looked like the kind you get at the end of a winning streak. I think there's a market correction coming up.
  24. From TSN radio: [Hidden Content]

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