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  1. Yup, good point though even Dave Scott might struggle to walk back this vote of confidence in 120 days time.
  2. Scott emphasized that he doesn’t think it will be a “three-five-year rebuild.” All he said it will take is “two or three” players to complement the strong core group he believes the Flyers have when they’re healthy. He and Fletcher both pointed to the bad luck the team has had with injuries. [Translation: I (Dave Scott) am still deeply, deeply in denial, going so far as to say that, just like last year, and despite a 13 game losing streak, a last place record as well as a worse performance than last season, we’re still three players away from being a contender.]. Queue the
  3. I’ve seen nothing in quite some time to suggest this is by any means a “playoff team”. If they make the playoffs, it’s a counterproductive miracle that distorts perceptions of what they really are. i don’t foresee a sale by any means. I’m inclined to think however that the shame of this is so intense that Comcast is forced to act drastically to right the ship. No assurances given, more like, if I were Dave Scott, I would desperately want to rehabilitate my reputation.
  4. It’s gotten so bad, even I’m going to post. I read this thread with a lot of interest and agree with the assessment that the team is clearly worse than it was when Fletcher took over. To the Wild fans that warned us, what can I say other than that he’s the old boy network running, imagination-less, plausible Buddhist solution proffering organization wrecker he was in MN. I cannot imagine him not being fired at the end of the season. He’s only still here because this mess is of such a magnitude that Comcast needs a good, long think to even figure out how to stop digging.
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