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  1. This is expensive, but I may feel differently if the picks are reclaimed in a subsequent Hägg or Ghost trade.
  2. I just read the link and, to me, this is the most plausible explanation for taking the really drastic, disruptive, last resort measure of firing Hextall mid season and for him, at the same time, saying convincingly that he was “blindsided” by the decision. The short version of the explanation is that Hexy has a maniacally controlling nature and so little empathy (read “none”) that he had no idea that his imperviousness to suggestion or supervision and the toxic atmosphere he created were putting his job in jeopardy. Not necessarily saying that this is why he was fired. Saying that it had to be something along these lines to cause Comcast to cut him loose now.
  3. Maybe. Depends on how much of a defensive liability Ghost is versus how much less offensively you get out of the group minus Ghost. Plus return on a trade and salary considerations. We may be on on opposite sides of that whole question.
  4. I mentioned Slavin because he was picked more than 40 picks after Gostisbehere and plays a prominent role on his team. He plays more than Ghost (significantly more TOI) and signed a 7-year deal, so he’s clearly a prominent part of his team (just substantiating this last comment for anyone who’s unfamiliar). Comparisons are difficult because they are and because they play opposite styles. In response to a couple comments, I’ll acknowledge that they are probably of equal value on the market and to their teams. Gostisbehere will always be a defensive liability, if only because of his size, so I’ll leave you with this: I expect that he will eventually be traded (in the next couple years) as more well rounded Flyers’ defense prospects take a more prominent role with the club.
  5. Different players. But look at the TOI. I’m sure his possession stats are great as well though haven’t looked. Great penalty killer too. A top 2 and certainly top 4 that matches up with opponents’ top offensive players. Picked 120th in the same draft as Ghost. I would trade Ghost and something else for him without thinking about it much.
  6. As well as an absolute steal at #120.
  7. If Ghost is a gem, what’s Jacob Slavin?
  8. Pretty good balance there to go along with his limited mobility.
  9. You for sure know more about this than I know. I doubt I know anyone who’s even bumped into a scout at a cocktail party much less know an actual NHL scout. But to assume at this point that the Flyers scouting staff has completely and uncharacteristicly **** the bed this year seems overly pessimistic.
  10. They discussed where O’Brian played, the level of competition etc and almost certainly discussed moving back. But they didn’t do it because they didn’t think he would last. Otherwise, they would have moved back, as they have done in the past. So they obviusly felt they had to take him at 19 or not get him. No one is above being second guessed so it isn’t absurd to take the position that the Flyers are just plain wrong about his talent. But, given this scouting staff’s impeccable record, the time they spent watching him and Amonte’s assessment, it seems off base to argue that they were just “wrong” to pick him where they did. It could of course turn out to be a bad pick, as can any of them, but that will be hindsight.
  11. After seeing that hit and Ghostisbehere not return for the third period, I asked my Leafs fan friend (it’s good to keep a couple around for amusement): how many games? I was more than a little surprised when no suspension was forthcoming because that hit seemed to warrant a suspension: delivered to the numbers despite plenty of time to let up, face first into the boards, caused an injury. So while I get why Giroux, all 5’ 11” and 185 lbs of top offensive player of him, would not retaliate, I don’t understand why there was no suspension. In fact, I can somewhat understand why a team would not retaliate, in the expectation that the league would discipline Kamarov. However, a non call like that just informs players that they SHOULD, in fact, retaliate; the league may not discipline the perpetrator and therefore the injured player’s teammates need to settle accounts. When a top player gets injured on a hit like that, there is almost always a reaction, even if it is delayed. In the absence of league discipline for Kamarov, I would kind of expect the Flyers to settle accounts with him next time the teams meet.
  12. It would therefore be an honor to be the worst informed and most annoying poster on this site.
  13. Apologies for my off the wall attempt at humor.
  14. I got onto this thread hoping to read about how the young guys are playing, the pairing of Hagg and Provorov, Provorov's comment about hitting 20 goals, etc. But based upon what read here, I sent a request to the administor to change the name of this thread to "Who cares about our young defense? McDud Belongs in the A". But seriously, I think everyone here is undervaluing McDud. He's an incredibly valuable commodity because he is a plausible NHL defenseman who can be sent down down to LV and brought back up at will with absolutely no risk of being plucked off waivers. True, he's awful, but Hextall knows he has a warm body to fill out Flyers' defenseman uniform without a worry in the world (other than his play). He also doesn't have to worry about damaging McDud's development by sending him up and down like a yo-yo because, well, he's already a lost cause. The latest in a string of brilliant moves by Hextall.
  15. Do you put Stolarz ahead of Lyons or is this a for instance? By that I mean who do you think has more of a future? Of the three, I'd say Sandstrom but not as sure about Lyons versus Stolarz.

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