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  1. July 6: News from Manitoba, Alberta, and UBC Another photo of the renovations underway at the Wayne Fleming Arena has been tweeted by the Winnipeg Ice. The part behind the curtain is the part that will make the biggest difference. But I really like the new scoreboard. Can't wait to see it when it's done. Links: ➤ Winnipeg Ice Twitter: July 3rd Graeme Craig is leaving the Evil Monkeys to play for Manitoba next year! The Manitoba Moose of the AHL, that is. He played in the AHL and ECHL in 2014-15 and then in 2015-16 he played with the Bentley Generals whilst red-shirting. He has been an Ape for the past three seasons. Links: ➤ UofA: Graeme Craig signs pro contract with Manitoba Moose ➤ Elite Prospects: Graeme Craig Stats UBC has not added to their schedule their games against ACAC and BCIHL teams, which have been announced elsewhere. However, they have added a pair of home games on August 30th and September 1st against the Wisconsin Badgers. What makes these games unusual is that they are being played in British California, not the Excited States, and that they are being played more than a month before NCAA teams are "allowed" to play. In the past, many NCAA basketball teams have come north to play exhibition games. Now, hockey is getting into the act. Links: ➤ UBC: 2019-20 Schedule ➤ GMU: 2019-20 Schedule ➤ SFU: Captain’s Cup Game 1: SFU @ UBC – Sept 14th
  2. July 3: ACAC Announces More Games The ACAC conference schedule is thus far the best at adding pre-season games. I include their whole pre-season plus the individual schedules for the teams to have thus far posted theirs. Since last time, the games of note are regarding Portage College's trip to Castlegar, where they will face Selkirk College and Holy Trinity. Neither the BCIHL nor any individual teams have a 2019-20 schedule up. However The Clown have announced their two games in the 3rd annual Captain's Cup series against UBC and TWU. Alberta Colleges Athletic Conference Sep 13 MacEwan at SAIT Sep 14 NAIT at Augustana Sep 14 SAIT at MacEwan Sep 14 Concordia at Portage Sep 20 MacEwan at UBC Sep 21 MacEwan at UBC Sep 27 Portage v Trinity Western @ Castlegar Sep 27 Augustana at NAIT Sep 28 Augustana at Concordia Sep 28 Portage v Selkirk College @ Castlegar Oct 04 MacEwan at NAIT Oct 04 SAIT at Augustana 2019-20 Vikings Hockey Schedule Sep 14 NAIT at Augustana Sep 27 Augustana at NAIT Sep 28 Augustana at Concordia Oct 04 SAIT at Augustana Schedule Sep 14 Concordia at Portage Sep 28 Augustana at Concordia 2019-20 MacEwan Griffins Men's Hockey Schedule Sep 13 MacEwan at SAIT Sep 14 SAIT at MacEwan Sep 20 MacEwan at UBC Sep 21 MacEwan at UBC Oct 04 MacEwan at NAIT 2019-20 Voyageurs Men's Ice Hockey Schedule Sep 14 Concordia at Portage Sep 27 Portage v Trinity Western @ Castlegar Sep 28 Portage v Selkirk College @ Castlegar Southern Alberta Institute of Technology (SAIT) Sep 13 MacEwan at SAIT Sep 14 SAIT at MacEwan Oct 04 SAIT at Augustana Captain's Cup Game 2: SFU vs TWU - Sept 18th - SFU Hockey Sep 14 Simon Fraser at UBC Sep 18 Simon Fraser at Trinity Western TBD Trinity Western v UBC
  3. June 30: Last Day for Tier 1 Early Bird Reminder that today is the last day for the lowest price on CanadaWest.tv subscriptions. I have signed up for the all-access pass. ALL-ACCESS PASS - includes playoffs Tier 1 (June 3-30) - $79.99 Tier 2 (July 1-31) - $84.99 Tier 3 (August 1-31) - $89.99 Full price (Sept. 1) - $99.99 SPORT PASS - for one of football, soccer, hockey, volleyball, or basketball, regular season only Tier 1 (June 3-30) - $31.99 Tier 2 (July 1-31) - $33.99 Tier 3 (August 1-31) - $35.99 Full price (Sept. 1) - $39.99 SINGLE EVENT PASS: $6.99 Links: ➤ Press release: CW rp@ UofM rp@ UofL
  4. June 25: Catch-Up Time The conference schedule has been out for two weeks. However, the CW site's schedule link still takes us to 2018-19. Regina has a full exhibition schedule posted, but nobody else does. Only Manitoba has posted any exhibition games, namely their home double-header against Regina on September 20-21. I popped in at the Wayne Fleming Arena last weekend. The seating area is locked as a "hard hat" area. However, the window on the door by the visiting team's corner entrance was not covered and I caught a mediocre glimpse inside. The wall behind the team benches was covered, there appeared to be new boards with new ads installed, and the sign said public skating was opening in July. My inference is that this is where the renos to the change rooms, press box, lounge, etc. will take place. I was unable to get a glimpse of the scoreboard. It looks pretty big when it's on the ground. The first photo was posted on June 14th and the second on June 20th. Last year there were reams of stories about players getting pro contracts, including several Bisons. The news has been slower this year. But at least Riley Guenther got a story from his alma matter, the University of British California. He's being joined by another former T-ird, Neil Manning. Both are defencemen. Manning's last season at UBC was 2015-16. He has since played in Europe, the AHL, and the ECHL. Links: ➤ UBC: Riley Guenther inks pro deal in France’s top league ➤ Elite Prospects: Riley Guenther ➤ Elite Prospects: Neil Manning The Mutts have an annual fundraiser with an NHL guest speaker. This year it's Chris Chelios. The event is in November. Past speakers include Mike Bossy, Bryan Trottier, Wendel Clark, Brett Hull, Jeremy Roenick, Paul Coffey and Chris Pronger. Links: ➤ Sask: Chelios highlights 2019 Off the Leash Luncheon
  5. June 12: Schedule Is Out The schedule is out! Most teams had announcements, with their team highlights, as linked. The league schedule link still goes to 2018-19. The 2019-20 schedule link brings up an XLS document. One nice feature on the team schedules is a "history" link at which they post trivia and stats about the match-up going back to February 2008 (for Manitoba). This feature is on the Manitoba, Calgary, Sask, and UBC schedule pages. The exhibition games should now be announced by bits and drabs. Regina's story contained this tidbit: The Bisons are not affected by the new WHL franchise. They have two Saturday night-Sunday afternoon series, two Friday night-Saturday night series, and three Friday night-Saturday afternoon series. Links: ➤ CW: story : XLS schedule ➤ Manitoba: story : schedule ➤ Alberta: story : schedule ➤ Calgary: schedule ➤ Lethbridge: nothing yet ➤ MRU: story ➤ Regina: story ➤ Sask: story : schedule ➤ UBC: story : schedule
  6. June 10: Bisons Land a Hat-Trick of Forwards The Bisons announced the recruitment of three more players, all forwards who finished last season in the MJHL where they enjoyed all-star status. Bradly Goethals - C - Swan Valley Stampeders (MJHL) / Saskatoon Blades (WHL) At 6'1" and only 170 lbs, I can't help but think that some bulking up would help Goethals find that next level. I am sure that he can locate many fine cooks in his home town of Île-des-Chênes. He had just one full season in the WHL, where he scored 15 goals. The Blades replaced his overage spot with a defenceman early last year, so he came back to the MJHL, landing with Swan. In 50 games he went 34-45-79, which landed him on the first all-star team. He also racked up 12-13-25 in 17 playoff games. Links: ➤ GoBisons.ca: Bisons add scoring punch for 2019-20 season with three MJHL recruits ➤ Elite Prospects: Bradly Goethals Career Stats ➤ MJHL: Bradly Goethals Stats ➤ Stampeders: Bradly Goethals Named RBC Player of the Month ➤ Stampeders: Bradly Goethals Named MLLC Player of the Month ➤ Saskatoon Star-Phoenix: Blades add veteran D-man Schuldhaus, part ways with forward Goethals ➤ Winnipeg Free Press: Stampeders have title in sight Josh Tripp - F - Swan Valley Stampeders (MJHL) At 5'9" and 165 lbs. Tripp will not be adding a physical presence to the line-up. However, this Swan River boy edged Goethals (his team-mate) for the MJHL scoring title, 36-48-84 in 57 games. Both were on the league's first all-star team. He was also 11-10-21 in 21 playoff games. Links: ➤ Elite Prospects: Joshua Tripp Career Stats ➤ MJHL: Joshua Tripp Stats ➤ MJHL: Stamps’ Tripp hoping scoring crown pays off in playoffs ➤ Stampeders: Josh Tripp Named Finalist For CJHL MVP Award ➤ Windspeaker: Tripp racking up the points in his hometown ➤ Winnipeg Free Press: Local star wants to see Swan Valley Stampeders become a 'championship team' ➤ Game On: Josh Tripp Collects Major MJHL Player of the Year Award Chase Brakel - C - Cornell Big Red (NCAA) / Portage Terriers (MJHL) Brakel's three full seasons with the Terriers ended in 2017-18, when he was the team captain. He started last season at Cornell, but left after just six games. He was a deadline addition to the Terriers' playoff roster. In 21 regular season games, his scoreline was 9-11-20 and in 20 playoff games he was 11-17-28. His peak season was in 2016-17, where he racked up numbers of 34-46-80 in 58 games. Also, he was an MJHL second team all-star in 2017 and 2018. Links: ➤ Elite Prospects: Chase Brakel Career Stats ➤ MJHL: Chase Brakel Stats ➤ Graphic Leader: Already surging Terriers add to arsenal ➤ Portage Terriers: 20 Questions with Captain Chase Brakel ➤ Winnipeg Sun: Portage Terriers snare fourth MJHL title in five years ➤ Portage Online: Brakel Declares For Cornell Meanwhile, another Evil Monkey has turned pro. Jason Fram is off to the KHL to join Kunlun Red Star, based in China. He's been voted Canada's best USports defenceman in 2018 and 2019. Links: ➤ UofA: Jason Fram signs with Kunlun Red Star of the KHL
  7. June 10: Odds & Ends The CW is going to be using AI to generate highlights this year. Here's what they claim: If you need a part-time job, the U of M is looking for game day staff. Details are in the links. Serge Lajoie is one ape headed for the Evil Monkeys' Wall of Fame. He won awards at every level: The BCIHL musings on the impact of Holy Trinity's shift to the CW in 2020-21 are in the linked story. They brought up that TWU may operate a varsity team in the CW and a club side in the BCIHL. Maybe UBC would follow suit! Links: ➤ CW: Canada West partners with REELY for AI-powered highlights ➤ UofM: Bison Sports hosting a Game Day Job Fair on June 11 ➤ UofA: Serge Lajoie added to Sports Wall of Fame ➤ BCIHL: BCIHL statement on TWU's successful bid to join Canada West conference
  8. June 3: TV passes & odds and ends The on-line product has been getting better but there is a steep price increase. All sports pass is $100. Early bird pricing exists and is now scaled in. Here's the price list: ALL-ACCESS PASS - includes playoffs Tier 1 (June 3-30) - $79.99 Tier 2 (July 1-31) - $84.99 Tier 3 (August 1-31) - $89.99 Full price (Sept. 1) - $99.99 SPORT PASS - for one of football, soccer, hockey, volleyball, or basketball, regular season only Tier 1 (June 3-30) - $31.99 Tier 2 (July 1-31) - $33.99 Tier 3 (August 1-31) - $35.99 Full price (Sept. 1) - $39.99 SINGLE EVENT PASS: $6.99 Links: ➤ Press release: CW rp@ UofM rp@ UofL There are more stories about the on-going renovations of the Wayne Fleming Arena on the UofM Campus and about previously announced recruits. The old scoreboard has been removed from centre ice as in this picture. The new one should be nice. The CW schedule has not been released. However, at the UND site we see that the Herd will have an exhibition game there on October 6th. Links: ➤ Winnipeg Sun: Paul Friesen: Ice pretty themselves up for Winnipeg debut ➤ The Manitoban: Jason Pchajek: Getting ready for opening day ➤ Chris D: Bisons Stay Local in Latest Pair of Hockey Recruits (re Apetagon & Harris) ➤ Chris D: Bisons Sign Former Regina Pats Defenceman Brady Pouteau ➤ Winnipeg Free Press: Sports briefs (re Pouteau) ➤ UND: Hockey Schedule
  9. May 26: Where's the News? It has now been two weeks without news in the CW. The Bisons announced some recruits (per the last post) but no other team has an official announcement of recruits. So we need to look at news from other areas for now. One of UBC's assistants is leaving the nest. Kelvin Cech is leaving to coach the Winkler Flyers in the MJHL. Believe it or not, this is the only new news on a CW team page, other than the Bisons. Last year UBC was laying on the announcements. Links: ➤ UBC: Kelvin Cech joining the MJHL’s Winkler Flyers as new head coach Perhaps you saw the just-ended IIHF World Championship. For me, one game of interest was at the end of the round-robin when Great Britain beat France for 7th place and the right to return next year. There were two USports grads on the Team GB roster - Tim Billingsley (from the Cartoon Ravens) and Mike Hammond (from the Lakehead Thundermutts). Both played from 2011-12 to 2014-15. Links: ➤ Elite Prospects: Billingsley : Hammond : Team GB ➤ Ice Hockey UK: RUSSELL NAMES 25-MAN WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP SQUAD The AUS is the first conference to release a schedule. The story doesn't say too much about it. I do not see it uploaded as yet to the USports site. (Although the way that site is run, that may not happen until January anyhow.) Links: ➤ AUS: 2019-20 AUS men's hockey schedule announced ➤ AUS: Schedule MacEwan's shift from the ACAC to the CW was already posted. However there is additional discussion of the topic our in Saudi Alberta. The story at the Red Deer Advocate claims that the ACAC will be down to 9 men's and 4 women's teams after the move. Did I miss two new men's programs being added to the ACAC? Links: ➤ Red Deer Advocate: RDC set for new hockey reality with Griffins departing for USports ➤ Edmonton Sun: MacEwan University hockey programs heading to another level rp @ Sherwood Park News
  10. May 12: Recruits, Renovations, and Expansion RECRUITS The Bisons have announced five recruits who, when combined with last year's red shirt and post-Christmas acquisitions, cover most of the team's pressing needs for the upcoming season. Of the eight players profiled, seven are from every corner of Sunny Manitoba. One more solid major junior goal-scorer would be nice! Here are the details: Brady Pouteau - D - Regina Pats (WHL) Pouteau fits what was once the prototype for a Bison recruit: A local boy (from Oak Bank, BTW) who went off to play in the WHL, wore a letter, and is coming back home to go to school. He is 6'3" and 203 lbs and plays some physical D. That was one big item on the Bison shopping list. He played five years in the Dub, in Regina, Lethbridge, and back to Regina for their Memorial Cup run. Of great local interest is that the Pats gave him the Rick Rypien Memorial Award. Rypien was the captain of the Pats and, though undrafted, was recruited to the Manitoba Moose where he established himself as a legit prospect and was offered a 2-way deal by the Vancouver Canucks. When the Jets were revived, he was signed by the team but unfortunately took his own life whilst suffering from depression before training camp. Links: ➤ GoBisons.ca: Bisons recruit Oak Bluff native Brady Pouteau for the 2019-20 season ➤ ChrisD.ca: Bisons Sign Former Regina Pats Defenceman Brady Pouteau ➤ Regina Leader-Post: Pats playing for pride on final weekend of season ➤ Elite Prospects: Brady Pouteau Career Stats Riley Lamb - G - Swift Current Broncos (WHL) Lamb, from Rivers, is coming home. He finished his WHL career with Swift Current, but started with Red Deer. He had two years with Red Deer (2016-17 and 2017-18) before heading to the SJHL in 2018-19 for his "overage" year. After stints in Weyburn and Yorkton, he was added by Swift Current for their late-season drive. His numbers are solid (just over .900 save % the last three years). After the departure of the three goaltenders the Herd has had in recent years (Byron Spriggs, Justin Paulic, and Dasan Sydora) they needed somebody to partner with last year's redshirt, Tyler Brown (also a WHL grad). I expect them to add a local recruit from the MJHL or even MMJHL to act as a #3. Links: ➤ GoBisons.ca: Bisons add veteran goaltender Riley Lamb for the 2019-20 season ➤ WHL: Broncos clarify crease, sign overager Lamb to WHL Standard Player Agreement ➤ CHL: Rebels’ Riley Lamb named Vaughn CHL Goaltender of the Week (2018) ➤ Swift Current: Page of Video Links ➤ Elite Prospects: Riley Lamb Career Stats Matthew Stanley - D - Swift Current Broncos (WHL), Jacksonville Icemen (ECHL) Stanley is from Balmoral and is another sizeable country boy on D, just what the Bisons need. In 2015-16 he started his career with Steinbach in the MJHL. He then spent three seasons in the WHL, from Swift Current to Lethbridge then back again. Last year was his "overage" year and Swift Current picked him up after Lethbridge let him go. He also had a cup-of-coffee with Jacksonville at the end of 2019. If only they had fighting in the CW! The Bisons have more than their share of capable pugilists. Links: ➤ GoBisons.ca: Bisons recruit WHL defenceman Matthew Stanley for the 2019-20 season ➤ YouTube: Matthew Stanley vs Tristyn DeRoose Mar 7, 2018 ➤ Lethbridge: Hurricanes Waive Stanley ➤ Swift Current: Broncos welcome back pair of familiar faces ➤ Elite Prospects: Matthew Stanley Career Stats Tony Apetagon - F - Winnipeg Blues / OCN Blizzard (MJHL) Brian Harris - F - Swan Valley Stampeders (MJHL) / Edmonton Oil Kings (WHL) The Bisons had a joint press release for these two MJHL forwards. Apetagon is a 6'2" forward from Norway House. It is tough to come up through the ranks up north. Distances are long and travel is rough. In 2016-17 he started with the OCN Storm (Junior B), then in 2017-18 he went to the OCN Blizzard (Junior A). Last year he was OCN's captain but was traded to the Blues late for their playoff run. He finished 3rd in league scoring (29-45-74 in 59 games) and was on the 1st all-star team. He was also OCN's captain. Harris is a 6' 1" forward from Wawanesa. He helped lead Swan within a game of their first-ever MJHL title. Last year he was 16-36-52 in 59 regular season games, and 4-11-15 in 17 playoff games. The linked YouTube video shows he can throw 'em like a good old Manitoba boy! Links: ➤ GoBisons.ca: Bisons recruit local talent in Tony Apetagon and Brian Harris for 2019-20 season ➤ ChrisD.ca: Bisons Stay Local in Latest Pair of Hockey Recruits ➤ Elite Prospects: Tony Apetagon Career Stats : Brian Harris Career Stats ➤ Winnipeg Blues: Apetagon's Player Card ➤ MJHL: Apetagon expected to boost the Blues’ scoring attack ➤ Swan Valley: Former Stampeder Brian Harris Found A Home In The WHL ➤ YouTube: Brian Harris vs Ty Ettinger Jan 9, 2018 In addition to the five recruits, the Bisons have a redshirt and two post-Christmas recruits of note from 2018-19. Tyler Brown - G - Saskatoon Blades (WHL) Last year Brown was a redshirt after having surgery in the off-season. Reports at the time had him coming to the team in the new year, but that never happened. Links: ➤ Eliteprospects.com: Tyler Brown Career Stats ➤ WHL: Tyler Brown Player Page Ryan Carlson - D - Wisconsin-Superior Yellowjackets (NCAA) / Steinbach Pistons (MJHL) Carlson is a Minnesota boy but played three seasons for Steinbach in the MJHL from 2014-15 to 2016-17. He then played a season and a half down south before transferring at Christmas last year. He is 6'3" but not very physical. He does handle the puck well, though. He was one of those guys who was better than expected. He was on the NCAA Scholastic Honour (or Honor as they say) Roll! Links: ➤ Eliteprospects.com: Ryan Carlson ➤ MJHL: Former Pistons Defender Carlson Commits to University of Wisconsin Superior Colton Veloso - F - Jacksonville Icemen (ECHL)/Kootenay Ice (WHL) Veloso is a Winnipeg boy who left Steinbach and went far west to play for the Portland Winterhawks in the WHL in 2015. He wound up his WHL career with the Kootenay Ice (now the Winnipeg Ice), where he scored 25 goals in 2017-18. He went to play for the Jacksonville Icemen at the end of the 2018 season and then in 2018-19 he played until Christmas. He then came to the Bisons so he could cash in his WHL scholarships. He posted stats of 2-5-7 in 12 games. Links: ➤ Eliteprospects.com: Colton Veloso ➤ Game On: Winnipeg's Colton Veloso to Attend Manitoba Moose Camp (2018) ➤ WHL: Player Page ➤ Steinbach: Former Pistons forwards sign in ECHL (2018) ➤ Jacksonville: Pair of Rookie Forwards Join Icemen RENOVATIONS The Winnipeg Ice of the WHL will play their first two seasons at the Wayne Fleming Arena whilst their new arena is being built about a 15-20 minute drive from the U of M. We knew that renovations would be coming but the place is in for a massive face-lift. Highlights are: - increased capacity from 1,400 to 1,600, with a balcony on the east side; - party lounges are being installed; - upgraded concessions; - VIP lounge; - video scoreboard; - miscellaneous improvements to the media area, glass, boards, safety netting, dressing rooms, etc. Here are some artist renderings: To orient yourself on the pictures, the seating is in a "C" shape, going behind both nets and on one side (the one with the penalty box). The nets are at the north and south ends and the seats are on the west side. The player benches are on the east side. The new loges are going on the east side. Links: ➤ WHL: 50 Below Sports + Entertainment announces upgrades to Wayne Fleming Arena ➤ ChrisD.ca: Winnipeg Ice Spending $1.2M on Upgrades to Wayne Fleming Arena ➤ Winnipeg Sun: FRIESEN: Ice pretty themselves up for Winnipeg debut ➤ CJOB/Global: Moore’s Morning Sports Briefing for Friday, May 10 EXPANSION Two new teams will be joining the CW in 2020-21. The Trinity Western Spartans will join from the BCIHL and the MacEwan Griffins will join from the ACAC. This will bring the CW up to 10 teams. However, the downside is that unless new schools join, the BCIHL will be down to four teams and the ACAC down to seven. So, seen globally, this would not improve the status of university/college hockey very much. However, there are rumours of significance coming from UQAM, of all places. They have never had a team before. They have a million dollar donation from the Molson's! Maybe the other UQ's can also have teams. UQTR has a new logo. Maybe UQAC can come back! TRINITY WESTERN Holy Trinity was a founding member of the BCIHL in 2005, operating a team known as the "Titans". In 2010-11 the hockey team was elevated to varsity status, and adopted the "Spartans" moniker, as used for their other varsity teams. They have finished first and won the playoffs in each of the last two seasons. They last an exhibition game to UBC 6-2 last September. Jeff Gamache (AD) had this to say in the link: I suspect that TWU will be able to recruit on a continent-wide basis, which might compensate for them being at a disadvantage against UBC and other CW schools due to their strict code of conduct. MACEWAN The Peter Griffins had a prolonged period of mediocrity in the ACAC (5 straight seasons of quarter-final eliminations preceded by 3 straight years out of the playoffs), however they have now won three titles in a row. In all three seasons they finished second to NAIT in the regular season before rallying in the playoffs. MacEwan has only just begun to add non-conference games with the CW to their schedule. This contrasts to NAIT, who have loads of games every year against CW and NCAA teams, both inside and outside Alberta. Last year they were hammered twice by the Bedrock Dinosaurs, 6-2 and 9-0. Links: ➤ CW: New sport applications approved for TWU, MacEwan, UFV ➤ TWU: SPARTANS JOIN CANADA WEST IN MEN’S & WOMEN’S HOCKEY ➤ UBC 6 TWU 2: SPARTANS LOSE TO UBC IN HARD-FOUGHT CAPTAINS CUP CONTEST ➤ MacEwan: MacEwan hockey programs accepted into Canada West conference, starting in 2020-21 ➤ MacEwan: Three latest recruits - Gable, Miller and Harris - bring tons of championship, leadership experience ➤ MacEwan: Quickly back to work after third-straight title, Griffins add talented new recruits Taupert, Chalifoux ➤ UQAM: Towards the creation of a hockey team at UQAM ➤ Quartierlibre.ca (translated): One million dollars for hockey at UQAM The CW is getting a Hall of Fame! Links: ➤ CW: Canada West launches Hall of Fame ➤ UofM (rp): Canada West launches hall of fame
  11. U-SPORTS/CIS BOOKMARKS The Bisons are off to a much faster start with recruiting news than last year, so time to start the 2019-20 thread! Hopefully last years health issues are behind me so I can keep on top of my favourite hobby this season. As usual, the opening post has the links needed to follow USports/CIS hockey. The next one will have the news. League Sites: USports Mens Hockey Site - Tw - FB ... sub-links : Standings : Schedule/Results : Playoffs : U-Cup Canada West Mens Hockey Site - Tw - FB ... sub-links : Schedule/Results/Links : History and Records : Media Stats OUA Mens Hockey Site - Tw - FB ... sub-links : Schedule/Results AUS Mens Hockey Site - Tw - FB ... sub-links : Schedule/Results ACAC Mens Hockey Site - Tw - FB ... sub-links : Schedule/Results : CCAA History : ACAC Hockey BCIHL Site - Tw - FB ... sub-links : Schedule Canada West Team Sites: Alberta Golden Bears - Tw - FB Calgary Dinos - Tw - FB Lethbridge Pronghorns - Tw - FB Manitoba Bisons - Tw - FB Mount Royal Cougars - Tw - FB Regina Cougars - Tw - FB Saskatchewan Huskies - Tw - FB UBC Thunderbirds - Tw - FB AUS Team Sites: Acadia Axemen Dalhousie Tigers Moncton Aigles Bleus- Google Translate New Brunswick Varsity Reds UPEI Panthers St. Francis-Xavier X-men Saint Marys Huskies OUA-West Team Sites: Brock Badgers Guelph Gryphons Lakehead Thunderwolves Laurier Golden Hawks Ryerson Rams Toronto Varsity Blues Waterloo Warriors - Tw - FB Western Ontario Mustangs Windsor Lancers York Lions OUA-East Team Sites: Carleton Ravens Laurentian Voyageurs Nipissing Lakers Ottawa Geegees Queens Golden Gaels RMC Palladins - Team Site UOIT Ridgebacks RSEQ (OUA-East) Team Sites: Concordia Stingers McGill Redmen UQTR Patriotes - Google Translate - Tw - FB ACAC Team Sites: Augustana Vikings Briercrest Clippers Concordia Thunder MacEwan Griffins - joining the CW in 2020-21 NAIT Ooks Portage Voyageurs Red Deer Kings SAIT Trojans BCIHL Team Sites: Eastern Washington Eagles - withdrew in 2018-19 Selkirk Saints Simon Fraser Clan - Tw Trinity Western Spartans - joining the CW in 2020-21 Vancouver Island Mariners Victoria Vikings Media Sites/Blogs: Canadian University Sports Network Breakin News N Crackin Brews (online radio) TSN CIS Page SportsNet CIS Page - SNU The Attacking Zone CISblog.ca ChrisD.ca MyToba.ca Winnipeg Hockey Talk Boxscore News - CIS Hockey Page Independent Sports News Hockey Scene - AUS UNBHockeyFans.com AcadiaAxemenHockey.com Ryerson Rams Hockey Alumni Horns Hockey Alumni (Lethbridge) RedmenHockey.com (McGill) Bison Mens Hockey (Manitoba unofficial) Golden Bears Hockey Alumni (Alberta) Hockey Blog in Canada (includes Manitoba) The Manitoban (student paper) The Varsity (Toronto student paper) Regina Cougar Hockey Alumni Bison Mens Hockey Twitter (Manitoba unofficial) Online video/audio: CanadaWest.tv - YareTV link sportscanada.tv AUSTV.ca OUA.tv CITR.ca - UBC radio Rock 94 FM - Lakehead away games UMFM.com - all Bison home games SSN Canada Canada West stats and data: CW LeagueStats - Media Stats CW LeagueStats - Standings CW LeagueStats - Daily Schedule CW LeagueStats - Rosters CW LeagueStats - Skaters Stats CW LeagueStats - Goalies Stats CW LeagueStats - Team Schedules CW Website Season Schedule - links to summaries CW Website Stats CW Hockey Tech Daily Schedule CW Hockey Tech Stats Stats: Elite Prospects - USports Page - individual player stats on everybody Internet Hockey Data Base (IHDB) : CWUAA Page - like Elite Prospects USports/CIS Stats - 2009-10 to 2019-20 USports/CIS Schedule/Results - 2009-10 to 2019-20 USports/CIS Standings - 2010 to 2020 USports/CIS Playoff Schedule/Results - 2010 to 2019 AUS Archive OUA LeagueStat ACAC LeagueStat (inactive link) Bob Adams Archives - CIS hockey from 1995-96 to 2008-09 Wikia - U Sports ... sub-links : University Cup Wikia - CWUAA ... sub-links : GPAC : WIAA : WCIAU Wikia - OUA/OUAA ... sub-links : QUAA : OSLC : OIAA : QOAA : CIAU Central Wikia - AUS/AUAA/AIAA/MIAA Wikia - North American Championship Wikia - Universiade Atlantic Canadian Hockey History Old threads: OHT34 2009-10 OHT34 2010-11 OHT34 2011-12 OHT35 2012-13 OHT36 2013-14 OHT36 2014-15 OHT36 2015-16 OHT36 2016-17 OHT35 2017-18 Manitoba Bisons 2007-08 Manitoba Bisons 2008-09 Manitoba Bisons 2009-10 Manitoba Bisons 2010-11 Manitoba Bisons 2011-12 Manitoba Bisons 2012-13 Manitoba Bisons 2013-14 Manitoba Bisons 2014-15 Manitoba Bisons 2015-16 Manitoba Bisons 2016-17 Manitoba Bisons 2017-18 Manitoba Bisons 2018-19 2018-19 Exhibition Schedule 2018-19 OHT35 Note: The 2019-20 links may not yet be active on some sites.
  12. Feb 1: BISONS PULL CLOSER TO PLAYOFFS MANITOBA BISONS 2 U.B.C. THUNDERBIRDS 0 Links: LeagueStat: [Summary] : [Report] CW Hockey Tech: [Summary] : [Report] : [Text] Boxscores: [US/CIS] : [CW] : [Coach's View] : [UofM] Stories: [UBC*] : [rp @CW] : [rp @UofM*] GoBisons links: [Veloso Bison AOW] : [Veloso WHL Grad 3rd Star] : [WHL Ice Coming] : [Bison Sports Preview] This marks three straight shutouts for the T-irds. Holy power failure, Batman! The frustration appears to be mounting. Throughout the game they had two 10-minute misconducts and two game misconducts. Kyle Becker had a 5-minute major for charging late in the 3rd period and backup goaltender Patrick Dea got the heave-ho at the final whistle. Byron Spriggs earned the shutout and win with 23 saves. A shorthanded goal by Sean Christensen and a last minute powerplay goal by Keaton Jameson providing the offence. For both it was their 2nd goal of the season. Rylan Toth took the loss with 20 saves. It appeared that the Bison line-up was exactly like what they had on Saturday last weekend. Now, with three games left on the schedule the Bisons are four points out of a playoff berth. Saturday's rematch is on at 12:30 PST or 2:30 PST and can be seen on CanadaWest.tv. The Kootenay Ice are moving to Winnipeg next season and will play two seasons at the U of M whilst their new arena is constructed. There will be some upgrades to the Wayne Fleming Arena, which will be a lasting benefit to the Bisons. Also, the new facility would make a wonderful U-Cup venue. OUT-OF-TOWN SCOREBOARD MOUNT ROYAL COUGARS 0 SASKATCHEWAN HUSKIES 1 (in overtime) Links: LeagueStat: [Summary] CW Hockey Tech: [CWHT Summary] Game story: [rp @CW] This was a double overtime nail-biter. Taran Kozun only had to make 14 saves for the shutout. Riley Morris's 44 saves were not enough as he suffered a hard-luck loss. Levi Cable's 13th goal of the season was the winner. REGINA COUGARS 1 CALGARY DINOSAURS 6 Links: LeagueStat: [Summary] CW Hockey Tech: [CWHT Summary] Game story: [rp @CW] Bedrock U throttled the Kittens, holding them to just 11 shots on goal, including just one in the 3rd period. Regina will need a night of moonshine and banjo music to recover from that. Matthew Greenfield had a 10-save win and Dawson MacAuley had a 40-save loss. Coda Gordon scored two goals and an assist and Riley Sheen had four assists to pace the Dinos. LETHBRIDGE PRONGHORNS 0 ALBERTA GOLDEN BEARS 6 Links: LeagueStat: [Summary] CW Hockey Tech: [CWHT Summary] Game story: [rp @CW] The Hørny Ønes were dominated by the Evil Monkeys, which was good news for the Bisons. The Monkeys jumped out early, outshooting Lethbridge 23-5 in the 1st period. Down 4-0 heading into the 3rd period, the Hørny Ønes raised no fuss in the 3rd period, being outshot 17-3. Zach Sawchenkoi got the win with just 14 saves, and Garret Hughson stopped 53 shots for the loss. He must be tired heading into the rematch. MID-WEEK GAME MOUNT ROYAL COUGARS 1 CALGARY DINOSAURS 2 Links: LeagueStat: [Summary] CW Hockey Tech: [CWHT Summary] Game story: [MRU rp @CW] : [UofC rp @CW] Rather than being played last weekend, this year's Crowchild Classic got pushed to Tuesday night at the Saddledome. As usual, the game drew a massive crowd. The game was as close as possible. The shots were 31-30 for Bedrock U, and the final shot was the winner, scored by Riley Sheen (his 16th of the season). Matthew Greenfield got the win and Riley Morris took the loss. STANDINGS OUT EAST Atlantic Jan 30 New Brunswick 5 Moncton 3 Jan 30 Dalhousie 2 Acadia 5 Feb 01 U.P.E.I. 4 Moncton 2 Feb 01 Saint Mary's 5 St. F.X. 6 Ontario Jan 27 McGill 3 Ottawa 2 Jan 28 York 1 Toronto 6 Feb 01 Laurier 2 Ryerson 6 Feb 01 Western Ontario 2 Waterloo 5 Feb 01 U.O.I.T. 2 McGill 3 (ot) Feb 01 Guelph 5 Lakehead 4 Feb 01 Carleton 2 U.Q.T.R. 1 Feb 01 Queen's 3 Nipissing 2 Feb 01 York 3 Windsor 5 Feb 01 Ottawa 4 Concordia 1 Feb 01 R.M.C. 2 Laurentian 3 (ot) Links: • [US/CIS S&R] • [OUA LS] • [AUS S&R] * indicates link not active as I post NEXT UP Canada West Feb 02 Manitoba at U.B.C. 12:30 PST 2:30 CST Feb 02 Regina at Calgary 2:00 MST 3:00 CST Feb 02 Mount Royal at Saskatchewan 7:00 CST Feb 02 Lethbridge at Alberta 7:00 MST 8:00 CST Atlantic Feb 02 St. F.X. at Acadia Feb 02 U.P.E.I. at New Brunswick Feb 02 Saint Mary's at Dalhousie Ontario Feb 02 Carleton at U.Q.T.R. Feb 02 Concordia at McGill Feb 02 Guelph at Lakehead Feb 02 U.O.I.T. at Ottawa Feb 02 Western Ontario at Laurier Feb 02 Toronto at Ryerson Feb 02 R.M.C. at Nipissing Feb 02 Brock at Windsor Feb 02 Queen's at Laurentian Feb 03 Brock at York
  13. Jan 26: CONVINCING WIN KEEPS THE BISONS ALIVE MANITOBA BISONS 5 LETHBRIDGE PRONGHORNS 1 Links: LeagueStat: [Summary] : [Report] CW Hockey Tech: [Summary] : [Report] : [Text] Boxscores: [US/CIS] : [CW] : [Coach's View] : [UofM] Stories: [UofM] : [rp @CW] : [rp @UofL] With their backs to the wall, the Bisons achieved a very thorough victory to stay alive. A win by the Hòrny Ɵnes would have ended the Bison playoff hopes. As it stands, the Bisons end the weekend 6 points in arrears. The Bisons were leading the game 4-0 after two periods and held a 31-21 lead in shots, and it seemed that Lethbridge had far fewer shots than in the official total. The only goal in the 1st period was originally awarded to Adam Henry, and as I post is still listed as such in the stats. However, at the arena they announced during the intermission that it was awarded to Brett Stovin. Stovin scored twice more (including an empty-netter) while Jonah Wasylak (suddenly a goalscorer) notched his 6th and newcomer Colton Veloso racked up his 1st. Russell Maxwell was the only one to score, breaking up Byron Spriggs' shutout bid mid-way through the 3rd. Spriggs got the win with 35 saves. Oddly, he had to come out for 4 seconds early in the 2nd period after the officials had a discussion. Garrett Hughson made 27 saves through two periods for the loss, before Taz Burman mopped up. Here's how they lined up: MANITOBA Goal: 35 Spriggs 34 Sydora Defence: 6 Carlson 11 Dyck 2 Henry 3 Christensen 25 Skrumeda 24 Lenchyshyn Note: On Friday, Lenchyshyn did not dress but #23 Dwyer did. Although Dwyer was listed on Saturday, I did not see him on the ice at all. Forwards: 21 Brooks 10 Skoleski 8 Bilton 12 Zajac 28 Stovin 17 Veloso 22 Leipsic 15 Jameson 29 Wasylak 16 Martin 26 LeBlanc Note: On Friday, #18 Armour also dressed and played on a 4th line. On Saturday Martin and LeBlanc were generally used to sub-in on other lines after the PP or PK units were out there. LETHBRIDGE Goal: 29 Hughson 35 Burman Defence: 5 Rayman 44 Wardley 3 Valentine 7 Jensen 17 Filbrandt 4 Orban Note: On Friday, Wardley did not dress and instead #24 Fisher was in the line-up. Wardley was ejected from Saturday's game, after which the pairings shifted shift-to-shift. On one powerplay, they used three defencemen (#3, #4, #17.) Forwards: 27 Grant 8 Chynoweth 21 White 19 Valentino 28 Brown 20 B Maxwell 16 Gross 9 Sward 34 Sanvido 22 Roy 6 R Maxwell 12 McKechnie Note: The lines were the same both nights. Next weekend the Bisons are off to British California whilst the Hòrny Ɵnes have the unenviable task of a road trip to Edmontown to face the Evil Monkeys. My hunch is that the Bisons will have an opportunity to close to within 2 points. Will they take advantage of that opportunity? OUT-OF-TOWN SCOREBOARD U.B.C. THUNDERBIRDS 0 SASKATCHEWAN HUSKIES 5 Links: LeagueStat: [Summary] CW Hockey Tech: [CWHT Summary] Game story: [rp @CW] The T-irds have had a serious power shortage. Perhaps they had too much Hillbilly Moonshine. Back-to-back shutouts are bad news. They do have a playoff berth assured but still aim for 4th place, and the opportunity to host a quarter-final series for only the 2nd time in the colour TV era. Taran Kozun registered a 24 save shutout, and Patrick Day had a 28 save loss. ALBERTA GOLDEN BEARS 7 REGINA COUGARS 1 Links: LeagueStat: [Summary] CW Hockey Tech: [CWHT Summary] Game story: [rp @CW] The Evil Monkeys destroyed the Kittens in this one. The shots were 60-13. Zach Sawchenko picked up the win with just 12 saves. Dawson MacAuley suffered a 53 save loss. Tyler Soy, Grayson Pawlenchuk, and Jayden Hart had two goals each. OUT EAST Atlantic Jan 26 New Brunswick 2 St. F.X. 3 Jan 26 Acadia 1 Moncton 3 Jan 26 U.P.E.I. 5 Dalhousie 4 (so) Ontario Jan 26 Western Ontario 5 Laurier 3 Jan 26 Lakehead 2 Brock 6 Jan 26 Laurentian 2 R.M.C. 4 Jan 26 McGill 2 Carleton 4 Jan 26 Ryerson 5 Windsor 1 Jan 26 U.Q.T.R. 2 Nipissing 4 Jan 26 Waterloo 4 Guelph 5 Jan 26 Concordia 3 Queen's 4 (so) Links: • [US/CIS S&R] • [OUA LS] • [AUS S&R] * indicates link not active as I post NEXT UP Canada West Jan 29 Mount Royal at Calgary (This was moved from the weekend so it could be played at the Saddledome.) Feb 01 Mount Royal at Saskatchewan Feb 01 Lethbridge at Alberta Feb 01 Regina at Calgary Feb 01 Manitoba at U.B.C. Atlantic Jan 30 New Brunswick at Moncton Jan 30 Dalhousie at Acadia Ontario Jan 27 McGill at Ottawa Jan 28 York at Toronto
  14. Jan 25: BISONS ALL BUT ELIMINATED MANITOBA BISONS 3 LETHBRIDGE PRONGHORNS 5 Links: LeagueStat: [Summary] : [Report] CW Hockey Tech: [Summary] : [Report] : [Text] Boxscores: [US/CIS] : [CW] : [Coach's View] : [UofM] Stories: [UofM] : [rp @CW] : [rp @UofL] This was a loss the Bisons could ill afford. Yes, they outplayed the Horny Ones (shots were 41-30) and no team led by more than a goal until the empty-netter. But the lack of finish hurt them, as usual, especially with Zach Franko i9njured and Kamerin Nault gone. Liam Bilton, Jereemey Leipsic, and Adam Henry (shorthanded) scored for the Bisons. The powerplay was 0-for-4, and that might have been the difference. Brooks Maxwell, Blake Orban, Sam McKechnie, Ryan Chynoweth (with obne minute left), and Jeff Rayman (into an empty net) scored for Lethbridge. Garret Hughson got the win and Byron Spriggs got the loss. With an afternoon game following a night game, I need to leave and I'll give a weekend wrap-up later on. By the way, it was Bell's Let's Talk night and everybody got a free toque. OUT-OF-TOWN SCOREBOARD U.B.C. THUNDERBIRDS 0 SASKATCHEWAN HUSKIES 4 Links: LeagueStat: [Summary] CW Hockey Tech: [CWHT Summary] Game story: [rp @CW] This was a whippin'. Shots were 41-17. UBC's hot start is firmly in the past. They are nowhere near being a threat on the national stage. Taran Kozun got the win, and Rylan Toth the loss. Kohl Bauml scored a pair for the Mutts. ALBERTA GOLDEN BEARS 6 REGINA COUGARS 3 Links: LeagueStat: [Summary] CW Hockey Tech: [CWHT Summary] Game story: [rp @CW] The Evil Monkeys had a much easier time with the Banjo Cats than they had with the Bisons. Shots were 52-17. Yikes, life in the Regina net is hazardous. Brenbdan Burke got the win, and Brandon Holtby the loss. Luke Philp scored four goals for the Apes, giving him 20 (!) on the season. CALGARY DINOSAURS 3 MOUNT ROYAL COUGARS 1 Links: LeagueStat: [Summary] CW Hockey Tech: [CWHT Summary] Game story: [rp @CW] This was a tight defensive game (shots 22-19 for Bedrock U) in this preview of the Crowchild Classic coming up Tuesday at the Saddledome. Jordan Papirny got the win and Riley Morris got the loss. OUT EAST Atlantic Jan 22 St. F.X. 5 U.P.E.I. 1 Jan 23 Moncton 3 Saint Mary's 4 (ot) Jan 25 New Brunswick 4 Dalhousie 0 Jan 25 Saint Mary's 2 Acadia 1 (ot) Jan 25 U.P.E.I. 1 St. F.X. 5 Ontario Jan 23 Queen's 1 U.O.I.T. 4 Jan 24 Laurier 3 Guelph 2 (so) Jan 25 Waterloo 4 York 5 Jan 25 Ryerson 3 Western Ontario 2 Jan 25 Ottawa 6 R.M.C. 1 Jan 25 Concordia 5 Carleton 4 (so) Jan 25 Lakehead 1 Brock 3 Jan 25 Laurentian 1 Queen's 3 Jan 25 U.Q.T.R. 6 Nipissing 4 Jan 25 Toronto 1 Windsor 3 Links: • [US/CIS S&R] • [OUA LS] • [AUS S&R] * indicates link not active as I post
  15. Jan 19: BISONS SUFFER A MATINEE LOSS MANITOBA BISONS 3 REGINA COUGARS 6 Links: LeagueStat: [Summary] : [Report] CW Hockey Tech: [Summary] : [Report] : [Text] Boxscores: [US/CIS] : [CW] : [Coach's View] : [UofM] Stories: [UofR] : [rp @CW] : [rp @UofM] The last two Cougar goals were scored into the empty net, so the scoreline (like on Friday) was a bit deceptive. On the night the Bisons outshot the Kittens 40-31. Matthew Leblanc scored his 2nd goal of the weekend (and of the season!) and a pair of goals by Jonah Wasylak gave the Herd a 3-1 lead in the 2nd period. Then things fell apart. Two goals by Zak Zborosky tied the game before the 2nd period ended. Brandon Holtby stopped 24 of 26 for the win, in relief of Dawson MacAley, who stopped 13 of 14 in the 1st period. Byron Spriggs took the loss, with with 25 saves on 29 shots. The loss blew a golden chance for the Bisons to close to within 4 points of Lethbridge in the race for the final playoff spot. OUT-OF-TOWN SCOREBOARD SASKATCHEWAN HUSKIES 5 LETHBRIDGE PRONGHORNS 4 Links: LeagueStat: [Summary] : [CWHT Summary] Boxscores: [US/CIS] : [CW] Stories: [UofL] : [rp @CW] : [rp @UofS] Yet another loss by the HØrny Ønes keeps the Bison hopes alive. There was a lot of ebb-and-flow in this one. Lethbridge scored first, Sask scored four unanswered, then Lethbridge scored three straight themselves. A late 2nd period goal gave the Mutts a 5-4 lead heading into the 3rd. Oddly, nobody could score in the final 20. Taran Kazan stopped 21 of 25 for the win and Garret Hughson stopped 36 of 41 in taking the loss. ALBERTA GOLDEN BEARS 5 MOUNT ROYAL COUGARS 0 Links: LeagueStat: [Summary] : [CWHT Summary] Boxscores: [US/CIS] : [CW] Stories: [MRU] : [rp @CW] : [rp @UofA] The scene switched to the home of the Bluegars but in the end the scoreline was identical to Friday night. Zach Sawchenko had a 21 save shutout for the win, and Colin Cooper stopped 16 of 20 through two periods for the loss. Riley Morris stopped 7 of 8 in the 3rd period. The Evil Monkeys had 4 goals on 6 shots in the 2nd period. CALGARY DINOSAURS 3 U.B.C. THUNDERBIRDS 4 (in overtime) Links: LeagueStat: [Summary] : [CWHT Summary] Boxscores: [US/CIS] : [CW] Stories: [UBC] : [rp @CW] : [rp @UofC] This double-OT win secured a playoff berth for the T-irds on a weekend where each team gained 3 points. Patrick Day got the win with 22 saves of 25 shots and Matthew Greenfeld stopped 31 of 35 for the loss. OUT EAST Atlantic Jan 19 U.P.E.I. 3 Moncton 4 (ot) Jan 19 Acadia 6 Dalhousie 4 Ontario Jan 19 York 6 Ryerson 7 Jan 19 Windsor 1 Waterloo 5 Jan 19 Nipissing 4 Carleton 6 Jan 19 Laurier 5 Lakehead 2 Jan 19 U.Q.T.R. 4 Ottawa 3 (ot) Jan 19 Toronto 2 Brock 1 (ot) Jan 19 Laurentian 4 Concordia 2 Jan 19 Western Ontario 1 Guelph 7 Jan 20 McGill 3 U.O.I.T. 0 Non-Conference Jan 19 R.M.C. 2 Army 5 (NCAA) Links: • [US/CIS S&R] • [OUA LS] • [AUS S&R] * indicates link not active as I post UP NEXT Canada West Jan 24 Mount Royal at Calgary Jan 25 Alberta at Regina Jan 25 U.B.C. at Saskatchewan Jan 25 Lethbridge at Manitoba Jan 25 Calgary at Mount Royal Atlantic Jan 22 St. F.X. at U.P.E.I. Jan 23 Moncton at Saint Mary's Jan 25 New Brunswick at Dalhousie Jan 25 Saint Mary's at Acadia Jan 25 U.P.E.I. at St. F.X. Ontario Jan 23 Queen's at U.O.I.T. Jan 24 Laurier at Guelph Jan 25 Waterloo at York Jan 25 Ryerson at Western Ontario Jan 25 Ottawa at R.M.C. Jan 25 Concordia at Carleton Jan 25 Lakehead at Brock Jan 25 Laurentian at Queen's Jan 25 U.Q.T.R. at Nipissing Jan 25 Toronto at Windsor
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