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  1. I guess that I am not the only saddened fan. Is there any hope for our Flyers?
  2. I've followed the Flyers since their second year. This is the first time that I have lost hope for them. Things have changed. I attended my first game in many years. It was hard to follow the game. "Fans" were returning to their seats ten minutes into the period and were leaving their seats with five minutes to go in the period. Everything is different, the fans, the team and the management. I feel sad. If there is any hope for the Flyers, it's time for a total rebuild, but I don't see it in the Flyers genes.
  3. I recently received an email from Hockey TV. I had never heard of them before receiving their email. they purport to carrying all NHL games thoughout the seasons plus all the playoff games. I cut the cord which leaves me without a source other than ESPN+, which does not cover all the games I wish to view. Does anyone have any experience with Hockey TV?
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