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  1. Really impressed by Lindblom tonight. He is just a pest. His back-checking , penalty kill is excellent! Oh by the way, he can score!
  2. Disagree regarding generational talent: Robert Earle Clarke was just that!
  3. Migraines can be a very tough disability to diagnose, treat and manage, with variable outcomes. I echo Pilldoc's sentiment. Nolan, I wish you the best and a successful recovery.
  4. If you are looking long term, and cap management, who is more important to the Flyers, Sanheim or Konecny? I would argue that Sanheim is more important to the Flyers long-term future than Konecny. Given this , why should Konecny receive more than Sanheim?
  5. Hate to be a homer, but bring him back somewhere in the organization. He bleeds orange and black. Excellent warrior and role model.
  6. I was never a fan of Scott Gordon, however, his and the Flyers performance since he took over as interim coach has been really solid. He is using younger players, his line/player adjustments during the game have ben adroit. Additionally he not afraid of calling a time-out! All in all, I think that he deserves the title of Head Coach. I know Q's still out there, but Gordon has done an excellent job.
  7. More fun to watch. For the first time this year it looks like the Flyers are having fun playing.
  8. Icehole; Giroux is a truly great player. The Flyers are very fortunate to have him. But he is nowhere near Bobby Clarke's level. #1 Clarke, # 2 Parent, or #1 Parent, #2 Clarke.
  9. Watched the game. There were 2 goals against, each of which were unstoppable. Hart is really coming on. I hope that the brass keeps him for this year, but he is getting closer and closer to reaching the NHL>
  10. If they can get him, Yzerman would be a great catch.
  11. BCF16. You present a very reasonable scenario. My only question is what makes you say the the Phantoms coaching staff will be let go? In a way it makes sense, but in reality it represents a major change.
  12. Really hope that the potential future that you see does not come to pass. Combine the weaknesses of Hextall and the weaknesses of Holmgren and the results is doom. Hopefully this firing is not a precursor to catastrophe!
  13. Oh Lord NO! He has his nose firmly planted in Sidney's ---!
  14. Thank you Howie and season greetings to you and yours!
  15. Sad state of affairs! Will be watching the game this afternoon with my grandson who is a die-hard Rangers fan. Both of us will be rooting for the other team to win!
  16. Lyon looked really strong. Can't hurt allowing him to back up for a really good look.
  17. Going on the road is good. However, if this is their big move, we are in trouble!
  18. I'm not as down on the players as the coach. The players look tentative and confused. The special teams are horrid! Time for a change of the coaching staff.
  19. @OccamsRazor At this point I would rather see Friedman or Myers. At least you know there is a reasonable expectation that they will get better. With AMAC there is no expectation of improvement.
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