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  1. So I show you a list where he is the most hated player, and you say he's not. That's fine. It's an opinion. Let's move away from Subban. What about the other Kane? Evander Kane. He takes a picture of himself with money and people BLAST him. Patrick Kane punches a cab driver in face, and we move on and even embrace his "life style" while making it into comedy and calling him a legend or a beauty. I am not saying that you specifically do this, just a section of hockey fans. It is enough for this to be considered a systemic problem. Right now, there are 7 twitter accounts making light of Patrick
  2. @flyercanuck http://www.thesportster.com/hockey/top-20-most-hated-nhl-players/?view=all Subban is #3 here @B21 http://www.si.com/nhl/home-ice/2013/02/07/the-list-nhls-most-hated-players Subban is #1 here and Ribeiro is actually below him So yeah, I guess I'm making this up.
  3. This is a big deal when he allegedly rapes the girl that only went to protect her friend. And he is going out of his way to find trouble because he has a hideous problem with alcohol. Remember a few years ago when he got drunk with his cousin and pummeled a cab driver? Why does he keep doing this? That's why he's going out of his way. Stay off the sauce, Patrick. Simple as that. But that's absurd. Think of it this way. I have never crashed my motorcycle so I definitely do not need a helmet. You didn't need one, but the second you go face first into the back of an 18 wheeler, you need a he
  4. Here's my two cents: Kane continues to put himself in situations where he cannot keep himself out of trouble. The trouble does not follow Patrick, he seems to go out of his way to find it. One of the more disturbing ideas that this case seems to involve is that the entire Buffalo area has something to do with this. For example, you have the bar owner trying to blame the "victim" by saying she was hanging all over him in the bar. The only reason I use quotes around victim is that the woman the bar owner pointed out was not the victim at all. The victim is a friend of the woman the bar owner m
  5. Andrey Makarov is a 6'1" goalie. Undrafted. Has progressed slowly each year, but should play some games next year behind Lehner. Decent prospect. Could be a very good goaltender in 3-4 years.
  6. With Mario, it'll always be the ifs that separate him from Gretzky. And I've been on the sim leagues dealing with trades and draft housekeepings lol
  7. This one at face value is a no brainer for me. It's Wayne every time. If Mario didn't have to stop playing because of his illness, could this be different? I'm very hesitant to say maybe. Regardless of the answer you give, I think the 80s were a much different time for hockey in which Gretz thrived. When the average save percentage for an NHL goalie is .900 and you've got the best one on your team, you're gunna win some cups. Never won outside of Edmonton, which is peculiar to me... What about most clutch player of all time? Justin Williams? Mark Messier?
  8. I think Petry is a mysterious player to some. Remember, he was playing in Edmonton. If you look at the rate he was scoring when he came to Montreal, he could score about 30 points a season, however I don't think that's what the goal was here. I think he's a better defensive player. We have Subban and Markov to control the offense for now, so Petry will be better off trying to tighten the team up defensively. If you look at the Canadiens defensive core last year, Petry was behind only Subban and Markov in Corsi for and Corsi against which is a pretty good indicator of how he is not allowing man
  9. Welcome to the forum! Not a ton of Rangers fans on here, so this should start some new discussion. Let's be clear about something here. The Rangers almost hate the entry draft. They hate it. The last first round pick by the New York Rangers? Brady Skjei in 2012. Before that? JT Miller in 2011. Not bad, but he hasn't exactly hit it off quite yet. Before that? Dylan McIlrath. AHL defensemen. Look, I love teams that build through the draft and through scouting. Look at the Anaheim Ducks, for example. In 2003, they stole Ryan Getzlaf and Corey Perry in the first round. The Rangers under Sath
  10. I have to disagree with you here. Jeff Petry was solid defensively for the Canadiens. He made up for Markov's horrendous play and he's going to break the bank on July first. I hope he signs with Montreal, but I doubt Bergevin gives Petry what he wants. Look, this year is a failure. Carey Price put together a season that could snag him the Hart trophy, PK Subban could win the Norris, and Max Pacioretty was one of the best two way forwards in the game this year. Unfortunately, Montreal was incredibly challenged offensively and overused grinders in an attempt to play "playoff style hockey"
  11. I think this season has just bothered me to some extent as the rules just seem to be misinterpreted. Why are some kicks more kick-like than others? I haven't seen anyone discuss this so I'll pose the question again. Should players be allowed to kick the puck into the net? Should headbutts (as far as hitting the puck into the net) be allowed too? My answer to both of these is ABSOLUTELY.
  12. Neither did Johnson in the broadcast. As the PXP is announcing the goal, he's already announcing that he kicked it. He would eventually backtrack.
  13. Yeah other than the team names and coaches, not much has been announced. The draft is coming up and the season starts in October. Right now I doubt there will be TV coverage but there might be some sort of package you can buy. That's how the Federal Hockey League worked and they were miles below what this is going to be.
  14. I'm BEYOND excited for this! I live in Connecticut and there is a semi-pro team in my hometown of Danbury named the Whalers, but I'm going to need to be a New York Riveters fan. That logo is fantastic! Can't wait for the season to start!
  15. Last night in Anaheim, the NHL Rulebook was interpreted in a very creative way. That is the nice way of putting things. What I want to say is that the NHL Rulebook, in particular rule 49, was absolutely ignored. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the official name of the rule, it is the section of the rulebook that deals with kicking pucks into the net. Rule 49 as of the 2014-2015 season reads as follows: A kicked puck that deflects off the body of any player of either team (including the goalkeeper) shall be ruled no goal. (ii) A kicked puck that deflects off t
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