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  1. What do you think has sustained me for all these years?
  2. But, as a Flyer fan, it's really my only coping mechanism. That, and drink.
  3. No doubt. What other filthy viruses is that thing concealing? It also just occurred to me, and I hate to say this, but applying @WordsOfWisdom's "method" for projecting stats, I expect Mathews to be dead by next weekend.
  4. How in the hell did I miss that one?! Off my game, rusty with the COVID and gins and tonics. Gotta get myself into proper shape man.
  5. Fair enough But we also have evidence of willful ignorance killing people. Just saying
  6. Why, back in the yesterdays of old we used rotten apples for pucks, when a cow turd wasn't available. I don't see what all the fuss is about.
  7. Thanks for your service bud. Keep at it. Ignorance kills. Nobody appears to know that better than you guys at this point in the proceedings.
  8. I think I know what you are trying to say here, but you are wrong: vaccines prevent people from getting sick, prevent people from dying, etc
  9. I have to assume you mean by this that parents will get their kids vaccinated once their is a vaccine. Most viruses don't die out. They mutate, usually toward a less deadly strain. There will be a vaccine, likely within the year. The issue will be how effective it is at a virus that has mutated by the time the vaccine is ready. Where do you get your news? Honest question.
  10. Did not age well so far. Likely won't age well on the go forward.
  11. Why, I remember when he was just a bum who put up a measly 100 pts in the Q while having mono.
  12. I certainly love sheep! More than ever to be honest, what with the state of the humans.

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