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  1. I wouldn't call that a sucker punch. It was a short jab with his arm that was grabbing his jersey. They each had a hold of each other and either one of them could have done that. Hathaway wasn't exactly doing his utmost to skate away. That was a beauty of a jab by Gudbranson I have to say. Love it.
  2. Same. All things is moderation* *includes sheep
  3. I didn't know you enjoyed the herb. The 72' plasma must look amazing when high.
  4. Wow. And people wonder why millions of Americans support an old socialist.
  5. Lol. Honest question: is that the minimum wage in PA?
  6. Don't tell the analytics gang that, they will have a conniption.
  7. I think this is true. And you're not gonna change a tiger's spots and all that. But that's my point: I just want them to occupy a space better with their big bodies, stop vacating the space, stop giving it away. I don't think that's too much to ask. But it might be.

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