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  1. Therrien was the HC in Pitts and Yeo was AC, they made it to the SC finals in 08, but lost to Detroit. The next season, Therrien got canned and Yeo remain as an AC to Bylsma and won the cup. So all three have experience coaching in the SC finals, with one of them actually winning it. So hopefully they can change the mentality of the players and make them winners.
  2. So both AV and Therrien got there teams to the SC finals, but did not win it. So they will teach this team how to win and make it in the playoffs, but lose the most important of the series. Great!!!
  3. CRAP!!!!!!! Just remembered that Therrien coached the Pens. Now I really don't like this hiring...
  4. So according to a reporter from Montreal, it looks that one of the assistants to AV next season will Michel Therrien... [Hidden Content] Not to sure how I should feel about this; is this good or bad? One thing is for sure, he is one coach that will help in changing the mentality of the team.
  5. On the Panarin and Coach Q front, I for one am not concerned with the Rangers, making a run at them; my gut is telling me that the team to watch is Florida with Talon as the GM. They say Tallon might make a run for his old coach, and in turn Panarin would go and join Q in Florida. I think that Panarin wanted to go back to Chicago to be with coach Q; but when Q was fired, Panarin decided to go the UFA route, and wait and see where Q goes. So my guess would be whoever signs coach Q, as a pretty good chance of getting Panarin as well. Just my 2¢ As a 3C could Brian Boyle be an option say for a year maybe 2?
  6. If they are not going to play him on the Big club, why not send him down to LV? That way he could at least play, and test his knees, and get ready for next season
  7. [Hidden Content] So looks like Talbot will be the backup tonight... I wonder when did Hart get his injury? And the F*** did they play him in so many games if he was injured? Hope they have not ruined him...
  8. And that is why I think Gudas only got 2 games... It would have been hard for them (The DOPS) to justify giving Malkin only 1 game, since he is a repeat offender as well (but no suspencion), and then throw the book at Gudas for a similar infraction. Malkin got one game because he plays for ``Bettman`s`` favorite team and is star on that team Both Gudas and Malkin deserved more than 5 games each; in my opinion
  9. ARE YOU @#$% Kidding me!!!! Looks like the @#$% refs will make sure that the Pens win this game
  10. Looks like Ghost is out with a Lower Body Injury
  11. Weal sent to Arizona for Dman Jacob Graves and a sixth round draft pick in 2019 Don't know much about Graves though
  12. Just wish it was more than just a 6th rounder
  13. WOW! What a lame backcheck by JVR on that OT goal. Why did he let up just before the pass was made? If he doesn't quit on the play, there is probably no pass, and possibly no shots either
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