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  1. Looks like it is for a 5th and they also retain 25% of his salary
  2. Any salary retained? Kind of bummed out about that trade, really liked Raffl, good versatile player.
  3. Possible Raffl trade to Washington. But I haven't seen anything from trustworthy hockey insiders yet
  4. From Pierre Lebrun: For a 7th RD pick in '22. And Flyers retain 50 percent salary/AAV So Gustafsson to Montreal for a 7th. Why hold back some salary???
  5. Elliot Freidman is saying Gus to Montreal
  6. Jones also has a Modified No Trade Clause, so he would have to agree to a move to Philly.
  7. Maybe, but maybe not, if Fletcher made a deal with Seattle for them to take a certain player, they want off the books, similar to what some teams made with Vegas. As for Seth Jones, to get him next season, it would have to be a trade with Columbus, and I doubt that Kekalainen moves him. With Foligno moved, he now becomes the face of the franchise, and probably their new captain. Anything is possible, but if you are to trade for him in the offseason, you need to resign him before the season ends as he will be a UFA. Makes no sense in trading for him for only one season.
  8. THIS JUST IN!!!! If your team is struggling, come play the Flyers, they will make sure your players get out of their slumps.
  9. I whish I knew... I get that Ghost is a defensive liability, but after seeing those the past few games, that are not better. At least Ghost would get some points in on the PP. I also think that this Flyers team need to bring up Morin. He would bring some physicality and some snarl; something they are severely lacking.
  10. WTF are Gus and Prosser still doing on the ice???
  11. I would imagine so they can either overpay Provy or to get a forward tomorrow
  12. Since this is coming from EK, I am not taking it for granted and not worth the loony that is in my pocket. But EK said the following: Personally, I don't think that Kadri is worth Ghost, and if Toronto is trying to shed some salary, well this does not make sense for them, and Kadri and Ghost make the same salary. My thought is that if the Leafs and to ship Kadri to Philly, they might be looking for either Sanheim or Myers with either a pick or prospect or both
  13. I just read the following on Spector's Hockey. Personally, I am not for this trade, for one, like Spector said, it would require more to come to Philly, before I would even think about it. Also, I am not sure that I would want o move Ghost just yet, I think that with better coaching, and a stable partner he would do better than this past season, heck the whole team will do better with better coaching, so got to hope that the AV team can get those guys to play better. Although, I would not mind seeing Byron on the team, he and G have plaid together in Jr, and
  14. All this talk about possibly getting Subban, is all good, but the question should be the following: Would Subban even want to come to Philly, to be reunited with a coach (Therrien) that he is know to have a volatile relationship with?
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