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  1. To be fair, FC, he may have meant crafty as in "cheesy"...
  2. Keith Kinkaid might be a good option for a backup to Carter Hart. Kinkaid has always put up decent to good numbers as a back up when NOT asked to shoulder heavy loads of minutes. He seems to be one of those guys that the heavier the workload, the worse he plays....but since Carter Hart is the undisputed #1 in Philly, Kinkaid shouldn't have to play a ton of minutes...just well enough to give Hart breaks and not have the team feel like it is an automatic "L" when their starter isn't backstopping them. Carolina's Curtis McElhinney the same. Not a big fan of his, but as a backup who isn't expected to carry the team, sure.
  3. Yikes.... 11 mil per for a defenseman, albeit a fantastic one, who has shown himself to be VERY injury prone. I wish the Sharks well and all that, but there were rumors of Tampa doing some shuffling to try and get Karlsson squeezed into their cap situation, but seeing the price tag (and again, Karlsson's propensity for injury), and am relieved that is no longer a possibility. At full health, Karlsson most certainly is still an elite player, but man, his slow start, time missed, and middling to good performance in the these past playoffs doesn't make it seem like he is worth that much for that long. I don't dislike San Jose, and a good posting buddy of mine is a big Sharks fan, but once again... YIkes!
  4. As usual, @yave1964 , enjoy your posting style. Entertaining, to the point, yet still with your own personal spin on things that doesn't sound like it is regurgitated from somewhere else. I think the Canes' challenge for next season is, "Can they sneak up on people once again?" I think not....but if the players that did so well for them are the real deal and the chemistry is genuine, they may not need to do any sneaking. They could just go right up to other team's barns and bang the door down! The main core up front will return, but the team will have interesting choices regarding their Captain Justin Williams and like you said, perhaps Michael Ferland as well. Getting a deal done with Sebastian Aho is a no-brainer....thing is, at what cost and for how long. Defensively, a mixed bag back there regarding who will be with the team long term and who isn't. Does the team want to extend Justin Faulk beyond this coming season? Or perhaps they are better off upping his value best they can then trading him off for picks and/or prospects? Dougie Hamilton has two years left....will he be allowed to "get comfortable" in Raleigh, or will the same as Faulk go with him? Trade him off for assets? Slavin and Pesce are the two young d-men committed long term and then the team has to make a decision on steady Trevor Van Reimsdyk who, like Justin Faulk, only has this year left on his deal. Again, interesting decisions Canes will have to make....many of those perhaps pending on how the team starts out next season. Goaltending-wise...well, THAT will be something. I felt their goalies played over their heads and one (Darling) didn't play anywhere near his potential. I want to see if they jettison the entire crop, well, maybe keep ONE as a backup, and maybe go for a Bobrovsky or Varlamov on the FA market. They also have a nice draft board to work with this coming July.... 4 picks in the first two rounds (1-first, 3-seconds), 10 picks in 7 rounds overall, so they should be able to pick up at least one, maybe two impact players for next season with that
  5. I think Buffalo just did what they needed to do at this stage of their competitive cycle: Sign a young enough guy with a legit skillset to help push this franchise forward as other players develop into full fledged NHL contenders. That seems to be the plan anyways. Again, I think wherever Skinner would have gone, he was going to get paid and get paid big....so if you are Buffalo, why not sign him...keep him there with Jack Eichel whom he seemed to work with real well. Ok, so perhaps Skinner benefitted from Eichel as a linemate, but still, Skinner himself is a bonafide offensive threat. Put up decent numbers with woeful offensive Carolina teams in the past, his possession metrics seem to be pretty good throughout his career, and while he has yet to gain the notoriety of some of the players on your comparable list, I think he can be just as good....maybe he will be noticed more playing in Buffalo as opposed to Carolina, playing on an up n coming team like the Sabres. Buffalo still needs lots of other things of course, but if they make good signings elsewhere and, more importantly, the guys they have develop correctly, I think this deal will still look good. Not very many players at all usually live up to whatever the big contract they end up getting is....I know you know this. But many times teams are willing to take the chance on a guy with a reasonable shot at becoming a regular contributor and a guy you can continue to build around for the majority of the contract given....as I think this is the case with Skinner. The team has the cap space and will also have some other contracts coming off the books as soon as next year
  6. Hmm...very interesting Flyers fans. Here is how I see this: One of those trades that, at a lower level, addresses each team's needs, short term anyways. Flyers upgrade in some areas with Matt Niskanen in the offensive, smarts, and skating department, but lose out a bit on overall toughness, hitting, and a lower cap hit. I think, for whatever time Niskanen has left on his contract, he SHOULD help Philly. Again, he skates better than Gudas, is quicker, has more experience, won a Cup, and bring a bit more to the table in terms of point production than big ol Radko. That said, Niskanen IS on the downside of his production (going by his numbers over the last couple seasons), and while I said he is an offensive upgrade over Gudas, he still is NOT an eye popping point producer (never was)….just steady to the tune of about 35-40'ish points per season, compared to Radko's 20-25, give or take. Niskanen still turns the puck over a bit more under duress than I am sure fans would like, but then again, Radko did the same...pressure big Gudas, and he'd cough it up pretty handily as well.....difference being, I think fans expect better from Niskanen in that department. Also, as some mentioned, having a tried and true vet like him alongside some of the younger Flyer defensemen can only be a good thing AND Niskanen, when healthy is a big minutes eater, which means if a guy like AMac is still around (1 year left), The Fly shouldn't have to run him out there as much. Of course, the Flyers do give Washington the younger player with still a smidge left of improvement to his game that can still be attained (Radko, IMO, has come a LONG way from his brainless Neanderthal ways from the AHL and early days in Tampa Bay). Gudas does have the lower cap hit and will be a UFA sooner than Niskanen, and with the combination of Tom Wilson and Radko Gudas, the Caps have a very nasty combo up front and on the blue line that can wreak havoc with other teams. Caps get out from under Niskanen's contract while getting the discounted Gudas and Washington will NOT miss Niskanen's middling production because they still are pretty top heavy and have other guys on the blue line who can at least work as units to fill in whatever Niskanen did for them. Overall, a decent hockey move for both sides. Sure, Matt Niskanen isn't the big tremendous boost Flyers fans may have been wanting, but at the end of the day, larger cap hit aside, he does represent an overall improvement on Gudas in terms of being a more complete hockey player at this time. Not a bad Chuck Fletcher move. Look at it this way.... Fletcher COULD have dealt with Buffalo and tried getting Marco Scandella (I like Marco, but he has been declining fast the last two seasons!), or he could have dealt with some other club looking to unload some unspectacular defenseman on Philly, while prying away the still viable 2nd / 3rd pair guy in Gudas from Philly. Chuck did well in getting you guys a proven winner, albeit one that isn't quite the same player he was during his Pittsburgh and early Washington runs.
  7. Moving this thread back on topic...……….. Jeff Skinner. Tell you what... good deal and good signing for Buffalo. I think everyone knew that whomever signed Skinner was going to have to pay some big bucks, so no one should be surprised at the $9M cap hit. That said, the guy IS a legit scorer, seemed to work very, very well with Jack Eichel, and probably one of the more important details that many times fans overlook....he actually likes playing where he is with the Sabres. Make no mistake...the Sabres still need a lot more in terms of scoring depth, better defensive play and more consistent goaltending, but at the very least, with Eichel and Skinner, and whomever they put in as a third member of their line, they at least have a very dangerous go-to line and while I am not a fan of teams just having "one line", if this past season has proven, it is teams CAN make headway with just one line (if they really are good enough) and the rest of the team makes some semblance of competitive play each and every night...… looking at teams like Dallas, Colorado, and Boston. But look, Jeff Skinner, still just 27 signed for 8 years...it is quite possible, as long as he maintains good health (his biggest nemesis actually), that he will be a productive player throughout the life of his contract. He HAS shown over the last two seasons that his concussion issues are now a thing of the past and if he doesn't get his lights dimmed anymore in that fashion, then the Sabres truly have a top flight winger whom Jack Eichel can call "partner" for the next several years. I like the signing for the Sabres, I think it is a step in the right direction, bottom line...now....about the rest of the team's needs.....
  8. I guess now the entire NHL can smell what The Chief was cookin....
  9. Pretty much. You can also start your own podcast, come up with locker room conspiracy theories, sell them to others like a subway evangelist, then profess to know everything that goes on in the locker room like a complete pompous ass. I mean, I understand that works for some other fanbases....
  10. Good read indeed. Just goes to show you...no matter HOW MUCH certain "smart fans" think they are in the know, they know nothing. That goes for so-called journalists, piss ant podcasters, bumbling bloggers, know-it-all pie faced forum posters, and anyone else who thinks just because they follow a team close enough, they know EVERYTHING that goes on behind the scenes....as if they sat down to dinners with team owners and got information first hand. Anyways, there you have it. Berglund himself said he lost his passion for the game (and NOT because Housely wasn't playing him) and needed time away from the game....maybe for good, who knows.... to straighten himself out. I suspect St. Louis may have started to see that in him too and thus had no problem including him as part of that sizeable package for Ryan O'Reilly. When you start not showing up for practices and just going through the motions on the ice when you do get a chance to play, well, that never ends well for any player. No one can fault Phil Housely for disciplinary actions after things like that....discipline that even Berglund himself, according to this article, knew was right in line with what he deserved. When a man walks away from the kind of money Berglund did, then the fact that he no longer had "passion" really can't be questioned. Saw something similar in baseball when the Minnesota Twins got a guy from Japan (he was a batting champion in the Nippon Leagues when they signed him)….he played terribly, then started to "miss home" and just lost his enthusiasm for the game of baseball. He ended up walking away from big money the Twins still owed him to go back home. Hey, it happens.
  11. Meh...no one is blaming you, FD.. You were just posting harder..
  12. I don't see how the reversal is an issue. The play was offside because Gabriel Landeskog was offside as he made his way to the bench for a line change. In fact, when asked about it, Landeskog himself called it "a clumsy mistake"...on HIS part! He knew it...replay showed that was the case, so I don't see how this points to "corruption". Granted, I don't want officials and technicalities deciding games anymore than the next fan, but bottom line is, calls NEED TO GET DONE RIGHT! And credit Sharks' head coach Pete DeBoer for being aware and eagle eyed about that and making the challenge....the CORRECT move. I am pretty sure if anyone's home team made the same call DeBoer did, it would have been called "brilliant" and "astute"....and no corruption or conspiracy theories would have to be even mentioned. I will agree the NHL as a whole has lots of problems on different levels, but the call on the Avs, and the official reversal was NOT one of them. At the end of the day, the better overall team moved on...which really can't be said very much in his Bizarro playoff year.
  13. Congrats @J0e Th0rnton Your Sharks are in the West Finals once again! But will Jones be good enough to get by the Blues?
  14. Sharkies are up 2-0 as of this posting...I want them to put away the Avs and just prep for St. Louis. Colorado has MORE than had their 15 min in the spotlight this season.
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