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  1. Was extremely disappointed in the Tampa Bay loss yesterday. I felt they had the game on their sticks on several occasions and Anton Khudobin wasn't exactly at his best....yet still, he played well enough to keep the Bolts off the scoreboard long enough for his team to tie in regulation, then win in OT. And I am not taking anything away from the Stars. They very much deserve to be in these Finals and are going to be a tough out for anyone, including Tampa Bay, but just felt the Lightning should have gotten this done last night, take their Cup, then rest up a bit before the new season starts in.....well, whenever the new season is supposed to start up. Of course, they still have two more shots at eliminating Dallas, though the longer this goes, the more confidence the Stars will get and maybe, just maybe, some old ghosts start creeping back into the heads of the Lightning. Not sure what more the Bolts could have done in Game 5. I thought they played well, but Khudobin just rose to the occasion when absolutely needed, and Corey Perry of all people, has been coming up large for Dallas as well. More pucks on nets for TB....and stay away from the stupid penalties. Seems obvious, but that's about all they can do and see if in Game 6, Khudobin falters a bit more than he did in Game 5
  2. I've read the Jets may be interested in Wild defenseman Mat Dumba and that Minnesota GM Bill Guerin is wanting a top six forward in return for Dumba. Though the Wild's main need is really a top line center. Would Minnesota take Laine for Dumba instead and try to get a center elsewhere? Also, teams within the same division usually wouldn't make a big trade like this. Other stories have Dumba ending up in Toronto so there may not be much to a Wpg-Min trade anyways. Just thought I'd put this here in case that sort of surprise trade does happen.
  3. Agreed Dallas would be better with those guys in, but then, depth is just as much a part of a championship team as having big name players. Honestly though (and I know the series isn't over), the BETTER team is winning....and doing it while dealing with injuries of their own (Stamkos and portions without Ryan McDonagh and Brayden Point as well).
  4. Stars definitely outplayed the Lightning in yesterday's game. Fatigue for the Bolts could have played a part, but that wouldn't account for TB to come on strong in the 3rd period, though at that point, it seemed too little too late. Dallas makes it a habit it seems, to get heavily outshot in the final period, and while it isn't the ideal way to play, their defensive structure along with Khu-Dini's red hot play make it work. I am guessing the Bolts will need to treat Period 1 of Game 2 as if it WERE the 3rd period and throw everything they can at the Stars' net. Maybe get the Stars out of their comfort zone a bit by making them play from behind on the scoreboard. But overall, the Stars looked crisper and more focused in the opening game. Sloppy passing and weak defensive zone coverage by the Lightning made it difficult for them to mount any kind of sustained attack through most of the game. Will the "rest factor" now be evened out for Game 2?
  5. Dallas definitely looks like the faster, fresher team so far. Score is tied 1-1, but just seems the Stars are dictating the pace and zones played. Bolts should sort this out sooner or later, but if they don't shore up their own zone and make easier outlet passes, they may be down early in this series.
  6. Here they are. The last two teams standing. All your game day and post game talk can go right here as we watch and see who wants the big hardware more! Bolts come in as "favorite", Stars come in, as some have put it, the "Cinderella" team. Neither had an easy road to get here, and looks like neither will make it easy on the other. Will have to wait a bit to see what the injury reports and status of certain players is (or if anyone has that info, please post), such as Stamkos, Point, Faksa, and Bishop. Some good storylines here, especially if Ben Bishop can play....facing the team that truly gave him his NHL shot and ALMOST won a Cup with. Benn and company finally getting big monkeys off their back and winning it all when it was being whispered that perhaps that core's window was closing. For the Bolts, after years of having good teams, finally seeing redemption and winning a title, and facing four tough defensive squads along the way to do it....possibly even their former number one goalie. Some very good blue lines on both sides, with Victor Hedman leading the way for TB, while young Miro Heiskanen leads the defense corps for Dallas. But they are far from the only standouts on defense on either side. Mikhail Sergachev, Erik Cernak, Ryan McDonagh for TB..... John Klingberg, Esa Lindell, Jamie Oleksiak for Dallas... yea, I see all you guys too! Goaltending will feature Andrei Vasilevkiy for the Bolts, of course, and for the Stars.....may be interesting. Is Ben Bishop fit to play? But then, how can you sit the red hot Anton Khudobin, who, almost singlehandedly, was responsible for more than a few Dallas wins along the way? And talent up front galore on both sides: Benn, Gurianov, Seguin, Radulov, Hintz, Kucherov, Point, Palat, Killorn...just to name a few. Hoping for a fantastic Stanley Cup finish!
  7. @Villette/Lavaux That we do. Both the Lightning and Stars truly earned their way to where they are. Bolts played the role of favorites along the way, Stars played the role of underdogs (though I question that status to be honest...I think they are more than people give them credit for), but neither had an easy path to the Finals. Tip of the helmet to the Islanders for a very tough series against the Lightning and particular, props to one Mr. Matt Martin. I talked all kinds of smack about Martin and what he does on the ice, his playstyle, his penchant for a bit of goonery, etc. But when the teams lined up for the handshake, I saw that very same Matt Martin not only sincerely congratulate a guy he traded blows with (Luke Schenn), but also seemed to encourage the younger Lightning players as he met them, as they made their way to the Finals round. Class. Act. Especially in the face of a tough series loss. Sometimes, it feels like hockey is a bit like pro wrestling when it comes to personalities. The biggest "maniacs" on the ice, are the most upstanding and complete human beings off and away from it. Public enemy number one during a game....sweetheart of a man afterwards. Milan Lucic at the handshake line Matt Martin certainly is NOT! Again, kudos to him!
  8. Looking over at capfriendly, seems the Knights have a bit of wiggle room....almost 5M in space. Now, if they plan on signing Lehner, that 5M may have to go to him....which means they will have to move a player or two to be able to possibly re-sign guys like Nick Cousins or a Tomas Nosek......or just let those guys walk while pursuing someone else instead. You are right...they would have to be mindful of their cap space, but seems George McPhee is usually ahead of the game when it comes to that sort of thing. If Lehner really will be chosen as the number one, MAF definitely will want out and the Knights can utilize his modified NTC to facilitate a deal that would free up 7M for Vegas. Also, a guy like Ryan Reaves, fresh off his playoff hype, can be moved to a team that would like a tough bottom six winger at just under 2M, so that can free up more space and possibly a roster spot if the Knights accept a late round pick for him instead of a player. If Vegas sees a defenseman they want to add, but are short on roster spots, they could also move guys like McNabb or Nick Holden, both of which could be desirable for teams looking for a bottom pair big hitter (McNabb) or a decently defensive player with a bit of offensive skill for their 2nd or 3rd pair (Holden). Combined, those guys carry a cap hit just over the 4M mark, so again, more room there that can be freed up. If McPhee has taught us anything by now, is that he is always thinking. I trust he will have this team ready to make another run...maybe a bit faster like you suggested, come the new season.
  9. As always, Yave, in depth and interesting takes. I think this team will be fine in the next couple years. Can still be contenders for not only the playoffs, but even continue to make runs at the Stanley Cup. As you pointed out already, some questions will need to be addressed and I agree the biggest one has to be in goal. Seems the relationship between MAF and the head coach is soured a bit......and having a 7M cap hit malcontent on the bench isn't ideal. I'd say, if they can sign Lehner to a deal....maybe something in the 4 to 5 year range, and it is reasonable, that could solve that and MAF may asked to be traded to a team that would instill him as the #1 again. As for top line C.....what team DOESN'T want a top line C? With the way the Knights play, I'd say it isn't as essential for them, although one could easily argue that if they DID have one, perhaps they'd be champs by now instead of perennial runners up or near runners up. Wild Bill Karlsson not a number one? He might still be. His disappearances at times doesn't support that argument though, I get that much. Maybe he buys a little TOO much into the whole team philosophy? Meaning, "Hey, well, if I don't do well, someone else will". Instead of the usual alpha center mindset of "I want to be the guy...all the time...carry this team on my back...I will lead them to a title!" that most 1C's have. Defensively, I think the team is solid there too, especially with the seemingly coming out finally, of one Shea Theodore. I would say though, maybe the Knights should be looking around for another defenseman with some offensive capabilities. Everyone outside of Theodore looks mostly of the middling or defense first types. Nate Schmidt has nice wheels, but I don't consider him to be an offensive first type.....more like a do-a-bit-of-everything type. Kevin Shattenkirk's contract will be up with the Bolts. Assuming they don't re-sign him (if he is looking for a big number, they probably won't), he might fit in well in Vegas' scheme and help take some of the offensive load from Shea Theodore. Let's face it...if Vegas really needs some more scoring from say, a would be 1C and don't have it yet.....then the next best thing would be for the forward lines to keep playing like they do, and then the team could get goals from the blue line to help supplement that. Right now, with just Theodore as the main threat from there, that would be difficult. Shattenkirk, a Tony DeAngelo (he is rumored to be on the trade block from the Rangers), maybe a Mat Dumba from the Wild (there were some rumblings he may get dealt) or a Shayne Gostisbehere from Philadelphia would help Theodore and the Knights generate more offense from the blue line. Come next season though, I fully expect Las Vegas to be in the playoff mix once again though. GM George McPhee has done an outstanding job with this new franchise since day 1 and basically set them up to be good for quite a number of seasons. Granted, the new NHL expansion rules helped him tremendously, but still, kudos to him for taking full advantage of each and every opportunity afforded to him as the GM of a new team entering the league.
  10. [Hidden Content] Staal to Buffalo, Johansson to Minnesota. Two expiring contracts where the Wild pick the more expensive of the players (4.5M cap for Johansson vs 3.25M cap for Staal), but Johansson is younger at 29 vs Staal's 35. Between this trade and the Bjugstad one, seems Minnesota is taking flyers on players and is going to use this upcoming season as an audition. Johansson has had his best years with the team that drafted him, the Washington Capitals, though by "best", we are talking a 45-50 pt player.....career high of 58 points done once. Didn't seem to do much for the fortunes of the Devils and Sabres, so he will look to try once again for the Minnesota Wild. Not a bad trade. Once again, if he doesn't work out and the Wild don't much like what they see from him in the upcoming season, they just let him go. Trading an older player who really isn't in the team's long term plans for a younger one with upside is never a bad thing. He can also play any forward position so there is versatility as well.
  11. Barzal if its the Isles....he has been sneaking into the offensive zone all night and making plays. He may be due. If it's the Lightning, i am going with Alex Killorn. Been too quiet tonight, though he was involved in some earlier play where the Islanders simply diffused the situation.
  12. TB NEEDS to finish this right here.....but if needed, it will carry over into the OT.
  13. I sorta expected more desperation out of the Islanders........seeing as how they could be heading home after this one. Still though, as long as things stay low tempo, I think it favors them. Bolts need to turn things up a notch or three.

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