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  1. Yea, not terribly excited over this, but hey, as a "show me" type deal, not bad. Plus, when Seattle comes a-calling, would EEK be eligible to be taken? If he can up his value just enough where he shows even a bit of promise, and Minnesota thinks Seattle might want to take him, maybe they should.....so they don't end up with another Tuchtacular "black eye" as a franchise...
  2. Thanks for this. Interesting read. I thought the author was a bit overblown on some things (Guerin facing an uphill battle on player contracts? Nah, not so much...more like the uphill battle is convincing Leipold that some players may need to go...or for the owner to understand not to meddle in GM or coaching business), but other points he made regarding minutes reallocation and getting younger (still possible....but again, new GM will have to convince Leipold that moving out certain players is good for the team in the long run), make all the sense in the world. If Bruce Boudreau still really has his heart in coaching, and Guerin believes in him, then he should absolutely try to get the coach what he wants so he can ice a competitive team...even if building on the fly is being done in the short term. And the author points out the aging vets, and at the point those vets no longer are NHL viable, THEN hopefully, Guerin gets the freedom to do what a GM is supposed to do: go full rebuild. Pittsburgh has been famous for retooling on the fly so if Guerin has learned anything over there working under such business practices, then things don't necessarily have to hit rock bottom for this team to see improvement. But the "uphill battle" is, again, convincing the owner. I really am hoping Guerin's personality combined with his former player union rep persona, mixed in with his asst GM/GM experience can talk Leipold "down from the ledge"...
  3. Thanks @pilldoc , for the auto renewal I do intend to come back this season to play. I haven't logged into the league yet, but that is on my to-do list in the next day or two. Welcome back to all....returning players and new ones! Looking forward to another fun FHL season
  4. I know lineups will likely change from now till Opening Night, and you Wings fans would know better who will likely be with be whom, but here is, according to dailyfaceoff, how they have the Wings' lines set up on the forward ranks. Adam Erne slotted in the 3rd line seems about right to me though. Erne played 3rd and 4th line minutes in TB, and he had the occasional top six wing position as Jon Cooper tried to find ways to either expand Erne's offensive repertoire, or more likely, had him there to try an open up space for his scoring linemates. But his skillset thus far suggests he fits best as a checking, sometimes scoring contributing, bottom six forward. Maybe with more experience and the Wings not being as deep as TB, he will see more time doing other things more often.
  5. @SpikeDDS You aren't obtuse....just missed it. It happens. There is an Erne thread started up under Around the NHL, Rumors, Trades, Signings. I'll merge and put in in this forum for ya, since the subject is more of interest to Wings fans....and myself as I rather liked Erne's playstyle.
  6. As per @hf101 's post on the Buffalo Sabres new sweaters (yes, Jefe, we DO have a thread for this.. ), here are the "golden" jerseys the Sabres will be using as thirds this coming season...and I agree, they DO look nice.
  7. @mojo1917 I hear ya...not having a lot of news is a bit dull for us fans, but in the long run, if it means ownership and players are making the best possible decisions regarding what player they are keeping and the salary involved, then so be it. I suspect there are different reasons why all these RFAs have remained unsigned to this point....no two cases are the same. Because I've been naturally following the Lightning's situation the closest, I understand that contracts are being moved around behind the scenes in order to ensure the Bolts don't need to waive anyone or otherwise cause roster issues once the season starts. Probably why we saw Adam Erne moved for a 4th rounder and why the club is looking to try and move Louie Domingue and get something, even if it's another 4th or a 5th rounder in return. The money is there for Point now, no doubt...then of course, is the bridge or not to bridge, and for how much, though I would imagine with precedents being set with other players taking less than market value to remain, the amount part shouldn't be all that hard to come to an agreement on. Marner? McAvoy? Werenski? Completely different cases....Marner is probably wanting the same uber amounts others on the team got (hard for Toronto to do because they are a cap ceiling team like the Lightning...BUT, players aren't taking discounts to stay there)...and clubs or even the players, regarding McAvoy and WSki, are trying to decided whether they are going to be kept long term, or in the case of Werenski, are the Jackets going to remain competitive, and would he want to be part of a long term rebuild, etc, etc. Good news is, players and teams don't have much time left to decide. Training camps start very soon, and while I am not sure where the other clubs are with their RFA's regarding how close they are in agreements, TB management has said repeatedly that Point will be signed and ready to go by the beginning of training camp. They've been good on their word in the past, so I have confidence they will get this done, whether bridge form or long term form, before the Bolts need to focus on pure hockey.
  8. Hey...whatever a team has at their disposal to get a player to stay....should be fair game to use! Tax free state? SC contending team? First rate ownership and management teams? Non Toronto-style media circus market? Beaches, golf, auto raceways, and Disneyland where the coldest you'd ever have to worry about in the winter is maybe 45-50 F?? Check, check, check, check, and check.
  9. Some of what he has done numbers wise at the NHL level, courtesy of hockey reference.
  10. UPDATE: Not too long after I posted the above, we now have Adam Erne officially signed by the Red Wings after being acquired as an RFA. Looks like a one year "show me" contract, or a possible short bridge till Yzerman and the coaching staff can see where he really fits in at the NHL level. He is just 24 and even after this one year deal will still be an RFA
  11. A couple links, one from the Bolts side of things, other from the Wings: Wings: [Hidden Content] Lightning: [Hidden Content] Looks like Steve Yzerman didn't completely get all his "stuff" when he moved out of the TB GM's office..... well, he just got a player he drafted in the 2nd round back in 2013...Adam Erne. Looks like a minor deal on the surface, and in the grand scheme of things (i.e. projection for him as an NHL'er) it may be just that...minor. However, from the Bolts' POV, this frees up a valuable roster spot to have a serious look at some of the forwards in Syracuse to see who comes out on top to break camp with the Lightning instead of the Syracuse Crunch this coming season.....and boy do the Lightning have a number of guys who are itching to get to the big club. From the Wings POV, they will be getting an admittedly bottom six NHL'er, but one who is pretty rugged, and if paired with decently skilled linemates (as he was from time to time in TB....he even played a bit on the TOP line with Stamkos), he can actually chip in points too. He isn't your traditional tough guy fighter type, but he will drop the gloves and is more in line with the modern hybrid of checking/enforcer that we see in the NHL today. At 6'1 and 210 pounds, there is nothing fancy about his game...he sees bodies, he hits bodies, he sees an open teammate, he passes to open teammate...if he is near the net he looks for rebounds and tries to smash one in. I think the Bolts may miss some of his grit though....and I can see Erne being a thorn in the side of Bolts' scorers and defenseman as he no doubt will enjoy putting the checks on his former teammates. No...Erne by himself won't change the fortunes of the Wings' offense, but, he is sort of like a Justin Abdelkader in the sense that, he is the type of teammate who will go to the trenches with you and is classic blue collar all the way with a touch of offense under the right circumstances. For the price of a 4th rounder, I think the Wings did well here. His cap hit last season was around 800K, but even with a raise (he is still currently an RFA), he shouldn't put too much of big dent in the Wings' cap space...and I suspect they get a lot of player for the money, whatever that amount is, they will be paying out. Good luck to Erne (but not against the Lightning )....a very likeable, unselfish, good soldier. Steve Yzerman saw what he had in him when he was Bolts' GM and sure enough, saw the opportunity to add him to a still developing Wings' team and did just that.
  12. Glad to see we finally see eye to eye on something.
  13. Agreed. As long as @JR Ewing doesn't go around telling Wild fans what a mistake hiring Peter Chiarelli would be, all is well. After all, Wild fans aren't sure they need that from an Oiler fan
  14. I'm ok with this. Really didn't think Waddell was going to be the guy to do anything with this franchise. Still would rather see a Hextall, Mellanby, or Drury get a shot...although, I read that the Rangers put the kabosh on any possible Drury poaching. Wish I read a story that said Chiarelli had been hired somewhere else and the Wild are just gonna have to be severely disappointed he is no longer available (snicker)
  15. Not a bad list at all. Cases can be made for every single player on there and nothing jumps out at me as being ridiculous. That said, if I were to remove one player and add another, it would have to be putting in Jonathan Toews and removing Elias Pettersson. How the heck you leave off an in-his-prime SC winning top line center, who incidentally put up career highs in G, A, and overall points, while STILL maintaining ridiculously good FO win % numbers, NOT turning the puck over and is still a consummate leader on the ice is beyond me. Sure, Toews +/- had suffered (well below his career averages), but the Chicago defense and goaltending overall has not been top tier the last two seasons or so. Toews plays a fantastic two way game and has for years, and I expect he will continue to do so for a few more yet. He should be on there. Pettersson? Great, great rookie season, but at this stage, that's all it is...one season. Granted, he has the ceiling and skillset to be a regular on a list like this, but others on here, including the omitted Toews, have been doing it for YEARS and look like they could keep getting it done for the foreseeable. Nothing against young Pettersson, but one season shouldn't land him on list like this......two or three years from now, he might own the top spot here though... Also, in a nod to Flyers fans, yes, I would say Sean Couturier can have a case for being on here. Last season, his numbers matched very close to Toews' and seems to now play the same kind of game, top to bottom. And since he has done it for the last two years, on an iffy defensive squad like Philadelphia, it can't be called a fluke. If he does it yet again this coming season, he officially should be in the top 20 no questions asked, but yea, I could see him being nudged into this list even now.
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