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  1. Meh...no one is blaming you, FD.. You were just posting harder..
  2. I don't see how the reversal is an issue. The play was offside because Gabriel Landeskog was offside as he made his way to the bench for a line change. In fact, when asked about it, Landeskog himself called it "a clumsy mistake"...on HIS part! He knew it...replay showed that was the case, so I don't see how this points to "corruption". Granted, I don't want officials and technicalities deciding games anymore than the next fan, but bottom line is, calls NEED TO GET DONE RIGHT! And credit Sharks' head coach Pete DeBoer for being aware and eagle eyed about that and making the challenge....the CORRECT move. I am pretty sure if anyone's home team made the same call DeBoer did, it would have been called "brilliant" and "astute"....and no corruption or conspiracy theories would have to be even mentioned. I will agree the NHL as a whole has lots of problems on different levels, but the call on the Avs, and the official reversal was NOT one of them. At the end of the day, the better overall team moved on...which really can't be said very much in his Bizarro playoff year.
  3. Congrats @J0e Th0rnton Your Sharks are in the West Finals once again! But will Jones be good enough to get by the Blues?
  4. Sharkies are up 2-0 as of this posting...I want them to put away the Avs and just prep for St. Louis. Colorado has MORE than had their 15 min in the spotlight this season.
  5. I think this thread and its various inanities has served its purpose. Only way to go from here for this seriously derailed topic is Hfboardsville...not happenin. And Dave...watch the name calling. Ridiculous. Immature. Unnecessary. If you keep doing that, you will need to change your name to DaveTheNailed. Let's all move on with life....
  6. Fair enough that Nino DID help the team get to where it got, but I think the author did just fine. One could also argue that it was a different environment and a total team effort and style of play that suited Nino as well that changed HIS season around from the murky, listless trajectory he was going with the Wild. The Canes aren't where they are simply because of any ONE man (but you know, if I WERE to give the nod to just one guy, I'd go Justin Williams for his many contributions on and off the ice to the team, and especially in the playoffs)….but rather, the Canes, ALL YEAR LONG have played a complete 4-line, 3-pair defense, goalies-on-the-spot team game. Period. On paper, they shouldn't have gotten into the playoffs, they shouldn't have beaten some of the teams they did once they got there, but when a team plays to their abilities (and in some cases OVER their abilities), and everyone "buys in", anything can happen. I am glad Nino is seeing success and he certainly is a part of what Carolina is accomplishing, but he isn't any bigger than any other players or efforts on the whole.
  7. I guess I am rooting for a Canes-Jackets ECF now. Will root Jackets if its them...but if Boston walks away with the win, then I will go with The Jerks.....the Canes Jerks...NOT the Bruin Jerks..
  8. I blame Don Cherry. Ever since he called the Canes a "bunch of jerks", they not only adopted it as their moniker, so did the media, gave them a rallying point, and look...now they are ECF bound. If Cherry had kept his mouth (and his suits) at a lower volume, the Canes would have missed the playoff ENTIRELY and the Canadiens make it in!
  9. @WordsOfWisdom Well, now, I am not exactly "cringing" at anything, but honestly, whomever wins the Cup, even if its a team I don't think should be there quite yet (**cough, Colorado...cough... Carolina...cough Dallas**), you will NOT hear me say it was a 'tarnished win'. As some have stated already, the Stanley Cup is THE most difficult prize to attain of all the major team sports championships in North America, bar none!. And when a fantastic franchise like Pittsburgh, Chicago, Detroit, the old Colorado teams, and even the more recent LA Kings can do it on MORE than one occasion within a short time span, it is super impressive. Yes, I certainly hear you when you say you'd like your team to tear through the best on their way to a title...its why I honestly wanted the Bolts vs. the Pens in the 1st round at some point met and beaten the Washington Capitals, and in a Cup Finals would have loved to have seen a team like Nashville, Winnipeg, San Jose, or even the former defending Western Champ Vegas Knights go against TB. But even had the Lightning moved on, faced teams OTHER than those mentioned and won it all, it STILL would have been a legit win due to simply how hard that was to do that. As for the teams left, look, I feel very strongly about who should be moving on and who shouldn't, but regardless of that, teams that are moving on, such as the thread titular Carolina Hurricanes (gotta get that final win though!), will still have my respect, even if its a grudging respect, due to the fact that they DID get the job done....while favorites such as my Lightning, your Leafs, the Preds, Jets, Caps, even the Flames, all fell by the wayside. Thing is, I have started measuring teams overall "greatness" for lack of a better term, by how often they are in the mix for a Cup, but even more importantly, how MANY Cups they actually win in a given amount of time. Which is why I mentioned those teams above starting with Pittsburgh and ending with the LA Kings. Those guys got it done more than once and even on years they didn't win, they certainly could have. Don't get me wrong, I don't want to reward teams for simply being in the mix for a Cup...because ultimately if they are a favorite to win every year for say, 5 or 6 years, but never actually get it done, they just can't, CAN'T be held with any sort of high regard in hindsight. This is why I have a hard time respecting teams like the Blues and to lesser degree the Sharks, even though I mentioned them as a team I would have loved TB to have beaten for the Cup, because those teams seem to be "in it" every year, but can't seem to get the job done. Then again, the Caps were that team too, until they finally won it all....and now THEIR quest becomes, "Get Another One"....before they need to reset. But I digressed a bit with my post...not looking to take away anything from what the Hurricanes are doing to the Islanders. Whomever wins it all will have earned it...plain n simple. I don't feel Carolina should be in the Cup conversation, but just look at what they've done so far....and if they dispose of the Islanders, they are in the East Finals with a legit shot to go to the Cup Finals....there just isn't any way to deny their play so far. Defying the naysayers (like me), beating the defending Champs, and are now about to remove the defensively tough NYI. Nah, no farces in these playoffs....but yea, once the "favorites" went down, then the field to win the Cup became VERY wide open. Like the Wyatt Earp's wild frontiers...… any gunslingers got a chance if they are quick, fast...and a little luck helps too.
  10. Happy Birthday my online friend!
    Hope you spend your day doing something you love to do!

  11. I SWEAR, FC...sometimes I think you like to make stuff up just to irritate all of us...
  12. Sure we have. We had that one "Edmonton Oiler" fan.... Parkor...who bounced off the walls with theories such as Jordan Eberle, Oscar Klefbom, Darnell Nurse, and I think Ryan Nugent Hopkins were the next coming of the Devil as the Unholy Trinity despite the fact that they were four guys, not three.... Then we have a whole forum full of Minnesota Wild fans...some of which FIRMLY believe that guys like Zach Parise, Ryan Suter and Mikko Koivu are diabolically trying to subvert the Wild's chances of winning anything.....and one of them even has a podcast to prove it...and well, you know, podcasts are as good as bibles.... And now we have this guy who's name apparently means he chugs down a few before coming on here and enlightening us with his "insider" knowledge. I gotta tell ya...DURING the season, this would be more annoying than anything else, but with playoff teams whittling down, and most of the league in the off season, I don't mind so much right now.... adds fluff to the proceedings. And besides, the kids didn't mind the Easter Bunny too much either....
  13. I certainly can't prove that. In fact, he was in our yard a couple Sundays ago with what looked like a basket full of plastic colored eggs.....and for reasons unknown, he was sticking them in bushes, under rocks, behind potted plants, etc.... I know this has nothing to do with the Vegas penalty, but then, neither does this conspiracy theory of WWE NHL, so I thought I would just throw this in there...
  14. Boy...just when I thought some Wild fans on this site were drunk with conspiracy theories and no one could touch their insanity... Like Mr. Miyagi said... "Yes, I know karate...but somebody always know more.."
  15. Well, at least the Jackets got it together enough and pulled out a win in OT to even the series. Tellin ya.... Jackets played just about FLAWLESS hockey against Tampa Bay..... Bolts BARELY got any PP time, as Columbus was very disciplined...then I see them do all sorts of silly things (mostly due to The Rat) and allow the Bruins to get them off their game. I suspect John Tortorella was very much in the ears of his players, hopefully reminding them of who they are and what they've done to this point....but more importantly, what they all want to accomplish ahead. And that the team carries that on to the rest of the series and stays away from Marchand and the Bruins nonsense.
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