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  1. Well, if the Wild hold true to form of playing up or down to the competition, following that awful, awful loss against the Devils, they should play a SC contender's game against the red hot 9-game consecutive winning Blues today, right? Tall order, given what has been going on with the Wild. But how sweet would it be to put an end to the Blues streak at 9? Very. Let's go Wild....show up for 60 minutes....maybe 65......
  2. **Updated the standings for us scoreboard watchers once again for entering today's action** Wild play the Blues in about an hour, and my next update will either see the Blues keep the Wild exactly where they are (clinging to the last playoff spot) or see Minnesota put a bit of space between themselves and Vancouver, and inch closer to Dallas and the Blues themselves ahead. Will all depend on which Minnesota Wild team shows up later on. Current playoff match up sees the Wild put into the Pacific bracket against either Calgary or San Jose (both are tied atop their division and both are a point ahead of Winnipeg).
  3. It really is amazing. Of course, any other season with teams fighting hard and playing all out to one up each other for playoff spots, the Wild, playing as they are, would have been LONG dead and buried. But not this year. Tellin ya. The Great Turtle Race. Although some turtles like St. Louis and even Chicago seem to be outfitted with jetpacks now.. Mat Dumba though...man.... if there ever was a player that was making this team go early on, it was him. I think he is missed MUCH more than Koivu at this point. By himself, Dumba won't make the Wild a prime contender, but I bet he would make the Wild not only more dangerous offensively, but help keep the team from the kinds of lackluster play we have seen them cough up leads with the last few games. When it comes to playoff hockey, sometimes it comes down to skill n swagger...and Dumba has plenty of both.
  4. I know, I know... Minnesota's track record with trading players, giving up on players, and value certain other players a bit too much is less than impressive over the last several seasons. While I would still like to see the Wild get in the playoffs (because really, no matter how unlikely, a team can beat any other if they can at least get in), if the Wild ARE going to go into 'rebuild' mode, or retooling mode, or whatever they want to call it mode, I prefer that they go ALL in and do so. Sell off whatever players they think they can get value for...pick up draft choices, pick up some minor leaguers with promise, so on and so forth. As for the big contracts that either have NMC or aren't easily moved, if you sell off enough parts and just go rebuild, they may want to be traded then if they don't have the stomach for a rebuild...or they can stay and be part of the solution. Truth be told, I am getting tired of the same ol, same ol as well from this team. But if they get in, then play hard, no half arsed efforts out there...if they want to rebuild, then rebuild....either one or the other, no more in-between. If the team decides to sell and just roll the dice on playoff chances with younger unproven players, then I guess the question has to be asked: Can Paul Fenton do better than Chuck Fletcher did in acquiring the RIGHT young players? I guess that is what we will be finding out soon enough.
  5. You got it. As I think discussion in here will inevitably go to general deadline talk for the team anyways. Will keep the original intent of the title with your suggestion thrown in as well. Have at it guys.
  6. Yeah, I know. Looks pretty bad at this point. But.....hey, they STILL have that last spot... lol. Hey, if no one else wants it, Minnesota will take it, right? I know this team has problems, but Minnesota has just over 20 games to at least patchwork stuff together, try and hang on, get in, then see what happens. Underdogs all the way at this stage. But some of us fans would rather see this team do what they can with what they have. Of course, with the trading deadline, the complexion of EVERYTHING may change if the Wild decide to become sellers.
  7. Heh... Yea...Casey DeSmith was my first choice to replace Stalock, but Kinkaid was in the conversation, as was a Jimmy Howard on a time share with Dubnyk if Howard's price was right. As for Minnesota, nice to play with the lead, let's see if they can keep this up for all three periods. Not many shots by either team, but at least the Wild are making sure theirs count.
  8. Very nice, Yave. I have come to expect nothing but to-the-point stuff from you. As for the Lightning, I won't argue with your assessment, but I think a top nine winger this year would be a greater need, as opposed to last year, when the experienced defenseman was what they wanted. Simmonds name keeps coming up, although now his name is linked to other teams such as the Preds and Bruins...and those teams may be willing to part with more pieces to obtain him. Bolts, believe it or not, may actually be looking for ways to PARE DOWN payroll...not because they don't want to be at a certain payroll, but because they know darn well they have guys they DO wanna keep (cough... Brayden Point...COUGH!!), whether they win or not this year, and need to pay them. So a tough, experienced top nine forward...even as a rental....and they may possibly part with a prospect NOT named Taylor Raddysh, maybe their 3rd rounder, and for the part about paring down payroll, maybe even JT Miller (5.25M) if the forward coming back is worth the rental. Onto the Panthers, yea, no big comebacks for them this year...though I keep hearing some silly stuff about them trading for Panarin or Bobrovsky...or both. Silly because both those can be had in the off season and they wouldn't have to deal out picks or prospects to do so. Only way it makes sense to get Bob and Bread Man now would be if they had a shot at the playoffs....they don't, therefore they shouldn't. Thank you once again, Sir, for taking the time out to do your write ups. I may not respond to all of them, but I certainly read what you post...with interest.
  9. Wild still hanging on to a playoff spot...have a chance to put a bit of cushion between themselves and being out with a win tonight. Blues shot by Minnesota with their tremendous win streak, but Dallas, Vancouver, and even Colorado still aren't doing a whole lot to separate themselves. Oilers and Ducks are in action tonight as well, but they are further down the list. Minnesota may be clinging to a spot, but at least they still have one.
  10. Yea, I know. We've all seen Minnesota "play up to the competition....as well as DOWN to it" As long as the Wild don't look past NJ to St. Louis (next game), I think they should be fine. Would it surprise you if the Wild looked bad in this game, then looked lights out against the Blues? Probably not. Such has been how the season has gone. Baby Wild pushing for more ice time and NOT having to ride that bus back to Iowa....hey, this could be a good thing. At the very least, the Wild get a good look at Keith Kinkaid, whom I would have liked to have seen them pursue in the off season as a backup to Devan Dubnyk....they either can then feel better about themselves keeping Stalock on for 3 more years, or let out a collective "doh!" if Kinkaid looks like a superstar.
  11. I voted option 2... Just right, no actual contact, dangerous play. First off, side note... Interesting that this incident with Malkin happens when just the other day, BEFORE any of this, while talking with some other hockey fans, one Pittsburgh fan in particular was absolutely INCENSED at me, because I said about Malkin: "I think Malkin is a fantastic player, but what may ultimately hold him back from true greatness is his overall smarts. He can be easily baited and made to act in a way that can hurt his own team. Players like Crosby and Ovechkin are certainly targeted as well by other teams, but they are much smarter about picking their spots, even if they too lose their cool on occasion. Malkin is ticking time bomb just waiting to go off if agitated enough." He replied that "Angry Malkin is a scoring machine and that I was full of %$#@" I wonder how many goals Malkin is gonna score while he cools his jets and the team plays on without him? Seems to me, Pittsburgh could use his goals ON the ice...not in the pressbox, no? Anyways, yea, this is nothing new with MalkinStein. Really good player, but just get someone to get under his skin a bit, and the guy just unravels. Secondly, hats off to @yave1964 , I love the points he made regarding this incident. Love reading his stuff and he certainly is a much more entertaining and thought provoking poster than some others who think they are writers, or even some so-called professionals who seem to "write" with a hockey stick firmly shoved up their bums. And I don't always even agree with Yave, but the man can make some points...…. if I ever need a public defender and I am guilty as sin over something, I want HIM representing me. As always, good stuff Sir. But I digress..... I agree with the punishment Malkin got, I think Raffl SHOULD have gotten at least a cross checking or a roughing penalty prior to things happening the way they did, and had the ref made a call then, perhaps Malkin doesn't do his impersonation of George Washington chopping down the Raffl tree.....then again, maybe it just delays the incident to another point in time when someone ELSE agitates MalkinStein enough to get him to act that way...…. really doesn't seem that difficult to get him there, that is for sure. Did Raffl's actions warrant him being beheaded (or at least, an attempted beheading)? Absolutely not. But his hitting from behind, to the head, etc, definitely warranted some attention from the official. Did Malkin INTEND to behead Raffl? Only MalkinStein knows for sure. But MAN, that sure looks that way from where everyone watching saw it. Of course, since this IS Malkin, he could have just as easily just reacted without thinking... 'Hey, his %$#@hole is crosschecking me...hitting me in the head...why I outta…" (Arm swings wildly, stick in had...SWOOSH)...and thankfully for all involved, he missed. Either way, whether he intended to or not, it was a dangerous play, and simply not acceptable, no matter whether he missed or not. Period. The NHL states with your standard high sticking penalties that the player is responsible for his stick, no? So, if you clip someone "by accident" you are still looking at a two minute minor...maybe four if the guy you hit has thin facial skin, or you crack his mascara. Seems to me, swinging your arm around with a stick attached to it would apply here....and NO, we aren't gonna wait to see if it connects or not. "Angry Geno the Scoring Machine" Sounds like the title of a good book.

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