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  1. Yea, the way the media went about it, Edmonton were heavy underdogs. I just felt the way the Oilers play....well, they just had more than just a passing chance to win. Why I picked them. Don't forget, people bought into Calgary vs Colorado WELL before the playoffs. Even I bought into that a bit. And had it been LA getting past EDM, I easily pick CGY to beat them and get to the West Finals. But, as you know, even though hockey is more a team sport than the other major North American sports, I just couldn't discount having the two best producers on the same team....and THIS time, wi
  2. The Oilers will be the road team regardless of who wins the StL-Col series, but you think they care? No. They just know they are in. They'll happily have bags ready for Missouri or Colorado.
  3. Game. Set. McDavid Match. Oilers move on. Will now await the winner of Blues-Avalanche in the West Finals. Upset Special........ Complete. Close Red Files.
  4. If this were one of those EA video games you guys talk about, I'd say someone found a cheat code and applied it Game just went from sim mode, to bat$#it crazy arcade mode.
  5. I put away the juju seasoning, and Calgary comes back with two.... I'm worse than the officiating...artificially influencing games here!
  6. 2-2 game after that Pulju goal... My juju magic worked again (unintentionally!)...sorry bout that Flames fans. I've been uncorking that stuff all playoffs long everywhere!
  7. The Oilers are apparently keyed in to my posts. Gear found, Nurse scores, 2-1 game now. I was about to comment how 10 SOG halfway through the game and getting killed 20-2 at the face off dot wasn't gonna get it done for EDM.
  8. Calgary looking all business tonight. Leading 2-0 with 12 minutes left in the 2nd and just playing a solid, Flames-like game. Oilers are gonna have to find the next gear to get in this one.
  9. At any rate, Brind'Amour is happy, I am sure, his team did get the win, Canes fans are happy, The Storm Surge is in full force once again.... Where's that double agent Emily Kaplan now?
  10. Canes hang on and win 3-1 and go up in the series 3-2. Did it a bit dubiously, but did it nonetheless. NY facing elimination once again, as they did against Pittsburgh. But can they win two in a row against a better defensive Carolina team?
  11. Rangers pull Shester with about 2 minutes to go, and Carolina, VERY sloppy in their puck handling once again. They may give one up just based on that! Fortunately for them, Svetch gave them that cushion, but still....they want a chance to beat a grizzled Bolts team, they can't play candy ass hockey like they are here! Cmon, now... that sort of play is NOT Brind'Amour Seal of Quality approved!
  12. There it is! Svetch got tired of the sitting back BS. He gets his team the two goal cushion. Still lots of time, Canes need to keep pushing. Shester is NOT Vezina quality tonight!
  13. Feels like i can smell a Ranger goal here as the 3rd continues to count down. Carolina with the lead, but not really showing any killer instinct to completely stamp out the Rangers, also looking very sloppy in their coverage, passing and outlets. And worst of all, seem content to try and sit on this 2-1 lead. Meanwhile, Rangers are doing a good job pushing for the tying goal. And with 7 minutes to go, they just may get it unless the Canes can manage to turn it up a bit.
  14. Not sure why the abacus and not a soft chew toy, but ok, whatever works.
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