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About Me

From Clearwater, FL born n raised.
Husband is from St. Paul, MN where we live currently and it is STUPID cold. :shifty:
Work from home, stay at home mom of two boys..... yea, that USED to be something special, but now EVERYONE works from home! :rolleyes:

Sports I like as a spectator:
---Hockey (duh)
---Football (not a huge fan, but I follow enough to carry on a conversation)
---NASCAR (every once in a loooooong while....it's in the family, maybe a Florida thing. My dad loves it)

Sports I participate or participated in:
---Softball (high school, college, recreational)
---Volleyball (same)
---Tae Kwon Do and Hapkido (since I was 7, still do hyungs to this day...sometimes spar with my former US Army Ranger husband. And I DON'T mean I yell at him sparring either, smart ass!  :bigteeth:  )
---Street/Ball Hockey

Other things I like:
---Police and Medical drama shows

---Contestant/game shows like Master Chef, America's Got Talent, Weakest Link, and The Wall

---All kinds of music depending on my mood, though I am partial to stuff from the 50's n 60's and rock from the 90's.

Been following my Tampa Bay Lightning since about 1995, the Tampa Bay Rays since 1998, the Minnesota Wild and Twins since 2005.
I am a general NHL and MLB fan however, and can get into conversations about teams other than my own with a reasonable to great amount of knowledge about them.
Sometimes, I even bandwagon and adopt a team outside my TB and MIN fandom (a pseudo fan if you will) for one reason or the other.

For the uber curious...
"Hi there!" 



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