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About Me

Hello...Sandy here!

Married stay-at-home / work-from-home mom of two boys...born n raised in Clearwater, FL, but now live in the chilly Twin Cities area, where my significant other is from.


Grew up sorta a tomboy (mom didn't get her more 'girlie' daughter till I was about 19 or so :ahappy:  )

I have three brothers and a Dad who are all sports nuts...probably where I get my competitiveness and love for team sports.


I've played some high school softball and volleyball and have been a practitioner of Tae Kwon Do and Hapkido for many years (since I was 7) and hold an Ea Dan (2nd degree black) in those.


Still love my TB sports teams (Lightning, Rays, Bucs), but also follow my husband's home state Minnesota teams (Wild, Twins, Vikings).

As far as the NHL is concerned though, I am overall fan, and can be found discussing many other hockey teams as well.


Love rock music (hubby says in another life I could have been a bad girl rocker...hehe), but tastes there can vary as well (a little Chopin is nice too!)....also like drama/police/first responder type shows and am a big, big Charlie Brown and the Peanuts Gang fan...thank you Charles Schulz, RIP.


I am generally an easy going, even-tempered person, and just LOVE intelligent and/or witty conversation, even if we may not always agree...   :rolleyes:


Some things I like...


My sports teams!

Multi Sport.jpg


Just a small sample of my music tastes.

AC DC.jpg




Samples of places to go, from Clearwater, FL, to the states of Wisconsin and Minnesota!






One of my favorite comic strips and cartoons (I like Heathcliff, the Far Side, and Hagger the Horrible too!)



And ponies!!!! 😀



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